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Trying to separate yourselves from the cloud that is anonymous is a foolish desire.

Anyone who uses a name, a tripcode, or an avatar have all managed to prove this, as every last one of them can't post without being a complete ass. The only possible exceptions are the drawfags, who have no real way to truly remain anonymous without drastically changing their art style with every picture they post.

I think it comes down to a matter of pride. Remaining anonymous means that your posts do not belong to you, but belong to everyone. You lay no claim, and expect nothing in return.

While there's plenty of shitty anonymous posters, far too many to even try to figure out the exact number, the best posters here are all within that cloud, sharing that name, and showing that anyone who thinks creating an identity online is worth anything is an absolute idiot.

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point taken op, removing name and tripcode after this post

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aannd back to being annon

>captcha agrees

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Fuck you, imma snowflake.

>captcha: method parted

Yep, decision correct

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>>implying that arguing about the internet is a good use of anyone's time
>>implying that we shouldn't all just be whacking it to tranny porn

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I can see the merits. Tripfagging would be a good way to get credit for ideas, and serve as a way to have your opinions backed by experiences.
As in, "Oh, Tripfag !!4245 once ran a RPG marathon of Arkham Horror. I can trust his judgment and analysis of the game more than someone else."

but, unfortunately, i have not seen anyone do this. The only good tripfags are draw and questfags, and the rest just seem to circle jerk around with their personal problems. I do not care how self diagnosed schizo you are, because if you are posting online, you aren't a nutbag.

and I have yet to see an attack on a tripfag that didn't end with a dozen others running in to defend him. So as much as i want to Tripfag and start telling /tg/ about all my ideas, i can't bring myself to do it.

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Well, I wouldn't go that far, OP. Certainly a large number of self-identifying posters post poorly, but I contend that it is the same percentage of low-quality posters as it is in the anonymous cloud. Since the Anon cloud is so much larger, the number of good posters seems much larger.

Now, I'll be the first to admit that I'm not the best poster. I'm mediocre, at best. But there are a few decent namefags and tripfags. Shas'o, Chronicler, Greenmarine, just to name a few.

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what's op's .gif from?

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Eh, some people like it, others use it to mark it when they post content, others are dicks. I'm fine with it. Personally, I like being anonymous; I feel more comfortable with that, but then again, I do have some commitment issues.

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>I can see the merits. Tripfagging would be a good way to get credit for ideas, and serve as a way to have your opinions backed by experiences.
>As in, "Oh, Tripfag !!4245 once ran a RPG marathon of Arkham Horror. I can trust his judgment and analysis of the game more than someone else."

This is the exact thing that should be avoided. Words should be judged on their own merits, not the merits of the one who spoke them.

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The desire for praise and admiration is an inherit part of the human psyche, and can be a powerful motivating factor in the creation of things that be good. That an individual would assign a relatively discreet and harmless identity towards which praise could be directed for positive contributions is not something that I would deny from them - especially considering that such an identity would be equally accountable for any misdeeds performed under its name.

The point is, however, that my faux classy english is not very good

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That's retarded. I'd rather take good advice from someone who knows what they are doing than someone who can bullshit about it.

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where did OP's gif come from?

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Ehh, I was issued a trip-challenge this winter, and I just kept it up once I discovered how much less likely I was to post hostile, unhelpful crap.

Since I preferred trying to make my contributions, few that they are, positive, I continue to rely on that crutch. Not much else to it.

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Good for you. Keep it up!

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Why does it matter to you if they use a name or not?

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Ideally, yes.
Practically, however, it is not too foolish or far-fetched to use the merits of the speaker as a general guide to the quality of what they may say.

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Seriously, where? Its freaky.

>scream C.

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OP's image is blank, dude. wtf you talking about?

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Wasteland Warrior.


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Maybe. But if I know a specific person's past ideas have been of decent or high quality, I am more inclined to grant that person's present and future ideas a slightly larger measure of my attention than I would otherwise. It does not grant them automatic acceptance, but I will at least recognize that I should spend more time considering them than my usual cursory glances.

