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You know, Terrans have much more well-rounded technology, a much better understanding of the sciences, and isn't obsessed superfluous nonsense.
If they play their cards they could well win against against a single Space Marine chapter.


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> Not obsessed withsuperfluous nonsense
> Jets that turn into mechs and various other giant robot walkers

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Stupid troll is stupid.


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Considering that Star Craft marines die in droves as they suck unit-wise, I see them slightly more effective than Imperial (Star Wars) Stormtroopers.

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Yup. For all their fancy technology, Terran Marines die in huge numbers. Space Marines are far, far harder to kill.

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Oh wow, do yourself a favour and read up on it before you spout crap off.

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Storm troopers are far more powerful than spez mehreens, primarchs are still beneath them

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>Terran Marines die in huge numbers
Yea if you don't have medics backing them up. Then again Space Marines would most likely have apothecaries to back up their men.

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empire is huge

star craft empire is small... a few battle barges would sort them out

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Space marines - made by technology based of gods. Space marines - prisoners.

Who would you want in a fight?

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How effective is a battlebarge? Couls it survive multiple yamatoings?

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damn sorry meant terran marines for the second one :P

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Each one's probably like that Zerg Leviathan.

So, yeah, probably. But then you could just fuck it up in the end with your superior numbers anyway.

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Starcraft marines are built on the fact that:
A) Most are being disposed of, as criminals, political prisoners, etc.
Like if Stalin just sent his enemies on suicide missions.
Hell, the SC1 manual said that battlefield medics increase the marine life expectancy on the battlefield by 30% giving them a grand total of 20 seconds!

B) SC strategy is a) Send in marines b) Nuke the piss out of it c) Send in battlecruisers and mechs d) Nuke it again e) Send in more marines. f) Send in highly trained ghost teams g) Give up and go somewhere else.
Warhammer strategy is a) Ariel bombardment. b) Send in everything. c) Repeat.

I don't think either would wipe each other out as civilizations, just heavy battles here and there.
Terrans are built to just pack up and go somewhere else if it doesn't work out, something the Imperium rarely does, but the SC armies don't have anything that can touch Imperium homeworlds really.

But if we bring in the zerg, dark voice (a rival to the elder gods?), and protoss too, we might have an even match simply due to the massive war that breaks out.

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Except the Zerg don't have Void Shields.

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Zerg vs Tyranid. They begin consuming each other in an endless orgyfeast and eventually become one single species. The Terrans and the Imperium eventually unite in some form of alliance. Protoss stay back and only observe.

Then the Orks come.

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real life

M1A1 MBT >>>>> land raider


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Watch what a few battlecruisers do to a Mothership and tell me if void shields really make a difference.

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Hmm.. I actually agree.

One Chapter of Spacemarines will only be 1,000 marines, no access to any reinforcements or short-term restoring of their numbers and one or two battle-barges. Marines don't operate as a full fighting army, they work as a elite strike force, so if they get ganked they could be whittled down to nothing.

Assuming the marines don't get a chance to mobilise and cut off the command of Terrans in the first 12 seconds, the Terrans have a chance to overwelm the marines.

Captcha - Homeless Senator

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Star Craft Marines = 40K Imperial Guard, ie versatile cannon fodder.

40K Space Marines are more like Protoss Zealots. Grunts, but more precious and not to be wasted.

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we would see this on the battlefield

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If the Terrans joined the Imperium, they'd probably finally figure out a way to get their tech moving foward. Why, we'd have female Space Marines and Imperator titans that turn into battle barges.

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Terrans vs Orks, PLACE YA BETS!

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Ghosts have more in common with Space Marines than Terran Marines do.

They're practically unarmored, have the strength to handle an anti-material rifle, and have 100 HP (twice as much as a marine in power armor).

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psyker's would turn in to specters

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Has anyone toyed with the idea that the Terran Frontier could be the forefront of the Imperium?

