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A friend of mine was kind enough to pick me up a copy of deathwatch at gen con. I've read through bout 3/4 of it thus far and I offer to look up and explain things if any of you have questions. Haven't read much on the Jericho reach/setting info, mostly just the game mechanics.

I'll be on for a couple hours before I go to sleep so ask away, I'll answer as fast as I am able.

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What talents do Rank1 marines start with? I've heard Ambidextrous, Unarmed Master, and Nerves of Steel, but what else?

Also, I hate you, and am jealous.

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so DW is basically DH with Space Marines and a higher power level. Anything different besides that? Aside from the obivous. IE better weapons

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Some general info in the meantime:

Marines start base 30 in all attributes, 2d10 per stat. This is modified by your chapter.
There are several advancement tables. One large generic 'space marine' table with skills and talents, another for 'deathwatch', with stuff like knowledge xenos and other specific skills and talents. In addition, each chapter has their own special advancement tables. Finally, you get your own class advancement tables, further seperating tactical/techmarine/librarian etc.

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So we could play Space Marines that aren't part of the Deathwatch?

Also, I think Marines get Unnatural Strength and Toughness.

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>4 advancement paths

I did like that system when I heard about it. Seems like you can create some very different characters that way. Though I'm sure the munchkins will have a field day with it.

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Can you advance from all 4 at your leisure, to the point of totally ignoring one or two or what? Is it like the DH advancement scheme except you have 4 tables to choose from per rank or what?

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aaaagh, forgot the captcha.


Marines get a ton of abilities by being inherently space marines and from all their glands and organs/training what not. It boils down to: Ambidextrous, astartes weapon training, bulging biceps, heightened senses(hearing, sight), killing strike, nerves of steel, quick draw, resistance(psychic), true grit, unarmed master, unnatural toughness(x2), unnatural strength(x2).

they get more special abilities based on chapter and class, as well as 1,000 xp to start. Marines start with I believe 12-13k equivalent xp.

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How have they dealt with the fact that a 50 toughness guardsmen with guard armour is a pretty buff mother fucker and can take most fire short of HEAVY weaponry? It'd only get worse once you add the unnaturals.

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It uses the basic framework, same stats and general system, but has a very different flavor. Very mission oriented, and team oriented. Does alot to portray you as heroic and deals alot with the bonds you share with your deathwatch team. Things like using demeanors for special actions, as well as unit cohesion and solo/squad mode abilities to get shit done. In my opinion, it looks damn cool but is alot to explain in a few sentences.

You can advance from all tables from my understanding. No restrictions, I think they wanted to give you the ability to make a diverse character and to seperate the chapter identities from another.

You even get special tactics and squad abilities without having to spend xp as you advance in rank, and special wargear.

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>bulging biceps

So much for one of the limitations on Devastators. Being able to instantly fire after moving (no one turn spent bracing) and switch to melee instantly makes them a lot more mobile and less exposed in melee combat.

Given the stats on the Heavy Bolter (and I can only imagine the better Devastator weapons), I really worry that the Dev is gonna be Mr. Kill-EVERYTHING. I mean, 2d10+10 X Pen 5 -/-/10 Mag 60 (or Ammobackpack 200, if they use the same ammo backpack rules as Rogue Trader) is fucking craaaazy.

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Boltgun: 2d10+5 X Pen 5, S/2/4 Mag 28, Tearing
Boltpistol: 2d10+5 X Pen 5, S/2/-, Mag 14, Tearing
Heavy Bolter: 2d10+10 X Pen 5, -/-/10, Mag 60, Tearing

Thats how.

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Gear and special abilities. One thing that pops to mind are some weapons have special abilities like 'felling X', basically each rank would negate a level of unnatural toughness, 'volatile' weapons auto confirm righteous fury.

If you're fighting a squad of guardsmen they'd probably be represented by a horde mechanic, and space marines can mess up hordes as well as individual targets. Dunno if that answers your question?

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And thats your Rank 1 starting equipment.

Also, Marines have Unarmed Master. So bare-handed, in their power armor they're doing 1d10+10 (SB 8 from 40s str + Unnatural Strength x2 + 2SB from Power Armor) with their fists. And it DOESN'T count as primitive. They can punch your average human to death with a couple quick jabs

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Devestators are pretty scary. There is gear limitation based on your requisition for the mission, as well as your standing in the deathwatch. So you won't very often have dude with a ton of special ammo in a heavy bolter running around at the start, or busting out a plasma cannon on his first mission.

Backpack supply hold 100 plasma/melta/las, 250 for SP or bolt weapons, and 75 shots for flame weapons for astartes.

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how do shuriken weapons compare?

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Now you too can play as a messed up brain washed steroid abusing psycologically pre-programed freak of nature with the best gear avaliable from the very start.

Sorry but this just sounds boring as hell. Far less scope for story and actual character advancement compared to regular Dark Heresy.

But then I guess there is always going to be a chunk of the RPG comunity who love the "mowing down hordes of minions like they are nothing" style games compared to actually interesting low level character driven games.

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Ammunition is one way of limit the Devastator. I mean, they can't exactly lug an extra ammo backpack around, so they've got to make that 250 bolt rounds last. Though thats why they also have the Bolt Pistol sidearm and combat knife.

Does the game mention reloads? I assume it uses something similar to rogue trader's "Rule of 3" (aka, 3 reloads for each weapon the Explorers carry, or 3 grenades of each type).

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>>11633788Now you too can play as a messed up brain washed steroid abusing psycologically pre-programed freak of nature

cite examples that back up your statement.

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From Rogue Trader:

Catapult: 1d10+4 R, Pen 6, S/3/10, 100 mag, reliable

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Honestly surprised it took so long for someone to pop up with this argument.
The only thing preventing your character from having a personality is you.

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Probably more info on that in some of the rogue trader books/adventures, which I sadly do not have access to. My friend got into the storm and says its pretty badass though. I'll have to snag it when he's done with it.

I'll post some marine gear stats:
Assume everything has 'astartes' in front of it.
Bolter(godwyn) basic 100m s/2/4 2d10+5 X pen5 clip 28 rld Full Tearing.

Boltgun(stalker) basic 200m S 2d10+5 X Full accurate, tearing (respected)

Plasma cannon Heavy 150m S 2d10 +11 E pen 10 Clip 16 5full, Blast(1), Volatile (distinguished)

Plasma pistol 30m s/2 1d10+8 E pen 8 clip 12 3 full volatile (respected)

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I think he's talking about a Star craft manga that i read once...

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Since I follow this Advice Guardsman's theory of warfare, I would logically have to play a Lascannon-toting Devastator.

Probably Blood Angels, so I can swap the bolt pistol for a flamer pistol. They have those, right? Or are they melta pistols?

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Here's a question, anon:

Do you own a scanner?

Seriously, people. It's not like DW is some fucking sacred cow that EVERYONE has to buy instead of getting it like any other book.

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and the Avenger version has better range and Tearing.

Shuriken have higher rate of fire
Bolter has higher single damage and range

and I don't think there's stats for a shuriken cannon. If a catapult has the same RoF as a heavy bolter though, I imagine it'll have something absurd.

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I know they make hand held flamethrowers, as my Arbitrator has one in DH.

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if an ork picks up a boltgun

does it become a shoota in his hands?

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>Boltgun(stalker) basic 200m S 2d10+5 X Full accurate, tearing (respected)
>Sniper Boltgun

Daddy likes...

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No. It just loses effectiveness because of his crappy BS.

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There is an ammunition assumption, you don't have to pay requisition to get a basic amount of ammo, can't remember where it's at I'll try to find it. Special ammo or additional weapons/ammo might have a small requisition cost at a mission beginning. They don't shaft you though, they understand you need supplies.

There are mechanics that get bonuses for good roleplaying of your character, using your demeanor and tactics and stuff. I thought it'd be pretty boring but had a blast doing the demo adventure with my bros.

There are flame and melta pistols. las cannon is the way to go for a heavy punch hit, 6d10+10 E pen 10, single shot though. Heavy bolter or assault cannon are definately nice for mowing down hordes.

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heres a couple other long range nasties

conversion beamer heavy 100m S varies clip 4 2 full (hero)
(-15m 1d10_9 pen 2, short range 3d10+9 damage pen 8 felling(1), >short range 6d10_12 damage pen 14 felling(2) blast(2)

astartes spiner rifle basic 200m S 1d10 pen 0 clip 6 2 full accurate, felling(1), toxic

stalker is probably better

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>Assault Cannon

so... you can get Terminator Armor? Or are Deathwatch marines in Power Armor able to carry Assault Cannons?


That is one of the things that pisses me off about HeroHammer. The awesome weapons like the Stalker Pattern Boltgun aren't available to anyone besides the special character. That's bullshit. I'd pay hella points to upgrade scouts or tactical squads to carry those, if the awesome sniping ability Telion has was still there. If not, I'd take 'em for 10 or 15 points.

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>conversion beamer

as an AdMech and Iron Hands fanboy, my lower-torso mechadendrite is extremely stiff right now.

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I do not have a scanner, sorry, and>>11633846
do not want to destroy my book;/ I can see about doing some photographs or something down the line if another anon does not step up.

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could a deathwatch marine fight a vindicare or eversor and survive?

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Oh there is terminator armor. From what I hear 14 AP all over, AND a refractor of some sort.

Honestly I'd be terrified of a mission where they whole team has to suit up in Terminator armor.

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Yes, imagine the wargear section from the marines codex. Just bout everything that is in there, is also in here in some form or another. Terminator armor and honors are not given out lightly, but you can get access to it. Chain fists/thunder hammers/storm shields/cyclone launchers/vortex grenades/kickass relic blades.
I'm an admech fan myself, and working on iron hands army. Techmarine gets some nice goodies and abilities as well. Sucks that I'll probably end up running this game before I get a chance to play one.

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Space Hul- oh wait, the free adventure had Genestealers all over the place to be slaughtered by Power Armor guys. Granted, in the first part, they were in the open, but they do go into a Tyranid bio-ship, so that should be like Space Hulk on Nightmare Mode.

I hope things are toned down for actual adventures once this is out, and that Final Sanction was purposefully over the top to generate excitement.

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Ok, here is a toughie maybe. Looking at the tress for the six chapters. How easy would it be to take one and use it to play one of that chapter's Successors (excluding the Templars and Wardens, obviously).

Or quickly bashing together something else for some other Chapter (Like Iron Hands, Salamanders, Mentors, Raven Guard, etc etc)

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Terminator armor is indeed 14 all, gives auto-stabilized trait and allows for heavy and mounted weapons to be fired with one hand. Gives +30 strength instead of +20 from power armor. Crux terminatus acts like a forcefield rating 35, no chance for overload. Can't run, can't dodge. -20 agility. Gets one roll on armor history table.

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>Getting it like any other book
I buy all my books. Because I earn money.

Besides which, there probably isn't a scan available right now because people like OP who have the book probably paid for it for a reason and don't see why other people shouldn't have to pay for it.

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Granted I haven't finished reading Edge of Oblivion, but knowing how it ends, it kinda sounds like a one-way trip for the Final Sanction Kill Team.

A perfect segue into a brand-new group of Marines showing up all at once to play a long-term campaign. "The Sacrifice of your fellow Battle-Brothers on Avalos was great, but they died slaying the Emperor's enemies and protecting his children, you should be proud to continue their legacy."

Speaking of the Final Sanction kill team, I'm building minis of them as an exercise in boredom. In the future if I end up running an actual campaign, I might make minis of the player's characters as well. Though since I'm a novice I might have someone else paint them, I dunno.