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Well, be anon if you want to be anon. I am anon because I choose to be. Anon is everyone. You could be the cubicle-riding, button-down geek or the gibbering neckbeard that makes lampshades out of stray cats that get close to his basement window.

If people want to be tripfags, who cares? If you don't get anything out of it, then take it as you would otherwise. Some folks prefer not to drown in the anonymous mire.

I like Magus's posts, Golden neckbeards' posts, and a few others I don't recall. It doesn't mean that having a name substantiates anything, but it is nice to pull apart a few of legion's schitzofrenic personality. They risk the same thing we avoid: doing one thing, looking like a jackass, and having to own that mistake. As anon, I could very well post anything and no one will know. It's their choice to talk and your choice to listen. By it's very nature, every tripfag already has someone baaawwwwwing about a named person getting some sort of credit for their own expression.

PS I think I'll become a tripfag. It'll be awesome.

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Mr. Rage is fine, too. Golden Neckbeard aswell, his pictures are just a tad too silly though.

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>overrated shitwriter

Yeah, all namefags are really just the scum of the earth.

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AM1200, a brilliant little Lovecraftian short film. I heartily recommend it.

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I know this may be an odd question but what the fuck is this thread doing in /tg/

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Are you saying that you're not smart (or willing) enough to determine if something is intelligent based on what is actually said?

This leads to people adopting bad ideas because of the person that said them. Everyone is fallible. Everyone slips up. With a reputable name attached to a bad idea people will be more inclined not to judge it for what it says.

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heh. I actually don't care for Golden Neckbeard but I'm off topic.
I really don't care about the namefags or tripfags. There are all kinds of fags on 4chan. Honestly, I think being anon is the best. But that is just me, I'm not going to bitch because a troll or dumbass choses to identify himself.
I do support Drawfags, Questfags, and those guys who do things like nation game, using a tripcodes or names. It just makes things easier.

Random Gif

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Your argument goes both ways; why can't we be both clever enough to judge based on quality of works regardless of whether a tripcode is used?

>Because we need some way to seperate the proverbial wheat from the chaff, /tg/ is a fast enough board that even if you were to devote all of your time to it there are still plenty of times that you would be unable to keep up.

Sage because this thread isn't even pretending to be /tg/ related.

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I take it this is a namefag/tripfag hate thread.

I really can't be bothered explaining my position again, so let me put it this way
>Yes i am aware that tripfags annoy people simply by being tripfags
>Yes i am aware that people like you don't care even if the tripfags genuinely contribute
>No i do not plan on removing my tripcode any time soon
>Traditional Games

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>Doesn't read thread
>Decides to make his opinion known anyway.


>> No.11537932

>Reads OP post
>Decides its not worth reading the rest of the thread.

>> No.11537943

>sees a tripfag name

and sage

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Thats a good point....why am i not saging this thread? This space on the FRONT GOD DAM PAGE could be taken up by something more useful

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Sauce of pic?

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rolled 39 = 39


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Then why bother posting at all?

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Thank you, good sirs. My current physical state means I failed to notice that post.

>> No.11537997

I never said it wasn't worth replying to the op. Just that it wasnt worth reading all the rest of the responses, since tripfag hate threads are inevitably filled with the same kind of posts. Reading the same stuff wont help me at all.

Also if you're intent on keeping this on the front page, don't get all angry and bitchy about it when GoldenNeckbeard decides to show up....and he will.

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I understand what you're getting at here OP and I can appreciate your view point. However, I also think /tg/ is one of the few boards that benefits in some fashion from name and tripfags in that there is a stream of creation from this board. While I do not deny there is a certain intellectual purity to total anonymity in a large group, there is also a benefit in identification.

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I don't know, but it looks like a real party.

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Can you honestly not think of even one situation where it would be impractical to verify the exact quality of what someone is saying, and that you would be forced to rely on the verified quality of their past actions as one of the major factors in determining your decision to accept what they said?

