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good day /tg/ just stopping in to say that my frist few boxes of Slaanesh daemons showed up today, 2 boxes of seekers, 2 of daemonettes, and the masque....so my list of armies grows to....

3000+ Orks (40k)
2000-2500 Traitor guard
3000- Dark eldar
750-1000 Space marines
4000+ Warriors of chaos, slaanesh (WFB)
???pts- skorne (hordes)

how is your day going /tg/?

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I still have about 15 CSM models left to paint (already primed) and I'm procrastinating.
I could do it, but I have a head ache and I'm not in the mood. If I'm not in the mood I do a shitty paint job.

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>how is your day going /tg/?

Tired. Falling-asleep-in-the-chair tired. I should be painting right now but I don't feel up to it right now. Hopefully I'll perk up a bit later and get some work done.

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sorry bout the headache bro, but hey only 15 to go, I still have to all my stuff to paint or repaint. all the space marines I have have been taking a Simple green bath for about a week and a half, the spray paint is FINALLY coming off to reveal a second layer of a different color spray paint.

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I know how you mean, I did a term paper all today and then went and did 20 sets of 5 power cleans at the gym. And then when I checked the mail my slaanesh army was here.

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Got a command squad today.

Gonna finish the first of several Tactical Squads for my Salamander army. Coming out well. First "real" army to actually look good since I made a little Kroot thing.

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This thread reminds me, I really should get back to my attempts to sand cast some more metal clones.
I've still only got half of the fiend of Slaanesh.

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15 models is still about 10-15 hours.
I'm contemplating buying and adding some Obliterators. Are they worth it?

I'm thinking of starting up a Necron army too, but I'm probably waiting for the codex.

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I use 'em all the time, but that is just me, spawn plasma cannons every turn and rip squads a new asshole.

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Obliterators are very, very good. Rare to see a Chaos Army without a squad of three because of that fact.

Necrons? Not so much. Feel free to buy up core plastic units of the army - Warriors, Destroyers, the Monolith - safe in the knowledge it's very unlikely they get new kits, but they're pretty terrible on-table right now.

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Almost finished with an Immolator turret. The most complex thing I've painted so far.

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mah next purchase :D

pic related

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>Obliterators are awesome
Thanks, I was very interested in them but didn't know about how well they preformed (expensive to field, cost $20 per model, etc.) I might pick some up.

>Necrons are terrible right now
Yeah, that's why I'm thinking of waiting till the codex comes out. I guess I will wait.

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I put screaming ork heads on the ends of my bolters along with bits from spare CSM backpacks so that I could have more Noise marines with sound blaster-like weapons.
I think it looks alright, actually buying sound blasters would be expensive as fuck, and I can't really change it now, but I don't know if I should just use those guys as proxies.
I'd post pictures but I don't have any, just try to picture it (they're going to be painted boltgun metal, not green).
It's obvious they're ork heads on a gun, but it does look like part of the gun.

I'm at the stage where I'm thinking they may look a little silly.

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So long as they look noticeably different from regular Bolters, it'll be fine. If nothing else, you can use them to cover you until you can afford to order a bunch of Sonic Blasters. Paint them up, snap off the old arms with the Counts-As Sonic Blasters, and glue the new ones in place.

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>So long as they look noticeably different from regular Bolters
Oh yeah, they do.
>If nothing else, you can use them to cover you until you can afford to order a bunch of Sonic Blasters

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I used the dragon/gargoyle/daemon addons from the chaos vehicle sprue for mine, looks almost seamless.

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>Re-check the prices for Obliterators on the GW website
God damn. Hopefully the prices are cheaper at my local hobby shop.

Also, damn, they're made of metal. Plastic is so much nicer to work with.

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Plastic Obliterators would make my day.

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god damn, $35? shit glad i bout the two I have now with a bundle of marines and a rhino, for $40...that being said Ebay motherfuckers.

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Get a box of Terminators, some Green Stuff, some spare guns and go to down with conversions. Slightly cheaper than three metal Obliterators, and you've got the choice between converting up five Oblits, or three and bulking a Terminator squad up by two more models.

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Holy crap, why did I never think of this? Thank you!

