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So, I am gonna get done one of these pillows with cultist chan. I figured out it would be the same amount by getting art and getting it printed.

Any suggestions for an artist?

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You are the biggest kind of faggot, with these pillows.

what the hell captcha what the hell

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i mean...


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My god.

Get a life, please. I mean that in the nicest way possible. You have too much money, too much time and are far too lonely

Fix it

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Yes really. It it goes well I may get more 40K related pillows just for the lulz. (Sororitas pillow!)

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>perturbs one

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>5 posts
>0 sages
>my face

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Why would you sleep with a girl who had a sword IN THE BED WITH HER? That just seems like a liability.

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Laughing my arse off here, OP. Do it, and post pictures. Also, does captcha know something we don't?

>Burlew same

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>to Izmir

>─░zmir, historically also Smyrna, is Turkey's third most populous city and the country's second largest port city after Istanbul.

The captcha speaks. You must travel to Izmir to complete your quest

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seriously guys

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I want to, that is why I am asking suggestions for artists, lmao

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Really if you want a good artist you're probably going to spend a 100 anyway.

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Please get a Sororitas one like this!

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Yep, that is why I decided to get a custom one rather that buy one of these $100 ones

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Stop trolling. No sane fa/tg/uy will believe that you're this pathetic.

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> Yep, that is why I decided to get a custom one rather that buy one of these $100 ones

No I'm saying, if you want a custom one you'll probably spend more. A good artist will most likely charge 100 for the art alone, unless you get lucky or know someone.

To print the art on a custom pillow will cost about 50-70 once you have a high resolution jpg.

>captcha: Art repaired

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I imagine the printers would need a different file format

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Cultist-chan is worth

>yapping hand

Only an F missing

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And no, I saw some people that print custom pillows for $40, shipping included.

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Every single drawing of cultist is god awful. You'd be better off with a screenshot of the actual cultists from Dawn of War.

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>Cultist-chan is worth
You need a decent description and or reference picture of her.
>And no, I saw some people that print custom pillows for $40, shipping included.
>10 dollars cheaper than the price I named.
Uhm alrighty.

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I think Mr. Culexus does cultist chan art, hit him up on devianyt art or something.

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You would probably need a file that isn't lossy.

Also the file would be gigantic.

A body pillow is like 2'x5'.

At 300 dots per inch.

Forget about it.

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>I think Mr. Culexus does cultist chan art
>doesn't seem to realize that Mr. Culexus CREATED cultist chan
Why so new, fellow?

Also, this thread is terrible and should be burnt to the ground. Just throwing that out there.

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>You would probably need a file that isn't lossy.
>Also the file would be gigantic.
Not really.
>A body pillow is like 2'x5'.
50 or 60 cm x 150 cm
>At 300 dots per inch.
>Forget about it.
Artists send you a PSD file, so you could send a printer any filetype they needed.

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So what two poses should she be in?

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Not sure yet. Ideas?

>obscenest is

You have to be more specific captcha

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Chink drew one too.

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60x150cm is the essentially the same as 2'by5'

300 dpi is the lowest you should go for printing.

So it would be a big file.

Even larger if they sent it as a pdf.

Your best bet is a vector drawing so that the drawing can be scaled.

I guess you could get a much smaller file in that case. Though unless you are contracting a "professional" artist they probably won't do a vector.

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Dude you're making it way more complicated than it needs to be.

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It would be about 100megs, just make a password protected rar and upload it to mediafire or something. Not exactly rocket surgery.

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Honestly, I'd do this if it was cheaper. Or would get a Cultist-Chan plushie made.

Check out Jo Pereira, the artist who does "Nerf Now". He's a drawfag who does a lot of really cute Culteest art. Pic is by him.

Also, captcha: "been ungodlier". :D

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I don't know, I considered a female version on one side and a dickgirl on the other..

Now I'm thinking clothed on one side in a relaxed pose using an arm as a pillow saying, "Hy hyu've cap-toored hyu."

Then on the other side less clothes, slightly blushing, but a grinning face that is best described by "I'm about to fucking rape you."

But word bubble that says, "FOR KAY-OHSS!"

I am iffy on the idea of word bubbles though.

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>Implying Jo is any good
>my fucking face

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Eh, to each their own.

Alternatively, you could just find a decent artist on DA or some shit who's taking commissions, give them a picture of Culteest, and have them draw it for you.

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Just mocked it up in photoshop. 494.4M for a blank doc.

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I like it.