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not really
you'd see the terran bending the 40k marine over and fucking him since he still has a penis
all the while both are enjoying it

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Maries zergling rush and use cheese tactics.

One thing SC marines have Warhammer 40k marines beat in is mobility. Possibly numbers since we never get a real pop total of SC.

Plus, terrans are starting to use AI and unlock protoss tech, so if SC marines can survive long enough they'll adopt the technology and tactics of the 40k universe since they don't have any particular scruples against it.

Hell, SC marines would try to utilize Tyranids as weapons, trade with Orks, and steal as much shit as they can from the Tau.

If anything SC marines VS Chaos is a real problem since most of the meth lab country SC universe would just convert to Slaneesh overnight.

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sisters of battle would steal firebat suits....

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The United Earth Directorate would try to invade the Imperium, lose horribly, get invaded by the Imperium who get attacked by zerg and have to deal with that threat, and independent terrans would team up with protoss to kill the God Emperor.

Meanwhile the Dominion stays out of harms way selling secrets to the Imperium and stealing their shit.

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M1A1 MBT >>>>> land raider
So the M1A1 is nuke proof now?

Man, we really are getting ahead in the techno field.

Captcha: ranges snared

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we have our own titan. THOR and ODIN!

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Tarsonis had a population of approximately 8 billion iirc.
In sc2 it goes on about 'billions' being dead thanks to the zerg invasion - seems like theres a good chance they could just bury a single marine chapter in bodies if they needed to.

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http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/game/planet/ use this

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Terran Marines, massed, are the most powerful force in the game and can usually put down everything from Colosi to spaceships in seconds. You need area of effect artilley to face a force of 30+ of them.

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My money's on Terrans. They're much more savvy than SPESS MAHREENS, so they'd deal with the orks cleverly rather than by brute force

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Terrans would win.

Why? Simple.

Interstellar mobility.


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Briefly looking at that, there is about 8 billion people - 8 billion verse 1000 marines.
Seems to me that eventually enough of those 8 billion will get lucky with a grenade or some-such.

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Wait, what?
I missed something here

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Well, the one thing Terran's do have over Spess Mahreen's is that fact that they know how their shit works.

Also, give me one example of a Terran marine dying due to his plasma gun exploding.

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leave behind a nuke with a proximity switch,orc walks to close and BOOOOM!

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A force of Ghosts+Nova VS a Space Marine chapter is more interesting.

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>>Interstellar mobility.
Sorry, you must have forgot battle barges, strike crusiers and escorts.

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terrans have ai...heresy etc etc

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They'd do something right sneaky like using psi to summon up daemons to deal with the orks, then nuking everyone while they're mired in melee combat.

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They are insanely easy to whittle down with equivalent cost sentry/colossi, siege tanks, broodlords or burrowed banelings. I honestly have no idea why you would think they're particularly good for anything other than getting AOE'd down en masse.

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I'll give you an example of a terran marine dying thanks to his Admiral not giving a fuck, because there's millions more where that came from.
Pic related.

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ghost's would win because nova can use her psi domination to take control of space marines

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They have to go through HELL to get anywhere.

How 'bout this one? Reliable communication.

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Sorry, you have forgotten that Terrans don't have to get ass-fucked by Daemons when they travel through the galaxy. Nor arrive centuries after their expected arrival date. Nor do they require scarce Navigators for each of their crafts. And so on.

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I thought you meant that metaphorically and then I realised you were talking about WH40K and I giggled. :3

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Yes, and all of these are Area of Effect creatures. They wtfpwn anything single-target and deal extreme damage in large numbers for a much lower cost. I am not saying they are OP, but unless the Imperium marines can make them explode they'll rape them like they rape everything not designed to handle a large force of fragile units.

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It was concluded in previous threads that a mere 3 space marines would be able to hold a rebel planet with dark age of technology level weapons with a population in the billions.

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What, space marines don't have any artillery, grenadiers or flamethrowers? Too much pride to borrow some Basilisks from the IG?

