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I suppose OP deleted the thread due to it not becoming a shitstorm of BAWW SPESS MEHREENZ, so I'll just make a new one for my reply.

I think making an investigation-heavy campaign in DW wouldn't be that hard at all. Imagine: A bizarre Space Marine Chapter decides to join the Crusade, but some of their "customs" are somewhat fishy for the higher-ups. The Kill-team is sent to the same frontline as the Chapter, and their prtimary task is to test the newcomers' purity.

Another one: On a newly conquered world, there is found an ancient fortress of unknown origin, possibly even the Dark Age of Technology. Who would be better in investigating its usefulness than the Space Marines? Once they enter it, however, weird things start happening, and some new theories on the building's creators' allegiance are bound to appear.

Those two are just from the top of my head. Note, that all kinds of "inconvenient truths" can be found, like the one in Final Sanction. If a Dark Angel is in the party, shit can get hilarious, to the point of team-killing.
Whaddya think?

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Is it still canon that Space Marines can find out other people's secrets by eating their brains? Because I heard that used to be canon.

If so, then investigations are pretty much "Kick down the door, murder everyone, consume their brains to find your next lead."

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>On a newly conquered world, there is found an ancient fortress of unknown origin, possibly even the Dark Age of Technology. Who would be better in investigating its usefulness than the Space Marines?

Er, the Adeptus Mechanicus?

I can see a group of Space Marines being sent along to act as bodyguards and protectors, but investigating lost archeotech falls well into the portfolio of the Mechanicus, and they tend to get very angry when the Space Marines refuse to let them look at anything that they find.

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OR Sisters of Battle. They are the sort to send when 'may be infested with daemons or other nast monsters' is an issue and they can play nice with the Adeptus Mechanicus if need be.

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I believe not.

It doesn't have to be archeotech to the point of Reliquiary of Mars. Also, while the Mechanicus can be sent in too, only Magos Militiant and perhaps Explorators would be really able to judge its military potential well. Remember, their areas of expertise are rather wide.

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Brother Holmes solves yet another case with his appetite for BRAINS.

The Jericho Reach setting created for Deathwatch makes the use of the Deathwatch over any other organisation somewhat more acceptable.

Really, there are plenty of scenarios one can involve that will let a Space Marine flex their roleplaying skills. Take for example Brothers of the Snake by Abnett. In that there are sequences of interaction between an Inquisitor and a Space Marine who gets VERY angry at bad intel, and their later encounter when the Space Marines are acting in an initially ceremonial capacity, that quickly escalates to the point that they are the only ones who can save the day (but the nobles are still on their back about everything).

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>rather wide.

Fuck, I meant narrow.

Sisters are zealots, not tacticans, and it's not supposed to be "Purge the XYZ", but rather "Inspection gone wrong"

Fooken captcha.

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In general, when Space Marines find archeotech, they look if they can use it. If they can use it, they keep it.

If they have no use for it, they give it to the Adeptus Mechanicus.

Space Marines are dicks like that.

That's also how the Blood Angels got the Predator Baal, and why the Space Wolves protect their fortress with Void Shields that are normally preserved for gigantic warships.

Space Marines could be asked to protect techpriests by the AdMech, but the site would have been found by the AdMech first... and the Space Marines would ask for a share of the loot/knowledge or simply request X amount of rare equipment, like Terminator armour, or plasma weapons that don't overheat.

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It isn't foolproof you know.

And it isn't really like if you eat someones brains, you know what they knew.

It's more like when you eat Jimmy, you'll notice Jimmy's meat tastes toxic, and that he ate a lot of corn and beans lately. He also smokes.

While you walk through the city, you'll notice a bar, next to a toxic factory. The bar serves a dish with corn and beans, and they have a lho dispenser.

Now I wanna run a DH/DW crossover campaign, where the Guardman and Sister of Battle drag dead and alive heretics to a clandestine black van, with inside two Salamander bros waiting to uncover a Chaos plan to wreck Nocturne with a secret weapon.

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Another idea: During a battle, the Marines witness a death of someone very important, a great and renowned warrior, and one of the Crusade's key figures. What's more important, there's evidence that he was a heretic(xenophile, Chaos-worshipper, whatever). If that becomes known, the morale is gonna undoubtedly fall, the =][= are gonna go rampant, and the crusade might collapse. What's worse, some puritan inquisitor has already had many suspicions about the deceased, and is heading for the site(to make things harder, he's an important guy too, and killing him would have dire consequences as well). What about that?

