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Let's have a female warrior thread. Bonus points for decent portrait material for DnD

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Nope, Dragonite Dad.

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You just wanting armoured types, or things like rogues as well?

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Good stuff!

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One of them's female.

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I really like this picture. But from my limited exposure of D&D I can't remember if pollaxes are statted...

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I don't even know why I save most of these pictures. Never played DnD in my life.

Guess it's just so I can contribute something back when people call for an imagedump.

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Even if they are mostly just reposts.

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Maybe I'll try and convince my GM to give Dark Sun a try when we next take a break from Rogue Trader. That looks pretty cool. Thri-kreen and shit, yo.

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I have work tommorow. I should be in bed right now.

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Not flopped over my computer chair, browsing /tg/ and comfort-eating expensive cherries.

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I save the pictures because I find them aesthetically pleaseing. Don't play D&D either.
There are worse things to do than collect images.

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This is my favorite elf ever. What happened to the artist?

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True. A nice picture is a nice picture, no matter the source.

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Got a friend of hers to take a bunch of nude pictures, then posted them around claiming they were her, in an attempt at drumming up interst in her work and getting people to commission her. She got found out, shit went down. I don't know if she still draws or was trolled off the Internet.

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For some reason it looks like she's using her breasts to turn undead in that picture.

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This did.

She posted a series of pic s commissioned form a modeling service as "her" and was found out. There is some evidence that she is actually a girl.

Just not a goodlooking one.

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Probably gonna run out soon, I'm afraid.

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I myself collect mostly cyberpunk, sci fi and post apoc images. I like visions of the future I suppose.
And of course, a few fantasy images mixed in. Hard to find warrior-women there when unsorted.

But I only play various WoD games. So I hardly use any of them.

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Forgot my pic

Yea, chubby mexican girl, IIRC. I wouldn't call her ugly though.

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This. She was found out and then exposed as an average mexican chubby, not a sexy white redhead.

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That question smacks of trollage or lack of frequency, but as usual, I'll humor it and reply...


Pretty sure she still draws, but good luck finding her on the net. Likely laying low for a good while considering all the crap that started flying around. As expected, there're differing opinions on the matter. Some don't care, others are pretty damned angry. Especially since there was money exchanged for commissions that was never delivered.

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Not too bad if the pics I saw were legit.

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I have everything. Sci-fi, Post-Apoc, half a dozen subfolders of Fantasy, 3 40k folders, Modern, 3 WoD folders. A load of miscellaneous stuff that hasn't been sorted because I'm a lazy bitch.

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Judge yourself I guess

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Yeah. I used to have stores like that. Decided that the ole harddrive was giving in, so I went to buy some DVD's to burn it out, so I didn't have to hunt it down again.

In a fit of divine retribution at planning, the harddrive was dead when I tried to fire up the computer when I got home.

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you rock man

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True. She'll probably fall off the face of the 'net for six months, then show up again on a different art site with a sob story to try and placate the people who still remember and hold a grudge. I like to think she did it for a reason beyond greed. IRL money problems, maybe. Was desperate, tried cheating people.

Maybe. Wouldn't quite know. Built like a bundle of sticks myself.

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Okay looking, I suppose. Could probably use a makeover. Everyone's got their standards, though.


She's got good line quality and the flow is decent. Style is hit and miss for me but it's not bad, I think.
Not sure if this pic is female or not, but the way it's done, I guess it could work for either gender.

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Damn, that sucks. Been thinking of getting a dedicated memory stick for my /tg/ folder. Sucks not being able to help people who're looking for stuff when I'm at work.

Just doing my bit. Also, not a dude.

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If it's a dude, it's an elf.

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Hmm. I myself don't really like the huge titty-slim-waist fantasy girl stereotype.

Either chubby and huge breasts, or slim and small-to-medium breasts. But huge + slim just looks out of place.

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Wait what? that is JE?

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Yeah. And since then, I really haven't been very dedicated to sorting the pics up. Have a folder with all things warhammer, and one for all character concepts that aren't Warhammer, they land with all other things.

Really need to re-do all this shit, will do the next time internet gives up, I suppose.


Eh. What? Missed the link there?

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Nah, was replying to what was being said

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I can appreciate the aesthetic, but I can go either way.


Could be a boy, I suppose? Pretty/Foppish men do exist, of course ;p

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Urgh. Last one from me, I think. Also this is the third time I've tried posting this. Captcha can go suck all the dicks.

