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Anyone have any pictures of Gorgons?

Pic related.

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So, is a gorgon a medusa, or vice-versa?

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Medusa is one of the Gorgon sisters.

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Exactly. Medusa is a gorgon the same way that Mr. Ed was a horse.

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Unless you play Heroes of Might and Magic III, in which case medusas are medusas, and gorgons are giant bull-thinks that breathe death.

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I love that one. I'm looking for a really sexy picture. :)

She's a seductress...see online post:

"Your doom, Wolf of Ruin?" Though her movements were shadowed again, her voice seemed to be coming from the walls of the chasm themselves. The scent of her sex permeated his nostrils, enticing his most basest of instincts to take over. To have their way with her. That was all she wanted, and he could smell it in the very scent of her core.

"I seek not your doom, but rather, your seed."

There was the most audible licking of lips that perhaps the Wolf of Ruin had ever heard. That sound a woman made when she wanted it, laid it out on the table, and spread her legs. That trace of moisture that he no doubt wanted dribbling off his erect cock. Her voice was like her tongue, circling the head of his want.

"I want it coating my insides, drooling down my thighs. I want it inside me because I am the only creature in the world worthy to carry your spawn, Wolf."

A rock clicked down the side of the chasm from the ground high above. It sounded, almost, like there was something up there. But he knew she was down here with him, so truly, what could it be? Perhaps an animal enticed by the scent of his kills.

"Mmm..." A soft moan. He could almost hear something akin to fingers slipping over wet flesh.

"Stop pretending you don't want it. Sheathe your knife. But come closer and unsheathe your sword."

Just a touch of moonlight illuminated the curve of her succulent lips...

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And suddenly his penis was RIPPED THE FUCK OFF by a swarm of small, angry snakes he disturbed, while following her advice.

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This was the next post:

The look in the Wolf of Ruin's eyes was unmistakeable as his pants were undone and lowered.

The shockwaves of pleasure that suddenly racked through her as he plowed his length into her forced her glistening body to arc over the rock that she'd positioned herself against. Still, he had found a formidible lover in this creature of the chasm. She was slick and sweet, and as soon as he was inside her, she was wild with wanton lust and sexual ferocity. Her pelvis bucked until he would growl like the bestial man that he was. And she would scream with such pleasure in that voice, that voice that rang in his mind and his ears, that it would be impossible for him to keep his seed to himself.

And she didn't let him leave her. She'd fucked men before that found more interest in spraying their seed across the curve of her back, the roundness of her tits, or the perfect pillows of her lips--but not Therome. She wouldn't allow it were he to even try. Her hands went back and gripped his sweaty pounding hips and forced him to bury himself to the hilt. Her black, silky hair with odd greenish highlights stuck to his chest as she leaned against him, keeping her ass flattened to him, and bit at his neck like a bitch in heat.

The light bathed the edge of her face before she threw herself forward and gripped the rock in front of her in preparation for him. She knew it was coming. She knew he was ready. She could feel his readiness pulsating inside her. And then came the spray of heat inside of her. SHe shoved back of him, guaranteeing that he was sending his seed into the very depths of her.

Guaranteeing that his seed would germinate inside her...

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My new favourite gorgons

Anyone got larger versions of ether of these?

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When you need some fantasy ass, you should always look to Elmore.

Just check out those hips.

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Some decent curves.

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She's beautif

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no more?

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I feel like I just got bel-air'd

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Can't appreciate a proper serpentine afro?

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Sauce? Moar?

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That was the sexiest rp I ever did. There wasn't much else to it..but here's the last portion. And for your information, I'm a chick that rps. Imagine that.


Her breath came in gasps as he stepped back from her. He could hear the press of her fingers inside her, making sure none of him slipped out of her and down her thighs before the change happened. It was quick the way her legs pressed together, and scales started to cover them. It was so fast the way her head bucked back and then, she turned to look over her shoulder at him. Her eyes watched his eyes--half expecting him to execute her.

When her eyes turned into green, snakelike diamonds, and her odd hair started to hiss...

It was at the exact same moment that the lustful stare the Gorgon gave to Therome turned him directly to stone.