That said, I've never used green stuff before (just starting out. Have my first 1000 point army), but hell I have 2 spare models just in case I fuck up.

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Eh, so long as you have the sculpting tool it shouldn't be too hard.

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Go slow, don't use too much at a time. A lot of people - myself included - start off by using huge gobs of Green Stuff and overwhelming the figure with a mass of featureless putty. You want to add to the existing detail, not cover it up. Get a few things with thin, pointy tips - pins or needles - and something with a flat, round end in order to detail and smooth the putty respectively. GW's sculpting tool is actually kinda decent in that regard. Keep your tool damp, or covered with a dusting of talcum powder, to stop it from sticking to your tools.

Good luck - even after eight, nine years in the hobby, my Green stuff skills are pretty woeful. Hopefully you'll have more of a knack for it than I.

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having previous sculpting classes helps but greenstuff is a different beast than clay, follow these instructions and you should do ok, I would practice on a model you don't much care about first though, as terminators are 10 bucks a pop (unless you use the assault on black reach ones)

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>Keep your tool damp
>You want to add to the existing detail, not cover it up
>Get a few things with thin, pointy tips - pins or needles - and something with a flat, round end

Thanks, I'll keep these in mind. I'll pick up some chaos terminators and some green stuff when I'm done my current lot.

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so are you running a themed army or chaos undecided?

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I did this, actually. Although I used a few things as well as ork heads, such as a few gaunt heads with their mouths GSed open and also a few zombie heads.

If you use green stuff to significantly smooth the decline from head to bolter it looks like you haven't just glued ork head onto bolters and they look like different guns entirely. Also, clip off any ears you use, as well as anything that sticks out at the sides (such as hair, in the case of zombies). Also if you do end up using something like nids or kroot (I didn't like my kroot version really, but it still works) remove the spines and cover up the nids' plates and what may remain of kroot spines.

Basically draw an imaginary line on each side of the heads that touches the corner of the mouth and is just about past the corner of the eye. Everything behind this line should be smoothed out and, using green stuff, make a steady decline from head to about halfway up the bolter.

Of course you can distort the line and in some cases I'd encourage it, just keep the eyes and mouth in it.

With ork heads this would mean smoothing out the back on the head. Personally I smooth down from the eyebrows.
That way they start to look more like guns with screaming faces on them rather than guns with ork heads glued to them.

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Slaanesh based. Warlock purple with gold trim.
I bought the Assault on Dark Reach with a friend who wanted the orcs. I converted my space marines to chaos with plastic toothpicks to make 'em spiky.
I also bought myself a tactical squad and some emperor's children to go with it.
All in all, it's coming along well.

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Thanks, I might go back and redo them when I get good at using green stuff.

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alright in that case consider insted of taking a bunch of guns make one large sound cannon as the Oblit weapons and just add tentacles and such elsewhere on the models.

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I'll keep that in mind, although Obliterators can't use sonic weapons, can they?

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no but you would be keeping with theme.....well I'm gonna go work on my daemons or my traitor guard.

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Also, I'm out to paint aswell. I'm in the mood to finish up some guys.

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3000 DE points!?

Please give an approximate army list.

I have about 1500-1700 myself

DE forever

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I'm not a good example really, I play a hybrid wychs and warriors list...it's all sorts of terrible.

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if you'll settle for a list of models I can post that though.

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but wyches are so cash!

Srsly, what do you field that accounts for so many points?

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in a 600 point game versus some spess merhenes, my wyches tore his tactical squads to shreds, and their blasters made short work of his terminators. Their raider's dark lance mopped up a few as well. Wyches: so cash. (at least in 3rd ed.)

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I just have a big army that's all....and I don't field it all at once, those numbers are just an Approx, I'll post the list for that army and you can see.

4 raiders, 2 ravangers, 20 incubi+special char, 2 dracons, 1 archon,Vect,kruellagh, 27 wyches, lilith, 5 warpbeasts+ handler, 18 jetbikes, 10 sourges, 9 grotesques, 3 haemonculous, special char haemonculous, 2 talos,10 mandrakes, and 80-somthing warriors.

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