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Behold: The problem with tripfags.

>> No.11538039

I doubt, the Golden Neckbeard showing up in this thread would be the least of your worries, good sir.

>> No.11538089

The problem with tripfags is that theyre the only ones who point out how silly a thread like this is?

>> No.11538103

What you just identified is a problem with an individual that also happens to possess a trip.
One does not point to faggotry committed by anonymous and identify this as a problem with anonymity.

>> No.11538127


...Wait, what?
yes we do, we do all the time. A lot of the pointless insults, trolling, anger and general dumb statements gets blamed on the anon aspect.

>> No.11538139

Look at his initial post. It's a bunch of greentext going "I'm a tripfag, don't care what you said, haters gonna hate." I don't think that's a form of faggotry than an anonymous poster can replicate.

>> No.11538168

To be fair, if you make a stupid comment, you're going to get equally stupid responses. I'd be happy to have an intellectual conversation with you if there was something less retarded to be talking about

>> No.11538170

"I'm a 4e fan, don't care what you said, haters gonna hate."

"I'm a 3e fan, don't care what you said, haters gonna hate."

"I'm a Warhammer 40k fan, don't care what you said, haters gonna hate."

"I'm a Starcraft fan, don't care what you said, haters gonna hate."

"I'm a Mass Effect fan, don't care what you said, haters gonna hate."

And list goes on, good sir.

>> No.11538210

Speak for yourself.

>> No.11538213

I don't wear a trip because I want attention.

I wear one because I know it pisses stupid people off without any conscious effort on my part.

And I get off on that.

>> No.11538215

Intellectual conversations on here are hard, when the opposing hate-fronts are so strong and retarded. Name/tripfags hate the anons, anons hate the name/tripfags and so on with all the other opposing interests.

>> No.11538216

Blame faggotry by anonymous on anonymity, and you do not support anonymity. By the same measure you blame faggotry by tripfags on the possession of unique identities, and so you do no support unique identities.

Which way are you going to have it, then?

>> No.11538242

I forgot to add my sage

Assuming your avatar is female I'd like to see it perform fellatio on me.

>> No.11538244


Those are specifics, though regarding one line. A 4e fag will still have reasons to listen in a 40k thread.

But coming in and going "I'm better than all of you" is a step up.

>> No.11538253

Point taken. I guess I can't expect anything rational from this thread, thats not filled to the brim with hate.

>> No.11538260


no cheeks. It won't be very good at all.

>> No.11538266

What a crock of shit.
If you're a douchebag namefag, you're also a douchebag anon. Just because you dropped or took a name doesn't mean a god damn thing in terms of validity. But when people attention whore as anon, nobody cares.

In which case I guess you can just take pictures of your bearded, bald, self shirtless and post them all over /tg/.

>> No.11538284


Who said either anonymous *or* identified posters hate their 'opposites'? Some do, sure, but I think this incredibly useless thread makes it pretty clear that it's far from universal.

>> No.11538285

lol look at me I'm a namefag.

>> No.11538300

You have a dirty mind, good sir.

Although I would question my own sanity as well. Who would be in their right minds, identify themselves as an sergal?

True, but you haven't proven the non-existence of such pretentious individuals being anonymous as well, good sir.

>> No.11538303

I hear you can summon him by speaking his name three times.

Or you can just wait five seconds and he'll post in your thread anyway.

>> No.11538308

Gentlemen, this thread of full of meta and douchenozzeltry, might I suggest going to the cutebold thread?

More importantly, Muslims. How do we get rid of them?

>> No.11538311

I used a name to identify myself as the original poster of things regarding my campaign. But I've been anon since the rest of you lost interest.

>> No.11538318


I can see problems on each side, thank you very much.

I do not like anon, because it allows faggots to be faggots wantonly.

I do not like tripfags, because it allows faggots to be pompous and holier than thou.

