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Are humans who join the Tau empire allowed to married tau?

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Don't Tau use a state controlled breeding program?

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fuck you

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Tau are not allowed to marry or have children with someone from a different Castes, so I don't think they would be allowed to do the same with someone from a different species.

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I'm assuming humans either don't have a castle or fall into their own. Tau aren't allowed to breed or marry outside of their caste.

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I think it's heavily frowned upon, but I don't know if it's explicitly a "NO YOU CANNOT MARRY FILTHY BAKA GAIJIN".

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Humans in the Tau Empire would probably be chemically neutered via the effervescent pheremonal control that keeps the populace in line.

The Tau aren't as noblebright as you think.

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Don't humans get steralized when they join?

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Give it a rest..

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>(1971); whigan

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>Join Tau, Join Water Caste

>That where all the hot bitches at

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That was the imperial propangda at the end of the of the second Dawn of War addon.

There is no indication in the fluff that they do this.

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Indeed they do.

There is no marriage, the Ethereals tell you when to breed and who to breed with. Humans who joined the Tau would probably just be paired with other Humans, so at least you probably guaranteed some pussy.

That said, there's no reason you couldn't try to seduce a Tau and fuck her anyway.

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dat Iron hand

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Such things have never been mentioned outside of Dark Heresy and I can't remember if that was actually stated or just implied.

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There is no evidence for this.

No wait, there is one. In the Tau ending of Dark Crusade. Bearing in mind that A) it's a non-canon ending, and B) all narration in the DOW games is told from the perspective of an Imperial Scholar.

So no, they don't. There's also no evidence for Vespid mind control, beyond a sentence that says 'some whisper'. Because GEE, that's conclusive right!

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Thats a Black Templar Jim.

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ITT: Fags who can't admit that the Tau Empire is just as bad as the Imperium, and worse in some ways.

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I don't think GW's fluff writers are smart enough to write deliberate red herrings into the background. If it's included, then I'm pretty sure it's meaningful in some way.

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I don't think so, Tau of other castes cannot marry other castes so I doubt that they will allow a human to marry a tau

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If they say that the Tau Do all that crap in there BOOK then it canon

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>>11572849deliberate red herrings

matt ward does

just that... everyone takes his stuff super seriously

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not canon

only codex is canon

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Do you know how good GW writers are at subtlety? They wouldn't no it if it hit them with a thunder hammer.

If they hint at something, they certainly mean it. Same goes for the Relic writers in DoW.

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Tau cannot marry and fuck around.

You get a government letter telling you need to report to repopulation center A398 to engage in missionary sex with Tau female #408308 for 5 to 10 minutes before returning to your workplace.

If you bother reading Tau fluff, you'd notice the 1984 feel of the Tau.

Also, Tau helmets are British CCTV cameras.

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People wan't to have sex with space asians?

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Taufags suck it.

Just because an artist screws up some feet, doesn't mean it invalidates the mind control organs of the Ethereals.

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We're humanity
We want to have sex with everything
That's how we say hello

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> Are humans who join the Tau empire allowed to married tau?

No and, why would you remotely care? Plus Tau females look like males.

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In the DoW Dark Crusade if you won as the Tau it talks about how they segregated the human population by gender in reeducation camps. Because of this the human population plummeted and made up around 5% of the demographic 10 years after the Tau victory.


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from my understanding tau females don't have tits, and look just like males to humans. Also the fan art shows the people who like tau are fucken weeboo cause they always make em look like some fucken jap school girl or something from queens blade...

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Remember, the Tau aren't like the Federation... or some other scifi UN variant.

They are far sinister...

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>Bitches about weeaboos
>names specific anime
>my face

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>there's no reason you couldn't try to seduce a Tau and fuck her anyway.
Surely the tau would have some sort of safeguard against this?

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Thats actually kinda cute, with the exeption of that stupid fucking mustach.

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If a guy in montana can get mauled by a bear trying to have sex with it...

A human can find a way to fuck a sentient tau.

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What about genetic experiments between humans and fire caste to breed more resilient warriors?

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A dude in Montana got mauled trying to fuck a bear? Was this a German tourist, or was he drunk?

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a better question would be "are their parts even sexually compatible?" Maybe Tau mucus membranes in the toothy maw that passes for their vagina would be a severe irritant to human skin like fucking molten lava and sulfphuric acid.
>mershers up
You said it captcha

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Fuck the Greater Good communist crap moral superiority in order to compensate for being idiots who know nothing about the Warp and have inferior space travel and a leetle empire.

I would redo Tau as having warp travel, having a large domain, etc.

But they would be total fucking cunts and open about it.

Basically the Imperial Japanese. Large domain at their height of power, lots of offensive punch, just as advanced ships as the other factions, but destined to fail as they don't have enough population to support the huge number of other fucking xenos they are oppressing.

The whole "cooperating with other races as a defense against Human imperialism" thing would be just as much of a lie as the pan-asian thing was with the Japanese.

So yeah, Showa Tau get warp travel/knowledge of warpfuckery and a vast territory in exchange for being overstretched, undermanned, and overextended; about to suffer massive uprisings among the xenokoreans they're enslaving.

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That hat in the OP looks comfy

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Humans that join the Tau are sterilized. And even if they weren't, anything that doesn't contribute to the "Greater Good" is frowned upon. The Tau only have planned births and only within the separate castes, never cross-caste.

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Showa Tau, now with more inferiority complex!

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>mfw no porn

This isn't the /tg/ I know and love...

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That is a cool Hat that Tau girl has on
at least I hope that's a Tau girl

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Are 'umies who's join da Waaagh allowed ta marry an ork?

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I don't think any exists...

Or at least I have yet to see a nice quantity of Human/Tau pr0nz.

Someone get the drawfags.

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The claims of sterilization are pretty unfounded. It's information being provided by an Imperial, and they're notorious for spreading propaganda.

Just look at the Kroot and Vespids. They're not prevented from breeding. Tau are a tiny force in the universe and they're not going to limit their numbers when humans breeding means they'll have more Guevasa to use.

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Couldn't be, has a nose. Maybe is half-breed.

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>Basically the Imperial Japanese. Large domain at their height of power, lots of offensive punch, just as advanced ships as the other factions, but destined to fail as they don't have enough population to support the huge number of other fucking xenos they are oppressing.

This also perfectly describes the Imeperium, who also have a God-Emperor to match up with Showa era Japan.

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Of course you could also have them be Belgian Tau, going Congo-Free-State on asses by hiring one group of xenos to oppress a larger group of xenos (the way the Congo Company men hired troops of cannibals to keep the Congolese picking rubber)

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I don't know if you're just joking around, but what you just described is essentially the Imperium.

[citation needed]

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But we can tell the gender in artwork, females seem to have weaker jaws and a distinct nasal slit. Fire warrior females are probably all muscle girls though.

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This only reinforces my view that Tau are Space Africans.

>appences morning.

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Wat? He was describing how the Belgians acted in the Congo, which would make the Tau Europeans.