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>Sisters are zealots, not tacticans, and it's not supposed to be "Purge the XYZ", but rather "Inspection gone wrong"

Except they have 2 entire types of order that would be very appropriate here. The Dialogus are history experts and researchers and there is that new order that are arcanotech/relic hunters.

They would work very well if paired up with a Battle Sister guard or two.

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Ordo Xeno, Radicals.

Bring out the xeno weaponry!

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>rare equipment, like plasma weapons that don't overheat.

Haters gonna hate

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forgot mah pic

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Okay, but still, for the strategic capabilities, I think Space Marines would be the best researchers. Also, sending some other staff with the DW is good if you like to add tension using the good old "NPC found dead and mutilated" way.

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It's quite awesome.

>Captcha: vissiabl converse

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>plasma weapons that don't overheat.

There is no such thing. To suggest otherwise is heresy.
The overheating of plasma weapons is the Emperor's will and his judgement.

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>use xenoguns

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yesterday there was a guy claiming his deathwatch killteam had a Black Templar and a Spacwolf Librarian.


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I, for one, love when my players shoot at each other.

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actually, i want to see how that fight would go about, don't black templars have some anti-psyker crap?

This game seems like you take the most butthurt fanatical killing machines and hope to god that they complete their mission before they murder each other, feels good man

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Can your piss rifle melt a battletank to molten slag?

Then it's not a plasma gun.

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I hate it most when my players don't play along their characters. But I'd resolve it like I did lately in WHFRP: the wizard was insulting the Brettonnian Knight, then proceeded to call his faith false and Lady of the Lake a witch, spat on his shoes and started walking away. The Knight does nothing, I say roll for Willpower not to hit him in the head with an armoured gauntlet.

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Idea for a Deathwatch game that could actually work and have a plot;

All players are DW Marines... bar one who is the Rogue Trader Captain being paid to ship them off into the Koronus Expanse.

Obviously Captain will need BP coming out of his arse.

Actually do we know what the starting BP level for Marines will be?

Also be dead easy to put a single Marine in an Accenssion level game as fire support

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Oh god, when you put it like that, it actually sounds awesome

This man is talking sense

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The entire group ends up dead because an enterprising spy leaves behind a forged message that states that Leman Russ was a furry and that the Dark Angels big "secret" is their manlove.

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I donno, conflict in game is actually rather an interesting part of the story, especially ones that follow personal convictions, of course as long as its just ingame and not some external animosity creeping in game.

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I must humble request enlightenment regarding the issue with this. I know that Space Wolves doesn't have Librarians, having that role fullfilled with Rune Priests instead.

But what's the problem with Black Templars? I beg pardon for my ignorance.

Also, you forgot your reaction face.

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I like your style.

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I will only play this game if i can be a hawklord with a thunderhawk pleasure carrier.

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Black templars are REALLY anti psyker, infact they refuse to use any librarians in their army. And a Rune Priest is basically a furry librarian.

see where im getting at?

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Black Templars are the most pious Space Marine chapter.

No psykers.
No xenos alliances.
No camouflage.
No Codex Astartes.
No "the Emperor was not a God, but the best man alive."
No "you can only have 1000 Space Marines in a chapter."

Over 14,000 battlebrothers. Final Destination.

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Conflict is perfectly acceptable. It's just that it tends to drag on and end up in complete bullshit and nothing else gets done.

If it's an ongoing dislike or rivalry, it has the potential to be -awesome-.

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>yesterday there was a guy claiming his deathwatch killteam had a Black Templar and a Spacwolf Librarian.

Not just that.

It was a Black Templar, a Blood Raven, a Space Wolf, and a Dark Angel.


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>Most Pious Chapter
>Does not follow the Codex Astartes

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Yeah, but I doubt they do around shooting any guard sanction psykers on whatever battlefront they're currently fighting at.

Also a tidbit from someone with the book answering questions:

>"And yes, there are other Chapters active with the Crusade forces, such as the Storm Wardens and the Space Wolves. The Deathwatch, however, have been there for the entire millenium that the Jericho Reach has been outside the Imperium, and so know a lot more about it than most people. What's most amusing is that most of the Imperial forces in the Crusade actually think that they are fighting over near Calixis/Scarus/Koronus Only those in charge know it's over on the Eastern Fringe."

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I don't think you realize when a spacemarine is considered "pious" in his duties, above a regular marine, they don't exactly let shit slide.

