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1. Pour your favorite drink of choice
2. Load up your web browser
3. In the first tab open up http://www.rainymood.com/
4. In a second tab load http://www.endlessyoutube.com/watch?v=DIx3aMRDUL4
5.http://www.endlessyoutube.com/watch?v=WKnVaDwUg5s (or supplement your own music)
6. Sit back and enjoy being awesome

>>No.11497351 (first thread)
My fellow Elegan/tg/entlemen. It has been a fortnight since our last meeting, i offer you this once again, a night of relaxation, comradery. I hope you all enjoy this once again.

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Lulu, sweet thing.

>Stayclassy /tg/.

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>> No.11702099

It's that time again, gents. We have returned.

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Oh my, I do enjoy these threads.

>> No.11702133

Hmm, I have yet to seem to get a handle of this posting business. Oh well, i do hope the number i provided will lead you to our first night. Enjoy, drink, be merry, all are welcome here.

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>> No.11702144

I think I'm doing it wrong, though. I've chosen DJ Vadim for my first musical track.

>> No.11702164

Whatever helps you relax my good chap, we do not judge on your taste of music.

>> No.11702178

Contributing with more relaxation music. Hang Drums are fucking beautiful.

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Gentleman, if I may, I find this track to be a better musical companion than the one OP suggested.


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>> No.11702184

OP, you are truly an Elegan/tg/entleman. Thank you.

>> No.11702185

Mmmn boy do I love me some class.

>> No.11702191

Don't mind if I do.

>> No.11702194

>>11702179 Ah yes Anon, we used this music when we started the first thread.

>> No.11702195


I am sick and tired of that. As long as people mix things up, everything is fine.

>> No.11702197

I say, this was the original score in our last thread. While I do agree it is certainly superior. I thought I might change it up a little bit. But as i said before, listen to whatever your hearts desire.

>> No.11702203

The class that OP has demonstrated cannot be over-represented. It's a shame I missed the first portion, since this has displayed the utmost quality.

>> No.11702207

Ah, good, I would not want to be bothersome. The music isn't the most proper, but I do find it rather relaxing.

>> No.11702208

Ah, I still have all of those bookmarked since your first report, dignified anon. Well, with the original music, but it's all the same in the end. You truly are a magnificent gentleman.

>> No.11702212

This mood-enhancing technique has been passed down the Armstrong line for generations!

>> No.11702215


Here you are my good man, the first night of our meeting. Do feel free to go through it if you should so desire.

>> No.11702233

Blade Runner music up in this bitch

>> No.11702235


If I had this shotgun, my gun cabinet would be the classiest one around, top hat and monocle or no.

>> No.11702242

Well, OP and I are attempting to work out technical difficulties stemming from our own inability to work 4chan's commands. We'll have this sorted in a tic.

>> No.11702257

I feel classier already.

A tip of the hat to you, fine sir.

>> No.11702262

Gentlemen, I apologize for being late.

>> No.11702266

Indeed, it can be rather troublesome, but as always, welcome all of you who have posted, and those who maybe posting at this moment, Relax, take your shoes off and enjoy yourselves, once we are well on our way, perhaps we can discuss something.

>> No.11702269

Ah, a bit of class, I shall enjoy this thoroughly.

>> No.11702288

Here is my personal preference for background music.

>> No.11702294

Ah, it's nights like this that take me back to my youthful days of love, fine scotch, and conquest. It is good to be with such fine company my good gentlemen.

>> No.11702315


How does that gun work? It looks like it tapers down to one barrel, or am I imagining things?

>> No.11702316

I still think that the fireplace doesn't contribute much. I think it's better with just rainymood and Scent of Dark Coffee.

.. Except that this isn't Scent of Dark Coffee at all. It's something different. What is the meaning of this??

>> No.11702335

I merely changed it up a little bit my good sir. Scent of Dark Coffee is a fine piece of musical work, but to listen to it far too much will ruin it's impact. So i suggested something different, and if it is not to your liking my good sir, you can simply supplement your own music.

>> No.11702340


Now this fine miss... I would ever so like the pleasure of making her acquaintance.

>> No.11702343

Drinking: Parrot Bay Mojito
Listening to: http://www.endlessyoutube.com/watch?v=3ElAraY0X84

Alex, how many times have we told you not to yell in here?

>> No.11702345

It appears to operate on the same principle as a bolt-action rifle, but in side by side shotgun form. The taper is merely a trick of perspective, I think.

>> No.11702351

184 KB

My favored Endlessyoutube link:

For the elegan/tg/entleman with an appreciation for smooth jazz with all the richness of a full-bodied blend.

