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Fantasy image dump - continued.

Previous thread here: >>11679348

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You have any preference for type of pictures posted DF?

Guys, gals, scenery, battles, fantasy, future etc?

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Nah. The first thread was just helping a guy with a new laptop fill his HD with anything, this is just an extension. I'm working through my Fantasy folders, but feel free to dump Scifi, modern, WoD, whatever you like. The more the merrier!

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Well, Since the Fangirl has Humans pretty much covered, I'm going to start moving into my second favorite race.


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Good idea - I don't think I actually have a single Dwarf picture saved anywhere.

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Fuck my internet is slow today..

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Oh, wow. Fuckin' saved. Probably the first Dwarf picture I've seen that appeals to me.

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fuck I can't keep up

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Is anyone even following these anymore?

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Don't sweat it. Just toss stuff in at your own pace. I've got shit-all to do right now and all my stuff is organised so I can post pretty quickly.

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A lot of the time, you'll get people silently lurking, watching for stuff they're interested in.

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Anytime, Mate.

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It's a fucking beautiful evening for the first time in ages, go outside!
Actually what am I thinking, don't do that. I need to keep furiously saving everything in sight, this stuff is awesome. Where do you find most of it anyway?

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>> Obligatory fanservice peekaboo "armor"


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fuck year trollslayers!

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It all comes from /tg/. Most of it, anyway - a few bits are from Deviantart or even a rare bit of SWF art I've found while browsing sites like Hentai-foundry.

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Outside, Where that Accursed Darstar lingers? You speak Blasphemy!

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From the cover of a Gor book, of all things.

Somehow this pic ended up in its own thread. It was supposed to go here.

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rolled 22 = 22

>Implying that's armor and not hide coverings

Protip, mate: Barbarians don't bother with armor.

Their armor is RAGE and the blood of their CRUSHED FOES.

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I know, it's madness. I even have my curtains drawn now, damn thing is getting its glare all up in my monitor..

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I meant to say Daystar... Now I feel like a fucking idiot.

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This guy's shield is simply the best tower shield ever.

Sarcophagus lid? Put in in a museum? Fuck no, I us it as a sweet shield.

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Let's get some orcs in here, people. They're woefully under-represented

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Heh don't worry mate, I got the idea.

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Wizard slap-fights are much more entertaining when they still have spells left...

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I only have a few, but will dump them all.

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Oh god, yea. My window looks right out at the sun.

Though it is useful for letting me easily check if I have to go to bed. If I can see the sun rising, it means I should go to bed.

Most of the time I don't until the sun has actually *risen*.

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I actually don't have any Orc pictures... Except for some Warcraft Porn.

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Orange/blue contrast!

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>Captcha: Glorious Obsterm

Obviously this Orc here is fighting for the defense of GLORIOUS OBSTERM.

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Is that a female Lich over in the far right?

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Bleh, I can't do that. If I sleep in past noon, I always end up feeling like I've missed a huge chunk of time I could be doing stuff.
... Even though either way I'd just be spending it sat at the computer, but whatever.

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chestbeam cleric!

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Unless it's from darknest, in which case I've probably seen it.

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I get around that just by not sleeping for very long. 4 and a half hours of sleep before going to work? Pfeh, no problem. I can nap on the bus.

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Anyone got any more pictures like this?

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Technically, yes, but I don't know where. They're scattered around over my various other folders.

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And last Orc I have. Hope you enjoyed.

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Taking a quick break from Dwarves to dump some monsters...

I think I'll use this as a good opportunity to dump my "Monsters + Girls" folder.

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Thank you, noble anon. I actually was looking for some decent orc pictures before now - this place is much more helpful than /b/ and /r/ ever have been, doubt I'll be going back!

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Saved them all, Much appreciated.

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Why yes, I believe so

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>I think I'll use this as a good opportunity to dump my "Monsters + Girls" folder.
I'm liking where this is going.

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You sick fuck :O

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Deathleper, you're not one of those crazy pervy chicks like /d/eviating ca/tg/irl, are you?

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Actually, There is no porn in this Folder. I used to have a whole bunch of porn but my computer got wiped; I'm just only now recovering from it with normal artwork scavenged from here and organized.

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Dem armors.

captcha: Lea's ushecke

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She's one of us, do you expect any less?

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Deathleaper was the one who requested all of the Tyranid porn GreenMarine drew.

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I am, actually. Very much into consentual monster/alien/bug sex (among other things). I have an especial fixation on Tyranid Lictors, the Deathleaper in particular.

I kinda guessed, but non-porn in that sort of vein is cool as well.

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> "Monsters + Girls" folder.

Worksafe board otherwise I'd be contributing this too.

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>> Implying the drawing doesn't SAY it's armor

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Oh, um, eh...Ok...

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Hah, not ALL of it. The one with the Lictor I think was the only one I specifically requested. The others I just added a voice of support to.

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Eh, everyone's got their kinks. A couple of threads here and on /d/ suggested it's not as uncommon as one might think.

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Heh I'll give you a hint, never visit /d/. Lictor porn is pretty tame by their standards

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Ooh, I thought it was all you. To tell you the truth I don't really pay attention to much to the bulk of Drawthreads; Simply because they are mostly just requests.

Don't matter much to me though, As far as I know you don't shitpost which Is good enough for me.


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He might be totally shocked by low quality futa porn, destroying his naive world view.

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Hurf durf, thanks Deathleaper. You sneak in a comment just in time to make me look like an ass, heh.

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You never know. I was more partial to slimes after I arrived, although that in itself is pretty tame. Pretty rare though... *sadface*

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Girls + Monsters = Monstergirls?

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I missed that, apologies.

Still I can't say I expect *snakeskin* armor to be very protective anyways.

Have some proper armor to make up for mistake.

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Ugh, true. It's hard to find decent tentacle or monster threads these days.

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And that's the next image limit.

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Ugh such an awesome character I'm on like book 3, too bad it's written so crappy compared to Malus Darkblade books.

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Shit, We just hit the Image Limit again.

Ooh well, I'm afraid It's time for me to leave. If these threads are still going I'll dump the rest later.

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Thanks for the content dude, my folder has pretty much doubled in size from these two threads. See you later!

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Tell me about it

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