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Wrong fucking moment to piss me off, little rabbit girl. Now it's going to be YOUR anus. I hope you like watermelons, because you're about to have one inside you.

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brb need to write copypasta about drow chick getting slowly dissolved alive

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I think you missed /a/. Don't worry, I make the same mistake all the time.

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Seems like you missed /a/, old chap. Most of the people here don't have a waifu and frown upon this silly practice.


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She is real.
And she probably would.

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Not even dude, not even.

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Now why would my waifu (pic related) ever "hang out" with anyone?
Ashgan's a cute plague-bringing shut-in, he never leaves the capitol :3

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>Most of the people here don't have a waifu and frown upon this silly practice.

You'd think that. But you'd be wrong.

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Why did I think that was Tina Fey

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Speak for yourself. But no, I think he's right. And the people with waifus are a vocal minority. The rest may joke about it, but really.

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I've been staring at that image for like 5 minutes, and I still don't have a fucking clue what I'm looking at.

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Everyone has a waifu.

Even if they don't like anime. Even if they've never heard the word "waifu". Even if they have never heard of 4chan or moe culture or any of that.

Everybody has some character that somewhere inside they think "Man, I wish I could spend the rest of my life with them." Maybe sexually, maybe not.

Hell, half of the nerds out there probably wish the Doctor was their waifu.

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Hell, even on /a/ waifus are mostly anonymous being ironic.

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I'm gonna ostracize you for being wrong!
Just kiddin'. I think it's two skeletons holding each other. Very charred and burned, but they are still skeletons -- not imprints on the ground.

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That would be one badass waifu.

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It's like... two skeletons coming out of a heart, or something.

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Note the "...right?" at the end.

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A pair of undead siamese twins, with a fleshy mass as their legs.
Protips: the mass bulges and reveals eyes when he casts spells.
Disciples II's the game. Great creature design, do check it out.

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You're right, she's not.
Doesn't stop the fantasies though.

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Weeabro thread?

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Sure is a great /tg/ thread!

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Okay. It's a piece of paper, not your awesome 15th level barbarian with a +5 greatsword.

Now wut beotchez?! NOW WHAT?!


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Tewi, what are you doing browsing 4chan? I thought I told you to go get a sample of XX-#34596 from the stock room. I've been waiting for the last fifteen minutes.

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Just out of curiosity, what's the opposite of 'waifu'? Husbando or something?

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Think so.

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Mai husbando.

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So what is waifu? Fapmodel?

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Huh. I thought it'd be more complicated than that.

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Dammit, when I want to read these threads, I'll go to /a/.

Which I do.


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a lot is two words.

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Jap-accented "wife." the --uu at the end is an exhalation.

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Eeeeiirriiin! I shit myself again!

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I get that, but what this term means? I thoght it is like fictional girl that you love or someting?

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Waifu/Husbando are essentially fantasy partners, characters from a show or setting that are idealised and fawned over.


Picture related.

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And for what reason?

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Yes. In basic English a Waifu or Husbando is basically a fanboy/fangirl crush.

We all have one. Pic related.

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You will never have your intestines chewed on lovingly by tyranids.

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it's a little creepier than that

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Dont look at me like that...

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Everything in moderation dude. There is a point where it gets out of hand, and it looks like you've gone far past it.

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Don't try thinking too hard about it. Most people will say "Character X is my waifu/husbando" as a joke or not too seriously.

The ones who mean it seriously are the same ones who say "3D Pig Disgusting" with a straight face, the ones who've given up on human interaction and retreated to a magical fantasy land where imaginary people are real and love them.

Or something like that. Just think of it as imaginary friends gone very wrong.

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so ronery ;_;

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No idea. For the same reasons that anyone can develop a fixation on anything, I supposed. Usually it's just a bit of harmless fanboy/girl-ing, but then you get individuals in which it's a genuine obsession, having entire rooms filled with memorabilia related to that character, and other such craziness.

>A lictor will never lovingly caress your face with his feeder tendrils

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HEY, get off Fran, shes mine!

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Luka would be a helluva mean parental unit.

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>The ones who mean it seriously are the same ones who say "3D Pig Disgusting" with a straight face,

not always

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Why have a waifu when you can have one of these?

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See you're all wrong, this should be your waifu, except, she's my waifu

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My bad, I've been spending too much time on /a/. In my head "waifu" means fictional person while that's more stalker-ish. I haven't given the definitions much thought though because it goes nowhere productive.

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Your Waifu and my Waifu might be related.

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Dem Glasses
Dat Accent
Holy SHIT! Dat leather.

And people wonder why I have a thing for meganekkos and uberwald accents... fucking GI Joe .

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