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It's Goofy time again. I feel up for almost anything right now, but if it's not warhammer or general fantasy, please provide reference. I prefer requests that I can make reasonably fast, so no mass scenes or cityscapes, ok?
As usual, other drawfriends are welcome to join in, of course.

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Kamen Rider as a space marine

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guy in a space-suit, with cowboy six-shooters

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Not enough skulls.

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Woad warrior with a flamer, no back pack please.

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Female Eldar Corsair, with the top half of one ear missing, and long, unbound red hair. She wears a bizarre combination of flamboyant Human clothes and scraps of Eldar armour, and is armed with a Shruiken Catapult and a sword similar to those carried by Howling Banshees. Shows quite a bit of skin on her cleavage and midriff. She's cocky, adventurous, and a complete hedonist, though isn't as twisted as the Dark Eldar are.

Asked in the last drawthread, thought I might give it another shot.

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Draw Imperial guardmen from a Napolionic France 'planet of hats'.

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an ork who is obsessed with eldar culture, weapons, and wants to be one

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Forgot my reference, though she should be looking much less miserable.

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Draw an Eldar Aspect warrior from a new Aspect, their way of war based around the Crocodile.

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holy shit

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Draw a female spacemarine how a female space marine would look if throretically possible in the fluff. IE, as mishapen, muscular and BALD as the men, with perhaps a slight edge to the bone structure that might suggest their birth gender.

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May I have a heavily armoured vampire with a cloak over one shoulder, Kain style, please?

He has a meat cleaver-like sword in one hand and holds a helmet with a monstrous face sculpted onto it under his other arm. A brutal, ugly looking monster, with a brutal, ugly looking set of weapons and armour. If you can somehow work in some kind of punch dagger/brass knuckle type weapon that would be great.

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Could you take a stab at drawing this tiefling girl in your style? Looking for a full-body or most-body portrait.

Cute/sexy or any style you'd prefer. A sardonic smirk is good if possible!

Would be very happy if you could try it!

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A young feral world guardswoman, covered in scars and warpaint. She's wearing standard guard armor, but armed with a heavy stubber and a jackhammer (powered by a lawnmower engine on her backpack).

sup/tg/'s character generator can get downright silly at times, but the rest of the group was amused so I guess it's ok.

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Could I ask for a female half-orc barbarian? Muscular, but not grossly so, wearing a skimpy leather outfit covered in studs that shows off DEM HIPZ and DAT CLEAVAGE, always goes barefoot, with a huge honking two-handed axe as a weapon.


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Forgot the picture. Kain with cloak, just over the one shoulder.

>ductigy witchcraft

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draw this scene
""Get up. Acolyte, if you can knock me over you can have your respite." He assumed a guard stance.
She laid there gasping for breath trying to draw on any strength she had left. her grip on the staff tightened, she took a deep breath. Her body flew up faster than Aeric thought, her wings helping her thrust forward. With a fierce scream she swung as hard as she could at the smug Paladin. Aeric parried and countered, but as if she were a man on fire, she jumped out of the way of the swing and brought down another attack. This landed on Aeric shoulder, knocking him off guard; she wouldn't let up she followed with another swing, and another, and another. A Disoriented Aeric tried to get to his feet, but with another great burst from her wings, the determined demon thrust into him tackling him to the ground, kicking up dirt as the steel warrior slammed into the ground. Aeric was impressed. For a moment they both laid there with Dalia on top of Aeric breathing heavily."
"How...about...that respite...sir?" "


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a mean ass 40k ork nob pref with a big choppa mashing up some space marine. Or doing w/e you want really, aslong as its not a comedy looking fag orc

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A female psyker, with a tzeentchian demon whispering in her ear. Contemplating the benefits of loyalty and treason.

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Man i fucking love Kamen Rider

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Man the drawfags on /tg/ beat the shit out of the ones on /co/

Thank you all

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Damit captcha, quite eating my pictures. Kain with cloak, just over the one shoulder.

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I need my fucking Tablet....... I want to drawfag too...

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Draw a scene where the emperor is trying to manage the Imperium and Gork & Mork are watching.

"Gork and Mork, pls go"


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Rule 63 of Minsc and Boo.

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/co/ has excellent drawfags.
We simply have better taste over here.

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Spaceman Sputnik

I could possible do some /v/, /a/ and Touhou requests as well.

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next, I feel for some monsters.

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A gangly-looking Arbitrator trying to look cool in a trenchcoat and smoking lho-sticks. :3

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In that case, could you do some Soul Reaver art? Specifically, the monstrous Clan vampires. The in game art is pretty bad these days.

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Seconding this.

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Hey OP, could i get your take on a sword n shield fighter in fullplate armour?