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>implota included;

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The Tau codex leaves this open-ended, it says that only two (recorded) Tau females have been closely encounted by the Imperium: one is Commander Shadowsun ofcourse (who, as the book points out, differs greatly in appearance and physiology from Tau males) and another was a fallen fire-warrior who was dissected and given an autopsy. The latter was exactly like a male in terms of body structure.

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>If you bother reading Tau fluff, you'd notice the 1984 feel of the Tau.

Two possibilities:

1. You've never read Tau fluff.
2. You've never read 1984.

If you want to compare the Tau to a work of classic fiction, it would be "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley.

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>Compare Tau to brave no world

And even that would be a stretch.

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>My face when the Tau threw the Necrons a literal welcome party
>My face when the Tau thought they had slain Slaneesh after they killed a Chaos space marine

Oh Tau you crazy little rascals you.

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I don't remember seeing that in the codex... And if you're talking about the dissected female Tau from Xenology, that was actually an Ethereal.

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if you went with the Earth caste and joined one of their little agrarian kibbutz's, I'm sure the whole "seducing a female Tau" (on the DL) would work just fine. Hell, think of all the well regulated/supervised places people fuck: offices, summer camps, hell even fucking military bases.
>bear in mind that all of those places have security cameras except for the camp

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Meaning what? They both shared the same basic organs? Wait, how do they breed in that case?

Logically, there should be differences right? Unless they are like hyenas I suppose.

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you guys are idiots.

First of all the tau do not sterilize every human... they see their use in populating worlds and mining minerals that the tau have no access too or too little current manpower.

second of all the tau sterelized the human planet in dawn of war because it was a planet that had pledged its allegiance to the tau empire... but then once again flipped over and pledged allegiance to the imperium as soon as the imperium started their campaign on kronus. they were traitors twice, and the tau weren't going to let them uprise again.

and while its not mentioned in the imperial ending, we all know what happens to humans that have been exposed to both aliens and chaos...

yup its not like those people weren't going to be exterminated, at least they got to live out the rest of their lives sterilized rather than just being killed.

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>Tau throw Necrons a party
Tau aren't xenophobic paranoid fucks like the Imperium/Eldar. . . yet. They thought a Hive Fleet was gonna nom them, strange vessels appear and blow up the Nids. Any rational people would at least have the social graces to say "thank you" to the guys who saved them. But this is 40k and "save" means "I want to kill you myself"

Tau don't know how Warp-shit works. They had no idea what a "Slaanesh" is. They naturally assumed it was the leader of the gibbering pack of madmen they fought.

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commander shadowsun, it's cannon that tau females are quite distinct from males, my internet is capped and i can't get a pic, sorry, just google it

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Hyenas? Wut?

>> No.11576339

well its a gaming book so it didn't go into details about their junk. Without them saying so I think we can safely assume that the Tau genders roughly parallel our two in terms of genetalia

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I don't think humans can join any caste at all. Humans are treated as their own race separate from the Tau. Even then it might be possible. The fluff basically says that the state doesn't care about what you do with your free time as long as you perform your assigned duties and support the Greater Good.

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Dude you still have to admit it's hilarious, tau are basically as clueless as Manuel in Fawlty towers.

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The clitoris of a spotted Hyena looks like an enlarged penis, making the males and females look nigh-identical.

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Shadowsun is an old lady by the time she makes her self notorious, young fire caste females are probably burly fuckers only identifiable as female by their nose and genitals.

>> No.11576387 [DELETED] 

>well its a gaming book so it didn't go into details about their junk.
Yet I know eldar ears are an erogenous zone and they have crystallized poop.

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Isn't she like in her 50's?

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True, which is why the people who try to shoe horn "MIND CONTROL AND STERILIZATIONS" bug me

The Tau are fucking naive. They have no idea how fucked up the galaxy they live in is. THAT'S their GRIMDARK potential: How utterly misguided they are in seeking a happy end in a setting that has none and how like the Eldar and Humanity before them they will eventually become twisted hollow caricatures of who they wanted to be. . . and that's if they survive.

That is fucking grim and dark. You don't NEED to try to grasp at straws about how the Tau are evil bastards now because their whole gig is that there is no future for them unless they become evil bastards.

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So basically, tau sexual identity is directed by the shape of their noses? That's fucked up.

"El-Shaas, that's a very distinct...nose you got"

>> No.11576419

My big long explanation got lost because I miswrote the catcha!

Blah blah blah - the disected female Tau is an Etherial, not a member of the Fire Caste, possibly accounting for differences between it and Shadowsun.

Blah blah blah - The Cain books indicate that at least Kroot are allowed to socialize with the human populations, it isn't impossible to assume they are at least given a degree of autonomy in order to make them feel 'free'.

blah blah blah... Allowing different races to fraternize, so long as they're properly socialized to not expect a monogomous relationship means you improve morale and don't have to worry about them accidentally ruining your breeding program.

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>Oficina quitte

>> No.11576465 [DELETED] 

It isn't even that odd, gender shapes the structure of the nose in humans somewhat.

>> No.11576470

Well, it's kinda the whole vaginal canal. They literally have to have sex, pee and give birth through a straw. Torn pseudopenis is the death of many a young mother.

>> No.11576475

But that's just the thing, the Tau probably don't even see sterilizations as something bad, more like "It's for your own good, in this way we help the greater good".
They are like some crazyass fanatical mormons, supernice even while being evil.

>> No.11576489

Don't female tau have three clits?

>> No.11576500

Is it like that myth about guys with big hands and feet having big cocks then?

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"The Sssshaperzzz sent us, to collect your genetic material."

>> No.11576531

You keep your fething mouth away from my genetic material.

>> No.11576534 [DELETED] 

Some one posted some study where flaccid dick length seemed to have a correlation with the index finger.

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if you'd allow me to deposit it somewhere other than your beak, be my guest.

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Yes. It becomes odd though, when its all Tau got to distinguish genders.

And logically, if its what all they got to distinguish genders, it should also be their one source of sexual attraction, as a shapely nosal slit would be signs of good child-bearing capabilities.

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That guy looks like moot

>> No.11576573

It's hit or miss. For example, I am 5'5" and have a size 11 shoe, U.S. standard. I also have large hands. I'm no footlong, but I stand out in a crowd. Ahem.

This is not always true, I knew a giant viking dude, 6'6" and he was not- shall we say- proportional.

Yes, I've banged a few dudes. Get over it.

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You have rather large feet for your size.

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Ok, for those of you saying it, humans do not get chemically castrated what so ever. The tau want to build up a large empire and by incorporating other races they increase their power. If they were to chemically castrate every new race inducted into the empire, they'd be crippling themselves and not receive many new willing races.

As for marriage? I suppose if humans get put into the same caste as one, its entirely possible. Don't see why they would though unless the tau had a GREAT personality. That, or GW finally confirms tau for tit tier.

>> No.11576604 [DELETED] 

If they give birth they probably have structural differences that are very noticeable to them.

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The Tau don't steralize any part of their population.