The Pale Ghost turned and stared at Therome's frozen features, watching them as the snakes of her hair danced around her features. Her legs--which were no longer supple thighs but the tail of a snake--carried her over to him. She wound the tip of her tail around Therome, and her tongue snapped out to lick, smell, and taste Therome all at one moment.

She would miss him.

But he would be proud of his children.

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I wonder if you wore glasses with say, 100% UV protection and maybe mirrored lenses, could you look at Medusa?

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Discussion was had.

Consensus was that the light reflected eye to eye was the cause. No light, or blocked = stone.

(Old myth was that simply looking at her 'ugly' made you turn to stone)

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We've been over this before.

Imagine that she's wearing high heels, because that's probably what the artist did when this pic was done.

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my personal fav gorgon

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So wouldit also work if she was the one wearing the sunglasses?

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Spontaneous combustion; do you know of it?

Think of the eyes as a trigger to code your body to turn into solid matter. Make contact with that light encode and you are done for.

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Kinda looks like she/they are being eaten.

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Why do you assholes always draw gorgons with awesome racks? Medusa would turn any man who saw her to stone because she was so hideous. That means either no titties, or, if they are there, they are shriveled, wrinkled, and dry. Gorgons are not seductresses, they are gruesome monsters.

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Nice bod. Clock-breaker of a face.

C'mon, we've all seen it.

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I would GUESS, because they like drawing awesome racks.

Could be wrong. Could be wrong. But, if I had to guess, that's the reason.

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I am guessing you're also saying the same of the succubus?

There is no one way to make a monster, though admittedly the more attractive, the more life-threatening as it can pass for almost human.

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As a drawfag myself, I confirm the truth of this statement. We could draw 'em as ugly, but we choose hot.

We're pervs like that.

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>>Why do you assholes always draw gorgons with awesome racks?

Have you seen much Greek art? Not a whole lot of flabby fucks standing around there. Pretty much all monsters that have human body parts have the human parts nearly flawless.

Also, making Medusa beautiful actually enhances the danger. She is something you *WANT* to look at, but can't because doing so would turn you to stone.

And Greek mythology is rife with lots of other pretty looking women monsters who will seduce you before doing horrible horrible things to you.

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Ah, what was Greenmarine's excuse... Something like, his mother was bitten by a radioactive 3rd rate pornographic illustrator while she was pregnant with him?

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Gorgon you say?

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Medusa was depicted as pretty horrible looking. Pic related.

No. Succubi are supposed to be sexual.

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No, they worked through sexual means. Didn't mean they had to be appealing.

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>>Medusa was depicted as pretty horrible looking. Pic related.

Except for when she wasn't. Pic related.

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And, as with any mythological creature, they can look as anything you want, as long as they fall within the guidelines of the description.

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the version of the myth I heard was that medusa was so beautiful that aphrodite was jealous enough to curse her, so that no man could ever look at her beauty and live long enough to appreciate it.

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I like the eves are "OhgodIcanseeforever" kind of ugly and that would turn you into stone interpretation.

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because was so damn hot that Poseidon raped her, she went into a temple of Athena as she was the Patron goddess of virgins thinking that she get some help. no Poseidon lays the pipe and Athena gets pissed at Medusa and turns her into a monster. depending on the version Medusa was a priestess for Athena which makes it more fucked up

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From Wikipedia:
"While ancient Greek vase-painters and relief carvers imagined Medusa and her sisters as beings born of monstrous form, sculptors and vase-painters of the fifth century began to envisage her as being beautiful as well as terrifying."
All the depictions of her being beautiful are basically fanfiction.

So if I want to make my vampires sparkly, that's fine too?

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I don't have to like it, but you can.

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Was it Heroes of Might and Magic that slapped the name 'gorgon' onto the catoblepas', or was that done earlier?

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>So if I want to make my vampires sparkly, that's fine too?
Beware mortals, Lord Strahd sparkles among you.

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Except Twilight vampires violate the guidelines. Beautiful Medusa doesn't.

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Burn in sunlight is one of the rules of vampires. Being ugly hasn't been the rule for gorgons since the greeks did ornamental pieces with beautiful ones.