My issue is with faggots, good Sir. I have no side in your little namefag war.

>> No.11538324

.........So what you're saying is that a douchebag is a douchebag regardless of the anon or name/trip.
........Makes sense i guess. Explain that to OP then. He seems to have it in his head that having a name/trip is like wearing a swastika on your face.

>> No.11538329


With cleansing nuclear fire from the skies.

That's the only way to do it.

>> No.11538343

Having a name and a trip is being a douchebag and going I WANT YOU ALL TO REMEMBER WHAT A DOUCHE I AM

>> No.11538364

I namefag because I don't want to be lumped in with the worst of anonymous anymore than I already am simply by being on 4chan. Sure there's plenty of shit trip/namefags out there, but there's also a good lot of shit anons out there as well.

I mostly started namefagging because of something that came up on /toy/ back around when it first started. Someone was trying to have a conversation with me, but amongst the clouds of anonymous they couldn't tell which was me or some asshat trying to cause trouble. So I took up the name, and just never bothered to take it down.

And let's face it, when most people think anonymous they think /b/. And when people think /b/ they think of pedophiles, racists, sexists, and the worst of the bottom of the barrel. I'd like to distance myself from that just as much as I can while still being able to bring myself to browse /tg/ and /toy/.

>> No.11538366

quarrel good become weak for my return

>> No.11538372

From my understanding good sir, the only proper way of getting rid of Muslim extremists is through the barrel of a gun and pigs' blood.

Don't be ridiculous good sir, there are far worse gentlemen you don't want seeing posting in your threads.

Do you want Scaredofshadows derailing your threads with his wanton melancholy?

Do you want Zhukuvaan or Spanish Flee to run amok with their pretentious stereotypically irritating weeaboo behaviours?

Or the worst that can happen to this board, do you want to see the return of Jim Profit?

>> No.11538381

I'd be dissappointed at seeing this thread on /tg/ if I wasn't suffering from caffeine overdose.

>> No.11538402

You're just as bad as all of those. Except maybe Profit.

>> No.11538407

>tripfags? on MY /tg/?

>> No.11538410

Having a name says one of two things about you.

It either says that you're a douchebag and you don't care, or it says that you are such a fucking prick that you don't realize what a douchebag you are.

Protip: If you thought "But I'm not a douchebag!", you most certainly are one, you fucking prick.

>> No.11538416

Twas not referring to only the extremities of the Muslim faith.

>> No.11538421

That movie is quite interesting.

>> No.11538422

Mistrust is the tyranny of the individual. Your own kind sees you as a threat. Why do you murder our unity?

>> No.11538439


Considering how fucking ugly you are, I'll be doing you a favor.

>> No.11538451

You didn't respond to my request, you merely pointed out that I had a dirty mind.

>> No.11538452

I'll agree that I can be a major asshole, but I contribute where I can, so the only real fault i have on here is that. I'm a useful asshole.

>> No.11538487

You say that now, because they are absent, good sir, and I am not.

Once they are present and I am not, your opinion will change accordingly.

Change is the only constant.

I have an radical idea good sir. But I am not sure if it would work, as it would involve developing their societies' infrastructure, educating them and growing their economies, so that they are a primarily wealthy middle class people. Once they are rich, they will no longer have the will to impose their religion down other peoples' throat, as they will be too preoccupied with buying wide screen plasma TVs and driving SUVS and mini vans.

>> No.11538522

And you good sir, didn't properly post your request.
You saged in disgust and therefore, I sense that you have ulterior motives that goes beyond simple fellation.

Honesty is the best policy, if you can't be honest with me, then how can we possibly maintain a healthy relationship?

>> No.11538544

You tripfag because you want attention. You tripfag because you want recognition for your works. You picked up a persona you act out. Maybe it's based on some "zany" quirk. Maybe you yell really loud, or maybe you're a talking animal. Whacky. You want to be known. You can say that you don't. You can lie to us, but you can never lie to yourself.

>"But I do my best to contribute!"

