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As an exercise in boredom, and in preperation to run the Deathwatch Demo-Rules for a few friends I have started working on minis of the pregens from Final Sanction. Today I finished assembling.

What does /tg/ think?

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I like the sword stored on Gregor's back.

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I wish my GM did that for my game.

Looks sweet.

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Unrelated, but don't the Ultramarines contribute a large amount of marines to the Deathwatch?

Also, bump.

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I thought death watch came out already?

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How the hell does he reach it?

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I will play a Salamander with a big ass meltagun and a hammer for back-up. I do not care how.

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Two Ultrasmurfs?

Every single other chapter with their own playable codex has a pre-made marine, and not a single Black Templar? And the blue-fucks get two?

Fucking assholes.

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Damn spiffy. I'd suggest adding a few grenades and pouches on them, since a few of them look a bit bare. Not to mention DW squads are usually loaded with extra equipment.

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I hope Elyas, Skold, and Gregor get shot in the head.

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Well, since he carries a "Sacris Claymore" (Sacris being the Storm Wardens homeworld) instead of a combat knife, I couldn't resist putting it on.

Gregor I went pretty free-style on the others I tried to get close to their portrait art. I'm pleased with the details I managed to get close to.

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The final decision on the Black Templar special ability apparently wasn't made when the demo rules came out.

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he can one hand a claymore?

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Who the fuck assembles, then paints?

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I considered that, but I'm a novice painter, so I didn't want to make them too busy.

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He's a goddamn space marine. He can one hand an eviscerator.

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>taking pregen characters seriously

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He's a fucking Space Marine.

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Everyone I know?


According to someone with a Gencon copy the suits have the built-in equivalent of recoil gloves that let them use Basic weapons one handed, so its not so far fetched. Besides the Sacris Claymore is basically the same stats as a combat knife with an extra +4 damage.

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>efiilling Her

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Black Templars get no fucking love from GW.
Worse than both Blood Angels and Space Yiffs in everything, including their only good tactic of CC. Space Marine codex breaks the 1-Crusader-only rule, BT gets no errata giving them better storm shields, no Redeemers, etc.

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Could be worse. Could be an entire game devoted purely to marines...

oh wait.

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Hey, I was just following the unit portrait. I considered having helmets clipped to Gregor's and Elyas' belts, but that would've been a bit difficult to do.

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Black Templars are in the full game. Chill out.

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I thought only captains could do that?

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Offhand question, but does anyone know how non-codex marines handle classes? I know there are rough equivalents--Grey Hunters = Initiates = Tac Marines/Wolf Guard = Sword Bretheren = Sternguard--but how do you handle things like Wolf Priests, or the Emperor's Champions?

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I'd make sense, they spend a lot of time fighting the nids.

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And nids are one of the primary enemies in the area depicted in Deathwatch, the Jericho Reach.

The other two I know of being Tau and Chaos.

For the Templar fan: Pic related

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At least you have a fucking goddamned entire codex to use in tabletop! Fuck, my favorite sub-variant army was given a colossal 'Fuck You' by GW, and made "playable" with it's current parent codex.

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I'm jealous OP, none of my RL friends want to play the tabletop want to play the demo and I can't find a group online to play either.

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Thanks. The only reason I'm doing this is because:

A) I'm bored
B) I need to practice my painting
C) Space Marines are easy enough to make
D) My friend has a billion assorted space marine bits

I wish I had some of the DW conversion kit =][= pauldrons, they're much nicer looking than the command squad ones. However the kits costs $25, not really worth it for a spur-of-the-moment project.

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This thread makes me want my Alienhunters codex

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It'd be rather amusing if I could let my friend field the kill-team with his Space Marine army.

Speaking of... what is the "Kill-team" sub-game like? I haven't played 40k since 3rd edition.

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Fucking Captcha.

Bump for my question.

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Isn't it called Combat Patrol or something now?

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Kill team for current edition is in the Battle Missions book. It sucks balls compared to previous edition.

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Bummer. Well thanks for the answer. I might still take a look. Thanks for the answer. >>11617308 too.

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Oh cool, I actually just made up an Apothecary model for this game, sure wish I had a fucking camera right about now.

>hyperplanes, bosiongl

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Since I've got this thread, I'll put this musing here instead of a new one.

