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Funny /tg/-related images, continuation of >>11618104

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Just starting on my Warhammer folders. Dumped all my other /tg/ images in the last thread. Oh, and if I run out of those, there's always unrelated...

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I do love Secret Lives of Mobs

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you know this is related

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This always brings a smile to my face

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now...about these steak knifes.......

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and so does this one

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found a few more non-Warhammer pics in other folders

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I hate how that guy draws Tzeentch.

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yeah, well, FYS

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...I'd hit it

I really would :(
and yes I know spoilers don't work on /tg/

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The last line makes me laugh every time

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isnt that screencap from Boatmurdered?

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so much hate

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because Adeptus Evangelion

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Holy shit one of my High School friends drew that.

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I think so.

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think about it

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I'm in my "Posters" folder, in case you haven't noticed

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Holy fucking shit, I never even realized that. DX

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oh god

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Dump all of your SLom!
My DM gave my character exp for showing him those, they're so awesome and hard to find.

I'll post all I've got

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I remember that thread, I was the first poster.

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Using the Wayback Machine I was able to salvage several, although for some reason most of them won't load, despite repeated attempts, while others do. I only saved my favorites, which are on another computer. I'll post them before I go take a shower. Check back in 30 min

I always, always laugh at this. The idea of the bear arriving in the taxi to maul the players is just beyond words. It makes me feel warm inside

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The more I see of Slaanesh the more I approve of my choice to be loyal to Slaanesh.

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>MWDA Atlas

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Thanks bro. I'll be there, saving them all.

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Ironically, all four Chaos gods are in WAR, just not all to the extent of Tzeentch. Khorne, Nurgle, and Slannesh have cults and fortresses throughout the game, leading to some interesting situations, like prostitutes in Altdorf that invite you inside, and when you follow them in, they turn in daemonettes and rip you apart. Oh, and just today I was reading some of my Land of the Dead unlocks and there's one that references a powerful Tomb King sorcerer who was "a thief and a lover of horses", yet still managed to cure the "Great Groin Itch"

how the game got a T rating I'm not sure

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I want to know what became of this campaign

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Okay, NOW Warhammer

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Avoiding comics where possible, btw

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We had a situation like this the other day. Buddy and I were playing 40k, store was filling up with Friday night MtG players, when two semi-hot girls walked in to buy cards. I was proud to say that nobody in the store really cared

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Tzeentch and Slaanesh are allied right?

I'm building my first army and planning on going with an army loyal to the two, with a leaning on Slaanesh.

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No Chaos god can be said to be allied to any other, but Tzeentch and Slannesh do indeed work better together than other combination. Khorne is the opposite of Tzeentch, Slannesh is the opposite of Nurgle

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I assume this is from many years ago, back when /tg/ was nothing more than Warhammer Wednesdays on /b/

how far we have come

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Khorne hates Slaanesh, dislikes Tzeentch, and is indifferent to Nurgle.

Slaanesh hates Khorne, dislikes Nurgle, and is indifferent to Tzeentch.

Tzeentch hates Nurgle, dislikes Khorne, and is indifferent to Tzeentch.

Nurgle hates Tzeentch, dislikes Slaanesh, and is indifferent to Khorne.

Having an army worship two gods at once is... unique. Wonder what they'd look like?

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They're so happy ^_^

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No, not really. They're just contemporaries because Khorne hates magic and thinks Slaanesh is weak, and Nurgle hates change and Slaanesh hates that he and his followers stagnate and seek no experience other than that of Papa Nurgle.

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well now, they dont call him the god of change for nothing if hes indifferent to himself.

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>Tzeentch hates Nurgle, dislikes Khorne, and is indifferent to Slaanesh.

Fixed. Bah, I need fucking sleep.

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In the WHFB fluff it's not unheard of for there to be mixed-faith warbands. Likely the warriors will be more inclined to worship Khorne or Nurgle, while the seer might follow Tzeentch, and the Lord could find great pleasures in the service of Slaanesh

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Good question, I've still been trying to figure out a color scheme and such.

So far I'm thinking something black, and figuring out whether secondary colors to be a blue/purple combination or what. Thinking maybe having all the troops loyal to slaanesh and then each squad leader is a representative of Tzeentch with a secondary colors scheme.

Glad to see my idea's not being shot down as dumb though.

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Throwing your sword always works, TVtropes said.
It'll always kill your enemy, they claimed.

