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Hey /tg/, quick question. Which is more useful in a 40k Daemons army, 10 Seekers or 20 Horrors?

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using all 30 as lesser demons in a real chaos army.

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If you have to ask, the horrors.

You need to know what seekers are for before you put them in your army.

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The thing is, I just have a tiny Daemons force right now - 10 Bloodletters, 10 Daemonettes, 10 Plaguebearers, and a Nurgle DP.

I suppose I could use some of the Seekers as Heralds of Slaanesh...

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I wish I had a built in table

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Fuck that shit, get some Nurglings.

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10 seekers vs 20 horrors
10 seekers = 170 pts
20 horrors = 340 pts

It's safe to say horors will be more useful, just for sheer numbers.

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It's not as great as it might seem. You back will hurt quite a lot and it cant be used for any detailed work becuse its in bad angle (too close to your chest), plus it's not flat surface (no pun inteded).

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OP should buy the Masque.

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20 of seekers is 340pts too then...

Also seekers have 4 attacks plus higher WS and initiative.

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Dude, get neither, start building up your army. Decide if you want soulgrinders or DPS, maybe get a greater demon

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> Sister of Battle
> pointy ears

Wait, what?

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The greater daemon models are shit though :|

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forge world nigga...that or get converting....I actually just finished up with building my tiny daemons army, gonna paint 'em this week, and maybe buy some more.

just finished putting together 21 daemonettes, 1 herald, 10 seekers, 1 masque. I need to dredge up some of my old metal daemonettes before I find out what else I need to get but so far it looks like I'll be done before long my big problem is waht I want to use as my keeper of secrets, convert on out of an inquisitor scale death cult assassin or sell one of my other armies and buy a forgeworld one....

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I could convert the WHFB River Trolls into Great Unclean ones, I suppose.

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woah, that looks awesome, do you have more pics?

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those are about half the size of a great unclean one if I recall correctly, honestly i can't see where you are going with this army....what do you want to be good at? which god are you going to use the most? that would help us help you.

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yeah but it 1. isn't mine
and 2. has a terribad paint job.

honestly I'm thinking about doing the conversion for my Keeper of secrets though. it's cheaper than the alternatives.

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gonna do this for my fiends instead of using the retarded horse thing they decided to call a fiend.

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do you happen to know what parts are used?

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5 Horrors with one using bolt of tzeentch = shoots at tanks for you without wasting a load of points of basic shots.

14 horrors with a changeling = anti troop, try not to deep strike too close to get all models in range beyond this size or you may scatter and lose the extras anyway. (You need to remain at range and not be TOO CLOSE!)

That is the way to use horrors.

Seekers are more... First wave start at 24", then close that 24" with fleet+pavane of slaanesh to ensure you don't get rapid fired upon before melee contact. You wanty to avoid 12" range with daemons and seekers/fiends/flesh hounds etc are the way to do that with pavane of slaanesh.

Explained for you.

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Off the top of my head, it looks like Sevora & Sevorina as the base woman figure, thats from the Inquisitor line.

The wings are probably from an old metal dragon or something. Bloodthirster or Balrog wings might look nice.

The dreads are made from a tightly coiled wire of some sort, bent into shape.

The green stuff is Green Stuff.

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main body is the inquisitor scale death cult assassin, the sword is from the same kit, the wings are from the dark pegasus, the "hair" is guitar wire, I think if I do this I'll leave off the knives though (which also come with the main kit) , you will also need two small bits of metal for the nipples and a bit of green stuff for gaps and smothing out to make it fleshy

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When I first saw the thumbnail I thought she took her own eye out and was painting it.


SoB gear, pointed ears, and an Eldar glyph tattoo?

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Thanks for the advice /tg/, you guys got me motivated to get off my ass and convert a Lord of Change out of some of the spare bits I've got lying around.

Tzeentch's sacred number is 9, correct?

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I actually want to do this as my keeper, but I can't figure out how I could model it.....thinking that Slaanesh mounts and daemonette torsos might be the way to go.

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correct foul trickster

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Yes it is.

Remember you can have small units in one half of the armies units and very large units in the other half. Making it possible to send more then 80% of your points in the first wave if everything goes right.

Tzeentch can be a leafblower by simply getting the first shots off with most their army and maintianing that momentum with some monstrous melee of the 3+ invulnerable save kind.

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Im thinking Trygon tail, boobysnake torso (the steed of slaanesh - its a snake with boobies), lots of scything talons as legs on the bottom, and a Keeper of secrets head? Giant scything talons greenstuffed onto some Keeper of Secrets arms for the blade-arms.

