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Character art thread number three!

Thread two: >>11680404

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Yay for finding the new thread without waiting for a link! I'm officially not a retard.

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No, you just have no life.

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What's your point

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So, in addition to pictures, the subject of monsters/girls, tentacles and monstergirls came up.

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That it did.

Do you have a question relating to them?

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Back again, Running late but I can probably get in a pic or two.

More Girls and monster art!

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Hey man, At least it isn't porn.

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another one? good

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Words to live by

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Aaaand... That's it for monsters and girls.

If this thread is up later, I'll just post normal monsters or maybe go back to Dwarves. Leaving for real this time.

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this thread needs more y chromosome

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Cool. Laters, dude.

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Yes, do you (does anyone) both with /d/ any more for tentacles/monsters or is /tg/ and hentai foundry etc the only place to go?

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I do still check up on /d/ once a day, and skim through the backlogs of pages looking for an interesting thread, but these days it's pretty rare. I posted maybe seven or eight pictures in a bugfuck thread a few days ago.

But yea, these days I get most of my porn from other sites.

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oh look at the time...

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Right, that's the last of my Humans folder.

I'll be heading for a shower soonish. What do people want to see when I get back?

Elves (all varieties, includes Dark Elves as well as spinoffs like Driders and Dryads), Teiflings, or Undead?

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Sorry, my mind went to terrible places for a minute there. Undead, please.

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elves please

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Knock yourself out, I take it as a compliment!

I'll go for Undead first, then Elves and whatnot. Be back in 45/an hour or so.

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fuck eyah. nostalgia

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I want to like /d/, I really do, but it's not alt-hentai, it's just dickgirls

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Wat. This one confused me. Is this from anything in particular or just a one-off?

captcha: afraid source

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>barbarian in the thick

Where is the fighting the thickest?

Anywhere the barbarians are.

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sorry, idk

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In case you were wondering, it was specifically caused by "What do you want to see when I get back?"

I love /tg/, our denizens are so understanding!

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I thought it was caused by
>I'm taking a shower
followed by
>"What do you want to see when I get back?"

To which the correct answer is 'everything'.

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Man, if they remade He-man so it looked like that...

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Here's the companion piece.

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Funnily enough, I thought nothing of the 'going to take a shower.' I don't know why. That alone should have had my mind in the gutter, now that I think about it.

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Well you should have been thinking it!

Talking with a girl who likes rpgs and tentacles and your mind 'wasn't' in the gutter.

What is wrong with you man?

You're letting your whole gender down.

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Welp, I'm sitting here in a dressing gown and not much else. So if it wasn't before, it will be now.

Anyway. Undead. Quite a lot of this will be Forsaken-related, I'm afraid, but there's some good stuff nevertheless.

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Forsaken is fine. Unless WoW stuff brings some kind of stigma on /tg/ that I'm not aware of?

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Not so much, but it's often very highly stylised. Difficult to use as a character portrait for anything other than a Warcraft RPG.

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Lol, considering how fail /tg/ is most of the time these days I don't think you should give a damn about any stigma they'd label something with.

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Welcome back

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Point taken.

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WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME? My mind is more "d'aww" than gutter at that thought. I think, somehow, /tg/ has made me less corrupt.

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Your libido, it is dead. Your balls must be shriveled into raisins by now.

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You really are a charmer, you know that?

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That, or you're trying really hard to score points with a girl over the internet.

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More likely just the fact that white and fluffy is hardly the sexiest thing around.

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Why the hell would I do that? If I was trying to score over the internet I would not be on /tg/, I would not be anonymous and I would not be trying to score with someone with a xeno fetish.

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Oh stuff a sock in it. I've been sick and bored the entire weekend, next to that my friend just proved himself once again to be the least reliable fucker in the world. I could've had entertainment, company and weed. But noooo, the fucking faggot conveniently forgot he had to do something retarded for school.

I'm never going to smoke out that little bitch again.

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Is that a female version of Yukimura Sanada? (I think that's the right name..) I haven't played SW in so damn long.

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I love how annoyed this guy looks.

"Adventurers? Again? Oh, for fuck's sake. Go take a bunch of Ghouls and clear them out, I've got work to do."

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White and fluffy lingerie, perhaps.

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Okay, maybe a xeno fetish is fine too. I'm still not desperate/stupid/young enough to be interested in that. I think it's all the d'aww that gets crammed into /tg/. Seriously, who can have any sexual thoughts in the same day as seeing Noh?

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Eh, it always struck me as too...cute. Invoking the idea of kiddy, faux-innocent giggling and stuff like that. I'll take the black lace, thanks.

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I can, because my dick isn't flaccid and dead.

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Your friend is making something of himself instead of being yet another stoner burden on society. Maybe you should take some notes.

>angtion janitor

Sounds like your future.

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Sorry, missed that one being for me. As has just been said, you can't really blame him for wanting to put work into his future. Maybe you'll remember what that's like soon. In the meantime, kindly fuck off and stop taking it out on us

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Image limit reached. I'll start number four.

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awesome threads anon

Im saving all of them

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