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This reminded me of another idea: the killteam meets some Imperial Fists in a heavily guarded outpost. About 500m away, a patrol of Ultramarines passes by. The Fist sergeant says "For Dorn" and orders his Deavstators to go all out on the Ultras. Seconds later, they're all dead, the sarge sends a message to the HQ about an allied patrol being destroyed due to excessive enemy firee from an unknown position, then turns to the DW marines and says, "You guys saw not a fucking thing." Hilarity bonus if there's an Ultramarine in the kill-team.
I heartily agree. I just dislike situations when the players don't fight other PC's just because they're PC's.
Black Templars are the essence of puritanism. They hate psykers with a passion, and have no librarians themselves.
I feel flattered.

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Welcome Astartes, I am Inquisitor Sigismund, let me introduce you to one another;

>Dark Angel Assault Marine
>Blood Angel Devastator
>Space Wolf Tac Marine
>Ultramarine Apothecary
>Black Templar Tac Marine
>Storm Warden Librarian

And if any of you have problems with your fellow Battle Brother...

(seriously, such a combo is pretty much an invitation to party strife)

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Why are Black Templars awesome?

>> No.11594702

So the Grey Knights and Black Templar pretty much have penis-measuring contests over who is the most pious chapter?

Fuck yeah..?

>> No.11594703

Wait, aren't the Black Templars okay with Grey Knights?

>> No.11594729


Also, Storm Wardens are famous for their love of debate. So he'd be a great choice for the Librarian.

"Brother Templar, why do you hate Psykers so? Millions of Sanction Psykers operate with the Emperor's blessing in the Imperium. They guide our ships through the warp, relay messages between worlds. Even the Emperor himself is a psyker. Why do you say they are wrong?"

They're also big on personal honor-codes, and fans of ritual combat to settle disagreements. However they're still very professional, when a course of action is agreed upon, they act on it with all their ability, even if they don't entirely agree with it. Honestly more info about them is one of the reasons I want Deathwatch ASAP, they sound pretty awesome.

They also often carry claymores instead of combat knives. Hell yeah.

>> No.11594732


Little did the Space Marines know that Inquisitior Sigismund was a fanatic Istvaanian, they however quickly came to harbour suspicions.

>> No.11594740


That said, I'd be surprised if they didn't have the sense of duty to the Deathwatch to put aside their differences. As much as they used to be part of other chapters before and still have loyalty to them, their closest brothers are now the people they serve with for a higher purpose.

Even if that means Black Templars working with Ultramarine Codex-fags, or Dark Angels working with Space Wolves Rune Priests.

That's not to say that they won't bitch and moan at eachother, or hold inter-squad fighting contests, but really, I think most wouldn't shame their chapters by attacking eachother.

>> No.11594747

Didnt someone yesterday say his party was gonna be a space wolf runpriest, dark angel apothecary, blood raven assault, and a black templar tacical?

shit is gonna go down

>> No.11594761

Fuck, I haven't heard of the Storm Wardens before, but they sound pretty sweet.

For some reason, I want to have their paired with Space Wolves.

>> No.11594781

Well, aren't the Grey Knights, like... top secret? And even if someone knows about them, they don't neccessarily get to know they're all psychic.

>> No.11594783

I've been hearing that the Core book wont come with any rules for making your own chapter archetypes.
Is this true? That makes me a sad panda. It won't stop me from statting up all of the chapters involved the Badab War, but still.

>> No.11594791

The main rulebook is out already?

>> No.11594792

Grey Knights are pretty much on a different plane of existance...

A Space Marine is already pretty inhuman in his thinking, but a Grey Knight would weird out even a Space Marine.

So I doubt the Grey Knight would bother listening to the Black Templar.

"Your psyker powers disgust me. How can you fight corruption when you're tainted yourself?"
"Were you talking to me? Because I thought I could hear a Ultramarine defecating. Talk to the hand, bitch."

>> No.11594803

nah I think his people were planning to do that

plus he needs to make up shit for the blood raven

>> No.11594812


"So you want us to infiltrate the Admech compound, slag their main cogitator, and leave this message from the cardinal stating that this is retribution for their heathen ways? Just what will this accomplish?"

"Progress, glorious prog.... Er, never mind."

>> No.11594813


They're FFG home-grown original chapter. They're kinda-sorta Welsh Marines. Also they're based in Calixis, so the place finally has a "Home Team" chapter.

Here is the article in which they were revealed:


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>Even the Emperor himself is a psyker
>implying the God-Emperor of Mankind is human

Prepare for Intra-Party Combat.