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there had better be new Deathwatch Kill Team rules in White Dwarf soon, because it would be awesome to bring your DW characters onto the tabletop. and instead of doing the "counts as Sternguard", you could actually have the DW classes.

What's that? Two Apothecaries, two Techmarines, three Devastators and one Assault Marine in one squad? as reinforcements for an IG army in a cities of death game against 'nids, where the 'nids have more points than the Guard? shit yes.

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I got destroyed by the genestealers in that adventure, as did my battle brothers. In the end I was the only one barely alive, going into the broodlords den. I died horribly as I was ambushed by stealers.
Gonna say that making your own chapter stuff probably wouldn't be too difficult. Each chapter has their own special abilities but using them as comparison you can probably work something out. The book states there will be more chapter info coming out in later books, and thats why there is a sometimes redundant basic space marine advancement table. My friend talked to one of the designers who STRONGLY hinted dreadnaught characters would be in a future supplement.

>> No.11634096

Are Tau/Chaos the standard foes in this game, or did that rumor fizzle out?

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since I have my Unique And Special Snowflake chapter, I'll probably wait until the supplement with chapter creation rules comes out to play (which could have easily been avoided if they had Iron Hands in the core rulebook, since that would be close enough), but that will lead to one pimped-out mini. who will then play into my chapter's lore.

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Tau/tyranids/chaos all have entries in the book. I haven't read much about the jericho reach and the setting though. The map shows several tau controlled worlds and tyranid attacks/tyranid devoured worlds though. demon prince is pretty scary.

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The Jericho Reach Crusade (the primary setting) has three main salients/warfronts, each encountering a different enemy, those are:

Hive Fleet Dragon

The Tyranid warfront is especially dire for the Imperium, as before the Hive Fleet (actually a very large splinter fleet) showed up, that front was a cake-walk, nothing but isolated pockets of resistance from local human polities. They were actually drawing troops away to reinforce the Chaos front, then suddenly the entire warfront goes silent (shadow of the war). By the time they managed to get a scout in (a frigate with a deathwatch team aboard)... Nids, Nids Everywhere.

I heard the salient had suffered about 80% losses and is teetering on total collapse in the face of the Dragon.

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>Implying I don't buy books.
I pay for things I like. I don't pay for things, especially pricey roleplaying books, without checking them out first.

Also, never hurts to ask for scans, if only to get some neckbeard off his ass to do it.

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oh man, now I really can't wait for the "make your own chapter" rules. my tabletop chapter hates the fuck out of Nurgle and Khorne, and is intrigued by the Tau, because of the Tau's rapid technological development. and supposedly has close ties with the Ordo Xenos. so this would be perfect for fleshing out some of the M41 fluff, as opposed to the backstory origin stuff.

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I'll be around for another 30-45 mins then gonna head to sleep. Probably hop on tomorrow afternoon for a while as well, with some sections typed up for pasting.

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MOAR DEATHWATCH PRODUCTS preview: http://fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=1511

>> No.11634182

Are the Necrons statted out?

>> No.11634191

Also, at least two Astartes Chapters are providing companies to the crusade, both featured in the book. Those two being the Space Wolves and the Storm Wardens.

>> No.11634201

Not in this book, possibly others?

>> No.11634208


I don't think they've ever been stated in any of the 40k RPG books. Then again, what year did they start to wake up?

IIRC, DH/RT/DW all are set around 850.M41ish

>> No.11634216


where exactly is the Jericho Reach supposed to be? I mean, it seems like it's right on the edge of the Tau Empire, in the path of a Tyranid Hive Fleet, and also close enough to the Maelstrom or some other Eye of Terror-like thing for more than just Alpha Legion to be lurking about.

>> No.11634233



I just got the map off of FFG's site. the Hadex Anomaly is right in the middle of all of this. oh fuck yes.

>> No.11634252

On the eastern fringe, far south east past macragge. There is a large warp gate that leads back and forth into the koronus expanse though.

>> No.11634264


So what's the difference between the chapters, stat-wise?

>> No.11634296

The Jericho Sector (now known as the Jericho Reach) was a former Imperial Sector that was abandoned roughly a millennium before the events of Deathwatch, I don't know why. Anyways, the Imperium didn't really care about it until somehow someway someone found a function Warp-gate in The Maw between Calixis Sector and the Koronus Expanse.

This Warp Gate leads from the Calixis Sector, on the border of Segmentums Obscurus and Pacificus, on the far side of the Eye of Terror, to the Jericho Reach on the edge of the Eastern Fringe, near Tau space.

So now the Imperium has launched a Crusade to secure the Jericho side of the gate. Most of the Troops are being drawn from Calixis, Scarus and Ixaniad sectors, on the other side of the gate. To help prevent the Imperium's enemies from learning of the gate until they can completely secure it, a big conspiracy/cover-up is underway.

Only the highest ranking members of the Crusade realize just WHERE they're fighting. Most of the troops think they're fighting in the Margin Crusade, near Calixis, to expand the Imperium's boundaries past the Margin (an area where the Astronomicon grows very very dim). In reality the Margin Crusade met with disaster decades ago and now exists only on paper as a way to keep funneling troops and supplies into Jericho.

>> No.11634303

Winter 2011 is when the book with the design-your-own-chapter rules comes out.

My Mary Sue chapter has a year and a half to mosey on over there from the outskirts of the Tau Empire where they're playing "kick the space commie".

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What I want to know is how deatwatch works, fluffwise. Since they draw from many different chapters, wouldn't operational differences be a problem? Not all chapters follow the C.A.

For example, an Imperial Fist is going to have a different fighting style compared to a Black Templar.

>> No.11634360

Quite a bit, you get basic stat and skill mods, then a special solo mode ability, a chapter demeanor, and then an advancement table.

space wolves get +5 perception +5 fellowship, wolf senses solo mode ability(reroll failed perception checks/darksight only works with helmet off). Bonus talent heightened senses (smell). Cannot be an apothecary.

storm wardens get: +5 strength +2 wounds, thunders call solo ability, replace their combat knife with a sacris claymore. (melee challenge honor duel)

>> No.11634384


I'd never wait that long. Are they a fairly codex following chapter? If so just take the Smurfs skill tree, swap out a few skills/talents (Such as the respect related ones) and craft it into something new.

Or just kludge it from the ground up.

>> No.11634394

There are alot of roleplaying opportunities as marines are uprooted from their chapters and stuck together with a bunch of other brothers. It talks about how black templar candidates are picked and their revulsion of psykers, dark angels and keeping the dark secret safe, possibly abandoning mission objectives to get a fallen. Ultimately its about your groups kill team learning to cooperate and achieve. The stronger your cohesion the more kickass you can be.

>> No.11634398

>replace their combat knife with a sacris claymore.

I loved that bit, couldn't resist putting it on Gergor's mini.

>> No.11634406

>For example, an Imperial Fist is going to have a different fighting style compared to a Black Templar.

bad example bro. The BT's and the current Fists are actually two halves of the same legion of space marines.

>> No.11634446

Roughly how many of the chapters are represented? Is it just the main ones are there others? Are the Salamnders in it?

>> No.11634458

Chapter traits modify the base attributes.
So, Space Wolves get?

>> No.11634464

6 chapters:
ultras, blood angels, dark angels, space wolves, storm wardens, black templars

>> No.11634466


6 Chapters:

Space Woles
Dark Angels
Blood Angels
Black Templars
Storm Wardens (FFG Original chapter)

6 Specialties:


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So, OP is leaving soon if I've heard correctly. I will pick up where he leaves off. I will list stats and answer questions as best I can. Easier requests will be taken care of first.

Include the word "Antelope" in your post if you have a question, for CTRL+F ease.

>> No.11634522


Try this question out: >>11634035

>> No.11634529

Thank you kind anon, op here. I gotta head to sleep, will be back on tomorrow noon time for some more Q&A. G'night or good morning /tg/, hope I answered some of your questions.

>> No.11634546

I should probably sleep too, but damnit, Deathwatch!

>> No.11634576

I'm not sure what you mean by that, but using the rules for a chapter for a successor chapter should be fairly easy. The main benefits of your chapter are a +5 to two characteristics, and access to the chapter's advance scheme and squad mode abilities. These would be fairly similar in successor chapters, I imagine.

In a later release there will be rules for creating your own chapter, as well as an expanded list of chapters.

>> No.11634579


Tell me how awesome Techmarines are.

>> No.11634589


I meant "Trees" as in the advancement trees, damn typos.

>> No.11634604

every and all Space marine codexes, some of the books, and Some of white dwarve's material

>> No.11634608

Oh derp, yeah. Forgot that.

But they do fight differently. Black Templars are much more fanatical than Imperial Fists.

>> No.11634618

Techmarines are appropriately scaled from techpriests in the awesome factor. The class ability is outrageously cool, and some of the later abilities are unbelievable. From what I've seen they make a miraculously powerful bullet soak, and they can extend some of that delicious durability to the whole squad.

>> No.11634625


If you seriously think there is no story or roleplay potential here beyond "FUCK YEAR IMPERIUM/HUMANITY", well...

>> No.11634636



>> No.11634670

The ability I have in mind is "Improve Cover."

"The Techmarine can add a number of Armour Points equal to his unmodified Intelligence Bonus to any cover (page ref). Improving cover requires one Full Action."

Keep in mind that, in Deathwatch, your Intelligence will be somewhere from 32-75.

>> No.11634688


Marines, Cover?

Not sure if Heresy.

>> No.11634697

Hot fucking damn.

Techmarine takes hits like a boss, then?

>> No.11634706

You might consider it, because with the new hordes rules even laspistols can hurt you when fired by 30+ troops.

>Christian thancle

>> No.11634715

Yes, he really does. Later on he can also improve the AP of armor he is wearing.

>> No.11634724

Ok, I'm crashing to sleep, hope this is still here when I wake up.

>> No.11634737

Is it true Black Templars cannot be Devastator Marines?

If so...why?

>> No.11634761

I'd guess because BT are a very up close and RIP N TEAR sort of group. They just don't take to it well if they have a choice in the matter

>> No.11634765

They're a teeny bit melee focused, to the extent that everyone gets a chainsword and fuck range. In the fluff I have never seen anything but BT assault troops. I mean, look at sword brethren or neophytes. The most ranged unit there is are the initiates.

>> No.11634768

Are there scans of this or into the storm about yet?

>> No.11634777


I would think they'd be restricted from being Librarians, not Devastators.

>> No.11634795

C:BT lacks both librarians and devastators

>> No.11634796

Black Templars cannot have Devastators or Librarians. Space Wolves cannot have Apothecary. Reasons are not listed particularly for the Devastator restriction. I'm sure any reasonable GM will let you do it, unless I've missed something.

>> No.11634800

They're restricted from both, as I hear! And I think I remember hearing that Space Wolves can't be apothecaries.

>> No.11634807

That, I guess, is true. If they can... well... he must be one self-hating BT, expeled from his chapter seeking redemptio in the deathwatch.

Who said you can't have character development with marines?

>> No.11634831

That's actually an awesome bit of fluff.

>> No.11634834


I don't think you get expelled and get to join the death watch.

That'd be like getting expelled from school and getting into university to redeem yourself.

>> No.11634842

He would have never become a Black Templar in the first place.

Any GM that allows a Black Templar Librarian deserves an ass-kicking.