>> No.11702354

Is that... is that a luchador marine? My word. I think I may have a case of the vapors.

>> No.11702367

You may not be the only one.

>> No.11702368

Jolly Good!
I am quite thrilled to see that this thread has reared it's beautiful head again.
Cheers, elegan/tg/entlemen!

>> No.11702372

I myself am enjoying a fine glass of Tullemoredew Irish Whiskey, very smooth and has a nice fire in the aftertaste. Also, i approve, it is quite enjoyable, i think i may listen to this for a bit.

>> No.11702375


I made it into one button for ease of access.

>> No.11702382

The music I'm currently listening to. Quite a bit more upbeat than the norm, but beautiful.

>> No.11702393

Sir, my day has been thoroughly enhanced through this experience.

To all reading this thread, you are now my greatest of friends. Brothers even. May we all become the Men of Substance we were born to be

>> No.11702396


My good man, I am Edwardo Esquire Grapadura IV
Captain of the Emperor's Adeptus Luchadoris.
We are the Luchador Marines
Pleasure to make your acquiescence.

>> No.11702397


Quite right! As a matter of fact, this is a fine choice.

Also, I didn't get around to opening rainymood until around 3:00, at which point the vocals began at the same moment as the rain. The effect was very pleasant.

>> No.11702399


Much appreciated, my good sir.

>> No.11702402

I tip my hat to you, sir, for your ingenuity.

>> No.11702413

It's double barrelled
Also this: More relaxation music.

>> No.11702426

The pleasure is mine, sir. Doesn't the wax taste funny when you eat the taco?

>> No.11702427

Stay classy, my friends.

>> No.11702454


I daresay this adds a certain...element to things.

Not exactly soothing, or even all that classy, but it gives off that Lovecraftian vibe of a dark New England afternoon.

>> No.11702456

Very well done good sir, your work is sensational!

And for all of those you thanking my friend an i for this thread. We humbly accept your thanks. We do this not for our own needs of gratification, but to make those of you hard working elegan/tg/entlemen and women, feel relaxed and welcome here.

>> No.11702457


It is not wax. It is the faith in the Emperor made real.
It also happens to taste like carne asada.

>> No.11702463

Good to see classy elegan/tg/entlemen around these days. Such a rare sight.

>> No.11702474

Say, I know a good chap who says this all the time, his name is Oxhorn, might you know him?

>> No.11702478

You sir are a gentleman and a scholar.

>> No.11702483

Elegan/tg/entlemen, my good sirs, you never cease to amaze me.

>> No.11702484

Capital thread, old chap.

>> No.11702485

A rather more upbeat jazz piece:


>> No.11702491

A fine choice, sir; I must confess that my tastes run to a Beefeater gin and tonic, or a nice well-chilled glass of Jameson's whiskey, on occasion.

>> No.11702492

Another awesome song.
Relaxin', it's gay, but romantic.
I think I'll post classy/odd looking firearms, gentlemen.

>> No.11702517

We do not judge on your tastes here my friend. If this is what you enjoy, then so be it, no need to use such demeaning language, it is your choice as to what you listen to, and we thank you for sharing your tastes with us.

>> No.11702524


Much appreciated, sir; both the fine music and the interesting image.

>> No.11702526

A most intriguing picture, might I know if it relates to anything or is just a one-shot picture?

>> No.11702540

Edwardo Esquire Grapadura IV here.
Would any of you fine eloquen/tg/entlemen be so kind as to inform OP and I of how to designate a name to ourselves, so that we would not have to call ourselves OP and OP's cohort? My thanks for you time no matter what the answer.

>> No.11702546


Sirs, my time with you has come to an end.
May we meet again over a glass of our favored drink.
Until then, Stay Classy, Gentlemen.

>> No.11702553

Agreed, we have discussed the matter, but we do not wish to seem arrogant or out for fame. we merely wish a name to identify ourselves to you all when we are about.

>> No.11702568


May His monocled grace shine upon you.

>> No.11702569

A fond farewell good sir, we shall miss your company.. we shall meet again soon, i assure you.
>captcha:knowing ori

>> No.11702571

Most certainly, sir.
If you look above the area where you write a message of your choice you will see a "Subject" bar, above it an "E-mail" bar and yet again above it a "Name" bar, that is where you designate yourself with a name.

>> No.11702605

Let us discuss local events, shall we?

I've been hearing a few rumblings of a new homebrewing project in the works. Some 'deep space combat' nonsense. Turning out to be a flop, from what I've been hearing.