The faggy DOW game is not canon and even if it were, they steralized the planet because it turned traitor twice. Rather than just killing them all like any other empire (i don't know about eldar) they just steralized them. That way the planet would no longer be a nuisance to them and they wouldn't have to kill more people than they needed to. The sterilization was done as an alternative to planet wide killing.

>> No.11576638


Showa Tau would mean... weeaboo katana charges. Acting weeaboo while furiously denying it by GRIMDARK SKULLS GOTHIC FOR THE EMPEROR is Imperium's hat.

Tau look more like the Chinese, only with less zerg rush kekeke. My wish is to have them have a Cultural Revolution of sorts in their new fluff, which would coincide with developing warp travel. Maybe. It would also probably make them less weeaboo for fortykayfags' tastes.

Fun fact: if Tau are the PRC, then Imperium is Soviet Union. No exceptions.

>> No.11576641

Is there any information on contact with the Tau during the Great Crusade or other times during the Emperor's living reign?

Because I think it'd be awesome for the Tau to witness the FUCKHUGE PSYCHIC POWAHS and BRIGHT SHINY GLORY of the Emperor.

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"Oh... okay..."

"Uhm... where else... izzzzz there...?

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My nickname on-base is "Boots."

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Ah yes, Drow.

The race of dark elves allegedly awaiting beneath the surface of the earth and worshipping an evil spider goddess.

We have dismissed that claim.

>> No.11576670

They did not exist. Tau have only like 6,000 years of history.

>> No.11576677

also, quick question.

If a kroot family ate enough human over a few generations, would they be able to breed with a human.

>> No.11576691


and what makes it so awesome was that at the very first contact, those tau were just using sticks and stones, 6000 years later they are FUCK YEAR, SPACE WEEABOOs.

If only that warp storm had lasted 2000 more years, the tau might be a real threat.

>> No.11576698 [DELETED] 

I have said it before, I think the Tau are America/ British empire with their white mans burden, manifest destiny and gunboat diplomacy. I suspect it is for ironic purposes that they have the superficial cultural trappings of the societies the British empire and America suppressed.

>> No.11576704

>American military

Wait, I thought that was impossible to combine with most americans hatred of homos.

>> No.11576721 [DELETED] 

You have seen the studies where homophobes are more likely to get erections watching gay porn right?

>> No.11576728

Do you know the words "don't ask, don't tell"?

>> No.11576733

They existed, its just that 6000 years ago they were essentially cave men. Most likely, thats the state they were in, the tau equivelant to a homo-erectus. Unless the sudden evolution the tau has going on right now was going on back then too, in which case they could have been even further back in evolution.

>> No.11576736

They've only had spaceflight for 300 years. They've only had warp-skip capable ships for 100. And the research prototype ship, the first with a prototype warp drive, was able of doing 1/6th the speed of an imperial warship built in the year 20,000. Their current ships are able of doing up to 1/2 the average speed of a typical imperial cruiser. Without any danger. They need to refuel every few hundred lightyears but still., that's damn impressive.

>> No.11576754

>1/2 the average speed
lol, no.
If they wanted to, say, go to Ultramar (and Ultramar is fucking close), the Ultramarine boarding party would find the ancient mummified corpses of the Tau crew.

>> No.11576763

What does that mean?

>> No.11576764

Or they'd find the original crew's (grand)children. After all, on a multi-generational voyage, it only makes sense for them to breed, right?

>> No.11576772 [DELETED] 

how exactly do you measure speed when you are going faster than light?

>> No.11576775

They won't ask if you're gay, and you don't tell them.
It's that simple.

>> No.11576777

It would be Pandorum, Pandorum I tell you.

>> No.11576780

It's canon that Tau sterilize humans. That voice is not imperial but a neutral narrator. Just listen to him describe the Ork victory. He's get's all orky.

>> No.11576783

That's mere /tg/ canon.

>> No.11576784

In truth I prefer women, but a man is equally pound-able in the right circumstance. Homophobia, at least in America, is not an all-over thing. A majority of people really don't give a damn- but congress is entirely disconnected from the populace and they overlap with the vocal minority.

Up until Obama got elected, I had an interesting corellary.

Say you go to a country. You find that the government is corrupt and/or does not serve the needs of the people, and is primarily influenced by religious leaders and those with wealth. The government disregards basic rights and the leader is an immense douchebag. Is this Iran? No. This is Bush's America.

Obama's efficacy is yet to be seen as he's still cleaning up after the last guy.

tl;dr You only hear about homophobic douchebags.

>> No.11576790

I guess so. Tau don't live as long as humans, though. And at the speeds they go, it would take thousands of years.

>> No.11576793

You do know that erections are tied to strong emotions and not just sexual arousal, right? Those were hate boners. That study even says that.

>> No.11576801 [DELETED] 

The democratic party is owned by catholics and different corporate interest, they still are not looking out for you.

>> No.11576815
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Yeah, Scribe John thought of that one.

>> No.11576844

Hateboner? Is that the kind of boner you get when you have angry hatesex with your girlfriend after she cheated on you?

>> No.11576855


At least the democrats pretend they hold to their ideals. Republicans are downright schizophrenic. We hate big business! No we love it! We love small business! They can help themselves!

>> No.11576884

Congress? Oh hell no. They never were. At least, I can believe - at least I want to - that the current president is someone with the charisma and political power (limited though it is) to affect a benefit to the people. It's not revocation of congressional healthcare or a massive pay cut for the same, but it's a start, y'know?

Also, captcha: HETEROSIS lefous

I don't know what it is, but I'm googling it.

>> No.11576906


Wow, captcha's on topic even when I'm not. Eerie.

>> No.11576966 [DELETED] 

The republican party is three or four parties, you have the ex- trotskyites who were thrown out of the democratic party, they became the neocons. You have the new england wasp capitalist, the former core of the party, then you have the dixiecrats and evangelicals that make up the religious wing and a small amount of libertarians and conservative anarchist that fill out the rest.

>> No.11576996

Lar'Shi (Hero) Class.
Gal'Leath (Explorer) Class

Here's how it works. If you say that an imperial ship takes X amount of time to get somewhere, then a Tau Lar'Shi (Hero) would take twice as long. A Gal'Leath (Explorer) would take 5x as long. It's that simple.

>> No.11576998

That would explain why I always get boners when I'm killing hookers.

>> No.11577076

You are supposed to kill them? Gosh darn it I have been doing it wrong.

>> No.11577104

No no, that's just the raping part of how we say hello. You forgot the burning, pillaging, disease spreading, and unfair trading. Humies irl is pretty orky.

>> No.11577109

Tau do not sterlize new populations, that's their death pentality. It assures you're body is still going to work for the state, just you won't be able to pass along your genes. Which is worse assuming you don't have children already.

Tau aren't even allowed to marry or interact on anything other than a professional level with other castes. You are then paired up with "perfect genetic match" and through artifical semination produce the next generation. Humans are unlikely to try to have sex with a Tau seeing how strict their breeding programs are. I would put the Tau alongside likes of Russia, China, and Cuba. Instead of Communism it's Greater Good, enforced by the Etherals.