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Well, then the conclusion was incorrect. Terribly incorrect.

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ya well that was a 40k fan wank thread

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The SMs don't borrow from the IG, mang.

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Ironically, terrans win by zerging, then.

It is ironic because the race you would most typically associate with zerging in the starcraft universe is the zerg.

Just to clear that up for you, /tg/.

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They don't need to. They have flamers in their squads, mobile short range artillery (Whirlwinds) and, oh yea, Orbital bombardment.

>> No.11505564

Terrans and the Imperium decide to join forces instead of fighting against the ass of the universe, Imperial Guard gets the Terran marine armor (improving their life expectancy by roughly two minutes) and the Terrans get some better arms.

Zerg and Tyranids buttfuck until they create a super-race of super-annoying super-zerg.

Protoss do absolutely nothing.

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also this is what would happen when terran marines board a battle barge http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2jKi112snE (FLASH BANG!)

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Imperium Marines can use jetpacks or whatnot to go really fast, right? they'll need that to catch up to drugged up Marines

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Protoss Brofist the Eldar and faggot up with them?

>> No.11505596


They're usually happier to just ask their Force Commander to order an orbital strike.

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The terran's got a lot of gas if he's massing marines. More than enough for Vikings to kite battle-barges.

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Both Eldar and Protoss have pride roughly the size of a small galaxy. They'd probably shit themselves the moment the other said anything at all.

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And to get from one end of the Galaxy to the other is less then a year. That Century to go anywhere is like refusing to fly plans cause they crash on moutains and force you to eat the other passengers.

Read, it happened one or twice per several million.

Daemons are not a problem with the Gellar field turned on.

Communication cross a system? No problem, if there is to much of a delay then any half-wit ordained psyker could send a short message to the other end of a sector.
Across the galaxy? Astropaths deliver entire thousand-page reports in immaculate detail all the time and there is one on every single fucking ship in the imperium.
Big ones will have several.

Doesn't Star Craft take place over just two or three star systems?

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Terrans have the advantage of technology, numbers, and potential alliances.

Bolter pistols and Space Marine armour is fucking ridiculous though.

I'd say if the Terrans could survive long enough they would salvage Imperium tech and use it to it's full potential.

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Terran BCs would warp right up next to those battle barges and blow them to smithereens, or at least distract them enough to prevent orbital bombardment.

>> No.11505639

Yeah that'd probably be a really good unit comp against a Space Marine army.

Would an individual Space Marine count as Armored?

>> No.11505650

Could any Terran infantry unit match a Space marine with Terminator Armor and a combi-melta?

>> No.11505651

gauss bolters!?! god help us

>> No.11505660

Can it hit a banshee? I don't think it can hit a banshee.

>> No.11505661

I think a standard space marine would count as an Armoured Mechanical.

Am I the only one that thinks if shit really got dangerous, a Terran/Protoss/Tau alliance would form?

>> No.11505670

I say yes and terminators would get fucked over by marauders

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Any 1 unit? Probably not. Terrans are a lot like the IG but with good tech - focused on fighting as a team.

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One, how do you get close enough to board?
Two, how do they board?
Three, How The Fuck Do They Get Fucking Aboard?
Four, what happens when the Marines show up on their own ship? The poor serfs will be cleaning redneck brain juice off the bulkheads for weeks.

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Maybe a sneaky ghost

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How does ANY close combat happen EVER we should all just shoot them with our GUNS and they all DIE DIE DIE before they even get close!!!11

>> No.11505703

A terminator space marine is hardly and infantry unit.

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Seems about right. The Eldar may end up helping out too.

>> No.11505716

With what?
How Powerful is the Yamato cannon?
How quickly can they fire said cannon?
Because the BB would take a whole of about ten seconds to react.

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The problem is we don't know if the Imperium can match Terrans for Air/Space superiority. What with the Vikings, Banshees, Ravens and Battlecruisers.

