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Hay! Hay Guys! Maybe we could do a aw-dray ead-thray

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The crazy janitor is gone I thought.

No need to hide.

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oday omethingsay romfay hetay Adabbay arway, ikelay Pacesay harksay gainstaay Antismay Arriorsway?

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moot as the God-Emprah.

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Cultist, Boone and Wissil having a lesbian orgy with Dranon and Doomrider bumming each other at the same time in the background.

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I suppose it would be appropriate to draw a janitor being forcefully buggered by a horny silverback gorilla.

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Can I ask why the janitor objected to drawthreads? People wanting character portraits or /tg/ themed characters don't sound objectionable to me.

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Draw some soldiers from the 78th Rape Guard. I have no idea what they look like but it is time for a scary IG regiment.

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Erhapspay avehay hetay Pacesay Harkssay Arinemay nlyoay allingcay hetay Antismay Arriorway ay raitortay ecausebay e'shay earingway amouflagecay?

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>/tg/ is still asspained about the awesome janitor

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>Janitor so awesome he was immediately fired

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It's a pity their asspain was so great it immediately got the janitor nixed.

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>because the faggot squad went bitching to moot

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possibly because every single one was full of porn?

>when krendans

when indeed?

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Eak-spay English-ay, other-may-ucker-fay.
Ig-pay-Atin-lay is-ay or-fay ine-sway and-ay irty-day Ispanics-hay.

Damn, I feel unclean now... I need a cold shower and a hot bath.

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Stay classy, /tg/.

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>Implying that it's still relevant, and that anyone cares

It's shit with janitors, shit without janitors. Deal with it.

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Go' forgi'e.me

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Oh god damnyou Culexus...
He looks like a retarded, raven haired and fat xboxkid.

>Captcha: Help curephat
Well said.

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A sister of battle with a Chinese look. A Cheongsam instead of the standard robe. Maybe a Jian instead of a regular chain sword.

We could do with some non-standard Sisters of Battle. There are non-standard Space Marines and Guard why not Sisters.

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different angle.

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Emperor is trying to manage the Imperium, while Gork & Mork watch, clearly interested in what the Emperor is doing. The Emperor should look frustrated.

"Gork and Mork, pls go"


Alternatively, Kharn beating the shit out of Doomrider.

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Oh damn it!
BTW I love you.

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Boone being useful.

Yeah, there's a challenge for you alright.

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A drawthread? This early? I ain't brushed my teeth yet

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Cuddles trying to be non-creepy and failing at at. Hilariously.

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Draw your take on the elemental plane of butthurt.

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I second this notion.

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Haha, oh wow. I just visualized a butthurt elemental. It was amusing, and far from anything smart or correct.

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>Gork and mork, pls go


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sounds cool. on it.

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Ooh, I like this one. Seconded.

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Can you draw a full body picture of a Jeanstealer lookalike in a customized Maid outfit?

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A Jian, with a tassle and everything. That would be very cool.

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Boone is useful, she makes recaff!

on this

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Boone is so d'aww

on that note, off to work I go.

then sleep after work... hauuuuu.

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>chanel demon

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I think you got mixed up between Carnal and Charnel there.

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No, I mean a charnel daemon. What, have you NEVER looked through the DH core rulebook?

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must do gork n' mork next

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I miss chink. Who draws young girls being violently raped to death like him?

>> No.11622534

bracing for more awesome examples

>> No.11622540

Sadly, nobody.
Ribbonfag doesn't do nudes.
Liar is an annoying moralfag.
Greenmarine only draws tits, never delicious flat chests ;_;

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Any chance you could draw this man as a Dreadnought?

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He was the best of the drawfags. Godspeed, chink, wherever you are.
He's not dead, though, we know that.

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I know what a Charnel Daemon is, but I just really don't want to believe you wanted to see a picture of it raping someone.

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I think I remember Slants or Cei drawing things like this.

>nippled 14-15

Well said, captcha.

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I really want to saw Samefag here, but I'm not completely sure a few fit with the rest...

Still, ya'll be faggots and need to get the fuck out of /tg/ with your shit.

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You better believe it, pal. I don't expect it to be drawn, though, since all the drawfags are massive faggots these days.

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Is that... a melta bomb is a food case AND FIRE PIGTAILS?!

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I think it is...

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I looked over my shoulder at least twice while drawing this. Fffffffff-

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And it is AWESOME!

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Give her a kiss and all will be alright.

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Nah, drawfaggit was a bro. (And Chink was that creepy uncle of yours)

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/crying at the thought.

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I'm glad I stayed up late. I like this guy.

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You know, there WERE drawfags before your weeaboo shitscribbles.
They were awesome.

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thar ya go

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As long as the two of you don't have sex, nothing bad will happen. Hell, even a blowjob will probably only cost you an arm.

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This is the best thing I ever saw

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No, you fool, it's "pls go".

>> No.11622701


Tried to go as fast as possible, but I am nit picky sometimes. :c

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Do realise that when you argue with an idiot, you look like just as big an idiot?

>> No.11622706

The Emperor does not use abbreviations.

>> No.11622712

That is what was asked of the drawfaggit. It's not the same joke otherwise.

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Thanks for your effort, and it is surely very well done... but I think there isn't much of a Sister of Battle left in that one.

>> No.11622719

As the requester, I say the picture is glorious and you are being nitpicky.