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Dont they have claymores for COMBAT KNIFES?

>> No.11594828

Take a look here.
One day, I'll make a DW/DH/RT campaign somehow related to the Badab War too. The main theme is "War crimes."

I lol'd.

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Remember that not all chapters contribute to the Deathwatch.

I'm not even sure there are any Dark Angels in the Deathwatch, for example, so it's doubtful that there'd ever be any conflict with the Space Wolves. The Grey Knights are obviously out.

Also, the chapters that does contribute to the Deathwatch have sworn an oath to do so. I'm inclined to think that if one were going to take a cross-chapter conflict into a squad, ending in violence or refusal to cooperate, would be a violation of that oath.

>> No.11594849

>rules for making your own chapter
>ETA Winter 2011

FFS, they did this sort of shit with ship creation rules in Rogue Trader by leaving out Torpedoes.
I mean fighters and Nova Cannons sure, but even the smallest of Destroyers can have Torps.

>> No.11594850


Honestly I'd feel sorry for the Ultramarine in that group.


Though hopefully it won't be too hard to tweak things to do someone other than the 6 chapters included in the book. I've heard some awesome ideas for other characters, like a Mentors Marine, or a Space Shark Tech Marine, or a grim Celestial Lion Assault Marine (My chapter is deeaaaaaaaad).

>> No.11594858

I'm pretty sure that FFG are under the impression that the DA send people into the DeathWatch, as they've got a Dark Angel Assault Marine as one of the pre-gen characters in the sample adventure.

>> No.11594860

>I'm not even sure there are any Dark Angels in the Deathwatch

There is now, they're one of the 6 chapters in the book.

>> No.11594874

I'd want to do something for the Star Phantoms from the Badab War, they're basically all Solid Snake in power armour.
Or the Executioners, they're pretty bro as well.

>> No.11594890



Stealthy Marine? Pray you don't roll up the one example "History" given for Power Armors. (just like Space Ships in Rogue Trader, Power Armors have histories that give them bonuses and penalties).

>"Cower Not Before The Enemy": The armour has marks of pride, heraldic symbols, and has sashes, helmet crests, banner displays, and other icons that highlight the glory the former wearers of the armour attained. The armour seemingly sabotages all attempts at subtlety, and imposes a -20 modifier to all Silent Move and Concealment tests, as it whirs, vents or clanks at precisely the wrong moment. However, due to the overwhelming aura of authority and confidence the armour projects, the wearer gains a +10 modifier to all Command tests.

>> No.11594899

Oh, sorry, had no idea. I haven't been keeping up.

>> No.11594914

Pretty sure there will be stealthy Power Armour.

Otherwise no one could play Raven Guard.

>> No.11594918


>> No.11594923

the dark angels are one of the 6 main deathwatch chapters in the book.

its not anti-fluff either. remember teh rank and file dark angel doesnt realise his chapter is any different than any other space marine chapter. knowledge of the fallen is released slowly through story and allegory and elements of the secret is revealed if the dark angel shows aptitude for advancement and possibly introduction into the deathwing.

even the 2nd company (the ravenwing) don't have complete knowledge of what the fallen are and they are tasked with tracking them down. they know that they are hunting rogue space marines but not that they are traitors. they have to defer to the deathwing any info or prisoners and its usually the deathwing that deals directly with capturing the fallen.

while it would be logical to assume that a veteran dark angel would be selected to work with the fallen, he may not necessarily be privy to the chapters secrets and/or sent by the chapter as a good PR move.

>> No.11594928


Yeah there is. Best quality plasma gun in DH/RT. Cost 10x as much as a regular one.

>> No.11594933


Oh I'm sure, but not that suit! "Sneaky? Aww hell no, HEY WE'RE OVER HERE, GLORY FOR THE EMPEROR (and me)!"

>> No.11594937

To be honest, if I was a GM I'd allow a re-roll since it'd be pretty unlikely that a Star Phantom would ever take an armour like that.

It'd probably suit the Minotaurs or Space Sharks to a tee though.
The Badab War had a load of very interesting and diverse Space Marine chapters on both sides, and it's a shame that it never really seems to get the attention it deserves.

>> No.11594949

Silence, heretic!
Discard your warp-infused xenotech and bathe in the cleansing flames of the Emperor! >=|

>> No.11594968


Actually I heard you can cherry pick your armor's history or just roll randomly.

Artificer armor is so ancient and awesome they get two histories.