Given a drop-pod exists to deploy a Dreadnought. Do you think one of them could be adapted to instead carry marine bikes (two or three) to a Kill-team needing transportation?

I'm just trying to think of things that I could do to make missions more interesting, and being able to deploy the kill-team equipment in the field could be interesting. Need a vehicle? Drop in some bikes or a Speeder (Doubt you could fit a speed into a Dreadnought pod though, unless you partially disassembled it).

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No it makes to much sense

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And of course, you could always let them spend their precious requisition points on something like a Deathstorm pod, for when they've absolutely gotta kill a dozen hordes fast.

Of course this all relies on the fact they have orbital superiority.

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I think a standard Pod could pull that off just fine.
Bikes clamped to the doors vertically, five marines to a pod. White Scars would love that shit.

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Also, here is an idea I had for an adventure/mission that isn't just a combat fest:

The Kill-team is on a transport carrying supplies for the crusade (As well as a smaller shipment for the Inquisition, the Kill-team being part of it) to the war-fronts, when must make a translation to avoid a small warpstorm. It finds itself in a system that hasn't really been scouted in the millennium since the Imperium pulled out, and was labeled "un-noteworthy" at the time. However it detects a habitable world.

Pulling into orbit it detects signs of civilization, just in time to be set upon by an Eldar Corsair (Dark Eldar too). The transport has no chance against the raider and is quickly defeated. Preferably the Kill-team helps repel boarders for a bit, but are ultimately ordered to preserve themselves and flee the ship in one of their drop-pods, shortly before the ship takes a massive salvo from the D.Eldar (who the PCs forced to fall back from a boarding attempt) and loses control, falling into the atmosphere.

Basically they find themselves on a human populated medieval world, dominated by a religion with some trappings of the Imperial Creed, but also some chaos influences (how subtle I'm not sure). Psykers known to the populace (who speak an extremely degenerated form of Low Gothic) as"Wizards" exist and often rule small duchies and kingdoms (and the Wizards will not be happy with these "star demons"). Feral Orks are about, and signs of the Dark Eldar occasionally raiding the populace for slaves and playthings.

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What does the Kill Team do? Do they just sit tight and wait for rescue? Will rescue come? Did they get an astropathic distress call off? Did the Dark Eldar notice the Kill-team escaped? Will they want to hunt the Marines?

What will they do for supplies? The power packs will last for about a month of use (IIRC), and they've only got whatever ammo they can carry and was in the pod (a handful of reloads each). Can they find more supplies in wreckage from the ship? Presumably the main body of the ship came down somewhere, do they try to find it?

I figure in a month or so an Imperial Frigate/Cruiser shows up in orbit to investigate the distress call. Until then they just gotta survive the attentions of the local wizard/sorcerers, the Feral Orks (who take a big interest in these 'ard metal men) and the Dark Eldar, who would love to have some Astartes trophies/slaves. I'm a bit worried that such an adventure might be frustrating for the players however. Stuck with dwindling supplies on a backwater world.

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I doubt you'd be able to fit marines AND a bike into the same pod, The marines need harness equipment and such (I have a hard time seeing how 10 marines can fit in the standard pod anyways, same issue with the Rhino I guess).

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I'm just curious how they deal with the Black Templars violent distaste for psykers. I'm assuming you can play a Librarian in Deathwatch.

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Presumably they've sworn oaths of cooperation when they second marines to Deathwatch.

In short.

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> Sepheran
Sounds dangerously like Sephiroth

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Hey I'm not the one who named him. Both names are a derivative of "Seraph" anyways, I bet.

Oh and yes, you can play a Librarian. The specialties in Deathwatch are:

Tactical Marine
Assault Marine
Devastator Marine
Tech Marine.

6 Chapters are represented:

Space Wolves
Blood Angels
Dark Angels
Black Templars
Storm Wardens (FFG Original chapter)

As you gain experience, unlike Rogue Trader or Deathwatch you don't buy skills from a single list, instead you have 4 sets of progression:

Space Marine (general)
Deathwatch Training

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The FFG page on Templars states that brothers inducted into the Deathwatch often have to spend days in meditation just to take their killsense from "FUCKYOUANDDIEWITCHSCUM" down to "happyplacehappyplacesistersandhoney."
Even then, if the Librarian even so much as thinks about having an opinion, brother-Templar is going to make the resident Space Wolf look civil.