>> No.11505721

The campaign-only Odin would be hilarious

captcha: reaching maternity

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My spectres be killing dem Space Marines before dey even know what hit dem!

>> No.11505743

The YC, canonically, is pretty powerful, and can be fired in under ten seconds.

>> No.11505744

God damn, that cutscene makes so little sense it hurts.

>> No.11505750

Yamato Cannon deals 300 damage and has a charging period of about 3 seconds. That's enough to destroy a Carrier or another Battlecruiser in two hits; it depends on how durable those two are compared to Imperium ships in the end.

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Confirmed for get the fuck back to /v/

>> No.11505758

Zeratul VS The Imperium. Go

>> No.11505759


Why did he dock with the ship instead of opening fire on it?

>> No.11505761

Terminator armor can walk into an exploding plasma power core and survive. It even says so in the codices. I doubt anything cheap Terran infantry can do matches that kind of ferocity.

>> No.11505763

Starcraft is now /tg/'s baby. Haven't you heard? We've been having at least 2 threads in rotation since it came out. Even earlier than that.

>> No.11505764

He wanted to kill Mengsky personally.

>> No.11505766


Because he thought Mengsk might be on board and it's kind of personal. Besides, it's a really nice ship.

>> No.11505790

Pretty Powerful doesn't really help.

Then there is range to consider, 1cm in battlefleet gothic is close to 3,000km but for ease and sake of argument it is often shortened to just 1,000km.
Anything under 10cm/10,000 is considered spitting distance and at that range every single gun but a D-cannon can be used.
And teleporters.
And guns that'd punch fist sized holes in monoliths.
And Tractor beams.

The BC wouldn't really stand much of a chance at that range.

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Oh, mutiple units? sure. I thought you meant 1 on 1.

The Terran Thor survives a tactical nuke with 1/4th of its HP.

>> No.11505815

And terminators survive getting stomped on by titans, unscathed.
>captcha: And outright

>> No.11505817

So the Thor is close to what, Av13 then?

>> No.11505832

Wouldn't that kind of depend on the terrain? Like if the titan was stepping on the terminator in dirt then the termy would just sink in, but if it were trod on on concrete or somesuch wouldn't it break?

>> No.11505840

Its numbers VS quality, in the end. A lot like fighting Protoss

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You need to use your tongue.

>> No.11505856

The concrete would break.

Terminator armour is created for entering plasma-rooms, so it's pretty fucking strong.

>> No.11505860

How silly.

>> No.11505861

Terrans beat Imperium, Imperium beats Orks, Orks beat Protoss, protoss beat zerg, zerg beat Tyranids, Tyranids beat Tau, Tau beat chaos, chaos beats terrans.

But of course there's LOT of variables there. But that's how I'd overall crunch it down.

>> No.11505862

Terrans would have considerable mobility due to Dropships/Medevac.

>> No.11505865

So... How exactly do you kill Terminators in WH40K?

>> No.11505868

Tau/Protoss/Terran/Deinfested Kerrigan team up

It's possible.

>> No.11505870

If I remember correctly it was rather hard ground but the termi armour was still strong enough that it was forced into the ground.
And left the marine himself in less then fighting condition but alive and nothing a month or less recovery wouldn't fix.

>> No.11505873

Corrupt their minds for Chaos.

>> No.11505882


So you get a ghost to mindcontrol them. Cruisy. Would a Spectre Psi Lashing work?

>> No.11505883

Anti tank weapons. Or close combat weapons designed to ignore any and all armour by parting the molecules in front of them.

>> No.11505892

Tank Bustaz

Da Boyz can take down a dreadnought, dey can take down a termy.

>> No.11505895

>perils of the warp test

Lol demon ghosts that can turn invisible.

>> No.11505900

Reaper bombs or Marauder shells. That doesn't sound so hard.