>> No.11634857

They'd just not have let the witch into their ranks. If they didn't kill him in the first place, he'll be on a Black Ship to Holy Terra ASAP

>> No.11634881

Through a series of unlikely events, serving as a mercenary for a rogue trader, helping local PDF governors and such our BT Librarian gor involved in a battle with... say... Orks, and did so well for himslef that the local branch of the inquisition took notice of him and offered him a place in the deathwatch, to redeem himself in the Emperor's eyes.

That better?

>> No.11634885

But the BT lack psykers, so how would they know if there are psykers in the ranks?

>> No.11634901


Eventually, they'll manifest something that can clearly be attributed to a psyker. Only the most incredibly powerful (and most boringly mundane) psykers won't stand out on a long enough timeline.

Or they walk 'em past a pariah and see if they get a nosebleed.

>> No.11634904

He maifested psychic powers years after his indictmetn into the Templars, and due to his high position could not be disposed off?

I know it's unlikely, but it isn't impossible.

>> No.11634905


I just don't think it happens. Especially not a Templar. But I don't think any space marine chapter would let a librarian just fuck off and do what he likes, or any marines. Then they'd lose the gene seed and the gear, and a chance of traitorous scum.

>> No.11634909

Wait. Create your own chapters? So, when will /tg/ stat Angry Marines? I'd play a Reasonable Marine.

>> No.11634920


No no I'm not quite sure you fully understand.

It'd be like if the nazis found a jew in the SS. Sure, there's a slight chance they'd let him stay, but honestly, very probably not. Very, very probably. It's just generally a silly idea.

>> No.11634937

Ok, how about he discovers he is Psychic before the other BT find out, decides to run away, hates himself for being a psyker, but is to cowardly/proud/decided to kill himself?

Unlikely and unconventional but hey, why not? It'd make for a great back stroy. As long as you got a good DM...

>> No.11634942


Exactly. They'd quietly pack him off to Terra, or they'd grant him The Emperor's Mercy.

>> No.11634950


Then he wouldn't be a bloody librarian. It takes ridiculous amounts of mental training.

>> No.11634970


That's almost as good an idea as my Ultramarines sergeant who's secretly an eldar.

>> No.11634974

The Chapters Loan their marines to the Deathwatch. There's no fucking way a Black Templar Librarian could ever exist.

If there was a Black Templar with any psyker ability, he'd be killed, or shipped off to Terra to become Emperor-chow.

It's not an interesting backstory, it's fucking stupid and goes against everything that the Black Templars are.

>> No.11634984

Yes, allright... he is a psychicaly gifted BT, trained as a Librarian in the Deathwatch. You can justify most of it, but I am starting to forget why I'd want to play a BT librarian in the first place...

>> No.11634993


NO. It just doesn't work. Stop it. Please. If you want, take it up with your DM, but don't try to justify it to /tg/, you're trying to slot a square block in a circular hole here.

>> No.11635005

no, that's just Impossible. Notice the size difference between the two. What I propose is a bit of a stretch, not a fucking antithesis.

>> No.11635008

I'm only going to stick around for another thirty minutes or so, so if anyone has questions ask 'em now.

>> No.11635028


Recruits are scrutinized for psychic potential from the beginning.

"All potential recruits into a Chapter are scrutinized by Librarians for psychic ability. Those with psychic powers undergo judgment that divides them into those who will join the Chapter as Librarians, and those who are too weak in power or character that they would present a danger. Worthy psychic candidates are passed on to the chapter Librarium for training."

It's a chapter thing. And the Black Templars just don't do it.

>> No.11635030


No, what you propose is equally impossible. He'd be a traitor, a corpse, or something completely off-the-wall and not involved with Deathwatch. Eldar-in-a-Marine-suit is right on par with that.

>> No.11635038


But what if he was a big Eldar who looked kinda like a human? I mean it's a stretch but it could happen.

>> No.11635044

Allright, allright, I give up.

How about a non-Mary Sue Ultramarine

>> No.11635053

The enemies in the book. Are any of them so deadly as to really warrant Terminator Armor as a basic precaution, or do we need to wait for a later book like Creatures of Anathema for DH to see something like that?

>> No.11635062

Having not played the suppliment, how do they balance having three chapters that are apparently CC focused (BT, BA and Storm Wardens)? I'm glad that they decided to focus on the Wolves extra senses and shit for their characters, but I was caught a little offguard when I saw Storm Wardens got a strength bonus and another choice for melee weapon over the standard knife.

>> No.11635064

instead of space marines, could you play as stormtroopers?

>> No.11635071

Apart from the new mechanics already presented in the introductory kit (horde rules&demeanour), what new mechanics are in the CRB?

>> No.11635118

Did he leave before seeing our questions?

>> No.11635150

Wouldn't happen. Neophytes that display psychic abilities are shipped off to other chapters before they before Black Templars. They hate psykers.

>> No.11635159

The enemies come in 4 flavors:
Troop - No Match
Troop Horde - 2:1 (possibly 3:1)
Elite - 1:1 (possibly 1:2)
Master - 1:3+

Examples of Elites: Tau Stealth Suit; Tyranid Warrior; Chaos Marine
Examples of Master: Tau Crisis Suit; Hive Tyrant; Daemon Prince

Play Dark Heresy: Ascension

Squad Mode/Solo Mode and Renown, plus a new rank system.

>> No.11635172

Simple Answer: Definitely


Damn, Captcha, take it easy. I have to cycle through like four before I find one I can spell.

>> No.11635183

Thanks, man.

>> No.11635189

I want to play a female space marine. Any options?

>> No.11635204

Nope. The books specifically shoots down that troll-plane in the first chapter.

>> No.11635206


Sisters of Battle.

>> No.11635209

This game stymies my creativity. I want to be the little girl marine.

>> No.11635220

What about Space Wolves? What can you do with them/what roleplaying options are open to them? If they can be Librarians, would they be drawing from a Space Wolves Rune Priest list, since they don't have actual Librarians?

>> No.11635235


Then pick one with an open setting instead of a static one.

>> No.11635259

Isn't half the point of marines them being unyielding agents of humanity in the universe? Doesn't that kind of limit their roleplaying potential? It's not like they're deployed for investigation or conventional adventuring. Their entire existence is summed up best as "constantly being deployed and re-deployed to new combat zones".

>> No.11635260

Space Wolves can take any of the specializations except Apothecary. They can take the Librarian specialization, which I assume can be fluffed away as you like.

>> No.11635268

The game also recommends things like using the Kill Team for things like diplomatic escorts and the like. The game has equal or greater role playing potential compared to a Dark Heresy game made of Guardsmen.

>> No.11635277

Not really. They govern over their own homeworlds, and IIRC the 5th edition rulebook stated that the Imperium is leaving more and more planets under the stewardship of marines. They're also known to go on diplomatic missions- often as escorts and shit.

>> No.11635278

So comparatively little.

>> No.11635290

What's the rules for full servoharness?
Is it possible to upgrade autosenses with terrorvision?
Any new cybernetics for techmarines?

>> No.11635295

Yeah. It's a game for the GMs out there who like 40K and prefer combat heavy games such as myself.

>> No.11635297

And exploring space hulks. You know, working with =I= that stuff. I guess a mix between DH and DW is best fun.

>> No.11635356

Requires: Mechadendrite Use (Servo-Arm)
Includes: Two Servo-Arms, a Combi-tool, a fyceline torch, and a plasma cutter.
Notes: The servo harness may make an attack with any mounted weapon as a reaction, or as a normal attack action.

Nope, I haven't seen it.

>New Cybernetics
Servo Arm/Harness, all of the Tech-Priest stuff, higher levels of craftsmanship (exceptional and master) and The Flesh is Weak.

>> No.11635373

Release date?

>> No.11635380

September seventh, as I hear, unless you get an early copy somewhere like Gen Con

>> No.11635382

a black templar librarian?


>> No.11635417

is the Storm Wardens Claymore a power weapon? and if not can you upgrade it to one? and whats its stats?

>> No.11635425

Okay, last call for questions. You guys have five minutes before I stop checking. I'll be back for another round in about fourteen hours.

>> No.11635446

The Sacris Claymore replaces the Astartes Combat knife and requires two hands to use.

Name: Sacris Claymore
Class: Melee
Damage: 2d10+2 R
Penetration: 2
Special: Unbalanced
Weight: 10kg
Requisition: 3*
Renown: N/A
*For additional weapons beyond standard issue.

>> No.11635458

Edit/Update: It is not a power weapon, but appears to be a primitive weapon with the mono upgrade. It is in the Traditional Weapons category. There is no upgrade that will increase penetration or make it into a power weapon.

>> No.11635460

Can somebody link me to the damn H-game this is from already?

>> No.11635466

>black templar

Black Templars have a seething hatred against psykers and witches IIRC

>> No.11635480

How are stuff like the fallen and the black rage implemented?

>> No.11635492

YES, I was aware. The idean was to get around that issue. Now please forget about it.

>> No.11635493

will you scan your copy and spread the love?

>> No.11635503

what are the unique traits for all the chapters

>> No.11635534

I do hope they fix that one up.
Maybe they should make some special rules for the Black Templars for their lack of psykers, like a special rule for Chaplains or their special litanies in the tabletop game

>> No.11635584

>Black Rage
Chapter Ability: Blood Frenzy (Blood Angels)
Re-roll damage dice with melee weapons (all or none, results are final), and inflict Righteous Fury on a result of a 9 or a 10. Lasts for a number of turns equal to half the character's rank, rounding up.

Chapter Attack Pattern: Fury of Sanguinis
+10 to WS/S/T of entire squad for one round.

Chapter Defensive Stance: Feel No Pain
For one round, the entire squad halves all damage taken after reduction for armor and toughness. For the same duration they may not dodge or parry, and must use actions with the attack subtype.

Primarch's Curse: Black Rage (Blood Angels)
Level 1 (Blood Thirst): Character must make a WP test to leave foes alive after a fight.
Level 2 (Close Quarters Killing): Unless there is no possible way to close with the foe, the character must always use melee attacks.
Level 3 (Uncontrollable Thirst): After battle the character must make a WP test (-20) or spend several minutes drinking the blood of slain enemies.

>The Fallen
Primarch's Curse: The Secret (Dark Angels)
Level 1 (Dark Dreams): At the start of any mission, the character must pass a T test or start with a level of fatigue.
Level 2 (Scorn of Outsiders): The character cannot use the Command skill on anyone who is neither a Dark Angel nor a member of his Kill-Team.
Level 3 (Deep Suspicions): Unless the Kill-Team is solely composed of Dark Angels, its Cohesion is reduced by 2.

>> No.11635609

Nope, sorry. I will, however, be doing these threads as much as I'm able in my free time.

Each chapter has a unique advancement tree, solo mode abilities, offensive abilities, and defensive abilities. For examples, see >>11635584

Okay kids, I'm done for the night. It's late enough to say it's early, so I need to get some sleep. I'll be back here at 6pm GMT (roughly eleven and a half hours from now) to do this again.

>> No.11635622

sleep well kind sir

>> No.11636189

Waiting for my pre-order to arrive is torture.Why hasn't this book been scanned?

>> No.11636616

i'm waiting for my preorders of Deathwatch and Into the Storm too. I really would like to see a scan before i get my gritty paws on those books.

I need the info on the kroot for my RT tt campaign. The folks have a couple of thousand kroots on board as mercs and i got zipnada intel on those buggers.

i want my players to get the kroot chef asap :)

>> No.11636643

eta on scan?