>> No.11702633


DIOS MIO! How could I have not discovered this method? Truly, I thank you.

>> No.11702638

I know, /transgendered/ doesn't much care. Thus why I feel comfortable posting it.
fuckin' 7 barrelled breach loaded rifles. How do they work?
Another awesome song.

>> No.11702671

It seems the matters I though were pressing, ended up being petty distractions, I will not be leaving.

It was my pleasure.

>> No.11702694

Ahhh this is much better than labelling ourselves as Op and Op's cohort. Thank you my fellow anon for assisting us. I do hope my name does not appear arrogant.

>> No.11702704

Wow. I must admit, /tg/, I've avoided these threads, because I find even remotely complex instructions, (especially involving youtubes,) highly suspicious.

I was wrong. Stay classy, OP. Stay classy, /tg/.

>> No.11702719

Truly, sir, it was my pleasure.

>> No.11702724

I would pour myself some G&T, but I had enough wine as is.
Let's muse about the golden days yet to come /tg/.

>> No.11702732

New brothers are always welcome my good sir. We are happy to have you with us, Thank you, and may you to stay classy.

>> No.11702737

The golden days beyond the summer?

>Captcha: Bacconsu Saying.
Apparently I have discovered a saying.

>> No.11702744


How quaint. I used to use that to fetch dinner for my father back on Luchadoris.
Ah...The skies were always so beautiful. Burning orange, like the fiery passion of serving the Emperor. Streaks of purple, more profound than that of our own piñatanauts. The white of its sky so pure that our armor wished to emulate it.
But I digress, here is what I fetch dinner with now, if I cannot pin it into submission.

>> No.11702754

These are exactly my sentiments, my music >>11702343 is from a tastefully-done romance story set in a boarding school, but I'm not afraid that someone here will think ill of me for it; all of use here are gentlemen (and ladies) and well aware of it, so we need not fear that our tastes will be seen as "un-gentlemanly"

>> No.11702770

Good gracious gentlemen, I could like to purchace a glass of brandy, and maybe a cigar.

>> No.11702790

A rather interesting piece of ancient tech my good sir, it surely must get the job done if you cannot pin your game.
Indeed, it will be a wonderful day, though sadly and wonderfully at the same time; I will be attending a place of higher education myself when this is all over, but that will not prevent me from bringing these threads to /tg/.

>> No.11702793


Then might I suggest the shops of Brother-Captain Classius Prime's homeworld. Undoubtedly classy.

>> No.11702818

Though forbidden by the laws of Islam to partake of alcoholic beverages, I have found no better accompaniment to my attempts at relaxation than a fine hookah, the sound of pouring rain, and the sweet crooning of a saxaphone.

Allahu Akbar, my brothers across the world, and may the finer things in life never be found lacking.

>> No.11702856

So noted and appreciated, dear sandkip.

>> No.11702873

Skin and bones, meine guten Freunde.

>> No.11702876


When the breeze becomes cool again; when the leaves change; wither and die; when the dying regrets we hold have passed away leaving us the brighter hopes and ambitions to be born once again. The end of Summer brings us that and so much more.

>> No.11702897

>Wipes a single manly tear from his eye

That was quite beautiful my good sir.

>> No.11702900

I see we are all showing off our weapon of choice.
Here is what I use to hunt.
I wish I was still in service, but alas...My days are way past and I am in no shape to fight for the Empire anymore.

>> No.11702904

Jim Bajor -- Fly Me To The Moon: lounge piano


>> No.11702908

If you want interesting, try combining Rainy mood with some "Ambient" music, such as Stars of the Lid.


>> No.11702925

Blast, It seems it registerd me clicking the gentlemens number above me for clicking the start of this thread. Odd.
I correct myself.
>>11702876 Truly that was wonderful good chap.

>> No.11702932

I shall affix a name to myself.

>> No.11702934

Following our companion who offered us one of the many staples from the OC Remix site, I felt moved enough to offer another piece of music that has been a favorite of mine since I first heard of it.


The ambient sounds already in the piece seem to conflate with the Rainy Mood loop I had already playing, but considering how I've always found the song to be soothing, and provoked a desire to settle down from the daily busy-body tasks we all deal with and, finally, allow me to think, it seems to me that it has a place here.

>> No.11702946

That was beautiful, Chapeau to you, sir.

>> No.11702948

Consider also

This website is full of good ambient sounds.

>> No.11702952


الله أكب indeed. We are all one under His monocled gaze.

>> No.11702972

It is nice to make your acquaintance, milady.