>> No.11505902

Cloaked Banshees should probably do the trick

>> No.11505904

How would the Terrans beat Imperium?
One Marine chapter, maybe but if you want to play the numbers game then the IG would drown every planet even mentioned in Starcraft in bodies and still have enough to hold in reserve in case they missed a few dozen more planets.

And that one Marine chapter you beat? Well, here comes another 999.

>> No.11505910

So...Orks release their spores underneath Zerg creep.

What happens?

>> No.11505911

You'd probably just need a fuckton of Marauders. Like taking down an immortal

>> No.11505919

That's kind of where the argument gets dumb(er) because the scale of WH40K is ridonkulous.

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infested ork's?.....oh fuck NUKE IT NUKE IT NUKE IT!!!

>> No.11505924

Orky zerg.

That's the beauty of zerg.

>> No.11505925

Zerg assimilate everything into them and run them up against their own shit. The better critter is modified to perfection and then fielded. Zerg probably replace their melee with insectoid, regenerating, burrowing, orcs with scythes for hands

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Pic related, it's an ACTUAL RTS game with REAL strategy, instead of asspained Chink fucks spamming zerglings.

>> No.11505936

Any truly dedicated orc already has a scythe for a hand!

>> No.11505939

Oops, forgot my sage.

>> No.11505941

aaaand it looks like shit

>> No.11505942

I'm glad that they did bulk up Terran Marines in Starcraft 2 a bit, didn't like the fact that a single Marine in starcraft 1 could get owned by 2 large dog sized aliens while having a huge ass gun.

I know marines are meant to excel in numbers but it's nice to know i only need about 5 of them now to defend from a medium Zergling rush.

>> No.11505947

Have some more sage, underaged kiddo.

>> No.11505957

I'm becoming more and more interested in the zerg assimilating orc spore techniques and using them to fuck over every planet ever.

How about two scythes and a roll of baneling grenades?

>> No.11505962

They still die like fucking Soviet Conscripts in front of a bunker.

Fuck that shit.

I can't stand armies where their basic soldier is an asswipe in the breeze.

>> No.11505972

What about sage?

>> No.11505975

I'd thought the two would have a bit of a good ol' tea party while watching the monkies fight.

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File: 963 KB, 1212x1440, 1280186977007.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

go to bed gramps

>> No.11505977

Better. How about Rolling orcs?

>> No.11505979

screw Orky Zerg

I want to see looted protoss vehicles painted in red

What's that your precious Dragoon/Immortal?
LOOTED Dragoon/Immortal with dakka lots of it

>> No.11505982


>> No.11505993

looted protoss carrier.,.....oh fuck

>> No.11505994

Play Protoss then?

>> No.11505997

Zerg can also infest tech, but don't seem capable of reproducing it.


Reinforced by Orky Zerg

>> No.11506002


>> No.11506005


What happens if they absorb the geneseed?

>> No.11506010

I forgot one thing that makes Looted Protoss vehicle better than regular Protoss vehicle:


seriously for "million" year old race they don't know how to conduct field repairs

even Zerg Queen can insta heal their troops and buildings

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File: 87 KB, 620x713, PCZ222.upstarlore.newpic--article_image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11506035

Can't happen.

Space Marines can only be infected by magic... aka the Warp.

You can't even extract Space Marines without trouble.

The Tyranids tried making a new species from Space Marine genes, hoping to create some humanoid killing beast capable of infiltrating human areas, and instead they got some stronger bone genes, because the design of Space Marines is such that you cannot extract how they're created.

Organs are partially genetic modified and part surgically enhanced, and sometimes even cybernetic enhanced. Without intricate technological skill, you can't reproduce the process and are stuck with failures.

The only thing the Zerg will get out of dead Space Marines is a shitload of wasted time.

>> No.11506036

Better yet
Infested chaos space marines.

>> No.11506049

zerg+chaos=we are fucked!

>> No.11506052

Can't happen.

First of all, geneseed is worthless for Tyranids or Zerg.

Geneseed isn't the complete transformation of the Space Marine. Just absorbing the geneseed will only lead to bad genetic mutations.