And so do countless anonymous posters. Quality varies, of course, from the very worst to the very best. The difference between them and you is that unlike you, they don't want recognition. They simply want to contribute.

>"But it makes it easier for me to follow my own posts in a thread!"

Sure, if you're blind, which I doubt. I have no trouble finding my own posts, and neither do you. Stop deluding yourself further.

>"I don't care! I'm a snowflake! Fight the establishment! Row row!"

Get over yourself. At least have the fucking decency to be a snowflake somewhere else instead of shitting up this community. You're not wanted here.

>> No.11538562

Mr RAGE, Wasteland Warrior, Scriptarius and Golden Neckbeard are some namefags who I enjoy that I can remember from the top of my head.

>> No.11538568


Man, i didn't even think of that. They all have a /zany/ quirk, don't they...

Tripfags = Mary Sues...my mind is full of fuck

>> No.11538573

You post this shit because you want attention.

You post this shit because you want attention.

You post this shit because you want attention.

>> No.11538579

Well, OP convinced me to become a tripfag, just to spite him.

I don't post much anyway, so it shouldn't impact that hard

>> No.11538585

Not all.

But a fair number do.

>> No.11538591

This is a character I play on tg if I started shitting up the board by posting as him all the time then yeah fail to me, but as it stand I only post something if it is funny from his perspective.
You also just read all of this in duke devlins voice.

>> No.11538593

Only used tripcodes when knowing who the poster is becomes actually useful. (shit being done, certain quests, etc).

>> No.11538594


>Tripfags = Mary Sues

It all makes sense now.

>> No.11538597

You're giving him attention.

>> No.11538606

It is a crying shame then, that Moot will not remove tripcodes or naming from 4chan altogether, good sir.

And if he does do all of that, pray tell how can you stop persistent gentlemen from avataring?

>> No.11538617

But why do you avatar?

>> No.11538620

And now I'm back in anonymous, if anyone out there actually does that for the attention you fail and are not being fun.

>> No.11538635

Sergalfellow, I've read that your purpose is to troll unrelated/metathreads. Why then, do you not sage?

>> No.11538649

Because he is a furry troll.

>> No.11538657

Sage is useless, other people will just bump the thread.

>> No.11538660

Because I can, good sir.

It is not the will of Moot that I bow to by being anonymous, it is my will alone that I am a sergal.

And every post I made and continue to make is a celebration of my will.

>> No.11538674

If you all think being a namefag is ok I have one word for you, lace.

>> No.11538675

Okay, I hate you now.

>> No.11538686

So much hate in this thread. I can't change your mind, because that will make you hate me more, but don't you have BETTER threads to be arguing in. I'm sure your dogged determination to be 1 sided in everything would be useful in an edition war, but here its just being wasted on a useless subject.

>> No.11538692

No never talk to a sergel they will always talk back.
The only way for it to leave is to ignore it.

>> No.11538696


Sage is there for people like me to voice their discontent without bumping the thread.

>> No.11538701


>> No.11538713

Just as I can bump it out of sheer perverse joy.

>> No.11538718

You all are fucktarded

>> No.11538738


You're right there down in the bottom with the other shit tripfags. You don't contribute. You clog this board with your "look at me!" -bullshit. Well, I'm looking at you right now, "Sharktopus". What a wacky name. Come up with it yourself, did you? I get it, it's like a cross between a shark and an octopus. Clever.

Go huff some shit with the rest of your mary sue wanking friends.

>> No.11538744

>keeps posting, ranting about how wrong the other side is to anyone who will listen
>complains about someone else's "dogged determination to be 1 sided in everything"
I'm assuming you're just a troll. If not, I highly suggest taking your hands off of the keyboard and mouse and just thinking for a moment.

>> No.11538746

Congratulations! You're shitposting as anonymous!

>> No.11538751

Perhaps, good sir you prefer the Kantian explanation?

I avatar as an sergal for the sake of avataring as a sergal, embracing whatever consequences or ramifications that might entail?