>> No.11577130

>Tau burly.

The toughest tau aren't even as strong as an average female human, burly my ass.

>> No.11577141


And /tg/ liked it

I for one want delicious tri clit action

>> No.11577149
File: 114 KB, 300x300, 1281224581024.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11577215

They're both S3.

>> No.11577249

>You are then paired up with "perfect genetic match"

That's caste dependent. Fire Caste is almost a matriarchy, with the females deciding who gets to pass on their genes and whatnot.

>> No.11577254

Strength go in to WS as well (it's used as ½ S points some times kinda like AP do on occation in WHFB when the GW games designers wants to make soem points about some thing being weaker but it would be to much to lower their S one point).

>> No.11577276

What do you mean. Tough have strength 3.

Women get -4 strength

>> No.11577280

Tau don't even have actual marriage. The closest thing we know of is a blood bond among Fire Warriors, and even that doesn't quite count. It's also pretty goddamn polygamous and asexual for a marriage ritual.

>> No.11577283

Imperial progaganda against the Tau is more along the lines of saying how weak they are. Its actually pretty funny.

Tau are terrible shots, their battle suits prove their weakness, drones make great target practice since they can't hit when they shoot back, etc.

Ow, and one section that says that they're basically nearsighted cow-like creatures, and that the kroot each your soul if they eat your corpse.

shit's pretty funny actually.

>> No.11577286 [DELETED] 

They are about 5'5" most guardsmen seem like 6' foot or taller.

>> No.11577291

I was going from the fluff not the table top.

>> No.11577296
File: 91 KB, 1019x1130, 1273216919081.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.11577306

Or it was mentioned in the first Tau codex that they are not as strong as humans. That too.

>> No.11577324

Also, that they're easily scared of fire, lightning, and loud noises, and that a pulse rifle requires a concentrated, continuous stream to even harm a Guardsman. And that their armor will sufficiently protect them.

>> No.11577389

Tau ships are slower by fractions depending on size but infintily more reliable due to the fact that LOL no warp hazards. Also the factor is not that large, a MANTA can go 1/10 the speed of the average Imperial vessel and all Tau Vessels use zero point energy, shit Firewarriors have zero point drive backpacks.

Also about the breeding thing, they have a breeding program, so what? How many people really want to have kids in an 40k setting anyway? They probably do reduce the birth rate of species sharing worlds/slave races so they aren't over-run, its tacticaly sound.

>> No.11577398

It's the Kroot that believe that they eat the soul of warrior, they think its and honor.

>> No.11577431

>Defending the tau. Xenos loving faggot.

Also vacumn energy, where does it mention that in the codex? Really I don't remember seeing that when I looked through it.

>> No.11577461

1. Tau are probably the least numerous of all the 40k races, but there are still a relative shit ton of them. Sterilization was only mentioned in Dawn of War, nowhere else, and thus it seems likely that sterilization is NOT common practice by any means. That is not to say it never happens, as in the grim darkness of the future, anything is possible. Especially considering the raw number of conflicts that exist in the galaxy. Related note: Though not common practice, Tau are most likely of any 40k race to potentially do this, as any other race would just commit out and out immediate genocide.

2. Tau castes aren't something you can join. You're born into it, and that's that. A human can never join a Tau caste. Each of the castes is genetically distinct, and forced interbreeding keeps them so. Thus, the five castes are also five subspecies, with slightly different physical and drastically different psychological characteristics. A chihuahua can never join the doberman caste, and vice versa, because their caste and their breed are synonymous.

3. Ethereals emit pheromones or SOMETHING that keeps the breeds/castes unified and stops the fire caste from fucking shit up. It's not direct mind control, but it's there, and it affects the thoughts and actions of every other Tau. Deal with it.

>> No.11577561

>How many people really want to have kids in an 40k setting anyway?

Humans do, if only to bring a glimmer of hope into their otherwise hopeless lives. Guardsmen, Space Marine aspirants, Sororitas, Techpriests...

Tau do, for the Greater Good.

Orks don't really, but they do anyway because they can't help it.

Eldar do, because it's vital to continue their species, if only for a little while longer.

Dark Eldar do it because, well... it's another servant, and a successor to your family name.

'Nids do it because that's where all their soldiers come from.

>> No.11578390


Technically your stated reason for why Nids do it is the reason all the other groups do it. Just that Nids are honest about it.

>> No.11578468


I'm going to second this statement, since it doesn't sound butthurt or trollish.

>> No.11578610

>implying the Tau wouldn't want self sustaining human colonies for worker ants../

>> No.11579182

That's what they have Tau for.

>> No.11579243
File: 556 KB, 863x752, 1276951157218.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is what I think of your filthy interspecies shenanigans

>> No.11580076


>> No.11580131
File: 165 KB, 256x520, Combine[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11580164
File: 376 KB, 865x978, tauhips.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Fucken Xenos

So you're for the idea

>> No.11580189

>Tau spaceships are safer because no LOL Warp

You're forgetting the fact that the Tau cannot do anything about raiders, pirates and other hit-and-run enemies, because if the Tau would pursue the enemy outside their travel range, they'd all be mummified skeletons boring through the void of space.

If the Tau don't quickly find a way to create true Warp engines, the Tau empire will collapse due to logistic strains.

>> No.11580191



>> No.11580199

Fucking fanboys. If you actually looked at artwork, you'd notice that Tau females don't look like that.

Hell, I'd fuck a Rogue Trader demonette with more pleasure than a canon Tau female. Shit's fucking ugly.

>> No.11580204
File: 571 KB, 642x854, ANGRY_MARINE_by_MCMR.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I wish the Tau were more badass and less we're morally superior to everyone. If they every advance the story lol, they better make the Tau all jaded and shit. Give them their own exterminatus. Better yet make them see all psykers as a threat to reality and begin a purge of races that use them.

>> No.11580213

Except it's true. Tau are weaker and slower than humans, and they need the HUD's in their helmets to keep track of fast-moving targets.

We had a pretty cool piece of writefaggotry a while ago, in which a human sniper beats a tau sniper by staying mobile.

>> No.11580231

They already use Exterminatus. Sort of.

If the Tau encounter a planet with military superior capacities, it gets nuked from orbit, and the planet is then colonised.

>> No.11580250

imo the tau would first start by assimilating the local population then as more and more tau arive on world the tau would begin to controll the breeding of local population to give more room to the Tau

>> No.11580257
File: 377 KB, 500x1291, dat xenos ass.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.11580258

I'd say the Tau are already very dark.

You just need to read the codex. And being older than 14 helps too.

>hey /tg/ have you read this bit of tau fluff in the codex, on page X it say-


>> No.11580281

No, OP, you won't get to marry your tauwaifu in your fantasyland.

Now seriously, Human-Tau offspring is pretty much impossible because of the same reason Human-Dog offspring is impossible. If breeding is impossible, then why the fuck would they marry?

>> No.11580287

>If breeding is impossible, then why the fuck would they marry?

>> No.11580292

becaws wuv and happys

>> No.11580297
File: 275 KB, 1375x975, tau.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So just make the Tau the blue Imperium?

