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Well, some might remember my earlier thread, but I got some painting done today on the minis I'm making for the Deathwatch Demo rules.

They're not the best looking, but I'm a relative novice and I'm mostly doing this as an excuse to practice my painting.

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Storm Warden Gregor here is mostly finished, barring some touch-up, and so far the one I'm most pleased with.

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Yes I saw the thread and enjoyed it sort of... but im a guard player...

They look black.

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Octavius the Smurf is also mostly finished (touch-ups needed). A bit plain, but oh well.

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That is the paintscheme of Deathwatch. Black with silver left arm and the marine's chapter colors on the right pauldron.

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fucking Captcha, it wants Hebrew now? and I though umulats were bad...

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pretty good OP, needs one more lighter coat brushed on the cheeks and other extremeties of the face. also with blacks take a dark grey and outline some of the 'pieces' of armor only slightly like on edges . (knee cap, shoulderpads, etc) this really makes the pieces pop. also im thinking you could use an extra brush of water for every brush of paint to thin it a bit more. you almost got it OP nice for a novice try!

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Sepheran IS finished and has been gloss-coated already (awaiting dull matting). However he was largely painted by my friend, who is coaching me, somewhat to my annoyance.

I'm not sure if I'll have the courage to try highlighting myself.

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Thanks for the encouragement. These are pretty much the first minis I've painted, barring some a few years back (which were terrible).

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The rest here are far less complete, requiring detail work and more touch-ups (always touchups).

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Luician here is my great shame. Despite an undercoat of grey/khaki, the white still came out terrible, made worse by my friend's advice of "Oh just throw some Develan mud on it and we'll see how it looks."

Only the fact that everyone says white is a bitch to do keeps me from being too pissed at myself.

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Man is it nice to see other figures of my own painting level. I like what you've got so far op.

The Apothecary's white is kinda funky though. Might want to touch that up a bit.

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heres what i meant. this dude needs thinner paint too but you can see the highlighting

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take your time OP... your eyes are very sloppy especially the helmets. u need a finer brush.. also some simple-green (look it up) to get the paint off these. the first few pics were ok but some of these are inexcusable. take your time, OP. remember how much you paid for these, respect them.

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this reminds me of how whenever I get around to doing my Deathwatch squad (counts as Sternguard), it's going to be kind of awkward because they're already mostly black-armored.

I guess the right pauldron is going to end up being red, since the trim/kneepads/etc. would probably be either black, white or silver in the Deathwatch.

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prime white, undercoat white, drybrush with a light grey to get some of the details, then wash white. don't be putting any kind of brown in your white.

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Actually I paid nothing for them, they're assembled from my friend's MASSIVE collection of marine bits. I really do mean massive too. All its costing me is buying my friend a lunch and running the final sanction demo.

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The Develan mud wasn't my idea. I'm not sure why I listened to my friend there.

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Compared to my horrible painting attempts (all two of them so far) I'm not going to be harsh about them. I like what you've done here.

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Giving this a bump.

And to make it not just an empty shameless bump, here is a link to a thread on the FFG forums of a guy with a GenCon copy answering questions regarding the game.


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Or just check this thread


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Giving this one final bump for the morning

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