And if thats not interesting enough for you theeeeeeeeeen draw me megashark vs giant octopus! Such an awesomely bad movie

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Isn't this like.....the 6th time you've asked for this in drawthreads?

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A human adventurer stuck in a party full of dwarves and exasperated with their dwarven shenanigans

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Actually its the 7th. Nobody draws it for him. Kinda funny really.

Hey OP could you draw a chainsword duel between a spess muhreen and a chaos marine? Preferably both helmetless with a devilish grin on the chaos marines face.

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Yes it is, because the one thing i actually want is apparently not interesting enough. ._.

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Keep at it. I still haven't gotten my Cadian Kreige Brofist over dead orkz

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couldn't pass this up.

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I intend to. The guy i have commisioned to do drawings for me is doing everything else first so im relying on /tg/ to help me for now. Also hi GEoM and Greenmarine, failed to acknowledge you earlier

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So close...

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This sounds kinda cool actually. I'd like to see it.

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I really didn't think anyone would go for it

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a necromancer strides through a battlefield, robes and long hair billowing in the wind. He's nine kinds of pissed off and everything around him is dying.

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>guy in a space-suit, with cowboy six-shooters

>> No.11582998

here, working on

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Again, a German looking guy with short cropped hair and a fairly MANLY chin looking like he's gone into full ANGRY MARINE mode, as he's being swarmed by Galatic Grunts and is succesfully beating them down with a Castiron Pan. A Empoleon, Joltion, Alakazam and a Staraptor are looking on with WTF expressions.

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Could somebody please draw a medicae servoskull with beady little yellow optics?

Alternatively: armour plated cyber hound

>> No.11583062

A space marine in a fairy costume, complete with wings. He isn't happy.

>> No.11583064

Awesome, thanks!

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This is wonderful.

>> No.11583202

the adventures of a happy frog beast

>> No.11583250

Tom as a space marine

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This thread is going to be about CHARACTER X as Muhreen? Ok, pic related...

>Toshogu Holowar
Sounds like an awful cyberpunk novel....

>> No.11583357

Angry man!

Dang, went a bit overboard there.. sorry for the wait. Let's see what's new in the thread...

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A gnomish paladin in half-plate, riding an armoured capybara. Artist's discretion about gnome's face, just make him ADORABLE (open-faced helmet if any). Bonus points if you add him shouting "GOOD FOR THE GOOD GOD!" He's armed with a tower shield and warhammer.

(Character I rolled up; kinda wanted to see what /tg/ could do with it)

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A cat squig.
Perhaps with little fluffy ears, round body and the ':3' smilie.

It would amuse me.

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Ok, so how about as this guy suggests
Prime as a Marine...
Or Nemesis Prime as a Warforged!

>> No.11583454

Done. Next please.

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Kitty savage orcs?

>> No.11583479

Space Marine commenting on how his organization is such a sausage fest.

>> No.11583483


This one came out very well; bravo drawfag, bravo.

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"dicks, dicks everywhere"

>> No.11583506

Draw a Tzeentchian chaos cultist who's exactly like the 'wicca' kids you get these days.

>> No.11583507

Huzzah, thanks!

>> No.11583512

Noble guy in a wheelchair, exceedingly old and frail (possible with his lap covered in a slightly worn tartan rug), a few life support tubes attached to his neck/torso, dancing with a young woman at a formal ball. He has tipped his wheelchair back up onto it's rear wheels as part of a spin.

Randomly rolled up Traveller character. Reached 180 years old, STR DEX and END of 1, INT and SOC of 15. And Carouse 16.

>> No.11583517

That is awesome work, thanks a million! If I could hug you through the internet I would.

Do you have a website or dev-art page?

>> No.11583521

my pleasure

I'll check back in on this thread later.

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Requesting a catgirl bar wench, serving some customers with a smile and a skimpy dress. A bearded, scarred, aging man (also with cat ears and a tail, though much more ragged) in a military uniform is nursing a drink, glaring at her with a look of pure disgust and contempt.

In-context, I'm writing a campaign setting (medieval-early Renaissance tech). Cat-people are both fetishized and discriminated against in this setting, and the soldier is extremely bitter about this.

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Female tiefling, neck length black hair, messy. Chain shirt on with typical rogue clothing such as a cloak and boots and whatnot, nothing fancy. Sabre in a scabbard attached to her belt along with a dagger. When it comes to horns, preferably the demon type rather than rams, with one broken in half. She should either.

A. be sitting down glumly, drinking from a bottle of wine
B. sitting up giggly, sipping from a bottle of wine.

Tail is up to you.

>> No.11583559

Draw two characters of your choice re-enacting this scene.

>> No.11583568

Garrus from Mass Efect/Mass Effect II as a Rogue Trader Arch-Militant

>> No.11583573

Glad ya like it.