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Which is why I think a Storm Warden Librarian (Wardens being known for the love of constructive debate) would be the funniest thing to inflict upon a Templar.

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fuck year templar

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Giving this a bump, no more though

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I like the idea of them having to rely on melee weapons and resorting to bolters and other ranged weapons only when absolutely necessary... of course I bet not all the SMs will want to go along with that plan. And that's just about conserving ammo. Man I really like this idea.

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I think a Runepriest would piss them off even more

being "mutants" and all

toss in a dark angel and then an ultramarine and EVERYONE WILL HATE EACH OTHER

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first thing i thought was this

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seriously, theres a fucking reason that bad DM's let people play marines

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And that reason is...?

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Well in a game not about marines it can be horribly unbalancing.
Obviously that point doesn't matter in a deathwatch game.

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It's almost like the selected corebook Chapters were picked for the sole reason of causing in character strife and drama!

Of course, I'm still going to play a Black Templar Assault Marine. My jump pack and power weapons will allow me to work out any aggression I feel towards my companions out in wholesome slaughter!

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I heard a rumour Tau are being stated in Death Watch.

Any word on this?

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That's why there are no Salamanders, they're just too amicable.

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Probably enemies but do you mean statted as characters or statted as enemies?

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Tau are in Deathwatch.

Crisis Commander
Stealth Suits
Fire Warriors
Gun Drones

The latter two will probably be 'Hordes'.

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>Okay, so I actually got a chance to play Deathwatch at GenCon, with a party of 3 characters, who I boosted to a bit into rank two to cover both the difficulty of their mission and their small number--I still wasn't sure they would even get past the first leg of the mission, where the Tau base was the target.

>Turns out, they probably could have sacked that base straight out of char gen. In one battle, they struck from surprise after luring the majority of the forces out to hunt them, and killed:

>--A Crisis-Suit Equipped Commander
>--Between 40 and 60 Fire Warriors, depending on how you interpret the Magnitude value of such a foe
>--40 Gun Drones.

>During this battle, only one of them was wounded, although the Apothecary had to bail before we were ready to do the next stage, and we ruled he was knocked unconscious under the weight of the Tau he had murdered. If he had stayed, I would have put good odds on their successful confrontation with the Daemon Prince, Chaos Marine Sorcerer, and their Heretic minion. And yes, Daemon Princes are statted in the core book, along with Hive Tyrants and many other gribblies.

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how long until someone creates houserules for female space marines in order to piss off the lore-nazi minority of /tg/?

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Jesus and Mary, wow.

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Astartes Bolters are scary.

The Pistol and Boltgun do 2d10+5 X per shot. And are S/2/4 (With the pistol being S/2/-)

The Heavy Bolter is 2d10+10 X -/-/10

And these are the simplest of the Marine's equipment, the standard issue! Imagine when they get renown to start requisitioning heavier equipment.

>In playtesting two rank 1 marines killed a Daemon Prince in one turn. Things have been tweaked a little since then, but not enough that this would be completely outside the realm of possibility.

>There was a little bit of Righteous Fury. It was mostly a combination of Heavy Bolters being death on legs to anything that's outside of their charge range (which to be fair was pretty big) and Librarians being really nasty if they decide "I'm being attacked by a Daemon Prince, what's the worst that can happen if I push my powers?". Psychic powers in particular took a lot of attention to find a good middle ground with.

Honestly that almost sounds TOO powerful.

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Well, Demon Princes are very strong Space Marines with no guns. So, technically, it isn't too weird.

But yeah, just two marines taking down a Demon Prince is a bit much. Or actually... less.

>> No.11623949


Well, one was a Psyker going all out. Don't play tabletop, can your typical Librarian be a valid threat to a Daemon Prince?

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Angron's Daemon Prince form was also given stats for Apocalypse in GW's site. He's not that much more powerful than a standard daemon prince, so I guess four rank 1 marines would kill him with relative ease if he's ever statted for DW.

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Fuck yeah, Tau stats. If I GM Rogue Trader, I'd totally have a Tau colony ship lost in the Warp and tossed halfway across the galaxy due to a warp drive malfunction.