This guy explains it perfectly.

>> No.11506060


Simple solution, Kerrigan siding with Slaaneesh.

>> No.11506062

How are they asswipes? They die, sure, but to what? The weakest things they die to are other marines or zerglings... and say what you will about zerglings, they're still murderous aliens bred for combat, plus they come in big numbers. If you want to talk zealots... you have cybernetically enhanced psyonic aliens with force fields and better technology overall. Oh and they're from a race designed on purpose to be strong.

>> No.11506067

Not Papa Nurgle?

What the hell is wrong with that woman?

>> No.11506078

She's a woman.

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>my fucking face when cutscene zergs drop dead after a couple shots, while in game zergs stay alive for one fucking hour

>> No.11506092

Hardened carapace for the lighter zerg breeds, if inexpensive, would be a definite improvement. You can't expect brilliant results just because you ate a single space marine, right?

>> No.11506094

I think it's a matter of thousands of years of not having to fight a war combined with "just warp it back to Aiur for perfect repairs and have them send us a new one". Maybe there should be a structure to do that. Well, it's not Aiur now, but whatever.

>> No.11506096

>>The Tyranids tried making a new species from Space Marine genes, hoping to create some humanoid killing beast capable of infiltrating human areas,
Fucking source?
The Nids took SMs to make superior Nids.
They made Tyrant Guard.
When the Nids want to infiltrate it's Genies and Lictors all the way.

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>> No.11506110

Look at that fucker, piercing plate one handed...

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>> No.11506122

Tyrant Guard was supposed to be the next level of Tyranid evolution.

Instead, they got a normal Tyranid with stronger bones.

DURPADURP. Their plan failed.

>> No.11506123

Sillier hat wins?

>> No.11506132

Are you sure these are in the right thread?

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>> No.11506139

Terrans design, field and mass produce a new design in two years.

They dont have cogboys.

This alone decides the winner. If they could put their hands on a hive world and some tau tech they would literally have billions of marines in years.

Also, dont forget the UED, the most pragmatic fucks in the universe who outlawed languages beside english and religion with a six month deadline and nuked the shit out of africa after.They met the zerg, al alien race they never seen before. A few months later they controlled the overmind, a feat that not even the protoss could or want to do. They had the power of SCIENCE!!

Terrans would play out like tau, extremely mobile and tactical troops, trying to fuck them up would be just a second Damocles Gulf crusade.

>> No.11506141

everyone in medieval times were fucking buff

>> No.11506142

Did people like... not know how to draw until the modern era? Why does medieval art sucks so bad?

>> No.11506145


Tyranids fucking suck at the assimilation.

A zerg parasite could take control of a Spess Mahreen

>> No.11506146

its some butthurt spammer just report him

>> No.11506151
File: 29 KB, 334x321, 1279627827187.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>bawww mommmy

Medieval warfare > Korean sports

>> No.11506152

Actually those are really well drawn
you just are more used to modern KAWAI UGUUUUUUUUUUUU style

not to mention they did all of it without even a sketch, as they had no pencils or sophisticated pens. Only feathers.

>> No.11506155

You can't just overrule it like that. Nothing shows us the Zerg are any better

>> No.11506158
File: 97 KB, 700x470, 1279628622445.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.11506169

go play with your toy swords fucking larper

>> No.11506175


Arcturus would simply apply to be a sector commander in the Imperium.

As long as he pays his tithes no one would give a fuck.

>> No.11506177
File: 22 KB, 360x242, knightni.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not to mention paper, or, uh...

... a firm grasp of the third dimension. But still, I demand MORE KNIGHTS & DUELS.

>> No.11506178
File: 175 KB, 1000x1461, 1279628734348.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>implying spamming a troll thread is breaking the rules

>> No.11506179


Tyranids study the genes, then try to recreate it.

Zerg straight up infest shit.