Huzzah 8 hours at work on like four and a half hour's sleep and a hangover. This is gonna be a fuckin' laugh riot.

JessicaElwood, the handle she went under online.

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After work, little sleep and hangover you do not sleep, you fall comatose...
I'm sitting here and can't decide if I should get drunk or go to bed so I can talk to my psychologist tomorrow morning..

Also, you going to bed at this hour.. European, I take it, or really tired American?

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That girl is JE? the chubby latina?

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Yea, shitsux. Don't normally drink, but whatever. Post-breakup blues biting hard. Also, Britfag. Scotfag if you want to be particular.

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This one is from Valkyrie Profile. Amusingly, it's a chick disguised as a dude. Gets found out when a succubus does a 'dominate dudes' spell, and she just blinks and looks around at the rest of her squad. It doesn't end well, though, as all party members in VP have to die before they can join you.

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Really? I prefer break-up blues to regular depression. Feels good to have something to focus on. Something you know you'll get over.

Oh. Scots. That's rather rare. Scandinavians and Englishmen, sure, tons, but scots are rare..

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>that is JE?

So I've heard. Pretty universally agreed upon and with evidence to support.

Are we doing just painted/drawn stuff, or are photos of people and minis acceptable?

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for some reason posting this failed

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if so she actually has very decent tits IRL

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>samextre orbit

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Not OP, but I'd really like some real live pics.

Also. That must be fucking freezing. Poor stupid girl.

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So warm her up... =3

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I guess. It sounds awful but I kinda wish there Had been a screaming argument. So I could go WELL FUCK THAT GUY THEN I DON'T NEED HIM ANYWAY and move on. Instead, he just sits me down and says that his Mother's dementia's progressed to the point she can't look after herself, and he doesn't trust the NHS to look after her, so he's moving back into care for her himself. So he's going to the other side of the country and a long-distance relationship wouldn't be fair on either of us. And then one day he's there and the next he just isn't, and I have to move back in with my own parents because I can't afford to rent the flat on my own. Dad's totally cool, but Mum resents that I didn't turn into the pretty princess she wanted me to be.

Shit does suck.

Also, Scots are rare? On /tg/, you mean?

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>Also this is the third time I've tried posting this. Captcha can go suck all the dicks.

Yeah, I had a few moments like that but I prefer that over the constant bot spamming. At least I think I do.


The artwork for Valkyrie Profile is pretty cool.

Here's another that might work for either gender...

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I suppose. I'm okay with boobies but I'm very much a face person. :s


okay. lemme see what I have...

This one's probably in that middle road of practical and fantasy (eg: no gambeson)

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Oh. That kinda thing.
Had similar. Foreign studies. I feel sorry for you. Hope you'll get back up, going soon.

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And yeah, I meant on /tg/, have never heard someone mention being from there before.

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Heh... not sure if man or woman but it's a pretty cool action pic

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Heh. That picture was rather silly. People will do erotic images of all sorts.

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Thanks. <3 Just have to push on, all I can do.

Couple of people have mentioned as much. DOOMRIDER, IIRC.

And this time I am going to bed before I wangst the thread up even further.

>Sganyadai.yoh sclowed
Go fuck yourself, Captcah.

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Mentioned they're from Scotland. Derp.


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Sweet dreams. I'll try to shake some WoD images out of you next time I see you.

Be aware. I am a true lurker. I can ask any day...

And yeah, captcha is a bit of a wanker.

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Going to need to organize all these pics this weekend. Takes forever to find stuff x__x

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c ya

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I thought the same thing. Would've dumped images if I could find correct ones...

Managed to dig one up. One I really like.

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I feel like captcha phrases would be great for random artifact/location names

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Ah. It was already posted somewhere. Due to captcha cocking up I didn't get an error the first time

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Yeah, I hate when that happens. I guess it's a bit of an exercise in patience.

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Yeah. Were I rich would I hire mercenaries to kill off the spammers so m00t could remove Captcha..

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That would probably be illegal but certainly awesome.

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Is just me or there are some missing posts?

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Not sure. There were at least two conversations going at the same time...

This one's from Dark Heresy/40k, but it probably could work for a fighter.