>> No.11538760

It also counts against the bump limit. Someone's guaranteed to argue that it doesn't, but their opinions are hearsay and horseshit; I've seen it happen right here on /tg/. You're welcome to disbelieve me too, of course, but you shouldn't automatically trust them either.

Join the club.

>> No.11538764

That is what I will call them from now.

>> No.11538768

People keep pointing out this apparent deep seated hatred between tripfags and anons - I am yet to experience such hatred, and suspect that it is all a ruse, the machinations of some limited group of disgruntled men and women.

Also, what does /tg/ drink?

It is a sage in recognition of the fact that what I am saying is not relevant to this board.

I am not looking for a healthy relationship, I am looking to receive fellatio.

To make it absolutely clear:
I want your fictional character to use her mouth and its contents to stimulate my penis until I reach orgasm.

I would appreciate it if you stopped avoiding the subject.

>> No.11538796

I don't hate tripfags, I can ignore them instead of whine about it.

>> No.11538799

Anonymous never does anything stupid ever or have any look at me posts

>> No.11538809

Yep totally agree.

>> No.11538815

Nope never

>> No.11538824

Wow your so smart and right.

>> No.11538826

Pity good sir, I possess no images of a sergal in this art style performing fellatio.

But will a close up image of a sergal with its mouth open in great ecstasy be sufficient?

>> No.11538834

What is a drop of rain, compared to the storm? What is a thought, compared to a mind? Our unity is full of wonder, which your tiny individualism cannot even conceive.

>> No.11538836

Nice explanation, bro. Doesn't make me hate you less.

>> No.11538842

The way I see it Trip's were made for a reason, If you are doing something important in your threads or series of threads adopt a trip, Thats what they where made for, Thats what you should use them for,
But when you are not doing something important, Like posting in someone else's thread, Drop the fucking trip, You are abusing the system, You are SUPPOSED to be anonymous at that point,
As of rightnow the banner at the top of the page says "Secure tripcodes are for jerks!" This is not a new banner people, This has been around for the 3 years I've been here, That should point out to you something.
Personally I'm in favor of forcing anonymity at this point, At least we would not be dealing with shitpushers like flee every couple of months.

>> No.11538851

Point made samefagging is a hallmark of anonymous.

>> No.11538858

We have acheived paradox. Anon hates tripfags because anon cries about tripfags and feeds their need to respond.

I am disagreeing as hard as I can.

>> No.11538860

They fight against the unity and the collective for the sake of fighting it and simply because they can. They're like that obnoxious rebel kid who dresses like a clown, thinking he's unique.

Tripfags are Mary Sues.

>> No.11538870


>> No.11538879

Then hate me good sir.

Your hatred of me, only underlines your desire to see me change my worrying ways.

It is an act of love and consideration of one's being, when a person hates another, in its most rawest and unbridled form.

>> No.11538886

I would like to keep this thread as a screencap just so when people whine about mary-sue being misused to describe a character I can point out that mary-sue means whatever the fuck we want it to mean

>> No.11538897

Jesus, in my half-delirious state I experienced mirth and hatred at your post.

>> No.11538914

And if it's just the hatred of someone who wishes you would die?

>> No.11538924


I think it works in this case.

Mary sue as Author insertion? Check
Attention seeking, story is all about them? Check

>> No.11538949


>> No.11538950

I don't nearly hate the sergal faggot as much as I hate his blatant misuse of the English language. He can't write for shit.

>> No.11538956

I think it's less that tripfellows are Mary Sues, and more that tripfellows are the type of people who're likely to make Mary Sues.

>> No.11538960

Pointless. The response to this would be avatarfagging.

Far better that everyone receive a pseudo-tripcode based on one's IP address - this would mostly eliminate tripfagging, poster confusion and repost trolling.


You dissapoint.

>> No.11538963

My death would indeed benefit the world, good sir, as my passing would promote helpful change however insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

One less person that browses the internet, one less ecological foot print, one less person for society and the government to worry about, and one less person to be hateful of.