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Fucking /tg/ I just spent 200 on magic and now I'm gonna be spending about that on this.

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compression mah boy. PSDs are needlessly overinflated anyways, just ask for a png, they're lossless.

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Still about 500M.

Did a scribbly mock-up and it remains about the same size saved as a lossless file, not a psd.

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oh boy cultist thread

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Oh boy Cultist thread!

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>save to fap folder
>feel no shame

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What is this "cultist" character from, and why is there so much art/hentai of her?

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>Darwin's squawking

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How long have you been on this board, and where do you hail from?

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>What I did was crop and re-size the image to a 1:3 ratio then blew it up to 50x150cm and checked it out actual size to see if it looked good enough.
And then you're fucking done, stop over complicating it.

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Check out 1d4chan.

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op you had better post pictures here when you get your anime lady pillow

make your horrible failed existence amusing to us, please

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shes a chaos cultist.

Her whacky speech is inspired by the chaos cultists from dawn of war. with their silly voice actors

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I find it amusing that even in neckbeard central you can lose harder than the majority

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Semi-pro art guy here. I say semi-pro because I do it part time.

It really wouldn't be that hard to do it as a vector or a bitmap. If I did it, I would probably sketch it out, outline it, then scan it and vector it. After I vector it, then I would go in with photoshop. You only really need to worry about loseless compression depending on how detail you want her to look. If you go for a vector anime/cartoon look (>>11515194 and >>11515379) with black outlines and simple shading, then chances are you don't need to have it totally loseless. If you do go with a more 'painted' look (>>11516715) then you'd probably want loseless. It's really a see as you go thing.

I'd be willing to take on the project. I'd even do a mock up drawing or two if you want before we talk about money a price.

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I'm not OP but I'll post pictures of my end product, and I'll sleep spooning my Cultist-chan pillow while my girlfriend spoons me.

Haters, gonna, fucking, hate.

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Well I know she's from 40k, but I've only read the Eisenhorn trilogy, and played a little of Dark Heresy. I don't sit down and draw hentai and webcomics of Eisenhorn. I'm wondering where the inspiration comes from (and her). The books?

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edit: dress your girlfriend as cultist and take a picture of her spooning the pillow

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the cultist in the first dawn of war game has a ridiculous voice, someone asked for a gender swapped picture in a draw thread and it took off.

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Judging by how she speaks I think she's from Dawn of War.

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Yeah, 'bout that...

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Theres no youtube videos of dawn of war cultists...

I must remedy this.

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Dude, learn your /tg/. Somebody asked a drawfag (Mr. Culexus) to draw some Masquerade character or some shit, but thought he only drew 40k, so "cleverly" asked him for a picture of a chaos cultist feeding waffles to her chaos spawn.

Aaaand I just made myself sad that I know that. Fuck you. ;_;

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so how long is it before you guys start fapping to anything cute or silly again? is there a few minutes of lag time, or do you just go there directly?

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>edit: dress your girlfriend as cultist and take a picture of her spooning the pillow
Edit: edit: My girlfriend and I will both dress as cultist-chan and spoon the pillow.

In fact, I think I just discovered my new form of pajamas.

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edit: edit: edit: ok do this, my suggestion is not as good

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Examples of your art?

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>Square waffles
>Chaos has square waffles

Oh Emprah no. Thanks for reaffirming why I am a loyalist. Round waffles all the way, heretic.

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Please take pictures of that, I will laugh so hard.

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Square waffles are the best waffles! Fooouuuuur Coooorrrrnnerrrrsss!

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I think in any other state of mind, I would revile this, but I just can't get over the morbid curiosity. I think... I think I'm starting to want one of these.

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sorry but I am with chaos on this one...ROUND WAFFLES ARE FOR BABIES!

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Here's the way I look at it bro.

I can't sleep unless I have tons of shit all over my bed. So I buy a tons of pillows and stuff. And make room as needed for women.

Body pillows, for me, are like the best thing for a good night sleep. I use one for my main pillow even and then a hug one.

It's supposed to be good for your back too, depending on how you sleep on it.

After that, you can either have a blank white pillow case, or pillow cases of hot women.

Personally I'm gonna go with hot women. Because erotic imagery is like the second most relaxing thing in the world to me.
>captcha: This emissary

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I'm the same way, bro. I need tons of blankets and pillows and shit to feel comfortable. And hey, I see nothing wrong with surrounding yourself with hot fake women, so long as you also get some real hot women in there, too. (Or dudes or whatever your preference is, whatever).