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..That is precisely what I just said.

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Yes. But it needed expanding on.

That, or I accidentally clicked the wrong post.

Take your pick, both works for me.

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>>So if I want to make my vampires sparkly, that's fine too?

The idea of Vampires turning to dust when exposed to sunlight is itself, a Hollywood concoction. Most Vampires function just fine.

And the idea that Vampires are sexy sons of bitches that seduce lovely young maidens to the point where they're practically begging to become their immortal lovers is veeeeery old as well. Way older than Twilight.

It's nothing new.

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Pretty much happened to the Sphinx as well.

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60 posts in and no "My eyes are up here" gorgon?
What the shit, /tg/, you guys are slacking off.

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Talking about the bull thing?

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No, douchebag fagshit, we have actual fucking janitors now. Your pathetic need to have porn every few seconds is no longer welcome here

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We have a janitor now. She was here.

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Yeah. Sphinxes should be intimidating men with awesome braided beards from Assyria.


Yeah, but Dracula at least lost his powers in sunlight, and both norse and scottish vampiresques dissapeared at dawn.

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Yeah, the closest mythical beast I know of is an african hyena/rhino/warthog mix that kills/petrifies/turns you to stone if you look in it's eyes. It is plated and breathes poison.

And before some asshat tells me that petrification and being turned to stone are the same thing, I merely mean that by 'petrification' I mean turned stiff and dead, while 'turned to stone' means just what I said.

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Ah. Now I see what I get for looking at the picture after I've written the post. I only saw the 'gorgon' at the thumbnail.

But basically, it feels as if the Catoblepas was split up into two.

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To be fair, Medusa was a nymph before she got raped by Poseidon in Athena's temple, and then got cursed by Athena for having sex in aforesaid temple.

Poor, poor Medusa.

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Yeah. The greek gods were assholes like that.

"Gee, I think I'll go skinnydipping here, not telling anyone about it.
"Oh my! A human MALE saw me nude! How monstrously rude of him to accidentally stumble upon me! I will now turn him into a deer and set his friends and hounds upon him, just to torment him for this mortal sin. Which I feel is just repercussions."

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How is later Roman sculptors and writers changing the description of the gorgon different from Stephanie Meyer changing the description of the vampire?

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'smek smek'? You Swedish or something?

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Is this the same guy who randomly curses and complains in most threads asking about boobs?

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Because the greeks had already done it.

And other reasons would be that those sculptures are works of art.

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Gygax/whoever added a monster based on an aulde text.
tl;dr it probably is.

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>We have a janitor now. She was here.

So where exactly did you find the Firefox extension that lets you determine someone's gender over the internet?

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Because the romans set down the template for western civilization for all history to come.

Meyer's not done shit.

Now quit your whining, child.

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Ah. I love getting sources on bullshit.

So now I can blame D&D when my friends complain about the gorgon in HOMAM 3, and blame some englishman from the age before spelling was invented for being duped by oldschooltrolls and printing it.

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Janitor posting and referring to itself perhaps?

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Janitor just deletes, does not post.

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The earliest references to gorgons being beautiful were made when Greece was part of the Roman Empire. The original, ancient Greek stories depict them as hideously ugly.

The sculptures are works of art? So is Twilight. It isn't very good, but it is art nonetheless.

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Or at least isn't supposed to post.

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"She" as in titgorgon.

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I'm sure you know this already, but the Rust Monster and Bulette come from those cheap plastic 'dinosaur' toys that come in bags.

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I think they just can't have an identity

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No. That isn't art. That is a travesty that pretends to be art, imitates art.

But ok, I'll take you up on that with the gorgons. They had a shift in themes, but this was the one that prevailed. I pray to whatever gods are out there that the explanation of becoming so attractive it is painful due to skin made of diamonds will not win out over catches fire or disintegrates.

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Which isn't even really all that porny compared to some of the shit that's been on here since the other janitor got axed.

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Or you could look at the dudes picture seeing as the picture has "SMEK SMEK" in it.

Also go to /co/ and start a SMEK SMEK thread, watch all the pretty pictures...followed by the sadness that there will probably be no more SMEK SMEK.