They were more noble in the first codex, but I guess the Imperial Fanboys whined that they were making their Space Nazis look bad so they threw in mind control hats in the next codex.

>> No.11580301

Don't you know? Tau society has no love and no families.

The only thing that matters is your workgroup. Just check it. The only social activity mentioned about the Tau is bonding, basically some oath among colleagues.

>> No.11580306

Because humans (attempt to) mate for life, and feel the need to somehow cement the relationships? Ability to actually reproduce tends to be only secondary concern. Marriage was part of the human civilization long before ol' Abe came out of the desert.

>> No.11580310

Hahahahaha. Underage weeaboo Taufaggot detected.

The first Tau codex talks about mindcontrol and it even mentions the Tau nuking planets that they can't conquer with ground warfare.

>> No.11580330

Yeah, but Tau don't. There is no individual will, only the Greater Good.

>> No.11580351

>My face when the Tau thought they had slain Slaneesh after they killed a Chaos space marine


>> No.11580359

To be fair, the fact that the Tau look like "The good guys" even to there fans, is a sign of how effecient the propoganda realy is!

>> No.11580366

Bit of fiction published in White Dwarf just after their codex was first released. Don't have the exact number, though. A Tau cadre was embroiled in combat with a Slaaneshi warband, and the Tau commander simply assumed the Chaos worshippers were singing the praises of their commander. And when they killed him, assumed 'slaanesh' was dead.

>> No.11580367

We're not even sure if it was a Chaos Space Marine.

We know it were culists that attacked.

And cultists can be lead by a single Chaos Space marine, but also by a wizard or a cultist leader.

For all we know they fought an full-out war against a cultist army that the Imperium would classify as "minor local-law-enforcement problem".

>> No.11580384

>My face when the Tau threw the Necrons a literal welcome party

what about this one?

>> No.11580387

Like that's hard.

All they have to do is not make robots out of dead babies and kill peasants for laughs and they can call themselves the white knights of the universe.

>> No.11580403

This whole thread:

>implying Tau are sexually dimorphic

>> No.11580407

Anyone think it's incredibly funny the Tau do good for sinister purposes and the Imperium does sinister deeds for good purposes?

>> No.11580409

Hey, the Humans and Eldar get tits and hair variations, why not the Blue Meanies.

>> No.11580421

They do have this fun house "mirror darkly" thing going on with each other. Each claiming to be more free than the other, while enforcing a ridgid caste system, each claiming the Galaxy is theres when horrors beyond imagination toy with there fates on a whim.

>> No.11580438


How is purging the universe from all non-human races and cultures a good purpose?

>> No.11580447

I can't wait till the Tau are all destroyed by their robots. You know it's going to happen. Either that or they try to make peace with a chaos worshiping race that corrupts them from the inside. Or they're all really necrons. Either way they're fucked.

>> No.11580451


It's called survival of the species retard. It's evolution in action.

>> No.11580462

That's not the "purpose". That's the "thing".

>> No.11580464

>It's evolution in action

>> No.11580476

The Tau is an incredibly naive race that will either be killed by their own version of the Iron Men (sentient AI/robots going apeshit) or raped by chaos (victims of their own naïvite) or destroyed by orks/necrons (due to being a laughably small civilization by comparison).

>> No.11580478


Really, that's the best you got? What are you some kind abomination that loves science fiction settings but abhors it's most fundamental principles. You sir are an anomaly.

>> No.11580483

Yes, it is. The Imperium lives in an extremely hostile environment. It's kill-or-be-killed on a galactic scale.

If there's something I'm not sure I like, it's the aversion towards xenotech, but even that is somewhat understandable, given that unknown technology in the wrong hands could be anything from a sentient AI, infused with warp energies, or a massive planet-busting bomb of some sort.

>> No.11580488

wow. you know fucking nothing about Tau fluff

>> No.11580492

Nah Tau have evolved faster than any other race in the 40k universe,as soon as they come up against a threat that really challenges them aka Necrons/Chaos/Tyrannids properly their weapons and armours will simply improve ten fold,they wont be beaten that easy,as was shown when the Imperium invaded their area of space in the CODEX,Imperium captured a planet or two and were then quickly destroyed
also XV88>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
everythin else in the right hands

>> No.11580495

You forgot the tyranids. A single fleet could likely blanket the whole Tau-controlled sector and 'nom it up.

I wish to fucking god that the tau went the way of the squats. They deserve it far, far more.

>> No.11580498

>implying a minor expeditionary force was "the Imperium".

>> No.11580504


Hi there! You all don't seem to understand how GW canon works. Anything produced under a license by GW is considered canon. Canon is policed by the Black Library, which assigns people to liaise with whatever project and make sure there aren't heinous breaches like multilaser Space Marines. This way, the licensed company can do what they like and GW has the final say on their creative output. But they're pretty easy.

>plz see FFG and Relic developer diaries where they have circle jerks with Black Library folk

>> No.11580510
File: 190 KB, 848x783, 1281189482345.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Tau have evolved faster than any other race in the 40k universe

>> No.11580513

If I'm right it was a Keeper of Secrets they took down. They fought a combination of cultists, marines and kroot corrupted by eating dead chaos cultists.

Issue no. 263

>> No.11580525

It is not "evolution in action". If you think it is, you don't know what evolution is.

>> No.11580527

263? Is that the UK edition or US? I think they have different numbers.

If it's the UK edition, then I'll go see if I can dig my copy out.

>> No.11580529

You forgot the part where the Tau were stuck in a Warpstorm.

What was a few thousand years in real space easily numbers ten thousand years or maybe even millions of years inside the Warpstorm.

Remember, the Tau gained a techboost from a fossilised Imperial vessel.

Fossils don't show up after a few thousand years bro.

>> No.11580532

Nids eat Kroot. Kroot eat nids.
Everyone loses.

>> No.11580533


Someone needs to slap you, and slap you hard.

First the Tau don't have the numbers to beat any foe. Their entire population numbers less than one small Imperial Hive World.

Second, adaptation is not a fucking miracle. This irks the most because it usually comes from fucking trek fans. Once you adapt you specialize in one field making you weaker against the rest. So if the Tau were to adapt against Orks it would make them weak to Nids.

Did I mention the Tau are small? Even if their entire population wore Battlesuits they could beat a single Hive World. A single world. Sure they could even the field by making mass drones but that's a weakness. Weakness that nearly destroyed mankind thousands of years before the Tau even had civilization. So don't kid your self and think them invulnerable.

Oh the Tau, it is by pure fiat that even exist. Truly they are living on borrowed time. And the revenue they bring to GW.

>> No.11580535

>Imperium fucked up two several planets and then fought to a standstill but had to leave in order to deal with the main bulk of hivefleet (insert name here) heading for Terra.

>> No.11580545

Are you sure? Not confusing it with the Lord of Change that corrupted an army of Fire Warriors? That was in White Dwarf too.

>> No.11580546

Living in Denmark and I think we share edition with UK.