Threads of a dude who has the book (FFG shipped him one early, he runs Dark Reign) answering questions:


>> No.11594998

I'd go for one of the Astral Knights that was laid up/injured back at the fortress monastery myself. Also, what DOES happen to marines who outlive their chapters? Do they become permanent deathwatch, help train new chapters with the same founding chapters?

>> No.11595021

Grey Knights are above such things. That aside, who else can stand against deamons and never once fall to their temptations?
Like 1000 marines and 13000 neophytes more like. Those guys are just insane, but I have to give them points for being the only chapter that pisses the Ultras off more than the Space Wolves.

>> No.11595070

Rites of Battle has rules for Dreadnaughts, Chaplains, Imperial Fist marines, and Make Your Own Chapter Rules. If memory serves me, Ross Watson said release is Decemberish.

Space Marines can consume people to learn shit they know, to answer an earlier question. It's covered in the DeathWatch rulebook. They can consume a body and know stuff that the body knew, and gain one skill as trained that the corpse had, up to their Willpower Bonus in hours. This is very specific information, too, according to the rule. At the GM's discretion, obviously, but it says the Space Marine can learn secret locations, access codes, patrol routes, security clearances, etc.

The book is sweet, it covers most of all the little effects Astartes Power Armor has, including Auto-Sense, Vox-Link, Mag-Lock boots, the Black Carapace, etc. And it covers what all 19 Astartes Organs do. The Betcher's Gland even has rules for how much damage a Space Marine's spit does.

BTs can't be Librarians or Devs, and Space Wolves can't be Apothecaries, thankfully. Of course any good GM would tear up a character sheet for anything so stupid.

>> No.11595071

rolled 56 = 56

I believe that "Stealth" to a Space Marine, is simply a matter of coming through the wall in the opposite direction then what the enemy expected.

>> No.11595085


The book says you don't pick your history outright, but it's a d10 roll, and on your choice you can change the roll by 1 degree in either direction (Nat 7 could be 6, 7 or 8, nat 10 could be 9, 10, or 1. Etc)

Artificer armor most definitely gets two rolls though.

>> No.11595097


Deathwatch sounds like a good place for them, or yeah, as a trainer/advisor for a newly founded chapter (assuming they live long enough to see a new founding).

Otherwise? Adopted into a nearby chapter willing to take him/them I guess.

>> No.11595139


Funny you should ask! The rulebook goes into this very thing.

If a marine is seconded to the Deathwatch when his chapter is wiped out, or goes renegade, or what have you, he remains with the Deathwatch forever. He strips the heraldry of his chapter from his shoulder, and paints it entirely black, and is known as a Black Shield.

Watch commanders are well within their rights to turn such an individual away from the Deathwatch, but this rarely happens in practice

>> No.11595149


Normally yes. But Star Phantoms are sneaky fuckers, in order to infiltrate Badab they stole the Shuttles from the Badab PDF on the moon and then launched a drop pod assault whilst they landed normally, pretending to be the PDF. The Drop Pods all transpired to be either empty of Deathwinds and the Star Phantoms infiltrated onto the planet unmolested.

They get to the Astral Claws chapter fortress, to find that Huron has been reading Peturbo's notes and converted the Fortress into something essentially the same as the Fortress of Thorns that completely schooled the Imperial Fists after the heresy.

The Star Phantoms manage to infiltrate inside with minimal casualties. In an environment described as being where "If you could be seen for 5 seconds, you were dead".
So as Huron realises the jig's up and he makes for his Battlebarge to escape into the Maelstrom, he get's ambushed by the Star Phantom's, he dispatches them, only to then get a Meltagun in the face when one of them deliberately plays dead so he can get close enough.

Star Phantoms are awesome.

>> No.11595168

I would say its a shame the Grey Knights won't be included, but that may be for the best. They don't join deathwatch(Ordo Xeno and Ordo Malleus unfortunatly) and they only get sent into the grandest of shit storms.

>> No.11595186

rolled 100 = 100

At first I read
>Disguised themselves as PDF
And I laughed at the silliness. Then I read it right.

>> No.11595206

First character I am making, I am asking the GM to custom up a Scythes of the Emperor marine.

>> No.11595241


Didn't they get OMNOMNOMED by the Nids?

>> No.11595243


Look, apologised, you're a bro and all, and I love your work on ZeonQuest...

...but right now, you're using BoLS fluff. And for that, you need to GTFO

>> No.11595277


Well, it's like Lovecraft, as a person, he's a bit of a dick, but he writes good stories and has some good ideas.