>> No.11702980

A pleasure to meet you miss. Welcome back to the thread, if you did leave at all.

And since we are posting weapons. My favorite weapon of all time, the Model 1911, Colt .45 Semi automatic pistol. A brilliant handgun if there ever was one.

>> No.11702982


AH! So I do have the opportunity to make your acquaintance.
Captain Edwardo Esquire Grapadura IV, Adeptus Luchador.

>> No.11702996

You have my regards, proud gentlemen.

A wonderful piece, thank you for providing the means for me to reach it.

>> No.11703003

Exquisite choice.

>> No.11703010

I prefer not to do violence, but if I must, I'm sure you will understand that I prefer to get it over with as soon as possible.

>> No.11703031

I say, are we having a dapper thread?

>> No.11703033

That is an interesting weapon good sir, pray tell what is it?

>> No.11703037

Indeed, though it does require the sacrifice of a young goat on occasion to clean without losing small bits.

I'm a fan of pieces that might be considered less classy by some, myself.

>> No.11703038


>> No.11703053

A pleasure to meet you all.

>> No.11703068

As classy as a weapon can get.

Why, yes.

>> No.11703070

You shall enjoy this weapon:

>> No.11703093

RPG-7, gentlemen. Most uncivilized, but I've always been one for practicality in a combat situation.

>> No.11703099

Indeed. Violence should not be the answer, however. The xenos, the heretical and the daemonic are rarely reasonable. And so I am partial to Adeptus Luchadoris Movement 2. As illustrated here.

>> No.11703108

A very classy Mac10? or is that an 11? Tis hard to tell sometimes.
And my word, i do believe my mustache is aquiver at that classy weapon, whoever owns that is truly a gentlemen, though i hope he has not been forced to use it far too often.

>> No.11703127

Most interesting solution, am I wrong to think that said Xenos, Heretic or Daemon goes where the shark's mouth will land?

>> No.11703174

A 10, according to the source.

>> No.11703180

My Good OP.

I give you kudos, Brandy, and a nod of thanks. This is simply wonderful.

Cortze (Sidera).bb

>> No.11703182


Indubitably. You see, from orbit, you pile drive the shark onto the offender in question. If that did not end it, then we move on to movement three.

>> No.11703187


That would be Adeptus Luchadoris Movement 2.5 good sir.

No, gentlemen Haggard pictured here would be delivering a "pile'd driver" to whatever warp induced riff raff.

>> No.11703206

Would you be so kind as to send your hound to retrieve my pheasant, good sir?

>> No.11703223

The Adeptus Luchadoris must be quite a sight on the battlefield.

>> No.11703232

Dear lord, another thread derailed by Warhammer 40,000 boy-frotters.

>> No.11703255

Now now, tis hardly going that way.

I will gladly send Hephestus after your pheasant milady.

>considerable trappore
I think captcha is trying to tell me something.

>> No.11703260

Take that back at once, sir!
We were merely having a discussion about military tactics.

>> No.11703262

I've always liked the lines in the stocked colt revolvers. Wish I knew where I put this wonderful example that was on auction some years ago. Beautiful hue on the furniture and a really nice patina. Have a Colt 1860 Army
Natalie Cole - Unforgettable With Love (with Nat King Cole)


>> No.11703265


I regret to correct you, but the Adeptus Luchadoris never does anything to the half. Either it is completed or it is failed.

But this does remind me of the time one of the Mechanicus Cult gave me this weapon. Quite a punch I must say.

>> No.11703272


I have an extra ticket to his next scrapper.

Would you care to accompany me and the wife?

>> No.11703280

Now my good elequoen/tg/entlmen, there is no need for hostilities, we are here for civil discussion and mutual enjoyment. I would ask you to refrain from any-sort of conflict.

>> No.11703323

I am most grateful, good sir, but I must turn down your offer, do not take offence, I am not comfortable in crowded areas.

>> No.11703329

I will take back my comment only when you learn that not everyone likes your game, and some of us would rather have a thread in which we could discuss various things without having that sodomite happy game come up.

Good day sir!

>> No.11703337


None taken good Sir!

>> No.11703373

Watch your language, sir, there is a lady among us.
As for having a discussion other than "my happy game", I would be glad to have one, but not with you, sir!
Good day to you too!

>> No.11703379


Sir Milner, we Luchadoris attempt to honor our combatants before they are judged before the Emperor. For that reason, we drop the blessed ring that our Primarch, Submissionistavus, once wrestled the very Emperor on. It smashes into the ranks of the enemy, the Mariachi Initiates echoing songs of battle over the field. After it has landed, we challenge any and all to single combat or a battle royale.