>> No.11580554

The Tau were like, "Honorable foes we would like to begin peace talks after a hard fought battle."

The Imperium was like, "Huh you still alive? Whatever I got to go defeat a galaxy consuming terror. Have fun playing with you robots. Don't choke on any screws."

>> No.11580555


Faster evolution has also limited there population, unless they are able to invent something that will wipe out entire planets quickly and efficiently they will eventually get over run by other races.

If it wasn't for the fact that the Imperium don't give a fuck about Tau unless they stick there nose into Imperium business they would of been eliminated long ago.

>> No.11580556

Pretty sure, there's even a picture full of noise marines, cultists and fancy coloured kroot.

>> No.11580557


Ah! Got the WD issue in front of me. It doesn't actually say what the creature they believe to be Slaanesh was, but the description makes it out to be a Chaos Space Marine.

"At the center of the horde stood a giant in electric blue armour, edged in gold and pink. I took this to be none other than Slaanesh him or herself and vowed to personally defeat this vile creature."

It COULD have been a Daemon Prince, but considering it died to a single shot from the Shas'O's plasma rifle, I doubt it.

>> No.11580567

You see most of Tau's ventures into Imperial space are scouting missions and nothing more. They're too afraid to anger the Imperium.

>> No.11580568

Well I stand corrected.

>> No.11580573

Heard something that the IA articles on Tau vs. Space Marine combat has the Space Marines at an severe advantage because Tau tactics of abandoning ground literary support the Space Marine commando raid style.

Someone said that even as the Imperium was losing ground, the Space Marines were still carrying out successful missions.

>> No.11580630
File: 99 KB, 341x550, tauhaters.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.11580644
File: 52 KB, 450x242, 1273283578621.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11580645

Entirely possible. Probably from the third Imperial Armour book. Been meaning to download it for a while now.

>> No.11580706

They tried that

Look up the Damocles Gulf Crusade.

Tau handed the imperium its ass.

>> No.11580728

Do you happen to have a scanner? If so, any chance you could scan the article in question?

>> No.11580734


Shut your fucking you retarded monkey! The Imperium left because they had to deal with a FUCKING HIVE FLEET THAT DESTROYED HUNDREDS OF WORLDS! AND THEY WON! The fucking Tau would have been destroyed if but a splinter of the Hive had grazed their worlds. Only BY FIAT they live.

>> No.11580740

I do have one as part of my printer, but I've never actually used it. I'll have a play and see what I can do.

Do you want the whole article, or just the big about Slaanesh?

>> No.11580759

>shut your fucking

DERP and also HERP, you fail at insulting.

>The Imperium left because they had to deal with a FUCKING HIVE FLEET THAT DESTROYED HUNDREDS OF WORLDS!

The Tau kicked the butts of several Imperial Guard regiaments and even soundly licked the Schythes of the Emperor, who had been deployed in force. Then imperial commanders said "Well, we don't even WANT to win this war! We're off to fight Nids now".

It was a poor way of saving face that didn't work. Tau still got rid of the Imperium and there have been no major offensives since.

>> No.11580765

Why so mad?

>> No.11580782

Hive Fleet Behemoth (IIRC) was currently facerolling everything it touched. Kinda more of a pressing concern than a bunch of little uppity grey shits.

>> No.11580794


This fucking guy has been going on forever on how great the Tau are! He basically says they kick the ass of every foe they meet because of their AMAZING ADAPTABILITY and sheer righteous moral superiority. He's the worst type of fanboy. He also has no understanding of the fluff beyond tidbits on the Tau, and even then he picks and chooses what he reads. He's a retarded monkey with a hot on for blue chicks with goat legs.

>> No.11580796

If it's an background article, then yes please. If it's a tactics article, then just the bit about Slaanesh, if you'd be so kind.

>> No.11580797

Gents, gents.

Why are you arguing over a fictional universe made for us to have some GRIMDARK fun in it?

If someone would like his 40k, hold the extra GRIMDARK, and another would like his 40k, extra, extra, extra GRIMDARK, well, that's perfectly alright. Just agree that you like interpretation x of the facts, and that another likes interpretation y of them. There's plenty of "wiggle room" in the canon and, even if there were not - dudes, its a fictional universe. Don't like something? Ignore or change it.

You guys act like setting / canon is some kind of dogma. The thing is made for us to have fun. Just interpret it in the funnest way (for you) possible and if you want to talk about it, share instead of slinging insults back and forth.

>> No.11580803

>Implying Imperial penetration into the sept worlds does not represent a humiliating failure of Tau military force

>> No.11580806

Alright, scanning the whole thing now.

>> No.11580808
File: 51 KB, 471x694, 1274571142986.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Is this guy high?

>> No.11580823

no. actually everything he stated is backed up by litery sources.

Unlike all the claims of the imperial fanboys.

Also it is always an Imperial Fanboy who gets mad and starts going insulting people

>> No.11580827


Im just messing, I share and respect your opinion.

>> No.11580840
File: 34 KB, 370x296, 20040326-206otter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Wait so your saying you're unbiased by saying some is always biased?

>> No.11580863


>My face when the Tau thought they had slain Slaneesh after they killed a Chaos space marine

lol sauce

>> No.11580877

All I said is that I can confirm what he said and that I noticed that all the

"FUUCK YOU YOU DONT UNDERSTAND ANYTHING" posts came from people who obviously hate on tau.


>> No.11580880


loltau fags

"the sterlization of an entire planet is nothing to cry about"

While I am aware this is just fiction, you are simply fucking pants on head retarded

>> No.11580885

Urgh. All the pages are scanned, but for some reason it turned most of them into PDF documents.

This might take a while.

>> No.11580886
File: 258 KB, 1800x2289, 1240695983383.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I still want to see a well-written Sisters VS Tau encounter. Railguns vs Faith that can srug off an orbital strike. It would be kickass.

It would also be throwing a bone to two different groups that need it.

Tau will have the advantage in the open but DAMN the Sisters would be nasty in a cityfight.

>> No.11580907

Tau threads. I hope you are reading this newbie trolls of /tg/.
Tau threads are like the sneaky sneaky hidden spider mines of troll threads. They start off innocent and everyone is happy *BOOM* FUCKING BOOM! FIRE AND RAGE! WARNING LIGHTS ON ALL PANELS!

>> No.11580918

Well Tau totally wtfzomgbbq kicking the imperiums ass in the damocles crusade is pure bullshit. However they should be given credit for fighting the entire crusade which included marines from several space marine chapters to a standstill. They then gave up trying to make a second push because behemoth was becoming a serious problem back home.

People should take into account that the imperial guard is almost always depicted as horribly useless whenever Tau are involved.

Is still mad though.

>> No.11580922

Sisters also desperately need a comic or book that sticks to Sisters of Battle fluff, and WHERE THEY FUCKING WIN FOR ONCE!

I know PDF's armed with stone axes and laspistols that have more official victories than the Sisters of Battle.