It's the same with Bell of Lost Souls, they're rules are as overpowered as fuck, and they don't know what the fuck they're talking about meta-gamewise, but they write a good narrative.
I liked the Solar Macharius stuff as well.

>> No.11595281

At times like this, I wonder if Space Marines use camouflage, or just have some active-camouflage module in their power armour.

>> No.11595291

> but I have to give them points for being the only chapter that pisses the Ultras off more than the Space Wolves.

Are there going to be rules for making a Chaplain in the core, like for Techmarines, which weren't in the pre-release stuff? Because a BT Chaplain would be awesome. And great for pissing off every one even further.

>> No.11595305

no they paint their armour.

>> No.11595311


Maybe they use Chameleon Cloaks like their scouts?

>> No.11595333

No no Chaplain rules. Techmarine and Librarian are both in however.

I can sort of see why, I mean a Chaplain is sort of superfluous in the DeathWatch, they're place is with the Chapter after all.
I'm not saying it couldn't happen, but it seems like something that wouldn't normally occur.

>> No.11595342


>> No.11595345


Chaplains come in Rites of Battle, December

>> No.11595377

December this year or december next year?
Because the actual press release is saying December next year.

>> No.11595500


Huh. They've taken down their other coming soon titles. It was listed.

>> No.11595510

>or a grim Celestial Lion Assault Marine (My chapter is deeaaaaaaaad).
Grahahaha! Orks Orks Orks Orks, Orks Orks Orks Orks!

>> No.11595617

Orkz. Orkz everywhere.

>> No.11596113

Bumping this.

To make it not a completely empty post I guess I'll share the fact that I'm building and will paint minis of the 6 Final Sanction pregens. Though I hit some snags.

No right handed Narthecium
No marine arms holding combat knives (easily converted)
No head that looks like Skold.

I'm not worried about 100% accuracy though, so I can resolve those issues. Left handed Narthecium works fine, knives can be converted easily enough, and maybe I can use one of the flat-top heads for Skold, just shaving the hair down a bit to get his hairline.

If it goes well, and I end up running the game for some friends, I'll eventually construct minis for whatever characters they create too.

>> No.11596155


THIS is the part of it that I'm looking forward to the most - I can make an actual model of my character... Who is inevitably going to be an Alpha Legion plant.

>> No.11596173


It especially helps if you've got a pal with a shitton of space marine bits. "I've never bought a tac squad box my entire life, Command squad sets or chapter specific sets".

Though the Deathwatch/Inquisition pauldron in the Command set isn't quite as nice looking as the official upgrade pack, but thats like $25.

>> No.11596220


"Um...we all rolled Alpha Legion plants."

>consiza EOTW

>> No.11596250

>Investigation campaign.
>Adeptus Astartes.

Song, there is a game called Dark Heresy, Deathwatch is mostly military sci-fi setting hack and slashing.
You don't investigate shit, you go, you obliterate, you thank the Emperor for a life of glory.

>> No.11596262


And you can have loyalist infiltrators as well - Celestial Lions. I know someone already mentioned them, but I think they make better loyalist AL counterparts than they do Emo Marines.

>> No.11596264

Yeah closest thing to investigating is finding the Hive Tyrant as you hack thru Warriors.

>> No.11596296

Think of it like the difference between Recon and Force Recon.
In DH your sent in to investigate if there's something going on, and report it back to the boss.
In DW your sent in to investigate if there's something going on, and if so, hit it until it's not. And if anyone give's you guff, hit them as well. I can imagine a lot of DW is going to be spent with the players looking for an excuse to start shooting, and the NPC's frantically trying not to give them one.

>> No.11596336

Allow to do another simile.
oWoD's Vampire and Werewolf, in both you can do investigation but there is a great difference about the way and the results of said investigation.

>> No.11596370

soul drinkers were able to do that

>> No.11596444

It's like saying you can't make a war campaign in DH.
>implying 40k has anything to do with sci-fi

>> No.11596446


They never did that.

>> No.11596477

So, in the "Make Your Own Chapter" section, what kind of rules are described therein? I was wondering becuse I thought it would be quite hilarious to put a Desert Fangs cameo in a DW game.

>> No.11596500

Also depends on the potential danger of the investigation.