>> No.11703412

I cannot see Heretics, Xenos and Daemons answer your honorable call with much gallantry.

>> No.11703469


HA HA, you make sound as though they have a choice.

But now, enough about my chapter. What are you all imbibing this day? I am enjoying this.

>> No.11703502

I am currently not drinking anything.

>> No.11703505

Medieval Ultraviolence up in this motherfucker! Detail to the thread how you like to play this awesome medieval sandbox, combat, and strategy RPG. What are you doing?

>> No.11703554

Nothing terribly complicated, I'm afraid. Simple things are nice once in a while, hm?

recaptcha: squareen academic

>> No.11703556


>> No.11703566

Having been party to many a dark New England afternoon, I must say that this piece does capture the barest hints of the actual experience.

Perhaps closer to the fall, with the north wind blowing and the leaves changing, would be more appropriate for this arrangement, sir?

>> No.11703606

1. Pour your favorite drink of choice
2. Load up your web browser
3. In the first tab open up http://www.rainymood.com/
4. In a second tab load http://www.endlessyoutube.com/watch?v=DIx3aMRDUL4
5.http://www.endlessyoutube.com/watch?v=WKnVaDwUg5s (or supplement your own music)
6. ?????

>> No.11703607

samefag here.
I am a Nord Jarl at the moment. I was originally assigned Ambean as a Fief. I have taken control of most of Swadia for myself. Swadia is destroyed, and I own the major castles/cities there. I am helping the Nord campaign against the Vaegirs.

I personally fight on Horseback with a Bastard Sword/shield. I keep some Swadian Knights/Sarranid Mamluks.

I get my Cavalry to follow me, and I charge my Infantry in. Infantry locks close, to make use of the Huscarls' shields. Archers hold high ground, preferrably at the flank. I hold my cavalry back at their flank, hoping their Cavalry don't attack us. If this is successful, we charge as the Infantry blocks engage.

If we're fighting a high cavalry force (Like Swadia), my Cavalry and myself will tie up their cavalry.

>> No.11703643

Fear not, rough language does not bother me one whit.

>> No.11703691

It may not bother you, but I will do my best to preserve proper etiquette.

>> No.11703715


Peculiar, I did not think Nords had cavalry, I know that they do have quite the navy though, better than even the Renaissance era Brits.

>> No.11703738 [DELETED] 

>> No.11703762

Well hello there Dapper Sergal Boy-Frotter

speak-up lad we can't hear you.

>> No.11703764

Well, they don't have Cavalry. But I went to other countries to recruit Cavaliers. My character isn't from the Nord lands himself either. So it stands that I fight on horseback instead of in the shield wall.

>> No.11703807

As soon as i heard the familiar tune play i was taken aback to a scene i once witnessed of Ozymandias the king of kings and the Comedian. Twas a cold night that night.

>> No.11703820

Ah, so are you from one of the Rus tribes, or a Tartar tribe?

>> No.11703855

Not of the Nord population, myself. I was formerly a Tournament Knight, earning fame in both the Tournament circuit, and as a Mercenary to rid bandits from the lands. I also ran a Caravan for many months before asking allegiance to the Nords. Truth be told, their King had asked I pledge allegiance to him some weeks before I decided to take him up on that offer.

So it stands that I'm able to hire from whomever I desire, so long as I crush the enemies of the Nords.
(I also plan on eventually betraying the King, and crushing him and his puny army. But that's after I've won more than half the map for myself.)

>> No.11703882

Brilliant strategy chap, I wish I could come up with something so bold

>> No.11703884

I've also been continuously outnumbered at every turn. One time, I was assaulting a castle, outnumbered by six-to-one. The virtues of tactics, high morale and effectively trained troops. We paid for that castle in alot of blood. But we earned that bitch, and the defensible location was definitely worth it.

>> No.11704104

It is rather enjoyable to take a break from my more devious side and enjoy a nice drink with fine gentlemen.

>> No.11704127

I say sir, are you a necromancer?

>> No.11704192

The nature of my magic is far more complicated than the average necromancer but yes if you must classify it that is what I would be good sir.

>> No.11704253

Just another recommendation, gentlemen ; and a picture of the marvelous Baron, accompanying.


>> No.11704308

Wonderous dear chap, that Hessian's sotries always make me laugh.

>> No.11704539

Listening to classical literature read by this man as an addition.

Captcha is feeling classy too.
>oppers example

>> No.11704563

Well don't I feel silly.

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