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oh nooo

my box of krieg is empty.

just painted the last one. well, time to order more.

captcha: order krieg

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here he is, the last mini I painted

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Looks real good.

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cookie for anyone who recognizes them

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I shall spam you with my krieg

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Krieg spam is best spam. Also, Krieg picture.

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all of them minus HQ

as I said: have to order more. much more

and tanks ...

about 650 points (updated krieg list)

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selfmade weapon strap

thinking about giving all of them a strap ...

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I'm bored, can you tell?

selfmade antennae are the best

also: captcha sucks

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Aw, your plasma guns aren't painted with any colors. That's the best part about them.

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Barbed Wire? No

Devil's Rope? No

Nurgle's Rope? YEAH!

I'm slightly turning towards Papa Nurgle ...

Needs more barbed wire!

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they have cooling fins ...

In reality, I'm just to lazy to paint them shiny blue ...

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My colors may not be standard morbid Krieg but fuck the haters

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mud! dirt!

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Better shot, worse lighting. Also I assure you the graininess is the camera

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Sorry, I don't see anything. Are there some Krieg in this picture?

captcha: wtf? my English isn't that bad, but wtf is "atigifig"?

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funky glasses, he's a disco-krieg

captcha: premerm provides, fuck yeah

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how long did it take you to paint an individual model, do you use a conveyor belt method?

I just painted a prototype for my army and it took a day to finish to about 90%

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>captcha: wtf? my English isn't that bad, but wtf is "atigifig"?

Just wait until it hits you with russian, greek or hebrew.

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depends, I can do 5 at the same time => 1 1/2 day

I can do 10 in the same time but it's annoying

1 guy ... from 5 hours to 1 day

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Personally for me the Converyor method takes the fun out of it (somehow?) so I get bored painting quickly doing it. Painting each model individuall first is more time consuming but is more enjoyable and typically comes out looking better as I don't end up just trying to rush through the,.

Pic related

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had some Latin, yeah!

chaptcha: wait, that isn't a word

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why do you spam this nice thread with shitty painted shit photographs?

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comparison to a IG soldier

yeah, I sucked at teh painting when I did the IG

captcha: I don't have these signs on my keyboard

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more Nurgle's Rope

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it's when it hits you with things thats not even on your keyboard (or even knowledge) that gets me.

Sure [7:6-II] aint that bad but seriously? (I just sub the weird shit with a random word of choise)

Also DKoK guy, awesome minis, ok painting (like the down to "mudd" color choise though).

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Where's the pi key?

Also, top knotch minis, OP.

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yeah, that's me

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I don't get it why someone buys these minis and doesn't paint them or paints them really ugly

pic related, it's ugly painted krieg found on teh net

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Yeah, that just hurts.

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They like the awesome models and have a ton of disposable income but lack the painting skill you have.

I see your point, though, I wouldn't buy an army of showcase models unless I knew I could give them showcase paint jobs. I personally don't paint very well, but whatever I play orks.

>khruschev lodjer
>what do these captchas mean what is their goal goddamn

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Damn OP, those Kriegers look bloody brilliant.

They look amazing realistic and... Well, real. How long have you been painting mini's? Because you either have A) Artistic Talent, or B) Experience or C) Both.

Here's my vet squad, not the best models around, but I like them. And more importantly, I think I'm improving, hurray!

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Makes me want to install a laser that is able to melt resin into the gun of a Baneblade ...

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Started my first army (WHFB, dwarfs) in 2005. Painting was ... ok. But I used inks and thus all the old minis look shit.

2007 I started to do commissions (right word?).

And yeah, I'm an art / design student.

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btw. details would improve your minis. eyes, finer highlights, belt buckle

ever heard of blacklining?

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without mud

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Damn, artistic talent.

I don't have that, for I am an engineering student. We sacrifice our artsyness along with our social lives.

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I don't have very steady hands, I tried to do details on a few models, but it ended up being a test of my sanity.

All the same, you're not the first to say that I should spend a bit more time touching them up, so I think I'll take another stab at it.

Also, what is blacklining?

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sorry to hear that. training improves, though

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Land Surveyor here.

Those are lies, sir. I paint pretty damned good, and have done a few commissions as well.

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fine black lines, for example on the sides of the belt, to help to make it stand out. (instead of brown next to grey)

Ever tried to glue the minis to a cork or something and rest both hands on the table while painting?

However, junies (captcha, haha)

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good job op.
Krieg is one step closer in their repentance.
>art of the officer mini.

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OP here, gf is back home, have to go

I don't have any more pics anyway


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You make me cry like a little girl.
Damn your superior painting skills.
All the same, good job man.

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