Here is an old DH idea I had written up that might work for Deathwatch better:

A Cobra-class escort-destroyer comes out of the immaterium at the edge of a modestly important agri-world and slowly drifts inwards towards the primary inhabited planet. Attempts to hail it fail. A probe is sent, a few days later the probe arrives and positively IDs the vessel's IFF as the "Aegis of the Pious" however no lifesigns or major power sources are detected operating as the ship is seemingly completely adrift. A "quick" (relative) Astropath communique is sent to Battlefleet Calixis, who pretty much respond only by diverting a Lunar-class Cruiser from a nearby hotzone to the system.

News of this is somehow intercepted by Inquisitor [name here] and the whole situation strikes him as... odd, so he checks his sources in Battlefleet. The Cobra is indeed correctly IDed as the Aegis of the Pious, the catch?

The Aegis of the Pious is currently located at Battlefleet HQ and is still *Under Construction* and not slated to be finished for almost a year...

Fortunately he has a team in the region on unrelated business. As the Aegis continues to drift towards the inhabited planet in the system, the agents are charged with investigating the ship and the cause of this apparent time-paradox. Once their transport arrives at the ship they should have roughly 36 hours before the Aegis reaches the primary planet. Meanwhile the cruiser Blade of Assured Triumph has arrived in system and is making a full burn to intecept the Aegis. It will intercept at roughly the same time the destroyer reaches the planet.

What happened aboard? I never decided, warp trickery, xenos trickery, the 40k equivalent of the Philadelphia experiment? Who knows.

>> No.11596507


No one knows, the "Make Your Own Chapter" bit is coming in a supplement in December.

I too look forward to statting up the Desert Fangs, though. That might actually work with my Alpha Legion plant idea, come to think of it...

>> No.11596512

Bonus points if none of them know that the others are also infiltrators. Wacky inter-party hijinks abound!

>> No.11596513


Make your own chapter rules aren't going to be in the main book, future supplement. Probably the Deathwatch equivilent of the Inquisitor's handbook.

>> No.11596530

It's not in the main book? Darn.

>> No.11596564


>As for the Organs, all of the ones covered in the background are there, most of which have their own rules, including the Omophagea, which allows you to attempt to gain knowledge from eating a part of an enemy. What info you get though is entirely down to the GM. In doing this, though, you can also gain a skill, chosen by the GM, that the enemy had, as an untrained Basic Skill for a number of hours equal to your Intelligence Bonus.

>> No.11596577

My bet was on those guys here.

>> No.11596583

So you cant go around eating everything you kill to gain insane amounts of skills? That's good.

>> No.11596591


A Sky Serpents successor chapter?

>> No.11596603

Descriptions of heads blowing up due to boltgun headshots are gonna get double delicious for me now(I'm the GM).

>> No.11596609

Maybe. Did any Sky Serpents even survive?

>> No.11596626


I think their primarch's fate was left intentionally unspecified, so it's not hard to conceive that he may have rebuilt.

>> No.11596704

>Sky Serpents

Wait what?

>> No.11596743


The skill sticks around for only a couple hours.

>> No.11596750


Part of a quest that explained the origins of the Angry Marines, which revealed the identities of the two "Lost Primarchs" - Rachnus Rageous, Primarch of the Desert Fangs (Spider-themed Legion with lots of Nulls that ended up spawning the Angry Marines), and Tlaloc, Primarch of the Sky Serpents (Aztec-themed Legion, presumably spawned the Rainbow Warriors).

>> No.11596769

Any Scans yet?

>> No.11596783

>If it goes well, and I end up running the game for some friends, I'll eventually construct minis for whatever characters they create too.

Really? You're awesome. Now I lament the fact that I'll probably never have a GM do anything so nice for a group I'm in.

>> No.11596792

Some time ago, /tg/ had a quest were we played as Rachnus Rageous, one of the two "lost" primarchs. Our chapter was known as the Desert Fangs, and we were total bro's with Alpharius. The other lost primarch was Tialoc, leader of the Sky Serpents. Rachnus was a null, and could expand a null field around himself. Many of the Desert Fangs were nulls as well.

Some of the main points of the story were Tialoc being tricked by Horus into GLASSING OUR HOME PLANET, which made one of our childhood friends turned battle brother go into a unqeunchable rage, creating the very first Angry Marine (who was a dreadnaught). Yeah, the Angry Marines are a succesor chapter of the Desert Fangs. We also managed to completly derail the quest from canon by saving the Emperor.

However, Tialoc and the Sky Serpents were never detailed very much.

>> No.11596820


We didn't save him, the poor fucker still get stuck on the throne - We just made it possible for him to kill Horus.

