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Sup /tg/?
Quick question, as I cannot decide on my own I thought I would come get the opinion of a dozen or so like-minded complete strangers. I'm making some new minis to represent my officers in my IG list. One of them, who was my original SO but became a JO as the list grew, I sketched a pic of wearing aviaitor sunglasses. This got the idea stuck in my head, and now I cannot decied whether or not to model them onto his new mini. Sure they would look badass from both a litteral and "cool mod bro" standpoint, but it would also seem very caviler. Sure 40k shouldn't be taken too seriously, but I fear it would simply look too silly for an IG list; the minis of which are mostly stock and the ones that aren't have no silliness to them.

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Seriously, it's a cool conversion, and it will look badass. Do it.

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He also has nothing to do with the air-support

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Do it. It's not exactly out of place.

Pic related (model at the top)

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Go for it, man. Put that cavalier feeling into your whole army. Cigars, shades, shit like that. It would be awesome.

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Very well then.
I also like this idea, should be cool. If I do it to all the officers as well as the sargents it will fit right in.

However their new poses need to be dynamic, lets have thread of badasses. Strictly /tg/ or otherwise. Pictures of people in bad-ass poses.

Double points if it's 40k IG.

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This could honestly be a great collection of reference material for everyone on the board.
Female badasses welcome too.

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Come on, someone else contribute.

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Woops, sorry.

Also, I have to have one of them doing the walk in this image.

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