Or about half a kilo of greenstuff and about 6 months of man hours.

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Thanks. I ask because I'm planning on having a number of floating heads of slain foes on the base equal to Tzeentch's number. The Lord is going to be a little bastard riding across the field on a Disc of Tzeentch made out of a pair of Terminator bases. I'm not sure whether I want the heads to be held up with the transparent pegs used for flying models, or wired into the disc/Lord, though.

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I know of the titty beast, I own 3 of them. the trygon tail could be a useful Idea and scything talons are somthing I haven't yet considered. but I don't think I would use the Keeper head...proabbly make the body thin out at the top and use a few daemonette torsos and end with one of the Seeker's heads.

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Seeker heads are always good. You could maybe use the Keeper head with all those incredibad horns snipped/filed off and a bit of greenstuff to make it longer and thinner-looking.

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go with wired....but the disk....unless you are good with greenstuff I would recommend biting the bullet and buying a sorc on disk and making it out of that.

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I'm going to throw on a pair of wings from the new DP sprue, probably give it a bunch of little grasping arms that I've got lying around from some ghouls.

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"That harp really looks like a naked girl, whoever made that had some skills"

>Full-Sized Image

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the Keeper's horns are actually the only thing I like about the current keeper of secrets....if I had to go with the bull head I would never had gone with slaanesh as my chaos god.

and when I said seeker heads I meant the daemonettes riding the seekers as one of the leader heads (huge hair or huge hair w/ curled horns would look almost like the pic)

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You would unfortunately have a terrible case of Tinyhead McHugebody going on there.

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that is another thing I would like to do for a miniature but have no "pure" sculpting skills (cannot create from nothing) I pesonally love the picture, having had another person prod needles in my skin actually makes the picture come alive....for me at least.

>god damn captcha quit giving me shit that it 30+ letters long

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I cant sculpt for shit. Not from scratch, not just adding a slight conversion. I could probably just about make nurglings, but thats hardly difficult.

There are so many things i'd love to try and make, but my hands cant translate what my brain is doing.

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which is why I would like to thin out the body as it goes up, another reason why my first impression was to go with the seeker mounts. though the trygon body now has me intreged as I have seen one done with a trygon before but it looked.....meh to best discribe it...
here is a pic, how would you improve on this design?

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If you want it at that rough scale, the Trygon body would be too big. But the Ravenor body would work nicely. Its somewhere between infantry and boobysnake sized.

Maybe even a Necron Wraith 'tail' with a bit of greenstuff to make it a bit more fleshy.

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you have what my old music teacher Mrs. Mellanger calls "stupid fingers"....You'll be lucky if you can master a belt buckle.

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the horns off the csm Tzeentch banner seem perfect for the job

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Yup. I should probably actually learn how to use GS.

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OH FUCK I just saw the Slaanesh host on GW's website....shit looks awesome be back in a few minutes gonna look through the nids section and then check out the wraith tail and see if it might be good...

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Check the tyranid raveners tail as well. Its probably closer to the scale you want.

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shit since when have the ravagers been a plastic kit? sounds like I found my herald and/or keeper body baseline, don't think I will be using the wraith bodies though, don't think I could greenstuff the 'cron out of it.

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Im making a no-wizard all-priest WHFB Empire army based around Morr, and i want a unit of knights with scythes. But it means ill have to buy 5 empire wizard kits for an army without any wizards. DICKS.

And congrats. Raveners have been plastic since the new nid codex, when Trygons were released. So for quite a while. I still have a pair of the metal ones kicking about, and beleive me, the plastic ones are much friendlier to put together.

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god damn you GW why did you get rid of Bitz orders? I would gladly buy several sets of the venomthropes lashwhips for my army....

god damn did I miss like 90% of the shit that came out during the tyranid release? have I been in a coma? what month is it?

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Hell if i know. Im on the summer holidays from university (in b4 summerfag, ive been here for years now) so i have no schedule and hence no concept of time. I looked out the window the other day only to realise it was 8am and i hadnt gone to bed.

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yeah another thing I would buy if they still had Bit orders....just like the Masque's maskes If I could I would have every champ in my army holding a set of those masks.

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Holy shit those models are awful.

I can see the joins everywhere and the models are flailing around like spastics.

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Yup. Stupid GW and no more bitz orders.