Alright, the big ork next, then a break... might check in later.

>> No.11583591

On a totally unrelated note, is Mondo Mecho ever going to start up again?

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Any drawfag still here?

>> No.11584195

Not in the current form... There is a (very) slight possibility that I actually restart it and make a proper book(or series) of it.

Here's the last one, see yers later.

>> No.11584223

No hope for mine then? Dammit :(

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>> No.11584240

Valkia The Bloody fighting against a Living Saint from 40k.

>> No.11584243

If you would be so kind: could I get a drawing of a boney thin man in a black, hooded longcoat, wearing ragged clothing. He's the main character in a series of writefaggotry I'm doing, I'd like a picture of him to be the OP picture.

>> No.11584278

pic of Valkia

>> No.11584286

Warhammer, you say? Ok, do some Skaven going all Bruce Lee up in this shit. Please?

>> No.11584342

>Power armor
>Still barefoot

>> No.11584408

A line of Ultramarines doing the cha cha?
They can wear the frilly dresses if you want to draw those on.

>> No.11584420

A second one? Thank you!

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>> No.11584546


Holy power protects her.

>> No.11584693

Corporation Marines.
Covered in company advertisement logo's like Mc'Donalds, Vodaphone, online adds ect.

>> No.11584875

So, NASCAR Marines?

>> No.11584890

Yeah pretty much, that was the general idea for it.

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Hilary Duff, but with large breasts and as an elf

>> No.11584989 [DELETED] 

uM. wHy?

>> No.11585043

<voice=Strongbad> Holy crap, it's a drawthread! </voice>

If yer taking requests, Anonymous, hmm. Maybe this generic medieval fantasy scene--could be from anything from Tolkien to Warhammer Fantasy.

Earnest-looking young human male adventurer type is sitting across a table from a sinister looking, yet beautiful female Elf sorceress, whose attire is sexy without being slutty. She is trying to be seductive, but he is, perhaps, too oblivious to notice, or too determined to carry on with his quest to yield to her charms. Behind her, against the wall, are... perhaps props, to indicate to the "viewer," if not her dim conversation partner, that she has certain things in mind for the evening: manacles, a whip, a hookah.

>> No.11585046

But Hillary Duff's breasts are just fine as they are.

>> No.11585118 [DELETED] 

Human spanking a Dark Eldar sexily. The DE looks excited at how softcore it is.

>> No.11585155

An illithid dressed as Jackson and doing this pose

>> No.11585195

My Slaneesh 40k Sorcerer, please?

Ornate orange power armour,no helmet, with left shoulder pink w/ Slaneesh's symbol. Right shoulder is black with a white Musical note symbol. (Something like the one in my image)

Wears a cloak that is supposed to look like the night sky. Long ashy blond hair, and pale skin, with glowing pink/purple eyes.
His facial features are -too- beautiful, to the point of being offputting (Cheekbones are too pronounced, mouth is slightly too wide, his eyes are nearly catlike, ect.) Carries a Rapier with an ornate hilt, bearing the symbol of Slaneesh.
The Rapier should have poison dripping from it, if possible, and have a slightly hooked end

>> No.11585429

If you're not already swamped by requests maybe two of Povorot's dinosauroids dueling.

More reference material.

>> No.11585912

Did the dragonborn drawfag ever post the stuff he was working on?

Also thread still semi active?

Just got back from Gencon with a shitload of loot. and saw the thread...

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>> No.11585940

A Space Marine lifting a Jedi by the neck.

>> No.11585993

Are you THE Pathfinder Guy?


>> No.11586079


Yeah I guess I am. I have been busy like a motherfucker taking summer classes and now working as a bartender in a restaurant.

So I haven't had much time to do much writing of anything, as much as I would like to. I'll get on something soon though i have a break between summer and fall classes starting Thursday.

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Female Stalker, in the suit depicted on the left. Either variant is fine. Dark hair, tied back to keep it out of her eyes.

>> No.11586152

ah. Well, I was willing to engage in writefaggotry that one time to fill in for you. Just as a one-time deal, you understand.

>> No.11586160

Bartending? Well, that's not so bad - I worked in the dish pit one summer, also doing prep work and fryer duty. THAT was hell. Plus, you don't get tips. :C

>> No.11586368


Far as I am concerned the more written about eldar the better...... even fapfic... long as it is not written by cs multilaser (I fucking hate that guy)

Yup small bar and i am just learning a lot of this stuff but the nights go by quick and the place has great food.

After Thursday Ill try to get something done. I have something in mind but I think that it will be something that some will like but a lot of others will be like WTF? lol. The idea came to me while I was driving home from work last Friday night.