>trainfol character

...not sure what trainfol means but recaptcha seems to be trying to communicate an opinion of some sort

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more Erza is required

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Google doesn't seem to know what trainfol means either. I't's probably gibberish...

Now here's a curious looking sword...

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Who's Erza?

Aha. I've been looking for these. It's not an uncommon pic around here, but just in case some of you don't have it. It's pretty good as a reference for practical suits of armour.

>> No.11601324


at least it's not a fucking key and or gunblade

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Is that a bulge?

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Erza Scarlet character from animu Fairy Tail

it's pretty cool

she has the magic power to change into various armors and weapons on the fly and pull various swords and spears out of magic holes

>> No.11601367


hehe I suppose

Nice action pic. Pretty sure that's a woman on the left...

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Warriors, how cute

>> No.11601395


I lol'd
Didn't notice that

>> No.11601402


so many swords

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well, i suppose that's one way to get around -4 str

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You WOULD think that

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Recent series?

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>> No.11601439

okay how im supposed t write the capcha when it's upside, in greek and type 2 font

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>> No.11601463


yeah the manga is still going and the naime jsut aired episode 41 today

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>> No.11601530


Got any suggested sub groups?

Another might-be-a-chick-or-cute-guy pic

>> No.11601533

flash back loli mode

man spellchecker is ready to explode thanks to the captcha

>> No.11601550


That would be a guy...

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>> No.11601565


well Crunchy's been releasing em as they air in japan so they're probably the fastest

>> No.11601569


I would agree except for dem hips

>> No.11601593


Ah well. Whatever works, I suppose?

Here's a nice mix. They're thumbnails, though. I'm sure someone'll find em useful. I think they're neat

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lulz. He can bear you many strong children :p Just get 'im a girdle of gender change.

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Dem hips don't matter. He is from .hack// GU. Go take a look. Silabus is his name.

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>> No.11601686

Hrm. There's a nice series of pics with a woman in Persian lamellar that's been making rounds. I wonder where I put those...

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>> No.11601693

>> No.11601709


I suppose if its origins don't bother you, you can pass it off for either...

>> No.11601749


Those look like Shirow's work. I don't suppose you know what he's been up to these days?

>> No.11601778

They are, as well as >>11601749
They're official art from the Fire Emblem series.
So are >>11601662
>>11601693 .
Of course, they aren't Masamune, but they're for the same game.

>> No.11601788

Hold on, I got those first two backwards. Well, you get the point, anyway.

>> No.11601799

Starting to get a bit thin in this directory and don't feel like diggin into the 4 HDs I have laying around, so a few more and I'll call it quits :p

>> No.11601800

fuckin' need more like this.

>stonds current
what the hell?

>> No.11601820

next draw thread I need to ask for Agrias and Erza doing something

possibly something sexy

probably just something stupid like an armor swap though

>> No.11601838


Yeah, I wish I had more action pics with the "moment of impact" theme : /

>> No.11601866

some of the armors get crazy

>> No.11601884

kinda really crazy

>> No.11601935

>> No.11601954

damn I outta picks

I honestly don't know why this show isn't more popular

>> No.11601966

In advance of the next thread, I hereby request Ezra in Terminator armor.

>> No.11601971


Well, that's fantasy art for ya...

>> No.11602017


normally Id just blame it on LOL ANIME

but the fantasy genre isn't exactly that sane on our side either

In fact Im quite shcoked the genre isn't more popular over there

posting Jeanie rune soldier

>> No.11602034

I fucking love this

>> No.11602044

and the otehrs while were at it why not

>> No.11602048

This was posted by some anon in a advice thread not too long ago. Party conflict where it had some blurring with RL but that's another story I suppose.

>> No.11602054


>> No.11602076

seriously though Rune Soldier was awesome

>> No.11602082

>> No.11602097

K. I'm about out on this folder. Gonna peak in the other one briefly and maybe post one or two from that mess.

>> No.11602144

Ruin Explores was pretty neat too

>> No.11602149

>> No.11602202


I remember a different anime series with a similar name. It was more a "Tomb Raider" thing though. Ruin Explorer Rae, I think it was called.

It's pretty old...

Aha. Here's that lamellar armoured woman I mentioned earlier. Always liked the look of lamellar.

>> No.11602224

90's - early 2000's fantasy based anime just had a certain luster to it... they just made 'em more enjoyable. There's good fantasy animus here & there still around, but amidst the over-produced muck it's hard to get at the real gems.

