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There is a lot of Warhammer threads on the front page but I was just hoping we could have a general Nurgle thread. Rituals, monsters, weapons, etc.

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Plague Marines - fuckin a.

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I like Nurgle.

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there's a lot of warhammer threads on the front page and i wanted to do something different so i created a thread that started with warhammer

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Nurgle Ork

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Don't have a huge amount of Nurgle. Will see what I can find.

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>tentacle coming out of eye hole
>axe made out of teeth

goddam nurgle is gross as all fuck

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Got some stuff that isn't strictly Nurgle, but could be used as.

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Papa Nurgle loves you all very much.

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Silly Xeno, you're not a follower of nurgle, you don't even have a plague.

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What's with all this official WAR Nurgle art?
Did they change Chaos to something that isn't Tzeentch only or something decent like that?

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I'm having trouble finding any more pictures. Anyone have any ideas for rituals for summoning Nurgle's minions or a kind of weapon special to Nurgle cultist?

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no pics per say, but i used ta like slanash. after reading a bunch of fluff, and finding out that nurgle, love all of his everything. God what a swell guy.

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No clue. Just googled it and grabbed whatever I could find.

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There's a lot of Nurgle stuff that opposes the Chaos faction. Most of it is in the dungeon located in the capital, but there's also quite a few encounters and quests with them throughout the Chaos zones.

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I remember the loose details of a nurgle demon summoning from a short story i read.

A band of marauders piled an entire murdered village into a large heap. The Groups shamans chanted over the corpse pile for weeks day and night while they decayed. On the morning of some astral significants that I can not recall. they unstacked the dead leaving a pitch black puddle of rot fluids.
As the chanting reached a high, it suddenly stopped.
Out of the lake of vile fluid Demons of nurgle began to surface and walk ashore.

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I was thinking of a Nurgle ritual kinda like this: There is a symbol of Nurgle in the middle of the summoning room and strapped to the walls are sacrifices, each one infected with a rare disease. The waste drips from the sacrifices into a small basin underneath them and to complete the ritual the stuff collected in the basins will be dumped onto the symbol while saying the correct incantation.

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Thanks for contributing.

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