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A few days ago I posted my last Slaanesh daemon army for fantasy, several revisions were made and then the thread died. so now I repost it once again asking what I should do with those last 101 points and if there are changes I should make to the list....as is customary I will post pictures from my slaanesh folder until I have achieved results or I run out of pics.

Keeper of Secrets WLvL3
Siren Song
Enrapturing Gaze
Soul Hunger -610

Herald of Slaanesh BSB WLvL1
Great Icon of Despair
Siren Song
Enrapturing Gaze-290

Herald of Slaanesh WLvL1
Siren Song
Enrapturing Gaze-190

Herald of Slaanesh
Siren Song
Enrapturing Gaze-140

The Masque-90

Daemonettes 27 with (Succubus, Standard and Musician)+Siren banner-367

Daemonettes 27 (Succubus, Standard and Musician)-342

Daemonettes 23 with Succubus, Standard and Musician-306

Seekers 10 with Succubus and Musician-234

Fiends 3-165

Fiends 3-165


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Barely started painting mine nevermind making the army list, may just steal yours, does slaanesh fare any better in fantasy compared to 40k?

Got like 70 or so of the old metal daemonettes just doing nothing, and working on the seekers, was gonna do them for 40k but as the csm army is getting so big it seems silly to add even more chaosy points.

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we get lots of attacks and we strike first a lot.....our magic is leadership based, we have no ranged if pure slaanesh, all we really have on our side is speed, lots of attacks and screwing with the enemies leadership.

I plan on converting some bloodletters like so to make my fiends.

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trying to figure out a good why to make this monster, as my Keeper of secrets....think I might just order a 3rd box of seekers and make it out of those.

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no one with any help for this list on tonight?

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I know you guys are out there I can hear you slapping F5

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yes because its not like there was a thread with all these images up yesterday... or the day before that.... or the day before that.....

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Even the Emprah is getting in on the fun!

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gawd damn them spiders where gorgeous.

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how are you going to run those 'nettes units? (asking because of Ranks and Horde rule)
get other 2 units magic Banner as well (Swiftness + something)

Seekers would be better ar 2x6

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Interesting soulgrinder, sculpted mine entirely from greenstuff with a few plasticard pipes for the gun, based it off the diaz-nettes style.

Sounds like the (dis)advantages rack up the same as 40k then, still gotta love slaanesh. Not sure what the hell i'm using for fiends yet, sure won't be any of the GW sculpts though they all look awful in every edition so far. They just look so out of place with the other slaaneshi models.

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yeah he does good work, I'll post the 2 others of his work I got.

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Ok a bit sloppy work there but the overall look is awesome (and i where thinking about doing the same with them goblin spiders and some daemonettes, hm, hm).

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planned to surge and attempt to screw with the army by causing them to charge with song and hopefully I get enough attacks to kill them, fiends take one flank seekers take another, and the keeper attempts to get into CC while hopefully drawing fire.

what banners should I take with the other units? I know I'm gonna throw the icon of despair into one of the large units, siren banner in the 2nd largest one....should I give ecstasy into the smallest?

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well, 3rd rank only strikes if you are 10 models wide and with 28 models (counting Herald in) you can easily lose 3rd rank

Siren song is One use only - building your entire battle plan around it might not be good idea ...

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I'm not sure what you could do other than the bloodletter conversion or the actual models, maybe some sort of tentacled beast with a snapping maw at the end of each ropey appendage....

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so what do recommend, kill one unit and make a "supah" unit?

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hey GW, captcha just thought of a new marketing idea
>$15,000 chapters

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See if you can free up 9 points from somewhere, add an extra Fiend to each unit.

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Sigh back to the drawing board with mine then looking at that.

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