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I need a radio and a fan going to get me to sleep.....(used to live in downtown but l live in the suburbs now....I need the noise)

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>I'm the same way, bro. I need tons of blankets and pillows and shit to feel comfortable.
I have yet to meet anyone else like that in real life. I more or less build a fucking fort-bunker-hole on my bed of junk and sleep under it all.

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As far as position goes, I personally find the whole "arms back behind the head" pose sexy...for maximum boobage exposure. I like the idea of clothed/unclothed, though.

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I can't sleep if there's anything "not bed" on the bed. I'm not OCD or anything, but I'm afraid if I have DVDs or something there I'm going to roll over in my sleep and crack them, or I'll get stabbed by something in my sleep.

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>I can't sleep if there's anything "not bed" on the bed.
Hmm I'm sorta similar and sorta not.

For a year I had to use one corner as an alarmclock stand and hold my socks, water bottle, etc.

And occasionally I have my jeans draped over the foot of the bed to avoid spiders getting into them.

Present day: I have a stand and a classy glass shelf next to my bed to hold all that stuff. So now nothing but pillows and blankets and many layers of sheets.

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I moved from Baltimore to the suburbs. I kept waking up the first couple of nights because I wasn't hearing sirens and the occasional gunshot...the quietness wigged me out.

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Not the stabbing part.
Just dont wanna break my stuff. Even if its like a book or something.

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Wisdom. It's so strange having quiet outside when compared to the fighting fields of home.

>XXVI plank

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I regularly sleep with my laptop+mouse, bag(s) of chips, pens/pencils, a tissue box, and sometimes my phone all on my bed.

>captcha: mayfly far
This sounds like the punchline to a really corny joke.

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well that was a nice waste of time.

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Hmm Cultist-chan as a character

Would her social class be: Mistress, Denizen, Slave

Title: ?

Quote: ?

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I think I'm going to try making some Culteest and Sororitas plushies now. Maybe a Tech Priestess, too. Haters gonna hate, but I can't resist Warhammer 40kyoot.

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i'd buy a cultist plushie.

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Slave. Definitely. Although probably not a very good one.

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god i miss those voice actors
DoW2 just doesn't compare.

>> No.11517609

That's exactly what I thought but figured I'd check.

For title I'm thinking, "Sehrvahnt ov Kay-Ohss"

>> No.11517621

Haha, awesome :D Although if I tried selling anything Warhammer-related, I'm sure GW would come down on me like a ton of bricks.

>> No.11517634

That would work :D

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One of the poor things is that Chaos Rising copied a lot of unit lines from DoW 1 but all of the new voices of old lines sucked. The Librarian voice sucked, the Cultists (which aren't Cultists anymore but Heretics) sound serious instead of silly, Chaos Space Marines sound similar but i swear every time you click them they say CHAOS SPACE MARINES. As if you didn't know what they were.

I hate when RTSes do that. You click a unit and it says what it is. Dawn of War partially avoided this problem, with a lot of voices being taken up by things like "Heresy grows from idleness" and all that, but almost no other RTS in the same formula does it too.

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I don't have any on this computer (summer). That's why I'll do the sketch/mock up as the example for free.

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brb reinstalling DoW

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Seriously, guys.


Guys, seriously.

Seriously, guys.

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Kuhlteest and cutebolds what are you trying to do to me?
captcha: her crunchier

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Yeah you'll wake up in their super secret torture chambers on the dark side of the moon.

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>> No.11517760

I love the Sorcerer in Last Stand though.

The line "We are PROFOUNDLY mighty!" gets me every time.

>captcha: deodorize in

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Clearly, Cultist loves every kind of waffles.

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>> No.11517783 [DELETED] 


Commissars drive me up the wall though.

The same line.
and over
and over.

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Problem with chaos in DoW is the chapters thing.

>why are my thousand sons summoning bloodthirsters

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>> No.11517877

Holy >Brown Liebmann!
Captcha and I are disappoint.

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God, I hate captcha.

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Who loves ya, baby? Slaanesh loves ya, baby!

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Two for the price of one :3

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>> No.11518059


....cultist lamia?

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>> No.11518091

Ha! I think she's just supposed to be sleeping or some shit with her ass in the air, but I like your version better :D

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Aaaand I'm out.

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You don't know Blastwave? Now you do.

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I'd love a cultist-chan pillow, my GF would dump me if she found it though.

