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I finally finished them. I know they're not super awesome looking, but I'd like to think they're pretty decent, considering I'm a beginner.

Gonna run the Deathwatch Demo rules for some friends sunday.

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Gregor the Storm Warden here is my favorite of the group, he's also the only one I didn't try to stay close to the portrait art, since his was just a generic piece.

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if its not Captcha its the flood detection...

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Or me forgetting my picture...

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Unfortunately I made a newb mistake with the dull-matte clearcoat, not sure what I did wrong, but the minis ended up with slight speckling. Its only really noticeable in direct sunlight and on Octavius here, since he is rather plain and has large areas that are black..

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these Captcha get weirder and randomer.

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Yup, two smurfs in the demo rules pregens...

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The white sections on Lucian were repaired/repainted by a friend, after I botched it up by not thinning the white enough (turns out his white was going bad too, plus I was a dumbass and listened to his advice of "Oh throw some Develan mud on and see how it turns out")

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Dude, nice. Once again I am jealous for my RL friends do not wish to play Deathwatch, and none of us would do this.

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The Blood Angel Devastator was painted by my friend, who was kindly providing the bits I built them out of, the paint, and painting advice of varying usefulness.

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Some people have said the idea of a Blood Angel Devastator for a PC is stupid (as well as Dark Angel Assault), but I like it. It gives them character. I mean Blood Angel Assault marines are a dime a dozen, its boring.

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Maybe there were seconded to Deathwatch for excelling at a role their chapter is normally lackluster at or not known for. Or maybe its because they don't really fit in ("Why does Sepheran love that Heavy Bolter so much anyways? Swords are funner).

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These are really cool.

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Thats all folks. Pic spam finished. Feel free to discuss Deathwatch in general if you'd like. Maybe those guys who had copies from Gencon and were answering questions are still around, otherwise I'll answer what I can from what I read from them or from other forums.

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Well, when you think about it, the shooty chapter doesn't desperately need assaulty guys, and the assaulty chapter doesn't need shooty guys.

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...What's up with Skold's shoulderpad though? Those aren't SW colors.

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AAW, are you going to paint up some genestealers for this?

Maaaybe a brood lord to make it a nice complete set?

Because these are honestly awesome.

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Hmmm, I got it backwards, didn't I? Yellow pauldron with blue-grey trim... not Blue-gray pauldron with yellow trim...

Ah well. Teach me not to check for reference material. I looked at Skold's artwork, saw the blue-gray pauldron under the wolf pelt, and went with that, adding the yellow trim because I figured it'd contrast better than the silver (and I already had a couple guys with silver trim).

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I hadn't considered that, but hmmm. However I'd have to buy the genestealers (rather than just bum off of my friend's massive marine bits collection) and I bet genestealers would be a lot harder to paint.

How much would a box (or whatever) of 'stealers cost? Or a broodlord? Guess I should check GW's website.

Its doubtful though, being unemployed sucks.

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they're like $30 (probably $33 now due to LOL PRICE HIKE), and a Brood Lord is $20.

easy to paint because they're organic, so you can just use lots of washes and drybrushing. I bought some for 3D SPACE HULK FUCK YEAH NIGGERS and did 'em up like the Aliens from Aliens. Had Giger's Necronomicon open the whole time, and gave 'em an 'Ard Coat finish.

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You could probably get some cheap off of ebay.

And a broodlord, last I remember, was a discontinued model.

I think.

You may have to scratch build it?

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Ouch $30 for 8 genestlears. Yeah, thats a bit too steep for just a one-off thing.

The Kill-team is currently residing in one of my FLGS' display cases, it'd be neat to give them some genestealers to setup with.

Maybe once I get a job.

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I just finished constructing my first warhammer mini. Not painted yet, but I'm happy with it.

It looks a bit weird, somewhat intentionally, but the rest are going to be more normal poses.

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They still sell it dude, they just moved the model to the "Troops" section of the website.

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not discontinued, just metal and expensive.

and yeah, the regular Stealers are $30 for 8. but you'll have plenty of extra bits left over (scything talons or whatever they're called, plus some weird scenery or something, I have no idea) that you could dump off on ebay.

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Well, my friends do have a copy of space hulk, could always use those genestealers. Though it'd probably be my friend painting them. And that also precludes display casing.

However, if I end up running this as a ongoing campaign once the book comes out, I'm considering shelling out the $25 for the Deathwatch conversion set. If only cause I used up almost all of his =][= pauldrons. Enough pauldrons to do 10 marines, so more than I'd need.

Plus they look a lot nicer than the plastic ones, which are from the Marine Command Squad box set (one or two per set).

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Ahhhh okay.

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You could scourer ebay for some of the old Battle for Macragge stealers.

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Maybe. I'll consider getting some 'stealers, but I won't put too much effort into it. Even if I do get some, I doubt I'll manage to get them before sunday, when I'm running the game. Then again it might (will probably) take more than one session to play, and they might not even run into 'stealers the first session.

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also, for those who are wondering, my version of SPACE HULK 3D basically involves using the 25mm square bases from daemon sets, gluing 4 of them to the cardboard from random boxes, prime black, drybrush metallic, and then scorpion green around the edges of the 2x2 squares. each one is a square for Space Hulk purposes, and then the rooms are decorated with building parts and bits (the manufactorum is great for this). I'm working out how to use the 2nd ed rules for power armor so the 25 mm squares can represent spaces where, perhaps, a genestealer or power-armored marine might be able to move, but a Terminator couldn't.

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Isn't that just a *Tyranid* broodlord? I thought a *Genestealer* Broodlord was something different.

Are they also called Patriarchs? Or is that a different kind of Super Genestealer?

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not since they got rid of genestealer cults.

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Ah, I see.

Too bad I can't really use these in a 40k game or something. I obviously have no army (nor wish to buy that much stuff), and I hear the current version of "Kill-team" is terrible.

Combat Patrol exists, but no elites and 400 points.

Then again, I haven't played 40k since just after 4th came out. So it doesn't really matter. I can barely remember the rules.

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bumping but once.

How Lucian's white parts originally looked after I didn't thin my paints (enough) and l listened to my friend's dumbass advice of "Oh throw some develan mud on and see how it looks".

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