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To be honest, I don't play 40K all that much but yesssss. Tried my best. ._. Sorry it's not 40K enough.

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Oh, I know! I was there. Why, 2 years ago or so, Miko, Lolcron and I all shared a thread on lolcrons birthday, and were drew up a storm. Love bloomed and it was awesome.

I stay in touch with a lot of the actual good drawfags, but well, they're either busy or sick of /tg/'s shit, generally.

Or drafted. Drag.

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What is that coming out of your ears?

>> No.11622770

The Drizz't of Necron just... left. What a faggot.

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Those are tears, man. Explosive, passionate, ceaseless tears.
Apparently I cry from my earholes. It's all good.

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>Apparently I cry from my earholes
I wouldn't say that too loud, it is probably someone's fetish around here.

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That's where Chink went. He got Drafted into the Korean or Taiwanese army. I forget which country he lived in.

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Could you draw the girl in my pic but with a Vega-style mask that only covers half her face and blue fire-like psychic effects surrounding her?

>> No.11622823


Oh wow. Thank you wonderful drawfag. That is wonderous.

>> No.11622829

Imma try this too

>> No.11622832

Haha, oh wow. Onee-chan of battle.

... also, I think one of the symbols on my captcha was an elder sign. What the fhtagn.

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I knew about chink, I hoped it would explain the abscence of some other beloved drawfag.

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bad babysitter choice.

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That picture made me think a little...

... how about Cuddles brushing her teeth? Maybe flossing? How many hours would she spend every night at that, anyway?

>> No.11622883

I beg to differ, she's the best baby sitter choice there is!
That boy won't bother his parents for weeks to come.

>> No.11622890


She's chinese, more jiejie than Onee-chan.

>> No.11622903

Kharn holding a box of chocolates, asking if you want to be his valentine.

Bonus points for shy demeanor.

>> No.11622916

Yeah, but jiejie doesn't work as well for trolling the old and fiercely anti-weeaboo 40k grognards.

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My God, was that really two years ago? I've been here waaay too long.

Oh well. Tell 'em good luck with whatever they are doing from me. I always liked their stuff and remember when they were here regularly with fondness.

>> No.11622985

We all do, fella.

>> No.11623009

I'm not a drawfag but I apreciate them. Give them regards from another Anon that liked them and tried to be polite.

Wish them well.

>> No.11623018

Yeah, I've been here 4 years. Imagine how old I feel.

>> No.11623027


Damn I miss them.

>> No.11623035

Let them know that they still have an admirer in me, and that I hope to add more of their work to the Collections someday in the future.

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I honestly have no idea how long I've been coming to 4chan. I want to say 5 or 6 years, but that seems too long... On the other hand, nothing lower seems right. I tried looking for chat logs to show when I was first linked to it... But they fucking autodeleted after years, and it pissed me off.

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well fuck i tried

>> No.11623074


Cool. It's looks damn nice mate.

>> No.11623086

So azn she shits pandas~

Still, it works surprisingly well, considering it's a skimpy silk dress pulled over a power armor.

>> No.11623097

Heya Collector.

>> No.11623137

Can I get a half fiend griffon?

>> No.11623152

That's fucking awesome.

I had a cool idea to ask for half a hour ago. Now I did forget it, am sad.

>> No.11623165


All in all I think it fits as well as, if not better than the robes. Looks better.

>> No.11623187

Draw something with kobolds, they're pretty cool.

>> No.11623198

Culexus in a straw hat, Hawaiian shirt and a camera on his vacations on a Eldar Craftworld - I requested this years ago and got a sketch (that I sadly lost, could anyone post it ?) but it was never finished.

Macha as his tour guide that ended up there because off her failures and life going hilariously wrong would be a nice touch. You know, the look that people who failed their dream college/work and now have to do something that makes them feel hollow.

>> No.11623267


Not requested, but here, collector. I understand you collect cultist.

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A man on a mission (think James Bond), but cant decide which way to go, (left, right, under, blast through the wall?) becuse he's arguing with the imaginary people that he sees. And a guard sees him arguing with himself, thinks he's insane (and is right) and figures he isnt much of a threat (and is wrong) and watches him for amusement before the spy sees the guard and shoots him in the head?

Or is that too much?

>> No.11623521


what is this i dont even...

>> No.11623704

drawfag still here?

>> No.11624126

that's not a picture.
that is a COMIC, easily 4 panels, and if the artists wants to get detaily about it, 9+ panels

>> No.11624159

Commander Shepard on the toilet as Legion pokes his head through the wall and says "Shepard-Commander."

>> No.11624187

Valkia The Bloody fighting against a Living Saint

>> No.11624191

rolled 11 = 11

Play it again Sam.

>> No.11624339

elves on hikes, can I have some?

pic related.

it is my fetish

>> No.11624356

Elves on Kikes? Oh boy!

>> No.11624372

Kike elves! Oy vey!

>> No.11624375


not really, but elf and jew adorableness would be okay.

after all, that's why I love me some dorfxelf

>> No.11624395

Again I must express my fondness of the idea of merging a Hebrew an an elf.

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>> No.11624493

Fuuu, don't have my drawing stuff and have the mental image.

>> No.11624687

long walks in the forest?
traveling trails in the tundra?
mountain climbing with less climbing more walking?

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