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It is finished. (Well.. belly tubes.. but I just have to find ones the right size and I'm done)

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Aren't you a little short to be a Space Marine?

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nice custom costume, going anywhere with it?

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>Aren't you a little short to be a Space Marine?

Hope you're ready for that joke ad nauseam.

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You win is most brutal, good sir. What material did you use for the armor?

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Damn, son, that's some badass handywork.

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Where's your tabard, Templar? And shave your head.

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Oh right the PAULDRONS. I'm Azrael, I'm here to purge you!

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Looks like hard plastic, but I can't be sure.

Also, did you remember to put metal plates in it to give it the appropriate weight, and to remind you that you're wearing something that could very well break if you're not careful? I've notice that those who do so often have the benefit of moving like they're actually in armor, not to mention enjoy the heavier sounds upon treading on the ground.

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I liked the emperor's Champion models loincloth more then the tabard look.
Pepakura (cardstock) Resin/fiberglass and Bondo.

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>Aren't you a little short to be a Space Marine?


Aren't you a little dead to be a wise-ass?

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You really must post a tutorial one of these days. I've been thinking of whipping up some Stormtrooper carapace.

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Arn't you a little handsome to be a 40k fan?

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Aren't you a little female to browse /tg/?

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You forgot the imperial cock ring gaywad.

protip: Without a helmet it's not cosplay.

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>Without a helmet it's not cosplay

You just transcended several levels of stupid...

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Seriously. Dug to the bottom of the stupid barrel, staved it out, then kept digging.

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Hey dude, can I have my hot-glue gun back now?

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Believe me, its heavy enough as is. Suit weighs about 50lbs not counting soft parts. Gets tiring after an hour or two. I need to rework how the breastplate rests on my chest, all the weight is on two small points. no good for long sessions of wear.

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You need to hollow out the "barrel" on that bolter. It's less impressive when you're not staring down a black maw of impending death.

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Anything below this level of quality cosplay should never see the light of the sun.

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Give it a couple of years to take effect.


You should check out the Obscurus Crusade forums. Not as big or as badass as any other forum ever.. but there is a lot of great info on starting a 40k costume.

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Your head is not small enough to be a spess mehreen.


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Good god. I have a shit job. I cannot afford real metalwork and an airbrush.. and.. .. a.. good god.
I agree. I wonder why I haven't done that yet.

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All hail the Battle Pope!

>harabbim Tientsin

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When you make your I'll make mine, I'll run with my 89th Design.

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they needed to model THAT for the pope in medieval 2

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That's LARP. European LARP.

We have something close to that up here in Quebec.

Pic motherfucking related.

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See, that's an awesome set of armor. It's the kind of armor that you could easily mistake for a simple Guy That Likes The Evil Knight Aesthetic.

Additionally, it looks like real metal. Holy shit, I kind of want to shoot him to see if the bullet will bounce off.

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OP, just remember if you ever find your thread floundering, post pics of your service stud piercings.

Hard to argue with that level of commitment.

>the reassures, Indeed captcha, very relevant.

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OP, where is your bald?

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I'm not sure real metal armor would bounce off bullets...

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I do agree though. At some point you should make a detailed step by step of how you did this. Maybe you could get someone to commission a set of armor from you, and while you make it, make the step by step as well?

Either way, whatever your choice, I applaud your work and dedication.

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I have another picture of that LARPer saved, but I posted it in another thread about LARPing a few hours ago. It's here: >>11547418

Thread should die soon so I can post it later

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I'm sure that small-caliber rounds will bounce off, or at the very least flatten themselves on plate mail.

Where the hell is Shas'o R'myr when you need him? He'd know this.

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Get out of my way, scum.

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Good Lord.

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This thread is awesome. You should all feel awesome.

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too bad it didn't come out that well

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hey, I'm a noob on the 405th bored, I'm starting my own armor! ... god yours looks better then mine though

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>That's LARP. European LARP.
you make it sound like where you live is a valid excuse to not put all the effort you can into something.

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Suddenly, when looking at Battle Pope, LARPing doesn't seem like such a bad thing after all.

>Median 10th

Did CAPTCHA just give me a name for an IG regiment? Far out!

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anyways, I'm going to keep on ranting now...

I have made ONE sholder pad after HOURS of bullshit cuting, printing, glue... ect.

I'm ready for the next step, question, what kind of ... what was it... aqua resien? did you ues? also, how do you keep the armor ON???

I know this is a very small and crappy pic but this is what I have so far

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I can top that

How's this for devotion? And yes, this is real.

