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Dear /tg/, my Dark Heresy group has suffered from a TPK and as a result of a long-standing agreement, we are now going to play Rogue Trader.

I am going to play Rogue Trader, but I have no vision on how to make him look like one without copying an established character from another setting.

Pic related: Valerian Mengsk is pretty much your standard Rogue Trader.

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TL;DR: Can it be Rogue Trader portrait time?

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What's important to remember when you're making a Rogue Trader is that they are the ULTIMATE face. And their main utility in combat is inspiring and buffing your group. Leave the heavy lifting to your deathworlder arch militant, focus on non combat.

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You're a Captain of a City Ship hurtling through the stars and can do almost whatever the hell you want.
Fuck the inquisition, because you can canoodle with all the Xenos scum you want.
And, you get a nice large Xeno's pelt coat.

This is your Rogue Trader

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Tau leather longcoat. Mmmm...

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Genestealer cult ship?

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Holy fuck, those hands, that tiny head, is this guy a Red Corsair or something?

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OP here: I am going to focus in FEL, INT and WP.

Also: The response to this thread is why I love /tg/.

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Genestealer cult ship...

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>pardoning data[1]

Nay, for he is a filthy heretical Iron Man.

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Genestealer cult ship!

Dynasty corruption, secret objectives, spreading your evil amongst the stars!

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While the archetype for a Rogue Trader might be a man with a big fur-lined greatcoat, hair pulled back in a topknot and sporting some stylish facial hair, remember that they're individuals. Rogue Traders have no uniform, no rules on how they can and can't look. They might wear the same sorts of clothes and equipment they had before the were granted the rights to their rank, or swapped them for something completely different - you really do have a fair whack of options when designing the looks of a Rogue Trader.

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Consider the following: Those clothes are going to distort how anatomy is portrayed. All of it is big and poofy, or just big in general. Look at that collar, those epaulets. Now to the surcoat and the bracers. Now look to the boots. It looks to me like it's a big, tall guy dressed in victorian-inspired clothing with a gothic twist. Which totally fits 40k.

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On the other hand, Delaque Bosses make for a good appearance of a Rogue Trader, longcoats and Ze Goggles.

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In other words, "I've ran out of large men with furry greatcoats, topknots, and beards, so I will post assorted regal/important looking characters that might also be of interest".

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Chap in the back with the Plasma Pistol could work.

Alternatively, look for portraits painted of old war/naval commanders from IRL history, and loot one of those. Throw some more random skulls on him and you'd be good to do.

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...I don't actually hate what that drawfag's done with textures.

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Colonial-era British style Rogue Trader, perhaps? Hunting Xenos monsters with a giant elephant (Carnifex?) gun?

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Damnit! Looks like Cawdor teamed up with Van Saar and Goliath to whip us out for good! Get the weapons ready and prime the grenades, we're in your a long fight!

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Looking through my more generic sci-fi stuff now.

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Last one from me. Hope there's something useful there.

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That's cheating, that's the Arch-Militant

Captcha: pictures nixing
Ha, Captcha's on my side with this!

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They make a much more ship-commander type than the rouge trader. He looks like he just owns it while she looks like the actual Capitan.

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Good point considering my Rogue Trader in the only RT game i played was actually an Arch-Militant.

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Totally. It's the hat, I swear. No-one in the Imperium should be allowed to command anything unless they have one of those awesome, oversized peaked hats.

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You could totally put a sandwich in there too.
See, it's a Tactical Advantage.

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but of course. Starship battles are basically like Master and Commander to an extent. You have boardings, broadsides, etc.

that hat screams "RUN THIS SHIP BITCH!"

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"Even among Rogue Traders the Von Doom family is reknowned for massive ego.

The joke was that they were secretly the Imperiums Ultimate Weapon, simply deliver a family member to the target planet and give them a commendation or other boon and the target would collapse into an ego-fueled singularity in a matter of seconds, after the tragic incidents leading to the demise of the houses Holbeck, Rumsted and Reistadt in M37 such jokes are rarely made anymore."

Excerpt from Rogue Traders of Fame, Reprint XXIV volume 19.

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This guy would make for the most epic Rogue Trader ever.

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He just tools around looking for new species to cook.

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Here is your Rogue Trader party

All Slaanesh, All the time!

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>Implying that wouldn't be the best campaign ever...

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I now have a new purpose in rogue trader which I totally thought of first naturally.

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Can't forget berating the choice of food on the ship, calling everyone a dick or a cunt and being a hooligan with more money than a chav on cheque day.

Best Rogue Trader EVER.

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I'm pretty sure we once discussed the mysterious converted battle-barge "Kitchen Stadium", commanded by the mysterious Inquisitor Kaga and his Iron Chefs. It travels from world to world, challenging each to compete in a test of whose cuisine will reign supreme. To what ultimate purpose, no-one knows, though there are countless rumors.

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Servoskull watch you heresy

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Thanks for sharing your original ideas with us, good sir!

Pic related: And STC fragment find has resulted in this unusual pair of guardsmen, the black one being a sniper and the white one being a vox-operater, sharing a warrant of trade!

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