>> No.11636828

I just noticed that the DW demo mission (Final Sanction) none of the marines have spare ammunition noted on their character sheets.

Since I'm confident my players will enthusiastically expend all their ammunition in the first few minutes I'm wondering how to provided them with extra magazines in the field.

Give them extra magazines to start with, which would force them to ration from the outset? Or have very limited ammuntion caches provided by the PDF forces?

>> No.11636855

got some questions on general mechanics of the game

Tearing, that lets you reroll the damage right?

and how does armor work with multishot weapons?

if a bolter fires 3 times, would each shot be reduced by the armor, or do the 3 shots stack against one armor value?

it goes damage-armor/toughness= wounds suffered, right?

>> No.11636862

>>11636828Give them extra magazines to start with, which would force them to ration from the outset?

until they figure out that if two space marines toss a third space marine, he does as much damage as a plasma gun that punches things.

>> No.11636895


Not quite like that. If a weapon fires a semi-auto burst (.e. a bolter semi-auto burst is 2 rounds) all it does is increase your chance of hitting. You still roll as if it was one attack.

As for damage, final damage = Damage Rolled - (Toughness Bonus + Armour). Roll a 20 for damage but target toughness is 3 and armour 4? You did 13 damage.

>> No.11636933


When I run the adventure I'll be using the Rogue Trader "Rule of 3". They carry 3 reloads for each weapon they have, and 3 of each type of grenade they carry.

Since the Heavy Bolter stats listed have a Mag of 60, I assume its the big box-magazine the Scouts use. So instead I'll be going with the ammo backpack mentioned earlier in this thread. Its 250 rounds, since 60x4 = 240, it works out rather nicely.


Tearing lets you roll an extra d10, drop lowest.


I'm pretty sure hits do NOT stack together into one big damage total. That would be just crazy.

>> No.11636943

>>11636895Not quite like that. If a weapon fires a semi-auto burst (.e. a bolter semi-auto burst is 2 rounds) all it does is increase your chance of hitting. You still roll as if it was one attack.

what if it fires 10 or 20 shots?

>> No.11636954


Oh and if I were to run Edge of Oblivion as well, I'd state that during the brief downtime between putting down the rebellion and the evacuation they located some Astartes-grade bolt ammunition in the Planetary Tithe storage (some small obscure munitorium was producing a trickle of shells per week).

Only if they're low on ammo though.

>> No.11636965

if a guy has a lasgun, is it even possible to hurt a space marine?

couldn't you just barrel in and start rolling around, crushing them like a giant playful dog?

>> No.11636967


In one go? It can't. The weapon fire modes for a bolter are S/2/-

When it you're turn to attack, you can fire one shot (S) or a semi-auto burst of 2 rounds (2) for +10 to your hit roll.

>> No.11636999

rolled 52 = 52


On a full-auto attack, every degree of success scores an extra hit. Degrees of success are multiples of 10 under the target number.

Let's say Brother Gregor of the Storm Wardens (BS 42) is firing his Boltgun full-auto at a horde of rebel cultists at short range (under 75m for a Boltgun (100m range loaded with Kraken rounds(+50% range)).

His Base BS is 42, he is firing full-auto which gives him +20 to his BS, the horde is a big target, granting him +20 BS, and he is firing at short range, giving him another +10 BS. This makes his total effective BS 92.

Roll 'em

>> No.11637012


Was just about to post this :P

But yeah, if you can roll low enough you can score extra hits. So a heavy bolter firing full auto burst 910 rounds) can score up to 9 extra hits.

>> No.11637016



92 - 52 = 40 / 10 = 4 So 4 degrees of success. You should score 5 hits, but since a Boltgun can only score 4 hits full auto (S/2/4) you score 4 hits.

You then roll for location hit. You can either roll each hit individually, or roll the first one and use a handy-dandy chart provided for "scattering" the others around the body.

The DoS seems like a bit of number crunching at first glance, but its very basic math one gets used to doing in their head in a second.

>> No.11637032

so the fact that it is "full auto" is what causes that effect, and the actual number of shots fired doesn't really matter?

>> No.11637040

A scan would be nice, as well a scan for Into the Storm. If these two can be scanned before the end the week, i'd be happier than I'd ever been.

>> No.11637067


The number of shots fire determines the maximum number of hits you can score. But yes, any weapon firing full auto gets +20 to hit no matter how many rounds are spent.

Same with Semi-auto and +10, however Semi-auto only scores extra hits every TWO degrees of success.

So basically you're more accurate if you blazing away trigger down. Though the disadvantage is high ammo consumption and the fact a Full or Semi auto attack is a full-round action, thats ALL you can do that turn. A single shot is only a half-action, leaving you another half-action to aim (+10 for a half-aim or +20 for a full-round aim), ready a weapon, move a few meters or do something else.

>> No.11637070


Shots fired does matter, since it reduces your ammo and it determines how many extra hits you can score. A two-round semi-auto burst gives you +10 to hit and you can score one extra hit if you roll low enough. A 10-round full auto burst gives you +2 and you can score 9 extra hits if you roll low enough.

But you can't decide how many rounds to to shoot, it depends on the weapon. A heavy bolter full auto is 10 shots. Always.

>> No.11637514

Have Dark Eldar ever shown up in any 40k rpg material?

>> No.11637534

They were in the first Dark Heresy pre-written adventure book, IIRC.

>> No.11637567

think they're holding them back untill the new codex comes about (as they're getting quite a bit of redesigning).

>> No.11637599


I will believe that codex is coming out when I have a dead-tree copy in my hands.

>> No.11637853


>> No.11638465

So what are some ideas people have had for Deathwatch missions?

Here are some I've heard or thought of:

* Stranded on a lost Fuedal world ruled by Psyker "Wizards", worshiping a degenerated version of the Imperial Creed (but with subtle chaos influences), beset by Feral orks, and the Kill-team Hunted by Dark Eldar who shot their transport down (lol D&Dworld)

* Diplomatic mission where the Kill-team serve as bodyguards to an Inquisitor and Imperium Military Officers offering the Tau a temporary Cease-fire so that both forces can concentrate on Hive Fleet Dragon.

* Exploring a Mechanicus research station abandoned a millennium ago. The Station is orbiting a system whose star is is actually a magnetar (Wiki it). Tek Heresy ensues.

* A Necron Tomb is found by a Mechanicus deep-earth geological probe. The Kill-team is teleported in to shoot their way to the center and plant a VERY large bomb to destroy the tomb, DoW: Dark Crusade style. (A Balls-to-the-wall combat fest, Terminator Armor and the works.)

* Rapid strike mission to insert the rear-lines of a world contested against the Tau to locate and capture or kill a Tau Etheral.

Haven't been able to think of anything Chaos related.

>> No.11638674

op here, bumping till I can answer questions at noon, PST.

>> No.11639105

stats on assault cannon, thunder hammer, storm shield?

>> No.11639340

also >>11639105
Is stealth viable in anyway at all? So would it be possible to try and play a Raven Guard marine without "You took a footstep, now every enemy in a half mile radius heard you and knows exactly where you are"?

>> No.11639385

Not OP, but from developers, they said all marines start off with the concealment and move silent skill. Regular power armor gives -10 to the said skills. However, scout armor gives +10 to said skills.

>> No.11639525


What this guy said: >>11639385

Though amusingly one of the power armor Histories is called "Cower Not Before the Enemy", a proud suit of armor covered in the deeds and triumphs of its past wearers. It gives a -20 penalty to attempts at concealment and move silently as it whirs, klanks or whatever at the worst possible moments. However it also gives a +10 to Command Checks because, it radiates confidence and authority.

Histories are much like the ones for ships in Rogue Trader. You can either roll randomly, or cherry-pick one you like. Artificer Armor is so ancient and awesome it gets two histories.

>> No.11639631

>that comic

The Brave Little Bolter! Now I'm depressed.

>> No.11639677


>> No.11639696

Well, a rookie in Death Watch is pretty much as powerful as an godlike acolyte in Ascension.

Now we all understand the shit farmer.

Space Marines aren't fun.

>> No.11639741

You're an extremely dumb faggot if you can't roleplay a Space Marine.


Don't you read the fluff blurbs?

>> No.11639764


>> No.11639788

Assassins aren't all trained on the same level. Especially Eversor assassins.

Some Eversor assassins might have trouble with a few Space Marines.

Others can massacre an entire chapter single-handedly.

Remember, it was a Calidus assassin that killed the Night Lords primarch.

But there are plenty of Calidus assassins who died to a generic mook.

Every assassin is trained to their optimal power. And some assassins are just better than others.

>> No.11639806


And that same Callidus died on the chainsword of a run of the mill Night Lords Apothecary. That's a reallty bad example to use.

>> No.11639897

Drop pod supplies.

That's what I do. Space Marines can request extra ammo from the battle barge, which fires a "slow" hollow tungsten round a few meter away from the Space Marines, speed depending on how much the round has to penetrate to reach the Space Marines. So the round would be faster if the Space Marines were in a building then if they were on a plain.

The round cools down, and the Space Marines can open the electronic lock and take the supplies from the inside.

The pro? You can request your ammo right on top of that heavy weapons team in the grocery store down the street.

>> No.11640046


That is only if they have a support ship in orbit and if they have Space Superiority. Those luxuries are rare for Deathwatch I bet. A lot of times, it'll only be what they can carry in with them.

Besides, I've run the first half or so of the Final Sanction adventure, and ammo consumption was surprisingly low. The entire first massive fight the tac marines expended maybe a quarter to half a boltgun mag each, the devastator used maybe 60 rounds (6 bursts) and assault marine was too busy using his Power Fist to bother with the boltpistol. A couple frags and a krak were used as well.

If using the Rogue Trader RPG's "Rule of 3" each marine will have some of the following ranged weapons:

Boltgun with 3 reloads (28 rounds each mag = 112 rounds total)
Bolt Pistol with 3 reloads (14 rounds each mag = 56 rounds total)
Heavy Bolter with 3 reloads (if using box magazines) or 1 ammo backpack. (60 rounds each box mag = 240 rounds total OR 250 rounds in an ammo pack)

Considering every marine carries a Bolt Pistol as a sidearm as well as 3 Frags and 3 Kraks no matter what their extra equipment is, I think they'll do fine as long as they exercise some fire discipline.

>> No.11640094


>> No.11640139

the rule of three as far as mags for guns go, at least in the real world militaries is woefully lacking. at that point the boys would be heading back to the nearest supply point to pick up more consumables. somewhere between 6 -9 mags in regular combat ops is typical, for extended ops more. Same goes for grenades. At least the finnish army resembles in war time deployment more packmules then anything else

>> No.11640184


True, also the rule of three only applies in Rogue Trader if combat isn't really expected or the Traders don't specify how much ammo they're carrying with them when they go somewhere. If they're expecting lots of combat, they're welcome to pack more ammo.

So I'm sure a Kill-team would pack a lot more ammo than that normally, if they're going into something prepared. However, Final Sanction takes place with the Marines barely making it to a drop pod and launching from a Frigate before a Nid Kraken eats it. So I figure they didn't exactly have time to gather extra ammo.