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>I'm sure that small-caliber rounds will bounce off, or at the very least flatten themselves on plate mail.
.22`s perhaps. anything larger would blow straight through.

plate mail was neither as thick or as tough as people seems to think it was. or are told it was.

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Hey /tg/, rather then make a new thread, mind letting me know what you think of my Kasrkin costume? The goggles are a filler, I just got the pair I'm using, and I still need to finish my Rebreather and get some boots.

Only picture I have so far, Ill take some more when its finished. Heading to PAX in it, going to have a lot of fun.

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yeah too bad someone who obviously kitbashed the armour together couldnt recreate *exactly* the look of a warp infused chaos warrior with daemonic armour on not to mention the impossible poorly drawn preportions on the guy as well.

His shoulders are as wide as his arms are long.

all things considered I think his armour looks amazing

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In that case, consider me informed!

I still want to shoot at him to see if it'll bounce off.

And to travel back in time to give the secret of Kevlar vests to the early armor-wearing knights so as to keep the tradition alive a little longer.

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I still dont know what kind of aqua resin to ues...

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I get what you're saying, I really do, but I just don't like how that guy did it. I can't put my finger on why, exactly, but it just looks... off. But yes, the proportions on Chaos champions are especially off, but they're actually supposed to be. I mean, they're a whole lot stronger/tougher than a normal human. Empire knight is S3 T3 IIRC and a Chaos warrior is S4 T4

also, wow, Captcha is getting really, really complicated. The last three messages I posted had multiple parenthesis, periods, and number strings

It's too early in the morning for me to offer critique, so I'll just say that it looks good and that the background looks EXACTLY like my grandmother's yard

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>I still dont know what kind of aqua resin to ues...
none of the rest of us do either

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well, it was. Hence the term 'bulletproof'. But firearms have evolved a bit since the 16th century, so yeah.

>I'm sure that small-caliber rounds will bounce off, or at the very least flatten themselves on plate mail.
Stop being sure. Anything past .22 that's not an jhp will brutalize power armour. Russians now have a 9mm that will penetrate an engine block at 50m, and still carry enough force to go through a vest after that.

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>And to travel back in time to give the secret of Kevlar vests to the early armor-wearing knights so as to keep the tradition alive a little longer.
i'd rather give the Romans an incentive to use that steam engine they had back then. Sure, we'd be writing in fucking latin now, but i could spend my vacation on fucking Jupiter

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>power armour
plate. I meant plate.

>migraines argued

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ITT: Civvies with no idea of ballistics.

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Ugh. The derp. It hurts.
also wth this thread came back.

I used MOTHERFUCKING ELMERS All purpose resin. Its classified as "sanding resin" as has a sort of waxy texture when its dried. I'm sure whatever kind of resin you try will work just fine, since you will end up just bondoing over the whole thing anyways.

European LARP people don't fuck around. I don't even know of any LARP groups in my area (for any kind of larping)
the pictures of fantasy warhammer larps in Europe make me depressed.

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actually has more to do with the velocity and shape than anything else.

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The bottom of the breastplate looks battered and scratched.

But not "battle damaged", just kinda like "cheap plastic damaged". Could do with some work on that.

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Plate armour could withstand old musket fire (hell that's even where the term bullet proof comes from, the armourer would shoot the armour and the mark the bullet left would be the proof... bulletproof!) but then as weapons got better they started just hammering through it.

If plate armour could stop bullets, it'd still be used, but it can't so it isn't.

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Thank you kind sir!

>>11550974 here,

Ill go pick some of that up...

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Hmm.. I'll try and fix it up. It has a edge on it that gives it a thicker look, but in the hundreds of times i put it on and took it off while testing shit it.. cracked and broke in a few places. I will probably completely redo the edge before any con happens. I finished this costume like 3 months earlier then I expected too.

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mind if I ask how long it took in all?

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It's not the fact that's it damaged that stands out. A full pristine suit of armour would look pretty silly. The wear around the edges looks good, too, it's just that damage looks... bad.

It doesn't need to be fully fixed, just made to look less like snapped plastic.

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This suit looks amazing. Adding my vote for a tutorial - some friends of mine and I are planning a space marine suit, and we'd love to know how you did yours.

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fifty pounds isn't terrible really, just need to get used to it and probably get it fitted a bit better.

Also, I've gotta say any IG guys might want to check out these guts.

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After some research, I think stormtrooper armor would be best made from Eva foam. Seems like it'd be pretty light and easy to work with.


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