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ITT: Warhammer needs new artwork. Fantasy because it's overdue and 40k for the same reason and the fact that we need better proportions. Well all know marines are eight feet tall and two feet wide, but it just gets ridiculous sometimes.

So, good Warhammer art OR bad art with the reason you hate it.

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I think the last thing we need is more space marine art.

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40k has been getting metric asstons of new non-mehreen art with all the DH and RT books.
So quitcherbitchin and bend over for a SLAANESH THREAD

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Only art I didnt like was the old rogue trader stuff

I love the recent artwork

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personally I would like some more Art work for eldar, and also titans goddamn I want some new titan stuff

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The last thing we need is more space marine art where their shoulders are ten heads wide. I get that the pauldrons do a lot of the distorting, but this shit like this is ridiculous.

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>> implying OP said non-marine art

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Didn't fantasy get a slew of new art in the 8th edition book? Lets see more of that.

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jesus what no-talent hack drew that shit? the pauldrons are microscopic and the leg armor is about half the size it should be.

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My 40k folder, uploaded for /tg/'s enjoyment. Just a few unrelated pics in there in certain subfolders, but in a folder of more than 630 Mb they're hard to find.

awesome (hi-res/quality art- the biggest subfolder)
nice (porn)

I owe most of these images to you fa/tg/uys anyway, so now I'm giving back. Enjoy guys!

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Bitch if you want, but post art. Don't just mock someone's work.

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well here's properly-sized power-armor pauldrons.

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WTF, 631MB?

> Captcha: other cannefax
is that a new nid?

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>> properly proportioned
>> same size but suspended higher

>> Adaptus Luchadores

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Yeah. There's about a year's worth of pics in there, I started following 40k a little more than a year ago.

At the risk of looking silly, there are a handful (as in ~1%) of unrelated pics in there because I saved them thinking they were from 40k at the time. Some art from Warmachine, for instance. There's really almost none of it though by comparison to the rest of the folder.

I often dump my awesome folder for /tg/ (at least I used to before fucking captcha came around) and I figured I should spread the love.

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this picture is so awesome it should be made canon. I would tolerate another Space Marine codex if the Black Templars got a 5th ed. codex with this in it.

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But it brings up a point: are all terminator marines hunchbacked?

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I always assumed Terminator Armor looked something like this, in cross section, with the extra shit on the back holding power supplies and electronic stuff, and the front part of the helmet contained a bunch of sensor equipment.

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I always thought the Marines were just curled up inside the main torso, in the fetal position, letting nerve connections and things like that do the work of moving the armor.

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The Black Templars are the biggest dicks you could possibly imagine.
"Slaughter them all, the Emperor will know his own" is a direct quote.

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That's pretty close. The biggest issue is that the shoulders are on the same line as the head, which means either the guy's hunched over or they grafted his arms to his ears.

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I always liked this picture. You don't really see much art in 40k on powerful females other than SoBs

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... spambot?

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C'mon if they needed new artwork they'd just fill the new codexes and books with ol*


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Uhh pic?

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updated shitscribble. the purple is where the pauldron is. also, I don't see how a guy in terminator armor could move his head around very much to look around, which explains why so many of them take the helmet off.

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I was always under the impression that Termy armor had even more fuckhuge pauldrons than normal that made the shoulders seem like they were way too high up.

Also, I'm pretty sure Termy armor has some amazing sensory equipment that allows a Terminator to see around him without turning

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That dude would be so much cooler if he did something OTHER than Imperial.

There's nothing wrong with his artwork per say, just that Imperial shit is all he ever does. How fucking difficult would it be to do something else for a change?

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Too much faggotry in this thread.

Here's something mo' proppa.

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finally something different!

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>eight feet tall and two feet wide
>two feet wide
At least three, mon ami.

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we definitely need something more different in here. It was starting to look like a GW board-room meeting...

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I actually like the Space Marine xboxhueg pauldrons.

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that's nice... now post something OTHER than marines for a change.

The hardest part about playing space marines, is telling your parents your gay for 8' tall bears who hide behind coward armor and coward shields.

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i will once im done with these few, patience fucker.

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40K is supposed to be ridiculous

why do you want to ruin it?

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I don't think it's possible for a team of a mere three developers ot errata the mess that is the Sidereal charm tree. Theyn eed reinforcements if they're going to tackle that shit this side of 2100.

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Thout art furious, Xenofelcher.

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"Do you want this boltgun?"

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Three feet wide ya douche.

I'm barely two feet wide.

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fucking Soul Drinkers. even more mary sue than the Ultramarines.

>I'm standing on space.

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when people whine about wanting to play female space marines, they should just play blood angels. I mean look at the tits on that one dude, and his long, flowing hair. plus you have to roll to see if each squad is on the rag.

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Are there more like this one, but for other planets?

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are the any books (not codex) about the kreig Death Korps?

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not really, atleast not that i have

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Gaunt up in this bitch. Awesome.

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I always liked the Elysians

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jetbikes are so much fun!

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so how much damage does a lasgun do to an ork anyway?

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I really dont have a problem with HUEGPAULDRONS that much in 40k the proportions either. Its a spaceopera/fantasy built of RULE OF COOL and SO BLACK I JUMP OFF THE EDGE.

As long as its cool looking art its all gravy to me

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Depends on the ork, small ones are relatively easy to kill, and whether it's a headshot or not.

Killing an Ork is all about putting rounds in his head.

Orks might be tough, but they lack the extra strong cranium that allows Space Marines to walk around helmetless, taking bullets in the face.

However, remember, shooting an Ork in the head takes him out of combat, not necessarily makes them dead.

That Warboss that started the Third Armageddon War got a bolter round in his skull as a wee little Ork lad, and the bolter round blasted out half his brains.

He fucking survives, and because he's missing half his brain he becomes fucking insane and gets visions. Within no time he beats the Boss, and the rest is history.

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>Artemus advocates

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An Ork that headbutts a lot or one that has been shot in the head probably develops a super thick skull just to compensate. Not to mention their skull is super thick anyway. The bone might not be as strong as a space marine, but there's probably more of it. They have tiny brains and huge skulls.

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Accurate Titan artwork fucking when.

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i only have a few titan pictures and there ones that get posted alot

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Holy shit that neck.

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i just realised i need to rename that previous one

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image limit :/

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bumpity bump

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