>> No.11640248

yeah its funny how a gigantic bioconstruct chewing on your ship puts the hurry in even the emprah's spess muhreens. but as far as i can figure it out the drop pods themselves include ammo and other consumables. havent seen that many marine supplytrucks in 40k and it would make logistical sense that the pods included stuff the team needs as standard protocol

>> No.11640405

OP here, even in sickness, I STILL POST.
astartes assault cannon
mounted 150 -/-/10 3d10+6 pen 6 clip 200 3 full Tearing (famed)

astartes thunder hammer
melee 2d10+5 E pen 8 powerfield, concussive, unwieldy (distinguished)
-concussive= opponent must make a toughness check at a difficulty of -10 per degree of success of the attack or be stunned 1 round. Auditory protection gives +10 to the check. Anyone taking damage greater than strength bonus is automatically knocked down.

Storm shield
force field effect, protection rating 55, overload 1-10

gives +4 armor to arm and body location. Has defensive quality, reduces Guarded attack to half action. Can bash enemy, does 1d10I but suffers -20 to attack roll.

>> No.11640527

stealth is viable. Silent move/shadowing are part of the general space marine advancement table. There are still penalties associated with being in power armor (-30) though. Scout armor and other wargear and abilities can help compensate for that.

>> No.11640567

Furthermore the Night Haunter just sat there with his neck exposed and let the assassin kill him because he felt it validated his decision to rebel. He would not have received so much as a scratch if he had chosen to defend himself.

>> No.11640674

Seems like alot of questions in regards to ammo so I will try to hunt it down. I know that starting equipment for classes is always supplied without requisition.
Everyone has a bolt pistol, power armor, 3 astartes frag and krak grenades, astartes combat knife, repair cement, one chapter trapping.
-repair cement, when you take damage your suit is no longer environmentally sealed until you patch it up.

every class that has a bolter has a fire selector built in, which I believe gives multiple clips?

tactical marines get access to one clip of special issue ammunition less than 25 requisition cost.

From the requisition section of the book..."Unless otherwise stated, ranged weapons include an adequate supply of basic ammunition; explosives (including grenades and missile) and other consumables likewise last the duration of the Mission. However, the requisition cost of special issue ammunition represent only a single clip."

So they assume you have what you need, unless extenuating circumstances like the 'OH SHIT DROP POD TIME' in the demo adventure or whatever. Rule of 3 or best judgement if it comes to that imo.

>> No.11640860

Looks like i've caught up on questions so far, I'll be around for a few more hours. In the meantime I'll try to paraphrase some of the new mechanics, cohesion/squad/solo mode, hordes etc.

>> No.11640922

how well does it look like u can mix the two systems
DW and DH that is

>> No.11641069

The core rules and system are shared. Same abilities, skills, and talents. The game focuses are different though, but crossing things over is simple enough. The horde mechanic could work well for big firefights in dark heresy in my opinion. Having a marine in a DH party would have to be a very advanced one, I think they start out at 12k or 13k xp base equivalent.

>> No.11641158

I have no idea how long these posts can go so be patient if it gets cut off. Typed up from the books section on cohesion...


All space Marines are trained to work as part of a combat unit, be it a fire-team, squad, or company, and it is in these settings which they excel and demonstrate their clear superiority over their foes. Cohesion represents a Battle-Brother’s faith in his comrades and his connection to the rest of the Kil-team. Generated at the start of a Mission, Cohesion is a pool of points that may be spent by the battle-brothers during play to allow them to act more closely with their kill-team and perform special battlefield manoeuvres known as Squad mode abilities.

>> No.11641166

Cohesion and the Squad Leader

Cohesion is generated at the start of each mission depending on which player-chracter has taken on the role of the squad leader. This reflects the leaders command abilities and natural charisma, as well as his battle-brothers faith in him. To work out the size of the kill-team’s pool of Coehesion points use the squad leaders fellowship bonus as a base modified using the table 7-8 cohesion modifiers.

This score can then be recorded by the squad leader on his status mode sheet.

Modifier Cohesion Bonus
Rank 4+ +1*
Rank 6+ +2*
Command Skill +1**
Command skill +10 +2**
Command skill +20 +3**

*only highest applies
** only highest applies

>> No.11641178

Cohesion Damage

In the same way a battle-brother may suffer damage to his physical capacities, he may also suffer damage to his ability to connect to his squad and combat morale. This often comes in the form of some kind of weapon attack, though it can come from other sources such as psychic powers or unusual environments. This damage temporarily reduces the Kill-team’s cohesion in the same way that weapon damage reduces wounds. This reflects the fact that weight of enemy fire, the chaos of combat and particularly devastating weapons can all place strain on the kill-team and its ability to function as an organized battlefield unit.
When a battle brother is in squad mode everytime his character suffers 10 or more damage from one of the following sources (before reduction from armour or toughness) his kill-team will lose a point of cohesion:
 A basic ranged weapon with the accurate quality (such as a sniper rifle)
 A weapon with the blast quality
 A weapon with the devastating quality

>> No.11641183

This cohesion damage can however be ignored if the squad leader can pass a Challenging +0 command or fellowship test, rallying his men under fire. This test is a free action and is taken as soon as the damage occurs.

Basically, you can only suffer a single point of cohesion damage in this manner per round, no matter how many other weapons or shots or explosions happen.

Creatures with the fear trait can also cause cohesion damage to the kill-team, but this damage is negated if the kill-team leader succeeds at a willpower test.

Recovering Lost cohesion

Cohesion is a resource that must be used wisely by the kill team during the course of a mission and typically they will only have a handful of points at their disposal. There is however a few ways in which cohesion can be recovered during play, restoring the kill-team’s pool, strengthening their bonds of brotherhood and allowing them further access to squad mode abilities.
One point of cohesion will be recovered by the kill-team if:
 the kill team completes on of their mission objectives
 any member of the kill-team spends a fate point
 the Gm decides that the battle-brothers have completed a particularly monumental task or roleplayed well the bonds of brotherhood within their kill-team.

>> No.11641202

Cohesion Challenges

Cohesion is not just used to activate squad mode abilities but can also be used to quickly enter squad mode or maintain it under certain stress, or test the kill-team’s trust in each other and faith in their leaders abilities. In both cases this is known as a cohesion challenge. To pass this test, a character must roll equal or less to his kill-team’s current cohesion on a 1d10.

next up, squad mode and solo mode, gonna take a few minutes to type up and then paste.

>> No.11641319

Can you tell me more about Librarian Psyker powers?
Are there rules for Psychic Hoods?

>> No.11641413

Sure, I'll do my best.

Astartes Psychic hood
You can use a reaction to attempt to nullify a psychic technique being used by another psyker with a number of metres equal to the character's willpower. This attempt should be declared before the enemy psyker makes a focus power test. The psychich hood's wearer first makes a focus power(willpower) test. Every degree of success imposes a -10 penalty on the enemy's focus power test. Alternatively, the wearer may attempt to nullify the effects of a psychic technique on himself only, regardless of range. To do this, the character makes a focus power (willpower) Test. If he succeeds, he in unaffected by the psychich technique, but any other targets or areas are affected normally. A nullification test may trigger psychich phenomena based on a psychich strength as normal. Additionally, the psychic hood grants the wearer _5 bonus on all focus power tests, including nullification attempts.

>> No.11641436

id rather play a weaker DH character in a party full of DW and see how long i last

>> No.11641462

As far as psychics go, it uses the new system introduced in acension and rogue trader. Librarians have access to 4 disciplines, two 'basic' ones of telepathy and divination. All librarians get access to codex abilities, stuff that is probably familiar from the wargame.
avenger, force dome, the gate of infinity, iron arm, machine curse, might of the ancients, smite, veil of time, vortex of doom.
Then you also get access to a specific set of powers based on your chapter.

All of the psychic powers have perequisite rank and willpower requirements, as well as experience costs to purchase the powers.

>> No.11641479


low level character driven games. Yeah. In 40k. Right. How developed can a character get when it gets killed twice a game?

>> No.11641528

>gate of infinity
What is the range on this?

>> No.11641567

The Gate of Infinity

Action: extended (3)
Opposed: no
Range: Self
Sustained: no
Description: Rending the veil between worlds, the librarian creates a rift through which he and his allies might pass. The librarian chooses an exit point fro the rift at any point within 10 kilometres X PR. The size of the rift depends on the power used to create it and it will have a width and height of 2 metres X PR. The rift will remain open for 1 round X PR or until the librarian himself passes through it, at which time it will instantly close. While it remains open, creatures may pass through the gate freely provided they can fit.

This power is incredibly taxing and requires at least 12 hours recovery before it may be used again.

>> No.11641589

Alright, now some info on squad mode/solo mode, to be followed with some example abilities once I type them. After that I'll post some oath info and it should all make sense about how it all works together.

Squad/Solo Mode

This section details two very important aspects of being a space marine, known as solo mode and squad mode. These rules represent both a space marine’s heritage (the gifts bestowed on him by his chapter), as well as his exception degree of military training and ability to work with his battle-brothers in ways lesser soldiers can only aspire to. All characters being play with access to both solo mode and squad mode abilities, as determined by their chapter, rank, and specialty. As play progresses and they grow in power, their squad mates (the group of characters) form stronger bonds, allowing them to unlock new abilities and upgrade existing ones. Skillful use of both solo mode and squad mode can make a significant difference on the battlefield and may even mark the difference between victory or defeat.

>> No.11641601

What is solo mode?

Solo mode is the default mode of play for all characters. Unless otherwise indicated by the rules, a battle-brother is in this mode. While in solo mode, a space marine is not linked to the rest of the squad in any special way and cannot benefit from squad mode actions or abilities used by his battle-brothers. He has access to all of his solo mode actions and abilities and may use these freely.

What is squad mode?

Squad mode can only be entered deliberately by a character by using an action or passing a cohesion challenge. While in squad mode, a space marine is linked to any other members of his team that are also in squad mode and may benefit fully from squad mode actions and abilities. A character in squad mode can also initiate squad mode actions and abilities for the benefit of other team members also in this mode.

The status mode sheet

To help keep track of which mode a battle-brother is in, as well which mode abilities he has access to, players should use the status mode sheet. This sheet is divded into two halves, with one half detailing solo mode abilities and the other half detailing squad mode abilities. To make things easier for both the GM and other players, the sheet can be placed on the table next to the owning players character sheet, positioned so the current mode is on top. This can be flipped when they decide to change modes, and everyone can see at a glance who is in what mode at any given time. Alternatively you can show this with tokens, coins, counters, colored paper, rolling up your sleeves, putting a hat on backwards etc.

>> No.11641610

Support Range

Squad mode abilities can only be used when the character has his fellow battle-brothers nearby to aid him. The distance at which a battle-brother can affect other members of his kill-team with a squad mode ability is known as support range and is determined by a battle-brother’s rank, as detailed on table 7-9: support range, and should be recorded on his status mode sheet. Support range is always measured from the battle-brother using the squad mode ability.
Visual distance means the battle-brothers must be able to see each other in order to be in supporting range. This visual contact can, however, be very minimal, and should function in near-darkness, heavy rain, and the chaos of combat, where friends and foes can only be glimpsed through the swirl of smoke and the flash of bolter fire.
Vocal distance means that the battle-brothers no longer need to be able to see each other to work as a team but must be in close vox communication. If there is no means of communicating via cox or other remove means(perhaps because of enemy jamming signals), or normal vocal communication is impossible (due to excessive noise and the like), then the battle-brothers must be able to see each other as detailed above.

7-9 Support Range
Rank Support Range
1-3(close) Visual distance, no more than 30m away
4-6(medium) Vocal distance, no more than 60m away
7-8(extended) Vocal distance, no more than 120m away

Andrew wishes his character to use a squad mode ability. His character is rank 3 so he can only affect other members of his kill-team if they are within 30 meteres and visible to him. Checking the position of his kill-team, tehre are two battle-brothers within 3m one battle-brother within 30 m but out of sight and one battle brother more than 30m away. This means that when andrew uses his squad mode ability, only two members of his squad will be able to benefit from it.

