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Im running a shadowrun game in a week or two.
As part of this, Im planning to make up actual dossiers for the missions and distribute them to the players.

Im going to use these dossiers on each mission in their meetings with Mr Johnson, where they will be handed out so the group can read them.

Then afterwards, when Mr Johnson has taken them back, Im planning to effectively text them the pertinent details.
Its a little experiment to see if it adds to the atmosphere, rather than just using paper.
Closest they have to links after all.

As part of this, for some missions, there will of course be important people they have to speak to/kill/kidnap/sodomise/etc, and for those, I need good face shots that I can bluetooth to their phones.

For these images, I come here.
I request a cyberpunk style imagedump with particular attention to faces.
They dont have to be huge resolution or anything, since theyre just going to phones.

Failing that, shadowrun art thread.
Also, anyone think this is a good idea? Bad?

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You are an awesome GM if you can make this happen, OP. My hat is off to you.

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I just hope it goes well, dont know how good the signal will be.

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I don't have any art,but this sounds like a good idea.

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I'll assume you're already planning on cropping the pictures.

Unfortunately I don't have much stuff I feel is useful, I'm drawing out of my generic sci-fi folder, don't have a cyberpunk specific one.

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Thanks much.
Also is it just me, or is the board taking forever to process posts?

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Yeah, I was.
Hence why the resolution doesnt matter too much.
I can always just give them a wider shot and play it like its a security cam shot, nothing else can be found on this person.

Might even do that deliberately for the bigger missions.

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its is, wonder why.

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Op... This is glorious. I will aid you in any way I can.

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>see pic
Well, Humanis Policlub member right there.

And if its not just me and /tg/ is being slow at the moment, a double thank you to people fighting through that to post.
Much appreciated.

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>cathdrio Huntington
I believe captcha is suggesting names for the BBEG

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Image saved as such, too awesome a name to pass up.

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I am glad you enjoyed it

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Ok, I think I'll stop here, running out of decent stuff. Most of it is, as I said, more generic sci-fi thank cyberpunk.

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... It took me a moment to recognise those two.

I am so having them in the game as villains.
See if the players recognise them too.

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Thanks a lot anyhow!
Got a good collection going here, should last me a while at least.

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I got a bunch I'll dump for you OP.

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Mission accomplished

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>comilet mocracy.
again, captcha wants in on this

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Lol. Simon.

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Ive just realised of course, that most sci-fi and cyberpunk doesnt have elves and dwarves and the like.

So I guess fantasy images would be awesome as well, especially if they wouldnt be too hard to cut down and hide the 'fantasy' nature of it.

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Here's something elf-y

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Ah I see in 2014 they are still talking about immigration laws

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Thought it might be cool to through some alien races in there for you.

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This ones more fantasy, but works.
Just some high up corp fashionista.

Or I suppose, someones Matrix identity.

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"Tch. Broke a nail."

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So.... FastJack?

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don't know if it would help Face wise I don't have alot for the cyberpunk but men in suits for Corporation flunkies if you need them.

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One can never have enough corp flunkies.

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Good idea OP, and good timing as well. I'm starting up a Shadowrun 4e game within the next month.

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alright then proceeding to dump corporate flunkies.
(I actually collect most of these types for Call of Cthulhu games anyways, thank god Case Closed has hundreds of episodes to sift through)

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Just to make this whole thing better, Ive finally managed to get my computer to change its name when sending files over bluetooth.

Fuck yeah "Incoming file from Mr Johnson. Accept?"

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Little Michael Dorien, the dwarf finally hitting it big, just like he promised his mother he would. His first day working at a big time corporation. He has his own office and everything. Hes on the top of his game.
Till the Ork , Troll and Elf come bursting in with guns in the hands and demanding to know some information or else they'll kill him and his mother and his pet fish he brought to the office.

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Right, ive got to go and make nice with some family friends.

Thanks a lot to everyone who contributed, it is much appreciated!

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forgot the pic

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Have a loli troll

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Also, japanese shadowrun characters

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I like the troll.

Not surprised he's the only male, and there is a goth lolita though. Ork Babe though, thats going a bit out there.

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last one

(the troll is a technomancer btw)

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(i'm dumping my troll images now)

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captcha fail + anti flood = hrnnng

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duplicate >>11646609

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All hail Lord Torgo

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(those are from Earthdawn)

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In soviet russia, dragon drink you

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Da Profezzur

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Pirate troll

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Alright, I'm out of trolls, what do you want next?

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Got any "5 seconds before it hits the fan"

or "okay; time for plan b" pics?

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Something like that?

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Not bad, though things looks like they're going pretty well for those runners.

Could always go for more ork stuff

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Awsome ork then

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"Do as I say or I will shoot myself through your boob."

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that guy has one hell of a squat army too

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I think i prefer the angry one, but otherwise it's probably a pretty good transfer.

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