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Why are orcs CR 1/2? Those falchions really fuck up shit for anyone.

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because CR is terrible and it should feel terrible

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rolled 31 = 31


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Because they still have only six hit points and 13 AC, at least in Pathfinder.

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Because CR is incredibly relative and sometimes entirely off. Ogres are also about a CR lower than they ought to be.

>captha: 1945-1970 strongest

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So that makes them glass cannons.

Get a whole bunch of orcs and they may die with a single blow, but they will also totally rape you before you can kill them all. Do the same with some other CR 1/2 creature and it wouldn't work.

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I am CR 1/2.

Fuck Orcs. I pinch with the fury of a thousand angry suns.

Not to mention Orcs are faggots; they have to be size M to make CR 1/2. I'm size S and the same CR.

Fuck you, you green pussies.

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Well to be honest, at low levels you could get a bunch of even the CR 1/3 stuff like gobboes together and they would do this. Goblins are weak and do tiny amounts of damage but they fairly hard for level 1 characters to nail in melee and all those 1d4s add up over time.

That said, yeah. CR isn't nearly as exact as it ought to be.

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Good thing they got rid of it then, huh?

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CR 1/2 means it is the equal of two level 1 human fighters. Seems about accurate, in this case. Of course, CR is usually garbage. A better way to rate monsters is to build the as if they were PCs. But that requires effort.

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I was thinking about Pathfinder, but yeah, 4e changing things up was nice.

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Did someone say fucked up CR?

Roll your will saves, people

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>CR 3
>Permanent wisdom damage

Fuck you too, WotC

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>Territorial hireling

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I've found CR to be good for rough estimates of how tough an encounter will be. However, there are so many factors that you can't "plug in" that you need experience to get a proper metric.

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