>> No.11641629

Changing Modes

By default all characters start play in solo mode and need to actively enter squad mode by using an action or making a cohesion challenge. Entering solo mode is a free action that a space marine can take at any time during his turn. To enter squad mode, a battle-brother must adjust his tactics, note the positions of his kill-team and prepare for close unit actions—all of which requires an effort on the part of the space marine, one that comes easier with experience and the support of a loyal and trusted squad. Before a battle-brother can enter squad mode, however, he must meet the following requirements:
 he must be in support range of at least one other kill-team member
 His kill-team must have at least 1 point of cohesion

He can then use a full action (effectively missing a turn) to enter squad mode. No tests are required and the battle-brother is in squad mode effectively from the start of his next turn.

Alternatively a battle-brother can try to enter squad mode as a free action or reaction by passing a cohesion challenge. If the cohesion challenge is failed, then the battle brother loses his current turn or his next turn(if he tried to enter squad mode as a reaction) and enters squad mode from the start of his following turn.

One of Palarius’s squad members has activated a squad mode ability and he wishes to enter squad mode so as to benefit from it. As it is not his turn, he must spend his reaction and pass a cohesion challenge. Unfortunately for Palarius he fails the test. This means he does not benefit from the squad mode ability of his battle-brother and he loses his next turn as he enters squad mode anyway. From the start of his following turn, however, he is in squad mode and is able to make and benefit from squad mode actions as normal.

>> No.11641647

Maintaining squad mode

Squad mode can be maintained as long as the battle-brother’s kill team has at least 1 point of cohesion. Activating abilities reduces cohesion, as do some kinds of damage. A battle-brother drops out of squad mode and returns to solo mode at the start of his turn if:
 he falls unconscious or dies
 His kill teams cohesion is reduced to 0
 He is no longer in support range of at least one other member of his kill team.
 He chooses to return to solo mode.

In certain circumstances, he may also lose squad mode if he fails a cohesion challenge.

Alright, more downtime between now and some solo/squad abilities. Then oaths.

>> No.11641795

So if you want to engage in squad mode with a fellow kill team guy, does the fellow kill team guy enter squad mode also, or just the guy that declares going into squad mode?

Also, I noticed some new weapon tags such as felling, volitile, etc, can Glorious Anon list the new tags that did not appear in previous games and what they do?

>> No.11641870

As far as I can tell you just need people nearby to go into squad mode. They don't have to join squad mode, but can attempt to do(using a reaction or the like) so to gain benefits of the action...or join later if one dude is sustaining a squad power.

Sure, i'll look for the new ones and post them in detail

>> No.11641874

Okay, i asked this in other thread earlier but didnt get any replies.
Im gonna run my first game as GM, and using Dark Heresy, wich i havent played yet either.
What other books should i get, other than core?
Any other general tips of DH or GMing?

>> No.11641913

Hey OP, what's the attribute advancement schemes for the marines? Since DW starts with 12k exp, and that's the same as Ascended characters, I'm assuming they've got just 2? And are they the same between chapters?

>> No.11641934


Concussive: (see the thunder hammer post earlier)

Devastating (X)

Either because of an unnatural psychological property or pure destructive power, a Devastating weapon shakes the confidence of a squad struck by it. If the weapon hits, it does one additional cohesion damage regardless of damage to wounds, in addition to secondary effects on cohesion from the hit's damage and other results. If the target is a horde, it reduces its magnitude by a number equal to the number in parenthesis every time it is hit by this weapon.

Felling (X)

Designed to puncture and to mangle, this weapon is capable of topping even the mightiest foes. If the weapon hits, it ignores a number of levels of unnatural toughness possessed by the target equal to the number in parenthesis. For instance a felling (1) weapon ignores the benefits of unnatural toughess (x2) and would reduces the benefits of unnatural toughness (x3) by one multiplier.

>> No.11642037

attribute advancement is based off your squad specialization, not chapter. So a librarian has different stat costs than an assault marine, etc.


Gyrostabilized: Weapon never counts its target as longer than long range. (max range still applies). Heavy weapons with the quality reduce penalty for firing without bracing to -20.

Haywire (x)
Emits a haywire field within the radius, messing with technology. Gradually fades.

Razor sharp:
When rolling to attack with this weapon, if the attack roll results in two or more degrees of success, double the weapon's penetration.

Volatile: If a 10 is rolled for damage on a weapon with volatile quality, righteous fury occurs automatically.

>> No.11642058

>attribute advancement is based off your squad specialization, not chapter
I see. And how many advancements do they receive? And about how much XP would a marine have if he lived to reach max rank?

>> No.11642074

You running a premade adventure, or making one up from scratch? Most of the DH line is gold in my opinion. As a GM disciples of the dark gods and creatures anaethema are great for enemies and adventure ideas. Radicals is awesome, Inquisitors handbook has a ton of neat gear and character options in there.

>> No.11642126


Rank xp level
1 13,000-16,999
2 17,000-20,999
3 21,000-24,999
4 25,000-29,999
5 30,000-34,999
6 35,000-39,999
7 40,000-44,999
8 45,000-49,999

Marines can up their stats 4 times. Simple, intermediate, trained, expert.

>> No.11642152

fucking scans!

>> No.11642153

I was thinkin bout running the Corebook Campaign as start, maybe after that i make something of my own.
Do i really NEED the other books? Are there something crucial i need to?

>> No.11642198

huh, interesting. They have the same max XP as Ascension characters but have two more attribute advancements. I suppose that suits the more combat-based aspects of the game.

There's a number of changes in the errata, but there's no real *need* to pick up any of the other books. However, I'd suggest taking a read through some of them on /rs/, in particular the Inquisitor's handbook.

>> No.11642257

Not gonna destroy my book, taking my time to type up most of it verbatim though;/

Like other anon said, do not need the books, core gives you everything to start out with. I highly recommend the other books, might be able to get some pdf versions on rs to reference.

Marines base stats are probably higher, plus alot of bonus special abilities. Ascension characters could well have higher stats though, and I believe could form a mixed party rather well. Marines kick butt in combat but are lacking in other areas.

>> No.11642273

Ok some solo mode abilities, up next will be squad modes, then the oaths.

Solo Mode Abilities

Solo mode stuff you basically gain for free. No need to spend XP, you start with your chapter based solo ability, and then there are a wide range of Codex solo abilities that you gain as you rank up, and increase in potency with rank. All marines have access to these ones. Their use and limits are all different.

Codex Solo Mode Abilities

Name Rank req Effects
Burst of speed 1 increases movement
Emporers Grace 7 Roll to recover spent fate
Extreme Endurance 5 Re-roll toughness tests
Feat of Strength 1 Increase strength bonus
Mental Fortress 5 Re-roll failed willpower tests
Renewed vigour 3 Ignore critical hit effects and restore wounds.

>> No.11642294

Burst of speed:
Required rank:1
Effects: A battle-brother can call on reserves of speed when needed, crossing great distances to close with the foe. Once per game session, a battle-brother can perform a burst of speed. This ability increases the character’s agility bonus by 2 with all the usual associated benefits for a number of rounds equal to his rank.
Improvement: Rat rank 3 and above burst of speed also adds _10 to all agility tests based on movement. At rank 5 the bonus to agility bonus increases to +4. At rank 7 this ability allows the battle-brother to ignore the need to make agility tests when running or charging in difficult terrain.

Emporer’s Grace
Required rank 7
A battle brother is touched by the divine will of the mporer, a piece of the master of mankind passed down to him through his primarch and the teachings of his chapter. Once per game session, a battle-brother can call on the emporer’s grace to recover spent fate points. For a number of rounds equal to his rank, whenever the battle-brother spends a fate point, he should roll 1d10. If he scores equal or less than his rank, the fate point is immediately recovered. This ability cannot restore fate points that have been burnt.

>> No.11642300

Extreme Endurance:
Required rank 5:
Effects: Once per game session, a battle-brother may use his extreme endurance to fortify his constitution, granting him a re-roll on all toughness tests for a number of hours equal to his rank.
Improvement: At rank 7 the battle-brother may add +20 to the result of the re-roll
Feat of Strength:
Req rank 1:
Effects: Once per day of game time, a battle brother may perform a feat of strength. This ability effectively increases his unnatural strength trait by one level. So for example, unnatural strengthX2 becomes X3. This effect lasts for a number of rounds equal to his rank.
Improvement: Rank 3 + the above feat of strength also adds _10 to all strength tests and strength based skill tests for its duration. At rank 5+ the feat lasts for a number of rounds equal to twice the characters rank.
Rank7 + the feat of strength increases their unnatural strength trait by two levels.

>> No.11642308

Mental Fortress:
Required rank 5:
Once per game session, a battle-brother may use the mental fortress ability to re-roll a failed willpower test to resist a psychic power or an attempt to subvert his will.
Improvement: Rank 7 you get +20 to the re-roll attempt.

Renewed Vigour:
Req rank 3
Effects: Once per session, as a free action, can activate. For a number of rounds equal to rank, can ignore the effects of a single critical hit, such as stunning, fatigue, or unconsciousness. Note, this does not allow the use of limbs that are severed or critical hits that result in death. New critical hits affect the brother as normal.
Rank 5, restores a number of wounds equal to your rank. At rank 7, you can ignore all of critical hit effects

>> No.11642331

Don't Ascension characters still have access to the lower advancements? So they have 6, 2 more than marines.

>> No.11642341

>Ascension characters could well have higher stats though
well, let's see: as a base, DW chars are 30+2d10 whereas DH chars are 20+2d10. DH chars at max rank have 6 advancements whereas DW chars have 4. The first two advancements of a DH char are eaten up by the 10 higher all-round abilities of the DW chars, so it's pretty even there, though DW chars seem to have +5 bonuses in char creation rather than the +3 to a random stat a DH char may hope for

>Marines kick butt in combat but are lacking in other areas.
Yeah, the xp scheme seems to enforce this. A marine is going to have to spend more of his XP on attribute advancements rather than, say, skills. That said, the solo/squad abilities seem pretty damn awesome and give them quite an edge in combat over ascended acolytes.

>> No.11642469

Ascension characters also get origin packages that give stat bonuses, and quite a few classes get access to unnatural (x2) or even (x3) abilities.

Rogue trader characters are somewhere in between as well, I think 25 base stat, plus their origin paths/trials travails can add several modifiers. oddly enough their skills and trait advancement seems very limited compared to a DH or DW character...marines have 4 friggin charts per rank.

>> No.11642669

Trying to abbreviate a lot of this as I’m getting a bit typed out. Will probably skip fluff text and describe mechanics. Forgive typos.

Squad mode abilities:

Gaining squad mode abilites:

Squad mode abilites are gained as a result of the kill-team’s choice of squad leader (see later part on leader and oaths). Depending on the squad leader’s specialty and chapter, he will have access to a different selection of abilities which his kill-team may then use during the course of the mission. Part of preparing for a mission is choosing a leader that will provide the most useful set of abilities for the kill-team and their current objectives.

>> No.11642671

>It'd be like if the nazis found a jew in the SS. Sure, there's a slight chance they'd let him stay, but honestly, very probably not. Very, very probably. It's just generally a silly idea.

But not far from the truth.