>> No.11580926

Tau fags have no sense of scale. When they thinking of the Imperium having a million worlds and the Tau only having several dozen, they don't stop to think, "Hmm you know the Tau are pretty insignificant in the grand scheme of things." No instead they tell us how grand and super their technology is, how they can beat every foe with SCIENCE. They love to disregard fun facts like how the Tau would have never have left their home system if they hadn't found Imperial wreckage. No the Tau used their brains to get what they got! In actuality though they were just very lucky. In fact they have so much luck that it could be said that it was merely engineered to GW would have a plausible way to introduce the Tau into 40k.

>> No.11580928

They had a (very brief) fight between them in the intro video for Dawn of War Soulstorm if you want to count that. Sisters melta'd the bajeesus out of the Tau.

>> No.11580931


>> No.11580935

True that.

It's just weird. IG get fucking steamrolled, while the Space Marines are still completing their objectives and kicking general ass.

>> No.11580946

If you're talking about me (Post ending in 706) then no, I have not been going on forever. I just got here. That's my first post ITT.

>> No.11580952


Silly Tau Crisis Suits, EAT BS4 INSTANTDEATH!

...that's actually pretty much how my games against the Tau go actually. That and HAHA EAT HEAVY FLAMER FIREWARRIORS!

I have respect for them though, they can core an exorcist like it's armour isn't there. Mind you, the exorcist can return the favor.

>> No.11580953
File: 1.73 MB, 876x1187, WDpage_1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Last two scans didn't turn out well. Posting the other pages first while I redo them.

>> No.11580954

Xeno plz

>> No.11580964

>no. actually everything he stated is backed up by litery sources.

So the Tau fanboy agrees the Ethereals use mindcontrol and that the Tau nuke planets they can't conquer?

>> No.11580977

Uh. Okay, 4chan said that there was apparently a 'possibly malicious code' in the image file.

I'm just gonna throw these into a folder and rapidshit them. Gimme a moment.

>> No.11580979

I'm starting to like this namefag. And not because this namefag has a vagina.

>> No.11580994


and sterlize planets whose inhabitants decide the greater good isn't for them.

>> No.11580998

deathleaper is pretty legit, helped me alot with fleshing out my air cav vet teams.

I played another game with my tau friend whos been shitten on my "shitty little Imp Guard"

my face after a squad of scout setinels sweeping advances his HQ and retnues in CC turn 2

>> No.11581004

Orks is nevah beat, we can alwayz go fer annuffer go!

>> No.11581025

There's more humans in a single hive world than there is tau in their entire empire.

>> No.11581030

this thread is still here?

you fucks are all a bunch of avatards who want to have sex with blue people but also have running water and electricity.

>> No.11581032

I must say, you are indeed the "orkiest"

On a semi-related note, i hate faggots who claim orks are not a "serious" race in 40k and should be axed.

If you actually read ork fluff, Orks already won, they live in paradise everyday.

If i didn't play IG, I'd play fucking orks.

>> No.11581033

Alright, it's uploading now. Should be ~5 minutes or so, I guess.

>> No.11581051

So it's bad now to want running water and electricity.

>> No.11581067

The Tau captured a few minor backwater hive worlds.

Can you imagine? That's a demonic psyker bomb, just waiting to go off.

>> No.11581079

Thank'ee kindly.

>> No.11581089

Jep. /tg/ been trolled good this day

>> No.11581100


Done. Good for 10 downloads only, I'm afraid.

>> No.11581122

As an old dog, I'll leave the file for the young dogs.

>captcha: dog turkforg

WHAT ARE THE CHANCES? Goddamn Iron men infecting the recaptcha.

>> No.11581128

Eh. If people miss it, I can just reupload the thing. Not like I'm going anywhere today.

>> No.11581165

No. Etherials secrete pheromones.
Protip: Humans do the same. And its not mind controll, its suggestion. Its an authority at most.

And they dont nuke planets they cant conquer.

If a planet is
(1) hostile
(2) unconquerable
(3) not going to negotiate and / or agreeing with cease fires

then the tau are going to fuck it from orbit.
Which is understandable since the planet is a permanent danger to the security and stability of the greater good if left unsupervised.

>> No.11581174

>Its an aura of authority at most.


>> No.11581194

You didn't read half of the thread did you?

>> No.11581227


it is if you are one of those faggy "live in spiritual harmony with nature" "noble savage" types.

>> No.11581228

>And its not mind controll, its suggestion. Its an authority at most.

I'll agree that it isn't 'mind control'. Ethereals aren't synapse creatures and Fire Warriors aren't Termagants. But the level of control the Ethereals seem to have over the Tau around them seems to go far beyond authority or suggestion. Just look at Farsight - as soon as he and his Cadre were seperated from the Ethereals, they very quickly dropped any pretense of the Greater Good and set up their own pocket empire.

>> No.11581268

GW has made a monster out of the Imperium. It is too big to handle from a fluff standpoint, making any conflict kind of ridiculous. The whole LOL WE HAVE A MILLION WORLDS thing is cool, but it kinda ruins any sense of A WAR TO END ALL WARS if:

>Humanity has 4 armies of their own
>Craftworlds are dying/being destroyed, not many left
>Exodites are out riding dinosaurs
>DEldar have a goddamn single planet
>Tau have like 15 planets
>Orks are ragtag and don't really "conquer worlds" so much as destroy them
>Every Black Crusade just gets it's shit wrecked by Cadians and Space Marines
>Necrons and Nids are the only real opponents

>> No.11581278

>Orks are ragtag and don't really "conquer worlds" so much as destroy them

oh got wut

>> No.11581305

Well Farsight has that ancient sword that may or may not be a daemon weapon. So it's possible he's been corrupted by the warp, sense he has little warp knowledge he would be easily possessed.

>> No.11581312


He clearly doesn't understand how orks work

>> No.11581336

When Orks get to a planet, they spore it up and just start making more Orks, I get that. I am not mentally incompetant. I'm just saying that when is the last time an Orkworld has had any mission/ideal except for "'EY BOYZ! ONE A YOU GITZ NEEDZ TO GET SUM BRAIN GUBBINZ TO GETS US A ROK!"

>> No.11581337
File: 155 KB, 567x378, Head-explodes-big-761159.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11581341

Well the thing is that the imperium is crammed in between all these opponents and have to bear the blunt of all of their attacks. On top of that all these other groups have have either superior tech or biology or readily help from gods on their side while all the imperiums has is numbers and space marines.

>> No.11581344
File: 191 KB, 483x535, 1271969717285.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So much trolling all over the place.

So, okay, I am a fan of the Tau. I REALLY like the Tau. The pheromone mind control bit is totally canon. They nuke planets, that's totally canon, though they've only done so against Orks and Daemons, nobody can blame them for that.

And yes, they have controlled breeding, that being the subject of the thread.

Of course, controlled breeding doesn't mean controlled fucking. It stands to reason they'd have some damn near perfect prophylactics in amongst all that tech... Of course, none of it is ever gonna be canon, because GW can't even feel comfortable acknowledging the existence of breasts these days (target audience is now 12 year olds). They're not going to go anywhere near canonizing the sexual goings on of any alien species.