In the long run the Tyranid method may be better, but a zerg parasite could probably take control of a superhuman brain. (Example being Kerrigan)

>> No.11506185

This isn't a troll thread. What's got you in a tizzy?

>> No.11506187

Its just plain ugly. A realistic style is superior

>> No.11506191


Except their fluff.

The zergling was a type of locust. The ultralisk was a type of mammoth. The mutalisk was a spacefaring type of moth with guardian being its egglaying form. The hyrdalisk was a herbivore worm.

>> No.11506192

Don't stop him. These pictures are kinda cool.

>> No.11506195

Oh ye fekkin' poor sod, whoy don't ye go cry at yer ser, while suckkin' 'is cock? Fekkin' peasent.

>> No.11506200


it is, you arent the judge og /tg/ content if you arent a mod

also, what stops us from making a new thread if this autosages? you are just keeping it bumped for us

>> No.11506204

For some reason proportions and perspective in medieval art tend to suck. I have no idea why, though the fall of Rome might've sent any techniques down the drain, and forget about studying at an art school.

>> No.11506212
File: 369 KB, 500x819, 1279628827551.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.11506227
File: 222 KB, 1000x1431, 1279628958606.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.11506235


Representational art was debased because of catolic quasi-iconoclast and teocentric ideas

>> No.11506242
File: 674 KB, 1200x864, 1279629447825.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.11506244
File: 139 KB, 800x857, 12712673799222.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Space Marines would suck against any decent real-world army.

Why, do you ask? It's simple.


POWER PAULDRONS or not, nothing will save them from a good old-fashioned bombing run. Drop-pods are easily intercepted by modern SAMs. Battle barges? Let's see how long those fuckers'll hold against nukes.

Furthermore, a single T-90 MBT would fuck a Land Raider's shit up. Hell, a soldier with a LAW would fuck a Land Raider's shit up.

Face it, you fags. When fanaticism and cold military logic clash, the latter wins. No exceptions.

>> No.11506262
File: 155 KB, 565x774, 1266959658019.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gonna have to side with the Spacemarines because of superhuman anatomy, can learn enemy intelligence by eating their brains, have several sets of vital organs, can survive a wound that would instantly kill most humans, much more disciplined then Terran Marines and some of the chapters have incredibly powerful psychers.

>> No.11506267

I'm pretty sure the Imperium has aircraft as canon. There was a game about it, briefly.

>> No.11506271

>nothing will save them from a good old-fashioned bombing run.

Space Marines already face bombing runs. From aircraft, orbital platforms and space ships.

>Drop-pods are easily intercepted by modern SAMs.

As if no one in 40k has their own surface to air missiles.

>Battle barges? Let's see how long those fuckers'll hold against nukes.

Nuclear missiles are one of the most basic weapons of space ships in 40k.

>Furthermore, a single T-90 MBT would fuck a Land Raider's shit up. Hell, a soldier with a LAW would fuck a Land Raider's shit up.


>> No.11506273


...you know there's a REASON LAWs have been discontinued, right?

>> No.11506278

>That Century to go anywhere is like refusing to fly plans cause they crash on mountains and force you to eat the other passengers.
That's a pretty good description of warp travel, actually.

>> No.11506285
File: 293 KB, 1280x960, 1279629735897.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why all you anti-40kfags so butthurt and asspained about Space Marines?

>> No.11506288

Spacemarine have air units but the thing is that WH40k is an infantery based game so you don't get to see many of them. Also, enjoy having your aircrafts shot down from orbit and the ground.

>> No.11506297

space marines aren't supposed to be an all-round military force. in modern terms, they're direct action specialists, special forces who leave out the infiltration part of the curriculum, basically army rangers.

and with regards to battle barges? they're already running gigaton+ yields on standard ship weapons. nukes are slightly greater firepower than a macrocannon, and when in space, substantially less powerfull than a lance.

>> No.11506304

>> Battle barges? Let's see how long those fuckers'll hold against nukes.