>> No.11602229

>> No.11602230

Oh yeah!
I remember it being something like "Explorer Woman Rae" but it had ass-whooping with a shovel and some pretty solid action sequences and that's really what counts.
And the comedic relief twins and some dildo jokes and other stuff.

Wasn't bad. Nostalgia wave, over the bow!

>> No.11602240

I love that armor. Because she is wearing it.

It is sparing us the sight of her body.

>> No.11602247


Tears to Tiara was pretty cool I thought

>> No.11602261


and Tower of Druaga ended up being cool too

>> No.11602283


Yeah, anime experienced some major growth over time

This one looks like Simon Bisley's work. I haven't seen him do anything in forever...

>> No.11602292

>> No.11602309

>> No.11602334


Were you talking about the lamellar armour? IIRC, she does take it off in some of the pics, which is kind of helpful for reference purposes, but I suppose that's not what some people are looking at it for :p

Something from Hellgate London. I had hopes for that game and felt it had potential. It just didn't work with the subscription model...

recaptcha: mutorry Economy,

>> No.11602371

here's Sarge

>> No.11602386

Eh. Could be a monk, but I've always liked the idea that you could build a bare knuckle fighter. Besides, it's a cool animated gif

>> No.11602405


cae to tell us were its from

>> No.11602411

>> No.11602419

Hellgate also promoted itself with tits in Playboy.

>> No.11602434

>> No.11602442

Best Student Council.

Very strange anime.

Do NOT watch it dubbed.

>> No.11602453

>> No.11602457

very few animes are good dubed

>> No.11602476


Really? They wouldn't be the first, I suppose...

>> No.11602489


yeah maybe in 1983 ya fagot

and news flash the original Japanese track isn't exactly award winning performances eitehr

>> No.11602514


Scrapped Princess fuck yeah

seriously this bitch needed more screentime

>> No.11602521

>> No.11602527

>Best Student Council.

That's the title of the show?
I don't watch dub if I can find it subbed ;p

>> No.11602536

have some ray earth

>> No.11602563


El hazard says fuck you. Even the shows producer admitted that teh dub was better

>> No.11602574


Scrapped Princess is awesome. I wish they did more than just the one run of it

heheh how's this for a female elf?

>> No.11602594

that's a shifter

>> No.11602620

Whoops. Max image limit. I guess that's my cue to stop...

>> No.11602621


yeah the "dragons" were especially cool

>> No.11602630


...and elf shifter? ;3

>> No.11602648


I liked how they blended technology and magic together, so it was ultimately a sci-fi series

>> No.11602684

I love this thread. I wish I could love it to ecstacy.

>> No.11602743


who was it that said (and im paraphrasing) science at and advanced enough level is indistinguishable from magic

but yeah I love it when that kinda shit is pulled

>> No.11602777


I'm familiar with that quote but I can't remember which writer it was. Isaac Asimov?


"Clarke's Three Laws"

Arthur C. Clarke formulated the following three "laws" of prediction:

1. When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is probably wrong.
2. The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.
3. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

>> No.11602871

Okay people, if I want to organize my images by technology level (correlates with genre too), which tags am I looking for?

Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance, Industrial
Stone, Bronze, Iron, Steel
I don't fucking know, any ideas?

>> No.11602899


jsut do Sci Fi and Fantasy

>> No.11602943


You can do sci fi, fantasy, and modern.
From there, you can break them down into some sub folders, but I wouldn't take em down too far in directory because it gets to be a pain in the ass for both searching and copying.

>> No.11602970

Because it's full of m-e-d-i-o-c-r-i-t-y.

>> No.11602989

I have lots of hoplites, soldiers and sensible armour around, too.

Just the general points, because afterwards I'm tagging the filenames

>> No.11603051


oh yeah and Bleach and Naruto are so original and though provoking

>> No.11603060


Wellll... you can put the hoplites, legionaries, templars, and whatnot into a folder under fantasy by breaking it down into High Fantasy, Low Fantasy, and Ancient Historical? Yeah, Fantasy's a little misleading when you do that but I guess it gets the job done.
Modern could include WW2 images and Napoleonic stuff, while Sci Fi is everything beyond what we have now (Low Sci Fi and High Sci Fi. Maybe a separate folder for transportation)

>> No.11603070


I figure they all have their moments. It works for some and not for others. You know...

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