Hell, to this day, the only canon Tau female is Shadowsun, who is an angry old bitch in the official art. It's like judging human women on the Queen of England.

Also, as has been said earlier, humans don't join Tau castes. Just like Kroot and Vespid don't either. However nothing explicitly states that the Ta'lissera is only within a caste (as it has nothing to do with breeding). A human that integrates REALLY well into Tau society could become "married" to his or her Tau superiors. Granted, for most, the whole ritual scarification part might be a bit of a turnoff.

>> No.11581406

I hope they make a mercenary codex so we can have minor xeno armies. They could just make up some random stats and let you assign the aliens.

>> No.11581430

or free humans.
Always wanted some humans free of imperial and/or chaos

>> No.11581476


Orks don't need to hold worlds. An Ork world is actually less of a threat than normal Orks.

You see Orks roam the galaxy just spreading themselves and fucking shit up. If they sit down and make their own empires then they're less of a problem overall.

It's the ones hitching a ride on a Space Hulk or such that are the big problem.

They crash on a planet and that's it. The world will always have Orks from that point onwards. You can try to control them but you'll never be rid of them.

>> No.11581520


>An Ork world is actually less of a threat than normal Orks.

Don't know about that statement. Ork population grows/explodes, add in an Ork big enough to start a WAAAGH! and you've got one hell of a bigger problem on your hands than marauding Orks could ever be.

>> No.11581558


Overall the marauding orks are the bigger threat.

Immediately a WAAAGH is the bigger threat but on the grander scale the marauding Orks are the bigger problem. Because they can show up anywhere and will leave Ork infested worlds in their wake.

WAAAAGGHS however tend to move from a starting point and will attack whats closest. So you can tell where they're going to come from.

>> No.11581590

Ork worlds probably spew marauding orks in all directions on a regularly basis.

>> No.11581595

...Orks conquer worlds and demand tribute.
This is canon.

>> No.11581603

There needs to be a goddamn notice somewhere for everyone to read that NO, THE TAU DO NOT STERILIZE LOYAL CITIZENS.

The people sterilized in Dark Crusade were traitors who had allied with Imperial forces and betrayed the Tau.

>> No.11581632

Some of them even betrayed the guard when their commissar was shot.

>> No.11581639

Your .zip file is a fucking mess. You skipped entire pages.
Useless women.

>> No.11581737

Worlds in the vicinity of Waaaghs are also notified to burn ork bodies on battlefields with flamers or incendiary bombs.

A backwater world facing a ragtag band of ork bandits won't get that luxury information.

>> No.11581829

This thread right here? Just a giant pile of good reasons to never play WH40k. Fuck y'all niggas.

>> No.11581891


Yes they do. Why would human populations decline on worlds owned by the Tau. They supplant the natives slowly till there is nothing left but Tau.

>> No.11581905

Ah, hang on, yea. I see the one I missed. This is the first time I've scanned anything for /tg/.

Give me a moment. I'll get the missing one scanned.

>> No.11581930

[citation needed]

>> No.11581969
File: 567 KB, 851x1140, WDpage_missing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There we go!

>> No.11581978

Numbers aren't that much of an obstacle since the Imperium fights by attrition warefare; Tau do not.

Since warp travel means it's hard as fuck for the Imperium to mass forces against a given foe, the Tau only have to beat a small number at a time (for example, the Damocles Gulf Crusade). As mentioned earlier, Tau don't fight by attrition warfare, so if they win a battle, most of the troops put into it will be alive to fight the next one.

>> No.11581988

It's an asspull if ever I've seen one.

>> No.11582016

Yes. Saved this page for the next time someone says "hurrr tau think they killed a god."

>> No.11582285
File: 459 KB, 1194x1544, 1276717618845.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh hi xenoscum I don't think we have been introduced.

>> No.11582337

Hahaha oh wow they really thought they were fighting Slaneesh himself, oh Tau you so crazy.

>> No.11582423
File: 27 KB, 414x276, Where Tau Pariahs Come From.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nooo, they thought "Slaanesh" was the name of the enemy commander, and that the cultist was over-hyping the guy's power level.

They never had any illusions that they had fought a god. They just got the name mixed up.

Between this and the Necron welcome wagon, it's funny how the actual story differs from the one liner retelling.

...Well, okay, the Necron Welcome Wagon is still pretty funny.

>> No.11582512

As if being so fucktarded and ignorant of how worship works to the point that they assume that any prayer is directed at the warlord instead of the god whose sigils 90% of the force was probably carrying makes it any better.

>> No.11582536

Makes sense if you don't have religion or a concept of a 'higher power'.

>> No.11582541


the tau follow their etherals witout question, they just related it to what was closest for them

>> No.11582562
File: 1.12 MB, 3907x2887, Facepalmuber.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>it's hard as fuck for the Imperium to mass forces against a given foe

>> No.11582600

Are you saying that being irreligious suddenly makes someone unable to understand that some else is praying to a supernatural enity?

Fucking beliefs. How do they work?

>> No.11582628

Naive fuckers don't stand a chance in a grimdark galaxy

>> No.11582632

I think humans have a different social structure, probably with human governors and stuff. So breeding with a human would fall outside of the Tau caste structure.

Also, they most likely don't biologically mix. Assuming humans can even mate with Tau, they probably can't produce offspring. That said, this is 40k so anything could be possible....

>> No.11582639
File: 49 KB, 520x390, bols_interview.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.11582649

No, it makes it reasonable that if someone was talking about how they serve the great so and so who is the most powerful being in the universe and will crush you wish his awesome etc, you would think he was referring to a real person and not a supernatural force which doesn't even have a corporeal existence in the physical world.

>> No.11582689
File: 35 KB, 432x486, LysanderWIP3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.11582759

Except that Slaanesh does manifest its will physically with blessings and by sending daemons to fight. Also by killing several hundred trillion Eldar, that too.

>> No.11582761

In the older Tau Codex I recall the Kroot having free reign to run their society as they liked. The Tau didn't see a problem with this beyond "oh those crazy Kroot! We better send some more educators over there to show them how to do it right!"

So they probably just let humans do their own thing (and on planets shared between Tau and the descendants of the Crusade POWs, in segregated settlements).

I don't know if there'd be much room for breeding, and I don't know if the Tau have a concept of marriage beyond their ritual bonding knifes.

Beyond that, there's probably nothing stopping a human from seducing a Tau or vice versa, except possibly from social conditioning. But since there doesn't seem to be a chance of hybridization I don't think the Ethereals would tackle the matter directly, thus allowing some room for seducers to do their thing.

>> No.11582797

Beside the point.

>> No.11582944

I remember reading in the codex a sort of issue where the allies of the Tau received all the benefits Tau citizens got, but had no cultural restrictions or taxes, causing a decent amount of strife between the two groups (tau and nontau citizens of the empire)

And the only reason why no Tau complain is the ethereals.

>> No.11582992

I think the Tau even say that worship of the Emperor and service to the Greater Good are not mutually exclusive.

The Ecclesiarchy disagrees, though.

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