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So Relic stated in several interviews that Captain "Tits" Titus is going to be "different" from other Space Marines. Lets see, he's 8ft tall, stoic, and bald.......

Does he believe in the Imperial Truth or something because so far Mr.Tits isn't being very different from other Spess Muhreens...

In case you don't know what the Imperial Truth is: http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Imperial_Truth

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The reason why Titus is different, is because he believes that love can bloom on the battlefield.

Search your hearts, /tg/, you know it to be true.

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I fucking hate how that bearded guy in all the videos keeps saying they are 7 feet, for loving 40k so much that guy sure doesnt know the basic fluff that well.

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But Eldar arn't in the game, and they just confirmed that Orks would be the only enemies you would face.

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Hes gay for his Battle Brothers

U Mad?

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Love will bloom no matter what species the enemy is.

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Don't orks have green blood?

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He's an Alpha Legion operative

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Hes actually an Eldar in a not so clever disguise.

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Captain Tidus is probably going to be a latent psyker or something.

Anytime someone in 40k is "different" than the rest of his/her race means that they're either dabbling in xenos tech or they're psykers/warp tainted/shit like that.

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I don't get it either. It looks like he only scraped the Ork's jaw-armor with that slash.

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That was in the old fluff, the new stuff states how they have bright red blood.

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While may be cliche that would make me enjoy the game more.

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This. once the forces of KAYOSSSSSSS appear on the scene, expect enemy sorcerors to taunt him via mindmagic.

Also, sets up for the sequel Space Marine: The Force Unleashed

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Captain Tidus browses /g/ and has a secret cash of xenos kiddie porn. It's the only explanation.

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CAPTAIN TITUS HAS LEVELED UP: Please choose your level up bonus:

Death to the Xenos!: Adds a small explosion to the end of Titus' basic attack chain.
Rally My Brothers!: Restores a portion of Titus' health as well as the health of any Marines currently following him.
Blood Surge: Greatly increases Titus' attack damage with melee weapons for a short period of time.

With the third one causing him to go corrupt.

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Titus is a girl, or at least wishes he was one.

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Just wanted to point out to you that you're raging over how tall your imaginary plastic soldiers are supposed to be "in real life", when they don't exist as such in real life.

Is this what you thought you'd be doing now, when you were a kid?

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You'll get such abilities as Might of the Emperor (throw), Protection of the Emperor (barrier), Grasp of the Emperor (stasis), Judgment of the Emperor (warp)... It'll be totally brand new original idea DO NOT STEAL.

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And defects to Chaos to get tits for titus? I'm liking that.

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>Death to the Xenos!: Adds a small explosion to the end of Titus' basic attack chain.

What is this, Warhammer 40k: Kingdom Hearts edition?
Wait, that sounds like it could actually be fun...

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Balds of War looks like a pretty good game.

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Captain Titus has a dark secret.

"He" is, in fact, the first, the prototype in whose mold the next generation of geneseed will be raised.

Captain Titus' name by birth was Titania Unverschämtheit.
Captain Titus is to be the first female Space Marine.

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A lot of people haven't read any 40k books here.

Space Marines DO have personalities, you know.

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>Hes gay for his Battle Brothers

They said he would be different

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Am I the only one who saw "Titus" and thought "Titus Andronicus" before I thought of Tidus?

I mean, a 40k rendition of Titus Andronicus would rock tits.

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maybe hes the result of Love can Bloom on the battlefield?

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For a Spess Merehn, "different" would mean the exact opposite: A hardon for Battle-Sisters rather than Battle-Brothers.

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Want moar

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>love WILL bloom

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he'll be able to fall in love and you will have the option to pursue several different romances throughout the game.

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>love can bloom

Thanks guys, now you've inspired the developers to crank up the bloom in their lighting engine.

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Paragon Titus gets an entire covenant of Sisters of Battle.

Renegade Titus gets some o` dat xeno ass.

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The only way sisters will get fucking noticed by GW

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Titus gets all the bitches

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May want, depending on the xeno. Banshees from the DoW2 intro definitely have dat ass.

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Too bad Orks are the only enemy on this battlefield.

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Notice how that girl is slutting all over him, now notice how he's looking the other way not giving a fuck.

Titus McTits confirmed for homosexual.

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Titus Andronicus is possibly more grimdark than 40k.

40k just has ridiculous eternal war, bleakness, and gods that eat hope. Titus Andronicus includes a character who gets raped, her tongue cut out, and her hands cut off, who is sent back to her family with one hand clasped in her mouth.

I really hope they do this.

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Titus is different because he can put his fucking Helmet on!

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I MUST get one of those suits

It'd be cheaper than the Weta Bigsuit thats for damn sure

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>Titus Andronicus is possibly more grimdark than 40k.

I heard he cooks a delicious pie.

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Titus has an Orc Fetish.

Or hes the "doubting Thomas" of the smurfs, which would be pretty cool

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My favorite part is where the two guys are butchered, baked into a pie, and fed to their mother.

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Hope the game has Terminator armour as an unlock skin.

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New Game+

Play as Guilliman

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Or the ability to change your suit colours.

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>Titus is different
Oh, he's a heterosexual.

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>he's different


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Considering the whole thing is supposed to be "Gears of War but TOTALLY DIFFERENT LAWL NO COVER", you're probably right.

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Well, Gabriel Angelos does have a relationship with a farseer, so I guess xeno love isn't out of the question.

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But lack of cover is very different. Honestly every FPS over the last five years has relied heavily on it, and finally one where you not only don't use it but destroy cover to get at your enemies.

It's not brilliant or anything but it's fucking refreshing.

Now, that being said. The protagonist seems so fucking boring from what I've seen so far. But whatever, I'll take what I can get and hope he ends up more interesting than he is now.

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Tits is different because he can crane his neck around incredibly awkwardly, as seen in OP's pic. It takes a seriously loose neck to perform a lift-and-twist of such magnitude.

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If only there were female Orks...

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...I still would not want, because they are fucking Orks. All physical hideousness aside, Orks are made of equal parts Herp and Derp.

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"What the fuck are you looking at!"

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Goddamn I want those suits...

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Man look at him. Standing in the corner surrounded by Ultramarines knowing he can never be one. He must be the saddest person in the galaxy....

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Thats one Runty ork....

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To cheesy

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I didn't know trying to kill someone to stop them from releasing an unimaginably powerful daemon from its millennia of imprisonment qualified as a relationship.

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I have captions for these images now
What did you say, motherfucker!?
You heard me, bitch!

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There can be. All we gota do is clap our hands and believe

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You know the Eldar. Always playing hard to get

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