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anyone wanna play a game?

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I thought the FATAL cover had some terribad art of some naked people fighting off santa's elves or something, not terribad art of dog-people with fur the apparent texture of shit assaulting a city from a boat with the apparent draft of a centimeter

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thats the main cover, but it would probably count as porn on this board. so who wants to roll for penis circumference?

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Oh you

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spend half an hour rolling your character only to have to throw it all out and start again.

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Furry in the back looks like he's stealing the chick's hammer or something.

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That would summarize this game completely

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Half an hour? More like three or so.

Last Tuesday I decided I'd generate a character for the hell of it. Half an hour later I gave up trying to roll for Physique's sub-abilities.

There's a character generator that rolls all that shit, but then you have to go and figure all the class and skill fuckery. No thanks.

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>>11675973 here, I forgot. Also skimmed the races section; ogres are something, I tell you what.

Also, there are recipes in this book Why? I don't know. No measurements, just the ingredients. And they renamed "turnips" to "rapes." What the hell.

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