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most of my days run together myself, the only way I can tell the days apart is classes and workouts. and sometimes I get those confused.....oh Germany, why is it so boring here?

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the snake one sucks....I think the other two are alright myself.

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Buy one make cast, multiply!

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BRILLIANT! Doesnt buying all the materials and shit for moulding cost a fortune though? Also, /r/ing that picture that guides you into resin casting warhams.

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Yes, not quite cost effective for that alone but now you have a start and can expand the casting of what ever you want to multiply (more or less) and eventually it'll become quite cost effective.

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this should be it.....ask and ye shall receive....also if I wanted to go with a bigger keeper what do you think about using the end of the trygon tail (where it just starts to go upwards) and one of the new daemon princes bodies, but mod it to be a tad more....feminine and slaaneshi?

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After all if you fuck your silicone molds up you can always cut them down and add the fine bits to your second go at it and so on. So the molds material is quite reusable (in the long run) even if they fail to come out right.

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Thats the one. Brofist.

Hmm. I could cast up some drill arms from Killa Kan/Deff Dreds and some needles from Mad Doc's and get round to making a Big Daddy and Little Sister diorama.

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brofist accepted
[email protected] bioshock army, if any of you do happen to start making bitz from resin keep me updated I'll pay or supply some materials for some shit to be made. email is in the field.

>> No.11701103


If i do, im in the UK. I assume everyone on the internet is American, because most of them are.

But yeah, if i do start casting i would be happy to make you some stuff. Im on /tg/ almost every day, and i see you around a fair bit, so ill let you know.

The thought of a Bioshock ARMY never occurred to me. But now you mention it..

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Orgyns with helmets for ease of bioshock bodies.

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Germany myself, I got no problem with mailing stuff. you participating in "Kit bash"?


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Fuck that my good sir.

Krieger Krash Thrax 54mm Inquisitor model.
>pic related
The legs and torso suit my needs, the head/arms are seperate pieces. Just stick a great big diving suit helmet on the front, a Killa Kan drill arm on one side, some fuckhuge daemon arm on the other side, a bit of greenstuff here and there, a big tank on his back.. BIG Daddy.

What would i make a Little Sister out of? A 40k scale model? I was thinking Night Goblin for the dress/robe, with chopped and changed and greenstuffed bits. Make the syringe out of some gun bits, something spiky and a melta-bomb as the ADAM canister.

Inquisitor scale Big Sister would have to be made from Sevora/Sevorina. That would be the tricky one.

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I hadnt heard of it. But (as i see on the article) if you need some chaosy bits i have a humble bits box consisting of Warriors of Chaos WHFB bits. Some spawn bits and fantasy chaos bits in there.

No idea how i would sort out sending them to you though. Ill send you an email in a sec so you have my contact details.

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for the little sister I would have to tell you to go to another miniature range....I can't fucking remember which on though....I would be tempted to say Wyrd but I know that is not right....I really couldn't tell you man.

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Could be Wyrd, they are full of creepy little girls. I'd like to try and keep it all GW parts though, so i can sit it in their store window with my other stuff, and rape the shit out of everyone at the Winter Painting Competition again.

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danke, what all are you looking for if anything?

also I seem to remember a figure you might be able to use from GW let me see if they still have it on their site.

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Just sent you an email. Not looking for anything in particular at the moment, as i have about 15 Chaos Warriors, 10 Chaos Knights, 1 Spawn, 1 Keeper of Secrets, 1 Sorceror, The Masque and some other shit to paint before i buy/build anything else.

After that though, it'll be the Morr themed Empire army, if you happen to have anything related kicking about you would like to trade.

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Holy shit. That is awesome.

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Just sent you an email. Not looking for anything in particular at the moment, as i have about 15 Chaos Warriors, 10 Chaos Knights, 1 Spawn, 1 Keeper of Secrets, 1 Sorceror, The Masque and some other shit to paint before i buy/build anything else.

After that though, it'll be the Morr themed Empire army, if you happen to have anything related kicking about you would like to trade.


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>check out the girl that is pouting.

also sisters of sigmar might interest you.

and if you get really good with greenstuff..... maybe you could work with her...


Cheerleaders in bloodbowl might be good as well....

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The pouting girl might work. Although i bet she's all one piece and metal. Which is a pain in the dick as she has her arms folded. Im not good enough with GS to use Eowyn. Not nearly good enough.

Cheerleaders i never even thought of! I'll have a look, cheers!

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cheers, I gotta hit the hay....dante test in the morning.....

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