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So I'm building a big ass chaos fort and most of what's left to be done is detailing. I've figured out most of what I want to do but I'm stuck at one spot. I plan on having a couple of small statues outside the front steps that have to fit on a square 25mm base and not take up space to the back or sides of the base(walls and stairs in the way). It's a Khornate base so I wanted to try to tie that into the statue choice. So far the best I've settled on is this guy, Azarphan from reaper. Anyone have something better in mind? Just wanting to see what else is out there.

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bamp :(

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Real Khornates don't build statues and temples for Khorne. That makes Khorne angry, because time spent building statues an temples is time not spent killing.

Besides, all that wussy art stuff is Slaanesh's territory anyway.

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Use Anima Tactics mini's as Chaos Warlord statues. I've used a couple of em' for statues in my Warmachine table.

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well its supposed to be a building that used to be inhabited by ig but chaos messed with their heads and they all turned into spawn/died so they probly built statues... i dunno either way theres gotta be some statues outside this building

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Paint em' marble or obsidian.

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now thats pretty cool

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those would work nicely to go on two different sides of a staircase

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there true scaled 30mm mini's so they make perfect statues for WM/Warhammer. Glue em' to a their base then glue the base to the cap to the largest can of Monster, it's perfect.

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There's lots of em' from all over the alignment chart. Anima is a fuckin' awesome game by the way, it's essentially a Soul Caliber tabletop game. It's heroic skirmishes between teams of epic heroes.

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ahh yeah ive seen these before, but it looks like that was a long time ago because they have alot more than when i last saw em

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do you happen to have one offhand to take a picture of next to a warmachine or wh40k model?

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sage for obvious samefag viral

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Yeah, if you're a weeaboo with a brain disease.

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uh huh thats why im talking about 40k and hees talkin about warmachine

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Go to the link above n' check out the factions there's lots of em' and they make epic statues. Also, be sure to post pics of your Chaos building/temple when you get done.

Aright gents, I've done my good deed on the internet for today.

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its super shitty and needs lots of work, plus im not very good at any part of the hobby yet, not to mention how much of a procrastinator I am... so if it ever does get done itll be shitty but sure ill post it

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lul, viral? I'm just a stoned lurker who decided to help out a fellow terrain builder. I've only ever bought 2 Anima tactics mini's damnit they make damn good statues.

Naw, I don't. Google it, go on Coolminior not dude. I can only tell you where to look, not look for you.

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