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Looking for a motivational picture that was one of the alignment chart like setups, with the 3x3 rows, but it was for weapons, and i think the alignments were like, stupid, cool, awsome, and the impractical and practical.

Also looking for people who might be interested in a 1 on 1 rogue trader game

here is some of the chaos chick while i wait (not sure her name)

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The name is Cultist-chan, just let you know bro.

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I hope you realize you're only gonna get sage+hide by posting cultist.

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people not like cultist? aww

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Some do, some dont. Welcome to /tg/.

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>here is some of the chaos chick while i wait (not sure her name)

Not sure if troll or just newfriend :/

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Just give him what he wants.

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I was there when it was created and had a version, but it didn't make a lot of sense as a classification and wasn't very funny. So I deleted it. Sorry.

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i'm just realy bad at remeber names and such, i visit tg a decent amount, mostly just to get pictures for my online games i run. Or ocasionaly to ask where to find something or to check out peoples opinion on new things.

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Oh you Jo.

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This image is better anyway

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Somebody has done this... somewhere...

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Maybe I can dig it up somewhere if someone posts something I like.

Wait a second, how did that get there? I'm not good at trolling...

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thanks alot man, anything i can try to see if i have for you in return?

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And im off, my god damn feels like its gonna fall off.

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>damn arm.

Fuck proof reading.

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that is why she is called Cultist-chan.

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That Phasers - a weapon with a rounded top and no sights of any kind - are listed as 'practical' is still somewhat irritating.

Ain't nothing practical about a weapon you can't even properly aim.

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Yeah the whole thread where this image was created was fanboys and haters arguing about phasers, chainswords and whatnot. Or complaining that the chosen axis suck.

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maybe it auto-aims?
Also most of the time it is used in very close combat (less than 50m) where aiming is very easy (just try it with a laser-pointer).

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>maybe it auto-aims?

Um. It's a pistol held in your hand. It can't autoaim because it can't move, unless it has some sort of mini-turret barrel-end which is ...stupidly dangerous without some sort of HUD and control system to select targets ("No phaser! You were supposed to shoot the terrorist, not the hostage he was hiding behind!")

>Also most of the time it is used in very close combat (less than 50m) where aiming is very easy (just try it with a laser-pointer)

Shotguns are used in that same range. As are pistols.

Both of these categories of weapons have iron sights, because being able to aim accurately is important no matter the range.

Pic related, the Neostead is a RL example of "awesome practical" as it's dual-mag set up can either double it's capacity (two mags worth of buckshot) or be used like a conventional shotgun (one tube of buckshot) with an alt fire of non-lethal rounds (fill other tube with taser-darts, beanbags, etc.) or any number of combinations with the hundreds of variant shot-shell ammo types in existence (you could load one tube with buckshot and the other with slugs, so you have short range and medium range lethality, etc.)

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Yeah, the Neostead is pretty awesome.

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/r/ the original motivators

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I know the guy who made it from SA. I'm pretty sure he scrubbed his hard drive of all those shitty motivators as soon as he was done. They all come from a giant thread on RPG.net though. Shouldn't be too hard to find, though finding any worth saving will be much harder.

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