>> No.11586455

This scene, or the next posted one, reinacted by the following two characters (To be posted)

>> No.11586482

(Well; this style; maybe doing something like walking or standing ready to fight each other.)

>> No.11586490

And these two people basically.

>> No.11586525

This is the result of a 2 person roleplay involving a very cynical fallen Paladin-type Ronin and a Fighter-Samurai in a Japanese themed game.
And proof that any 2 people, if left together for long enough will eventually come to love and respect each other, no matter how different they are. Which was a surprise for everyone involved.

>> No.11586718

Dear awesome Drawfriend!

Tonight, I request of you to don your artistic skills, and create for us...


Not just a bard. Not just a cutebold. It is... a Guitarbold! Master of the high art of cutebold music (he uses two and a half whole strings!) he is the greatest cutebold bard to have ever lived - known from the north end of the forest all the way to the river that cuts through the northernmost half!

He even wears a feathered cap.

..now if only he could read sheet music...

>> No.11586872

This is a claim based on observations.
The claim goes as follows: there are no drawfags in this thread any longer.

>> No.11586889

forever and always, chubby drow

>> No.11587020

Well, do me a favour and remember this one:

(named after the Hotel Nacional de Cuba in Havana, where it was supposedly invented)

1 1/2 oz amber rum
3/4 oz apricot brandy
3/4 oz lime juice
3/4 oz simple syrup

Shake over ice, strain into a chilled cocktail glass (or a highball glass with ice, for a sipper).

This is one of my favourite summer cocktails, bar none.

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>> No.11587290

Thanks drawfags for making neat pictures!

>> No.11587415


I'm not sure whether she looks female enough, or whether androgyny is part of the point. Either way, rage incoming in 3... 2... 1...

>> No.11587450 [DELETED] 

yesssss. Also, you should create a new drawthread. This one is dead.

>> No.11587456 [DELETED] 

That's pretty much perfect, actually.

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>> No.11587720


cute and cat like

>> No.11587778

A woman made of chocolate ice cream in a bowl with those claw-feet like antique bathtubs.
It's walking around as she acts coy.

>> No.11587832

Jayne Cobb (of Firefly fame) as a Guardsman. Kicking ass, maybe with a laser or bolter version of Vera?

Will it happen? I doubt it.

I'm still happy, the drawfags have kicked ass this night.

>> No.11588407


>> No.11588433


Uh... for character portrait?

>> No.11588857

Thanks for reminding me how ugly the world has become now that MJ is dead.

>> No.11589023


Looks badass dude.

Oh did you ever finish that eldar with the genestealer pic?

>> No.11589036

Original requester here, that is amazing.

>> No.11589144

Not really. Maybe one day.

>> No.11589180 [DELETED] 

Could you delete that latest pic and start a new thread? This one is tapped out.

>> No.11589228


Ok I'll ask again some other time. You taking requests now?

>> No.11589559

Female Human Inquisitor.

Lying on her back looking up at the viewer with a mischievous look on her face (somewhere between "come hither" and "you are my prey") and slightly pursed lips. Her black, wavy hair is about middle of her back length and spilled out everywhere. She has large, bright emerald green eyes and a upturned, button nose with a roundish, heart-shaped face. She is wearing incredibly form fitting (best quality) xeno mesh and a cloak that's been unfastened and is being used as the blanket she's lying on. An Inquisitor's seal is dangling between her (about D cup) breasts and her left arm is lazyly extended and holding a dark eldar powersword (looking like a nasty, spiky rapier with a hand-guard). She has a slender waste and a pretty severe case of "dem hips" and "dat ass".

This is my Ordo Xenos Scum Inquisitor. <3 Her

>> No.11589659 [DELETED] 

The ambassador crossing an ocean of beef in a time boat towards the apprentice sitting in a vat of creme brulee.

>> No.11589710


She can never look innocent, no matter how hard she tries she at best looks like a "bad girl". In game terms, every single time I've rolled a charm or deceive test with the purpose of coming off as ignorant, young and / or inexperienced, I've never rolled lower than an 85. Which is only 5 off from making the check since she has a Fellowship of 60 and Deceive and Charm at +20.

>> No.11589744

Two Warhammer 40k Navigators yelling at each other over their ships' comm systems after their ships nearly collide when exiting the Warp.

Transdimensional Road Rage.

>> No.11589763

Can you draw an Adeptus Arbite fighting off a horde of zombies?

>> No.11590041


>> No.11591371

Oh yes.
I'm going to make love to you and your children.

This is awesome!

>> No.11591517

Aww, no love?

>> No.11593513

close enough

>> No.11593549

If this thread is still going. Requesting a kobold sorcerer. He's a runt, and has blue dragon heritage. Looks freaked out all the time.

>> No.11596342


.... Holy cradenzas!

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