>> No.11596832

But did he still end up as a corpse?

>> No.11596869


On the long run, yes - Just like Emps in GW canon.

>> No.11596897

So, what kind of bonuses would a Desert Fang get? Aside from bonuses against warp-using foes, as that's a given.

>> No.11596914

Probably something related to how they fight. Sneaky and up close.

>> No.11596929


My guess would be penalties to fellowship, but bonuses to stealth and melee combat, as well as perhaps a wealth of knowledge about the warp. I can't think of how one would end up in the Deathwatch, though.

>> No.11596958

Yeah, all but 80 or so of them. They can no longer survive as a chapter, so they all joined the Deathwatch.

Similar story with the Lamenters, except the Lamenters have enough companies and apothecaries to continue as a chapter. The Scythes don't, so they will inevitably die out.

I think it'd be cool to play one in Deathwatch. It's about as close to a Vietnam-style paranoid veteran as a marine can get.

>> No.11597009

Perhaps the Desert Fangs join the Deathwatch under a different name?

>> No.11597016

chapter name, I mean

>> No.11597042


They're like Grey Knights, though - They're focused on fighting Chaos, not Xenos. Granted, I could see one infiltrating the Deathwatch for information-gathering purposes, but not under the real name of their Legion.

>> No.11597051

Or maybe the DW just wanted some people that make demons shit themselves in horror.

>> No.11597080


No one still alive in the Imperium aside from the Angry Marines and Custodes know they even exist, though.

>> No.11597108

Dont forget the Alpha Legion and any of the surviving primarchs.

>> No.11597121


Well, I'm only a novice painter, so they won't be anything super awesome.


Deathwatch doesn't JUST do Xenos. If they're nearby when a heresy or daemons are to be found, they'll purge and cleanse them just as happily as the Xenos.

>> No.11597128


I doubt the average Alpha Legionnaire is aware of them, but yes, any surviving Primarchs, loyalist or otherwise, are likely aware of them.

>> No.11597169

On that subject, how many surviving Primarchs are there at the moment?

I know, Magnus, Angron, Mortarian, whatshisface from the Emperors Children, Jagtai currently in Commeragh and Leman Russ but was there anybody else.
People who MIGHT be getting better after taking a daemonsword to the neck don't count.

>> No.11597186


Perturabo, Vulkan, and Corax are all alive as well, supposedly, and Alpharius and Omegon are probably both alive (At least one is alive, at any rate).

>> No.11597225

I wasn't sure about Peturabo (what IS he doing these days anyway?) but didn't Vulkan get killed during the Istvaan massacre?

>> No.11597231

Most of the daemon primarchs are still alive. Which isn't to say they've never been killed.

>> No.11597243


I think he "vanished" after Istvaan, which implies that he may still be alive.

>> No.11597256

"Brother warden, we ourselves us navigators and astropaths, however in the heat of combat the pysker's violitile nature can endanger themselves and allow the taint of the warp to infect the battlefield. Thereby insulting the purity of Emperor's finest. How can we came to bring the light of the God Emperor if the even the smallest shadow of chaos is cast upon us."
*sees carnifex*
"Now hold my heavy bolter Brother", draws power sword and charges. "fuuuuuuuuu-"

Black Templars are the Angry Marines of cannon.

>> No.11597286

He went back to him homeworld for a while after the Heresy had ended and eventually went off toward the Eye of Terror. He and Leman will come screaming back out of it someday at the head of a company of the Emperor's saints.

>> No.11597664


Whilst playing Electric Guitars?

>> No.11597693

>Well, I'm only a novice painter, so they won't be anything super awesome.

Hardly the point. This is a case where it is the thought that counts. You're unusually nice for a GM. And probably a person in general even. Truly shocking. Do you just get out all your aggression by playing villains in the grimdarkness of 40k or something?

>> No.11597750


I dunno, its just my friend of 10-years+ has a shitton of space marine bits thanks to his overly fancy/customized marine army. Plus they're easy enough to make, being space marines. So why the hell not? Its a cool thing to do, and costs me nothing but a "Hey, let me use some of your marine bits" and buying my friend a lunch or two.

Plus its an excuse to practice my painting skills, which I've been meaning to do. If were were talking about customized D&D minis, that would be a whole 'nother story.

>> No.11597902

>customized D&D minis

Oh god, that would be annoying. The lack of uniformity...

>> No.11597973

But what if your players get a natural 20 on an incestigation roll?

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