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What the hell else were they supposed to use for monster minis in 1975? I mean, seriously, the market didn't exist, they were still inventing it.

>> No.11689853

I really need to dig out that article about what Gygax used for fantasy minis back in the day.

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Really? That is great junk knowledge! Do you perhaps have a source to this?

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Bad habit of mine, I look at thumbs, image names and post text, comment, then check picture.

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Apparently, the got the Owlbear there too.

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Gygax... ;.;

>> No.11689954


From Gygax himself:
>As noted by Philotomy Jurament, there was a set of plstic toys laughlingly labled as dinosaurs IIRR. I frequented the local dime stores back in the late 60s and early 70s searching for toys that would suit tabletop fantasy gaming. The said bag contained three we incorporated--the bulette, the owl bear, and the rust monster. Scale was a bit of a problem, but when improvised figurines are all that one has, the players were quite willing to make do

Also some pics miscellaneous plastic toys that look like D&D monsters.

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That is just great. It feels a bit like a piece of modern cultural history.
I don't know, but there is so much information buried in other people, that can only be properly found over the internet, in that it is the only way to access that amount of people within a reasonable timeframe. The result of that is that I feel a bit like a sort of archaeologist digging up something exciting every time I see something like this.

Oh, and it is always endearing to see older people used to writing letters responding to forum posts in that format. It warms my heart.

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I've had a good chunk of those when I was younger. I never made the connection for the "owlbear" though. It looked like a goofy ass armadillo to me.

>> No.11690124


You have a picture of that toy? Sorta hard to google owlbear. Ends up with only moderner interpretations.

>> No.11690196

To be fair, owlbears looked pretty goofy (or at least goofier) back then.

>> No.11690219


I know, that is why I want to see the toy.

>> No.11690238

Check >>11689954

>> No.11690257


Thanks a lot!

And yeah, as I said, I just wanted to see the toy.

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The one they list as an umber hulk looks like an ice devil to me.

>> No.11690403


THOSE are Umber Hulks? They are.. atrocious.. yet awesome...

>> No.11690483

The site says they think the toys inspired them. I don't think gygax ever gave a statement of where they came from.

>> No.11690512


But then, it is likely that he just listed a few that were floating on the top of his mind in that forum post.

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Yeah, that's quite true.

>> No.11690564


And hell, those beasts are absurd enough to sprout not only fantasy monsters, but also encounters on the road to Kadash.

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Woah.. Now.. That is a horror. A true horror. I like it.

Also, does the term 'Medusa touch' as in, all touched is destroyed, come from the same Medusa?

>> No.11690797


No, that's 'Midas Touch'. Its twisted from the original meaning, but Midas was a guy who wished all he touched became gold. However, when he turned his wife and child to statues of dead gold with a hug, he realised he'd goofed quite badly.

>> No.11690828


Yes. But there is a term called 'medusa touch' too, which means that everything you touch, both actually and metaphorically will be destroyed. Perhaps not immediately, but you are forever doomed to fail.

>> No.11690872

>medusa touch
Incidentally, in Final Fantasy Adventure/Sword of Mana, if a woman gets bitten by a medusa she becomes a medusa herself.

Of course, a medusa's tears also change transformed creatures back into their normal forms.

>> No.11691109


Hmm. In WoD, I had a Medusa be a spirit of despair, shattered and bound in four artifacts, a robe that caused you never to make any sounds while worn, apart from a low hissing of snakes, a mask that petrified people (basically an AGG attack), and two gloves, one that ruined dead matter, and one that ruined living.

All this was taken from the term 'medusa touch', which I think is a french bastardization of midas touch, but I got inspired.

>> No.11691728

My RPG character, Euryale, a descendant of the original: http://scarfgirl.deviantart.com/art/Euryale-Maras-166864492

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Is Sparrow on Hentai Foundry.

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Thank you.

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Anyone care to make a new gorgon thread on /d/ and link it here?

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Well... it's certainly an original way to catch them...

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A chainmail bikini is one thing, but plate boyshorts?!

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No Pelonia?

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