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Well, one also has to remember that, being a d6 based system. Everything in the tabletop is kinda squished into the middle due to there only being 6 results possible.

Basically tabletop isn't necessarily an accurate reflection of "fluff", then again the fluff is extremely nebulous. I guess my method will be if I think something is too weak, add more wounds!

Though a Librarian desperately going all out with his powers to wound/stagger/stun a Daemon prince long enough for his Devastator buddy to rip it apart with bolter fire (possibly while their fellow Battle-Brothers are holding back a horde of lesser daemons) and killing it that quickly is kinda badass, and might be allowed to stand, depending on the circumstance.

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Actually it appears that the Imperium controls the Warp-gate between the Jericho Reach and the region around Calixis.

Most of the troops fighting the crusade are from Calixis/Scarus/Ixaniad Sectors THINK they're fighting in the Margin Crusade at the edge of the Imperium's borders near Calixis. In actuality that crusade reached a disastrous end decades ago and they've been transported across the galaxy and are fighting in the Eastern Fringe. They're fighting the crusade the secure the area around the Jericho side.

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LOL no, If I ever used Angorn in a DW game, the players are dead before they realize just how fucked they are. Wouldn't matter how high ranked you were, or what kind of fancy pants equipment you had, at best you're going to manage to distract him with a guard regiment or two while you flee.

>Dances Skulls

You said it Captcha

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Undead corrupted Tau corpses on a Tau Spacehulk? Fuck yeah.

Especially since the resident Tau faggot will rage like a motherfucker.

"Tau can't be possessed!"

That's right. The Tau aren't possessed. They're corrupted. And there is no immunity for corruption.

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That explains the Kroot, then, and it makes the PC Rogue Traders encountering Tau entirely plausible. I take it that they don't have permanent bases on either side of it, like Port Wander and Footfall are on either side of the Koronus Passage?

Also, I wonder if they'll do a Tau career path when they do an Eldar one, given the existance of said Warp Gate means O'Shovahite Tau could make their way to the Koronus and Calixus Sectors.

>> No.11624121

It's possible for a vessel and its inhabitants to survive a disastrous Warp travel accident. Not terribly likely, but possible, especially for the Tau since they wouldn't get as many daemons turning up to nom on their souls.

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Wait....is that an opened Island of blood box in the background?
Fuckin sweet!
But about the minis, they seem very well done, and If you can paint them well enough your players should be filled with glee.

>> No.11624154


Oh no, I imagine they have the warp-gate locked down tight (They are constantly sending additional men and material to Jericho afterall). They are probably large fleets stationed on either side.

Plus they've got a big conspiracy going on, keeping most people out of the loop that there IS a gate to help prevent the Imperium's enemies from learning of it.

Anyways the Primary enemies/warfronts/salients of the Crusade in the Reach are:

Hive Fleet Dragon

In addition at least two Space Marine Chapters have sent companies to support the Crusade, those being the Space Wolves and Storm Wardens.

>> No.11625044


Thanks, and yeah that is my FLGS' copy for display/demos. A couple of the regulars are building/painting it.


Yes, but the Tau don't really have "normal" warp drives.

>> No.11626104

>Plus they've got a big conspiracy going on, keeping most people out of the loop that there IS a gate to help prevent the Imperium's enemies from learning of it.

How does that work with Astropaths? Can't they tell that the people receiving their messages if they need to contact home planets for reinforcements are all suddenly much farther away than they are supposed to be?

>> No.11626192


Hence the Most people part. Astropaths are a controlled element.

"Send all messages to the crusade to these Astropaths (totally not Throne Agents, we swear) they'll relay the message beyond the Margin.

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So, curious, do you have a copy of the book early or something? How do you know these things? Is it out and the internet has been lying to me?!

>> No.11626424


No, but there is a guy on the official forums answering questions for people.


There are about 300 or so bastards out there with copies purchased at GenCon however.

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>There are about 300 or so bastards out there with copies purchased at GenCon however.

Those bastards! And I'll bet money that the con I go to won't have it on sail, even though it's the weekend before the official release date.

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>on sail,


>> No.11626749

I don't suppose any of those bastards have made a scan yet?

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