>> No.11538984



>> No.11538998

Sir, do you have a way around getting banned? Because I'm pretty sure posting furry porn is one of the precious few ways to get banned on /tg/.

>> No.11539006

Then perhaps, good sir, you might want to point out the flaws of my grammar, spelling and sentence structuring?

Any help I receive that improves my English will be much appreciated.

>> No.11539040

You know, I actually defended tripfags near the start of this thread, but
You do actually irritate me. Not because of any specific aspect of your posting, as I'm sure you'd like, but that you so transparently incite anger in people. Your most dilligent posting appears to troll people, but takes the weakest moral high road imaginable. I'm confident that you'll disregard this as trolling in the most polite tone imaginable. I don't want you to kill yourself or anything drastic like that. I'm wondering why you go on the internet, shit up threads on a largely annonymous website, and feel like you've accomplished something. You are the posterboy for self-righteous tripfaggotry.

>> No.11539073

>I'll create a thread mocking tripfags!
>This will piss off a lot of people and force them to defend tripfags!

>> No.11539094

Probably for the same reason why any of us are here in the first place, good sir. To have fun.

Although to be honest, I do not feel that I have accomplished anything at all. But merely repeating history.

Prophets revelation, Captcha? Hardly.

>> No.11539144

Your non-saged contributions to this thread say more about yourself than your supposed mockery of tripfaggotry.

No, I do not. I know I should not, but at this point I am too intoxicated to prevent myself from doing so.
I do like /tg/ and would not want to be banned from it.

Right now I am fantasising about sharing a drink with a naive young lady whose form resembles that of a certain maned shark-dog avatar. We are in a private and richly decorated room - I am sitting close to the door. I will abruptly ask her to perform sexual acts on me. She will refuse, and attempt to leave.
I will not let her.

>> No.11539250

here you go

>> No.11539461

I don't suppose anybody is going to read this.

>> No.11539481

secret yiff thread?

>> No.11539554

No, you were supposed to be female, and you were supposed to be pretty and shy.
But you're a homosexual male furry instead.

>> No.11539571

sometimes pretty and shy chicks like dicks on dick :3c

>> No.11539590

I'm very, very skeptical.

>> No.11539638

And yet the idea remains titillating.

>> No.11539662

it's exactly like a guy who's into watching a couple of girls do their thing, though

oh well...

>> No.11539713

The prospect is so alluring, however impossible, that my mind sees only a goddess, aphrodite.
I am convinced that you are a being of perfection.

>> No.11539759

And then I forgot to sage.

Do you imagine this to be exactly the same?

>> No.11539800

This thread is still here?

>> No.11539837


>> No.11539884

There is an understanding, then.

>> No.11539896

actually i don't understand

>> No.11539897

Goddammit. Make sure to sage, will you? I don't mind you posting furry porn when the thread's far away from the front page, but it gets annoying when you bump it.

>> No.11539938

Haha oh god I love this "Anonymous pride" bullshit. It's like the lifestyler furries, but without the fap art.

... Oh, hey, furry fap art. Now the circle is complete. When Anonymous began, it was the rebel. Now no Anonymous, you ARE the furries.

>> No.11539940

I'm terribly sorry - my browser refuses to retain it, and I keep forgetting to put it there

I am a pantomime of regret, and I'm not even being sarcastic.

>> No.11539954

Most tripfags go through some odd transformation that makes most of them big ol' homogays.

Granted there are still a few that are alright, especially in /tg/. From my travels to /v/ though, every tripfag was an asshat extraordinaire.

>> No.11539964

:3 yiff yiff yiff :3

>> No.11539966

>implying everyone at /v/ isn't an asshat.

>> No.11540047

"That demicoeur - s/he's so hot right now"

>> No.11540106


>> No.11540254

I hope you can bring yourself to forgive me.

Until then, I think I will get some sleep.

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