>> No.11518289


Solution? Convince your gf to cosplay.

>> No.11518339


make her cosplay as a cultist-chan pillow

>> No.11518353

>> No.11518418


As if telling her to dress as Cultist-Chan would do anything...
Lets say she agrees gods know why, she must do the voice too. How would you think any normal girl would react if i told her to give me a slutty look, grab my dick while saying "Hwee cap-toored eet fohr Kay-ohss". That, Friendly Stormtrooper, is ain't possible.

Pic realted.

>> No.11518478

I'd do it, if only for the lols.

>> No.11518500

Here, Cultist helps the eldar chick fix her outfit after it was destroyed.

>> No.11518533

fuck yea CHAOS!

>> No.11518540

Is that some Macha? Because she looks dubious about it :)

>> No.11518549


Then again that would be it... Few things in life would actually turn me on after that, we all know what happened to one of the emperor's finest...

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>> No.11518563


>> No.11518583

>How would you think any normal girl
There's your problem.
I went and got a kinky girlfriend that works tech support.

She does every fetish I bring to the bed.

>> No.11518599

Drawfag here
I'm willing to do this for free if you're patient. Also i'm not much of an artist i like drawing for TG and this is pretty funny.

leave me a msg at www.digimagus.blogspot.com which is where i do my drawings for /tg/

>> No.11518610


Nah she is a pathfinder chick I have written about and had Greenmarine draw quite a bit. This one is by a different drawfag and I don't know if he even goes by a specific name on /tg. I think about any female eldar would feel dubious about an outfit like that.

>> No.11518639

It works best if you're both kinky and both willing to try each other's fetishes. There's some fetishes I won't do, but hey, dressing as Culteest? That's fine. Plus, I just like the character, for whatever reason. HERESY! ANNOYING HERESY!

>> No.11518659

Ooh, I see! I saw the red hair and thought "Macha?" So much lurve for greenmarine. He's a bro.

>> No.11518684

I'd never want to date somebody "normal"...it would only end in fail and being dragged to shit I wasn't interested in, and probably mutual resentment on both sides.

>> No.11518704

>> No.11518714


Why does that remind me of Armitage III?

>stoop that
>did captcha just speak in cultist's lisp

>> No.11518715

>> No.11518723


Yeah i know....

You know, I wanted a good looking girfriend, i got one, but sex with her is kinda boring. The best i could aim for with her is classic nurse/secretary/schoolgirl cosplay.
A man of many fetishes like me who fapped to a whalemaid between posts can't be satisfied with that...
Sometimes i think i should dump my GF and get a freak like me, even though she ain't as hot as i'd like her to be.

>> No.11518742

I have heard very few things as pathetic as this.
Oh boy.

>> No.11518781


>> No.11518819

How busty should Cultist-chan be?

Up to you. I personally wouldn't stay with a girl I wasn't madly in love with and didn't share at least a few of my fetishes. You can always find someone cute into kinky play.

>> No.11518827

Anon, I guess my questions for you would be- first of all, have you talked to her about it? She might be more amenable to some of your fetishes than you think.
Also, is it at the point where it's fucking with your relationship? Does she make you feel like shit for your weird fetishes? If so, maybe you should look for someone else. But if you can fantasize while you're fucking and she doesn't care, it might not be so bad, depending on the fetish of the day.

>> No.11518848

Ugly bitches can be made into hot bitches.

Boring bitches can be made into exciting bitches.

The conundrum is figuring out how.

>> No.11518900

Handcuffs and a paper bag

>Bossom social
>even captcha can get kinky

>> No.11518906

>Ugly bitches can be made into hot bitches.
Pretty true.

>Boring bitches can be made into exciting bitches.
Not really.

>> No.11518968


Well she has actually a lot of virtues, she is more the kind who'll be the loving housewife if she ever gets married, shes always eager to cook for me, she cleans my stuff and things like that. I don't think i love her, then again i don't think I've ever loved someone like that. And well she is kinda hot, so i guess I'm kinda set with her unless i find someone way better.


No, it's not like it's fucking with my relationship or anything, i was just talking when i said i should dump her, though I'd love to see her in a Cultist-Chan outfit some day.

Well... That has been enough therapy for a /TG/. Let's gb2 to the pillow thing or something.

>> No.11519039

>making a Cultist-chan character
>Visual description: You could bounce a bolter pistol off that ass.

>> No.11519359

Aww everyone left..

>> No.11519449

there're people out there who get into far stranger fetishes.

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