>Honorary Aryan ( _de. Ehrenarier) is a term from Nazi Germany; it was a status granted by the Nazi Bureau of Race Research to people who were not considered to be biologically part of the Aryan race as conceived by the Nazis (or enemy nationals who joined Hitler or the Nazis' side), but were granted an "honorary" status of being part of that race, for example because their services were deemed valuable to the German economy. ["In the Wind", "The Nation" Vol. 147, Issue 7. August 13 1938. ]

>> No.11642680

Using squad mode abilities:
Squad mode abilities function just like other actions and can be activated by a battle-brother in his turn. There is no test to activate these abilities, however the battle-brother must spend the required amount of coheions (as indicated by the ability) and he must be in squad mode. He only needs spend this cost once, however, and once an ability has been activated it remains so for the remainder of the mission (if the ability is sustained) and may be used by either him or any other members of his kill-team in squad mode.
Both the battle brother using the action and any other members of his kill-team within support range may then benefit from the effects of the squad mode ability. Full details on effects of each squad mode ability can be found in the individual ability descriptions below.

Example: Palarius uses the squad advance squad mode action. Squad advance costs 1 point of cohesion to activate, which palarius spends from his kill-team’s cohesion pool. Both Jim and Damien’s characters are also in squad mode and in his support range. Jim decides that he wants his character to join the squad advance and so I affected by the ability. Damien however is happy where his character is and decides not to use its effects.

>> No.11642701

Using Chapter Specific Abilities:

Some squad mode abilities are chapter specific, available only to battle-brothers of the indicated chapter and only useable by them. In addition, such is the nature of these abilities that when they are used only battle bothers of the same chapter as the chapter ability may benefit from the effects, while all other members of the kill-team will be unaffected regardless of their mode or if they are in support range.

Squad actions:
Many squad mode abilities allow battle brothers to take actions outside of their normal turn, such as moving, shooting, or makign close combat attacks. In all these cases, if a battle brother takes a squad mode action or benefits from one taken by another member of his kill-team, he cannot benefit or take another squad mode action until at least the start of his next turn. Unless otherwise stated, all benefits of squad mode abilities are squad actions.

Example: Andrew’s character Palarius uses the bolter assault squad mode ability to rush the enemy. Palarius and two of his kill-team members break cover and charge at the enemy. Later in the round, the other member of the kill-team, still in cover, uses the fire support squad mode ability to give palarius and his battle-brothers cover. Even though they are still in support range, neither palarius nor the battle brothers who joined him in his bolter assault can benefit from this ability.

>> No.11642713

Sustaining Squad Mode Abilities:

Many squad mode abilites can be maintained indefinably provided that the battle brother remains in squad mode. This is indicated in each ability’s description under the stustained heading. To sustain an ability the battle brother simply declares he is sustaining the ability and then may keep it active from round to round provided he is in squad mode and does not activate any new squad mode abilities. The battle brother may choose to stop sustaining an ability ( possibly to activate a new squad mode ability) as a free action at the start of any of his turns.
A battle brother benefiting from an ability sustained by another battle brother loses its effects should he move out of support range or leave squad mode.

Example: Andrew, jim and damien’s characters are all benefiting from the squad advance squad mode ability which is being sustained by andrew’s character. At the start of his character’s turn, Damien decides to have his character return to solo mode, losing the benefits fo the squad advance for himself. Both andrew and jim, however continue to benefit from the squad advance, as andrew is sustatining and they are still within support range. In andrew’s turn however, he chooses to end the abiliity. This means that both his character and jim’s character both immediately lose its benefits.

>> No.11642718

Honorary Aryan =/= Honorary Not Jew.

>> No.11642727

Joining sustained squad mode abilities:

It is also possible for a battle brother to join in on a squad mode ability that is already being sustained. As long as he is in squad mode, not using or benefitting from another squad mode ability, and within support range of the battle brother sustaining the ability, he can join as a free action at the start of any of his turns, immediately gaining the ability’s benefits.

Example: Jim is sustaining the fire for effect ability with andrew’s character also gaining the benefit. Having switched back into squad mode, Damien’s character wishes to join in the effects. Since he is neither benefitting from another squad mode ability nor outside of support range, he simply uses a free action at the start of his turn and gains its effects.

up next, codex/chapter attack and defense patterns THEN oaths, oy!

>> No.11642823

I Don't suppose you'd be willing to throw out some enemy profiles?

also, how do weapons with the scatter or flame qualities interact with hordes?

>> No.11642931

Blast weapons hit a number of times equal to their blast rating. Don't see anything for scatter weapons, though weapons that cause multiple hits can lower a hordes magnitude if they inflict damage successfully. Flame weapons hit a number of times equal to 1/4 the weapons range (rounding up), plus 1d5. So a flame weapon with range 10 will hit a horde 1d5+3 times. Heavy flamer will roast hordes, range 30m!

>> No.11642939

Codex attack patterns: These are suitable for any space marine chapter

Bolter assault:
Action: Free action
Cost: 3
Sustained: No
Effects: When a battle brother calls a bolter assault, both he and those in support range may make an immediate charge move and a standard attack with a bolter, bolt pistol, or storm bolter(and variants of these weapons). Alternatively, they may use their standard attack to throw a grenade.
Improvements: If the battlebrother is rank 4 or more, both he and the killteam can make semi auto bursts and full auto bursts instead of a standard attack with their bolt weapons.

Fire for effect:
Action: half action
Cost: 2
Sustained: Yes
Effects: Working as a single well-oiled machine, the kill team can snap off shots at targets as they appear. While this power is in effect, the kill-team may use their reactions to make a standard attack with a ranged weapon.
Improvements. If the battle brother is rank 4 or more, both he and the kill-team can make semi auto bursts and full auto bursts instead of a standard attack with their range weapons.

Fire support:
Action: Half
Cost: 1
Sustained: Yes
Effects: While this ability is in effect, the kill-team does not suffer the –20 to hit when using suppresing fire and overwatch actions.
Improvements. If the battle brother is rank 3 or more, calling for fire support becomes a free action.

>> No.11642957

Furious Charge
Action: Free action
Cost: 3
Sustained: No
Effects: Using this ability the battle brother and those in support range of him may make an immediate charge move and a standard attack with a melee weapon. In addition, such is the fury of such an attack that all battle brothers involved may re-roll damage for their attacks.
Improvements. If the battle brother is rank 5 or more then both he and the kill-team can make multiple attacks instead of a standard attack with their melee weapons.

Squad advance
Action: half action
Cost: 1
Sustained: Yes
Effects: The kill team may use their reactions to make a tactical advance
Improvements. Rank 3+, calling for squad advance becomes a free action.

Tank buster:
Action: Free
Sustained: No
Effect: The battle brother may nominate a member of the kill-team armed with either a heavy weapon or an explosive( this can include himself) to initiate a tank buster manoeuvre as part of an attack action against an armored vehicle or fortification. For every member of the kill team in support range, the nominated battle brother may add either +5 to his BS to attack or move 2 metres closer to his target (if he is trying to plant a charge or grenade)
Improvement: Rank 4+ the nominated battle brother may add +10 to his BS or move 5 metres closer for every kill team member in support range.

>> No.11643025

>Bolter assault:
>Effects: When a battle brother calls a bolter assault, both he and those in support range may make an immediate charge move and a standard attack with a bolter, bolt pistol, or storm bolter(and variants of these weapons). Alternatively, they may use their standard attack to throw a grenade.
>Improvements: If the battlebrother is rank 4 or more, both he and the killteam can make semi auto bursts and full auto bursts instead of a standard attack with their bolt weapons.

Space Crusade had similar command card. Nice memories.

>> No.11643125

I'm back, but it looks like somebody else has it under control. I'll check in again later.

>> No.11643126

Codex Defensive stances: suitable for any space marine.

Name: Dig in
Action: Full action
Cost: 3
Sustained: Yes
Effects: The battle brother and those in support range of him can double the AP provided by cover they are currently using. This bonus to cover only applies to each individual battle brother so long as they remain stationary.
Improvements: rank 5+ he and those supporting him may move freely. The benefits of double AP applying to all cover they use for the duration of the ability.

Name: Go to ground
Action: reaction
Cost: 1
Sustained: no
Effects: As a reaction, may issue go to ground order when he or another member of his killteam within support range has been hit by a ranged attack. Both the battle brother and those in support range of him may immediately make a free move up to their agility bonus in metres to find cover. Note that the effects of the hit are worked out before any battle brothers may move. In the case of hits from semi or full auto weapons, only the first hit is worked out before the battle brothers move and the remaining hits after they have gone to ground.
Improvements. Rank 4+ the free move to cover may be up to twice the battle brothers agility bonus.

Action: full action
Cost: 2
Sustained: no
Effects: Full action, the battle brother may order a regroup to allow himself and those in support range of him to move up to twice their agility bonus in any direction, just as if they had made a full move action. In addition, regroup move does not trigger enemy overwatch or suppression fire.
Improvements. Rank 4+ in addition to free movement, the battle brothers may reload any weapons they are currently carrying, provided doing so would only be a half action or a free action.

>> No.11643144

Name: Soak Fire
Action: reaction
Cost: 2
Sustained: no
Effects: Whenever a member of his squad within support range is hit by semi or full auto fire attack and would be eligible to make a dodge test to avoid the attack you can use this ability. These hits are divided evenly between the original target, the battle brother, and those supporting him provided they would normally be eligible targets for the attack. Regardless of the number of battle brothers soaking fire, the original target always takes at least one hit. Note the battle brothers soaking fire cannot dodge attacks allocated to them.
Improvements. Rank 4+ both he and those supporting him may soak single attack ranged weapons, such as a blast from a lascannon or a sniper’s bullet, dividing the damage evenly between those involved.

>> No.11643160

Name: Strongpoint
Action: full action
Cost: 3
Sustained: yes
Effects: Nominate either himself or another member of kill team within support range as the center of the strongpoint. The center must remain stationary for the ability to remain in effect. The center may then call targets either as a free action in his turn or as a reaction. Battlebrothers in support range of the center (including the center himself) then gain +20 BS and WS against a called target, may reroll damage against it, and may use their reactions to make standard attacks against it. A target remains marked in this way until either the center moves (ending strong point) or the center marks a new target.
Improvements. Cannot be improved.

Name: Tactical spacing
Action: Full
Cost: 1
Sustained: yes
Effects: While in effect, battle brother and those in support range of him can share their reactions. For example, one member of the kill team could give his reaction (losing it for himself for the turn) to another member of the kill-team to use. If the space marine has extra reactions (such as the bonus reactions granted from the step aside talent) these may also be shared.
Improvements. Rank 5+ in addition to being able to share reactions, all members gain an additional reaction while this ability is in effect.

>> No.11643575

The squad abilities sound pretty awesome.

>> No.11643672

There are chapter attacks and defenses as well, with some spectacular results. I'll post them another time.

finally before you begin a mission you select a leader. Leaders are the chain the link in the chain of command for the mission. Higher ups contact them, and they are the deciding vote when it comes to indecision. They can use fellowship or command to influence their squad, repair cohesion damage, and extend support range. Once during a mission the leader and any battle brothers within support range can automatically enter squad mode without making a test.

The leader also determines which oath you can take for the mission. The selection is based on the leaders squad specialty.