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A friend of mine who doesn't play 40k saw this picture and was like, "wat". I couldn't even explain it to him

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I planned on a Tzeentch/Slaanesh army.

An army of everchanging, pleasure craving serpentine daemons backed with Sorcerers of Sound and Superiority. Armies of Rubric Slaves being dominated by Slaaneshi daemons and Noise Marines.

Ever Seeking. Ever Changing. Ever Marching.

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This one, however, is quite easy to get

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Dem Dark Eldar, man. Dem fukken Dark Eldar.

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Sage advice, friend. Sage advice

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I'm having the hardest time deciding whether this goes in the 40k Chaos, WHFB Chaos, or Robot Unicorn Attack folder

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it may not be /tg/ material, but I don't care

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I lolled.

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i thought Khorne hated Tzeentch, because of "Magic is for sissies"?

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Best be careful with talk like that, there's a new janitor in town

Seriously though, I love the guy

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Done last Christmas, IIRC. Might have been two ago

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He hates Slaanesh more. Tzeentch may be a pansy coward magic-user, but at least he's not a sex-crazed debauch.

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That's not true, mate. Khorne is Tzeentch's foil. Thought versus action

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So how is Nurgle Slaanesh's foil?

Also, Slaanesh acts inwardly, indulging the self, while Khorne acts outwardly, lashing out at everything.

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It fits. Try singing it.

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As I promised. Again, I only saved my favorites, but try using the Wayback Machine on www.secretlivesofmobs.com and see what you can pull up. Theoretically every single comic is still there, it's just a matter of trying enough times to get them to load correctly. Post what you find on /tg/ sometime, I'd love to have them. Read it every day when it was new

Especially loved the one about the Greenskin/Dwarf war over dick rock

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I know for a fact that four comics I chose not save loaded fine, just took a while. One was about there being no dancing in WAR, another was the comic artist bitching at beta testers, and the other two have been saved and posted in this thread (the giants and zealot ones)

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And I was worried already! Thanks!

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I was going to make a demotivator of this about how /tg/ can't agree on anything, but I couldn't get the resolution right.

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Tzeentch and Nurgle are the foils of each one. One believes in naught but change, one believes in naught but stagnation. They're opposites.

Khorne believes in the destruction of everything, Slaanesh believes in the perfection of everything. Yet again, total opposites.

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I suppose no other board might appreciate this one like /tg/ could.

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That is the single most awesome thing i have seen this month

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/tg/ has a kind of love/hate relationship with Dresden Codak:

On one hand, the art is VERY pretty and goes fairly in depth on random geeky topics. The also tends to be "intellectual" humor in that it includes a lot of references to classical literature.

On the other hand, most of the posters on /tg/ (and 4chan as a whole) are functional illiterates and have trouble with words with more then five or six letters and humor more complicated then a poop joke.

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>/tg/ has a kind of love/hate relationship with Dresden Codak:

>On one hand, the art is VERY pretty and namedrops random geeky topics. There also tends to be "intellectual" humor in that it includes a lot of references to classical literature.

>On the other hand, the author is so far up the ass of his main character he comes out at the other end. Also every storyline boils down to "yay transhumanism!"


I like DC, but pretending that the only thing that's wrong with it is that it's too deep for some people is ridiculous.

>> No.11623512

>/tg/ loves that comics because the jokes are geeky and understandable to /tg/.
>/tg/ loves that comics because the jokes are geeky and incomprehensible to /tg/.

Лол цто?

>> No.11623533

I agree, DresCod makes me smirk or smile sometimes, and some works are undeniably creative, but some times the jokes just miss.

>> No.11623559


There's an arguably highbrow poop joke in there though.

>> No.11623573

You forgot the third group.

The group that enjoys or doesn't enjoy Dresden Codak, but still see it as a somewhat tame comic that tries hard to be intellectual.

Sure it goes deeper than most webcomics, but it isn't exactly deep in comparison to other media.

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secretlivesofmobs.com is deeeeead

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i got a few fun /tg/ pics and screen shots.

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Yeah. Google "Wayback Machine" and load the site from there. It got hosed badly by that hack job.

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here's one that always made me chuckle

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posing as the emporer to get laid, that's smells of heresy to me!

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Thread's still around? Epic

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I'm a Tau player and my friend runs Space Marines. I'm very familiar with this image and the last one

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"Hahaha, Khorne sounds like corn"

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God of Penises

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/tg/ you dont even need the other boards anymore.

>proadend ppakka

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