>> No.11643730

Oath Prereq Benefit Squad mode abilities
Oath of Astartes Tactical, Assault, or Devestator +2 cohesion Tactical advance, bolter assault, tactical spacing

Oath to the Emporer Tactical, Librarian, Apothecary +10 willpower Fire for effect, Regroup, Strongpoint

Oath of Glory Tactical, Assault +1 renown per objective Tactical advance, bolter assault, furious charge

Oath of Knowledge Librarian, Apothecary +10 WS or BS vs chosen enemy or reroll Psychic phenomenon Go to ground, Dig in, strongpoint

Oath of Loyalty Tactical, Apothecary +10 to resist cohesion dmg, +1 cohesion challenges tactical spacing, regroup, soak fire

Oath of the Weapon Devestator, Techmarine Ignore jams, re-roll righteous fury confirm Fire support, fire for effect, tank buster

>> No.11644154

Alrighty, OP here and I'm gonna take a break for a while. I'll check back on the thread later tonight if its still around.

>> No.11645056

Bumping this.

Pic moderately related: My WIP of the Final Sanction minis, an exercise in practicing my novice painting skills. Fucking camera flash washed everything out however. Shouldn't have let my friend take the photos. "They look fine."

>> No.11647565

Never came back huh? Bummer.

>> No.11647586

Well, they at least look better than they did yesterday.

>> No.11647660


They look better in person, that flash really fucked things up. Not to mention the flash and the camera makes EVERY TINY NICK AND MISTAKE pop out like crazy.

>> No.11648141

I hear you can buy things like wolf cloaks, Dark Angel robes, etc. Is there a list of such items and what do they do?

>> No.11648357

OP has returned for a bit, I'll bust out the chapter trappings stats for ya.

>> No.11648395

Each character can have a chapter trapping at the start of the game.

Devotion Chain (black templar)
+3 willpower to resist fear and cohesion damage
Tabard (black templar)
* ornamental : +2 to fellowship
*deathwatch/ squad heraldry: Kill team restores 1 bonus cohesion for every primary objective achieved
*Chapter heraldry:add 1 to the characters effective rank for determining black templar solo ability, but subtract 1 from squad cohesion.

>> No.11648422

Blood drop pendant (blood angel)
Whenever a fate point is spent, may add +13 instead of +10 to a check.

Golden icons (blood angel)
* Icon of inspiration: Add +3 to command tests
*wings of wrath: +1 damage if you hit during a charge action
*Purity focus: Reduce corruption gained by 1 point.

Ceremonial sword (dark angel)
-has weapon statistics, slightly better than the astartes combat knife

Robe (dark angel)
*scholars robe: choose one scholastic lore, add +3 to all tests on it
*Robe of secrets: Choose forbidden lore, +3 to all tests on it.
*Seekers robe: +3 to all scrutiny checks

>> No.11648441

What are the Space Wolf Chapter Abilities?

>> No.11648483

wolf pelt (space wolves)
+2 intimidate checks

Runic totem (space wolves)
*totem of the bloodied hunter: +1 to any righteous fury damage
Totem of sea wolf: Choose one drive or pilot skill, +3 to all tests on it
Totem of sun wolf: +3 to awareness tests

Sacris claymore (stormwardens)
Two handed combat knife, replaces it.

Tempest amulet (storm wardens)
*amulet of might: +2 to strength (after all other modifiers)
Victory scripture: +2 ws fighting an enemy in single melee combat
Guardian amulet: Venerates lost 1st company, counts as a charm.

Cingulum (ultramarines)
*adamtine inlays: +3 parry checks
*Honour bells: +3 ws on first attack roll in a combat
*Marks of leadership +3 to any checks made to regain cohesion or prevent cohesion damage.

Heraldry scrol (ultramarines)
+10 kill markers on any assault mission where the scroll is displayed in at least one battle.

>> No.11648538

Solo ability: May re-roll failed perception tests and counts as having dark sight trait. These bonuses apply only if the space wolf isn't wearing a helmet.

Squad attack ability:
Tooth and nail
action: free
Cost: 2
Sustained: yes
While this ability is in effect, the battle-brother and those in support range of him may re-roll all opposed tests in grapples, +10 to any bonuses for outnumbering foes in hand to hand, and add +10 dodge and parry rolls against melee attacks:
Improvement: Rank 4+, bonuses increase to +20

Defensive squad ability:
Pack tactics
Action: Free action
cost: 2
Sustained: no
When a marine attacks a single target, another marine within support range may give up an unused reaction to distract the target. If he does so, the first marine's melee or ranged attacks against the target may not be dodged or parried this turn.
Improvement: rank 3+ melee attack rolls against the target gain +10 bonus.

>> No.11648660

What chapters can't fill certain classes? For example, can Blood Angels be Apothecaries? Dark Angels be Librarians?

>> No.11648730

Only a few restrictions. Space wolves cannot be apothecaries. Black templars cannot be devastators or librarians. Everything else can be any other chapter.

>> No.11648869

Just realized its 2 am, gonna head to sleep. OP outta here. If thread is still alive tomorrow I'll post more random stuff or answer questions.

>> No.11648929


hm. it seems likely that you could play Iron Hands as "Counts As" Dark Angels, probably a Devastator or Techmarine.

>> No.11649191


I understand them, but it seems a bit strange to me the Blood Angels would lend out their Sanguinary Priests, or Dark Angels their Librarians.

>> No.11649347

How do Spess Mahreens compare to Ascended DH characters in a fight? Can a Librarian stand up to a Psyker-Inquisitor? What about any of them against a min-maxed Magos with 23 armor, Toughness Bonus 14, and Strength Bonus 21?

>> No.11649520



All of this sounds awesome.

>> No.11650167

Bump - for the Emperor!
And why has Captcha devolved into a bunch of meaningless drivel? I mean, WTF does 'ing, stontott' actually mean? The semi-coherent phrases were way more fun.

>> No.11651609


Well, one thing I found is that a Rank 1 RT character isn't really the equal of a Rank 5 or whatever it was DH character, simply because they lack the variety of skills and crap. And it seems part of the "XP" is invested in superior equipment (which is semi-meaningless).

So I doubt a basic Rank 1 Battle Brother could stand against a twinked out Secutor/Magos.

>> No.11651711

I was actually referring to a high Rank Secutor-Magos, since then they get Unnatural Strength x3 (x2 from an Advance and x2 from Good Synthetic Muscle Grafts) and Toughness x2. Naturally they'd be being compared with an equal-XP Spess Mahreen.

>> No.11652136


Either way I don't think a single-battle-brother could stand up against such a monster.

Such a monster might make a great "Boss" for one of the adventures I had mused up (involving investigating a lost Mechanicus research outpost).

Are there examples of these disgusting min/maxed build someone? 1d4chan maybe?

>> No.11652220

It all depends on two things: who wins initiative, what weapons each guy carries, more so the former. Some playtester said 2 rank 1 marines killed a daemon prince. My bet is on easier to get on righteous fury due to marine weapons rolling 2 dice or more. I personally stopped playing with the idea of bosses unless they have more than 100 wounds, otherwise a single guy will walk all over them. Once my arbites judge with a multi melta scored 240 damage from one hit at point blank.

>> No.11652279


Yeesh, thats one reason I like the idea of requisition points. The team has to think long and hard whether or not they want to grab something like a Multi-Melta, as I'm sure it costs a boatload of Req.

Then again they're basic Bolters are rather scary themselves.

One thing I worry about, however, is fighting hordes getting dull and samey real damn fast.

>> No.11652543

Start with Forge World Techpriest. Add on Full Cybernetic Ressurrection Advance. Pick up Mechanicus Secutor Alternate Career, possibly along with Heretek Savant. Pick up all the assorted implant-talents, so you can get all of the associated Paragon Talents. Become a Magos; pick up the Armor-Monger trait. Proceed to pick up The Flesh is Weak 1 and Enhanced Frame, and with them the Paragon Talent that grants Machine 7. Pick up Unnatural Strength, Toughness, and Intelligence.

Pick up the following cybernetic implants: Mining Helot Augmentics, Good-quality Synthetic Muscle Grafts, Good-quality Hermetic Infusion, Good-quality Cortex Implants, a Bionic Heart, a pair of Bionic Legs, a pair of Bionic Arms, Cranial Armor, Subskin Armor, and a bunch of assorted Mechandendrites, including a Ballistic Mechandendrite with a Best-quality Power Fist, and one with a plasma pistol or something.

He should have a base of 60 S and T, 30-40 BS and WS, 40-50 Int and Wil, 10-15 Ag and 0-5 Fel. Advances will bump up the important ones up 10-30 points.

>> No.11652553

So, 6x3=18 SB, +2 from Power Armor, and +1 from Synthetic Muscle Fibres. TB is 6 or 7 x2; I used 7, since it's easy to raise, so TB 14. Armor is Best-quality Power Armor (9) +2 from Armor-Monger +7 from Machine 7 + 2 from Full Ressurrection + 2 from armor implants = 22 armor (21 head armor, 23 body armor).

Make sure all of his guns have Targeters from the Inquisitor's handbook, and an appropriate Red Dot Laser Sight/Motion Predictor, so all of his ranged attacks get +20 BS (plus autofire bonus). At range, he fires a hand-held Heavy gun (Heavy Bolter or Multi-melta or something), and fires his mechandendrite-pistol with his Reaction. In hand to hand, he attacks three times with his Breacher charged with his Electro Illumination and once with his Power Fist with Lightning Attack, and then attacks with the Power Fist again with his Reaction.

Oh, and he's also nigh-immune to psychic powers thanks to the Aetheric Resonator talent and an Immateria Ward. Not only does he count double his own TB and Armor against psychic attacks, but he gets another 6 points of armor against them on top of that.

>> No.11652642


Could that beat a PP with PR of 11? Suitably min-maxed?

>> No.11652644


This doesn't sound very entertaining to play. And possibly far too much to fight against as a Kill-team.

Bloody power gamers.

>> No.11652802


To further boost his anti-psyker defences as a Cyber-Seer he can get the Resistance (Psychic Powers), Strong-Minded and Mental Fortress talents for 300XP total.

As far as kit goes, a Psy-Jammer implant gives a +20 bonus to resist the effects of psychic powers, and Hexagrammatic Wards on his armour add another +20 to resist psychic powers and double the Armour Points vs. direct-damage psychic attacks.

>> No.11653542

Well that particular multimelta was obtained from a "subboss" of a previous battle. Another thing is whatever weapon you have the enemy use, they'd most likely loot it, so for that campaign, over 3/4 of my character's gear was looted, and not using any requisition besides ammo resupply.

As for hordes, my two ways is just for hordes to appear in different situations, hordes also get different traits and you can probably give them some talents from the rulebook that are "players only." Another way is to make up unique special abilities, like a renegade guardsman command squad with the ability to call down artillery strikes from a battery of basilisks that the players neglected to destroy, or guardsman suicide bombers that deal 1d10X damage for each magnitude in the 10s place, etc. Really if you have the books for DH and RT, you can turn any enemy into hordes.

Is op going to return to give us more info on DW? Maybe some psychic powers or enemy stats like the hive tyrant or crisis suit commander?

>> No.11654026


I suppose maps would help break up some of the monotony of horde combat. Though I've never been a big fan of grid maps in RPGs, in online games they're ok because of rapid photoshop manipulation and reupload (the way my RT group plays) but in person its harder to do, unless you like dry erase markers.

Though I suppose it would give me an excuse to use these Final Sanction minis for something practical.

>> No.11654819

OP returns, I'll post some stat lines for sure. Will be heading out of town for the weekend shortly, so will be the last time I come to this thread unless it lasts for days by the emprah's will.

>> No.11655200

Could you please take a photo of the weapons table?

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