And how do you propose we aim them at something in high orbit?

>>Drop-pods are easily intercepted by modern SAMs
Drop pods make it planet side in less then a min.
SAMs are not that fast.

>> T-90 MBT would fuck a Land Raider's shit up. Hell, a soldier with a LAW would fuck a Land Raider's shit up.
Ignoring the failtastic information given on LRBT specs, what part of nuke proof is so hard to understand?

>>POWER PAULDRONS or not, nothing will save them from a good old-fashioned bombing run.
Yes, it probably would.
Anyway, the Marines kill the head, not fight the body.
You gonna be bombing the middle of DC now are ya?

Captcha: screams essential

>> No.11506305


>several sets of vital organs

they dont

which one is the tactically best? the sus-an membrane? the ability to spit acid in helmets? their enhanced weat glands?

look up them nin te codex

their genetic enhancement is bullshit

>Furthermore, a single T-90 MBT would fuck a Land Raider's shit up. Hell, a soldier with a LAW would fuck a Land Raider's shit up.

You know that the land raider has weaker armor than a modern MBT right? The codex says their armor is equivalent with 30cm steel, modern MBTs have over a meter of this thanks to composite armor and anti-projectile systems.

>> No.11506309
File: 138 KB, 500x374, uchu_no_senshi.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

...And then the Mobile Infantry drop down onto the planet and obliterate both the convicts and the astartes in a hail of atomic fire.


>> No.11506315
File: 103 KB, 1152x864, 61cb6ab5e74408ff43139828725c281d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Yeah, aircraft that relies on cannons. Enjoy your old school dogfighting and the fact that WE HAVE MISSILES.

Similarily the Imperium will suck ass when drowned in VX. And did I mention nukes?

Seriously, it just asks for a Worldwar-style alternate history setting. Say, the Imperium arrives at the height of the Cold War and just says that everything on Earth will be purged and shit. The fuckers' asses will be pounded by more nukes than you can imagine.

>> No.11506317


> T-90 MBT would fuck a Land Raider's shit up. Hell, a soldier with a LAW would fuck a Land Raider's shit up.

>Ignoring the failtastic information given on LRBT specs, what part of nuke proof is so hard to understand?

They arent nuke proof bro.

>> No.11506320

Things like extra hearts.

>> No.11506322

>drog down

I hope you like getting blasted by missile turrets on the way down.

>> No.11506328


They dont have extra hearts.

Matt Ward, is that you?

>> No.11506329

Bombing from orbit instead of nukes.

>> No.11506333

>>You know that the land raider has weaker armor than a modern MBT right? The codex says their armor is equivalent with 30cm steel, modern MBTs have over a meter of this thanks to composite armor and anti-projectile systems.

You know that a Land Raider, despite what was said about it's armour, is able to withstand weapons on the megaton yield.

Captcha: Sacred afterword

>> No.11506336

>extra heart
>extra lung
>quick-clotting blood
>super-dense musculature
>bones approximately as tough as modern tool steel

in other words, solving the main causes of preventable death on the battlefield: blood loss & damaged lungs.

you don't seem to apprehend the revolution that occurs when infantry become invulnerable to weapons smaller than an RPG.

>> No.11506342

So why are we comparing an elite force to a standard infantery army?

Compare Terran Marines to IG instead you cockmonglers.

>> No.11506344



No. Fluff is fluff. You cant make canon go away if you dont like it. Depleted deuterium much?

>> No.11506348


They dont have any of those. Seriusly, did you even READ their codex?

Also, orks and cultists manage to kill them all the time.

>> No.11506359

We already have two lungs, getting shot in one isn't any less fucked up.

>> No.11506361

They have had that for quite a while now. They also don't require active sleep and can stay in combat for several days.

They are a friggin elite army not the standard troops of the Imperium.

We could always make it more fun and compare Chaos Spacemarines with Terran Marines instead.

>> No.11506366
File: 8 KB, 500x425, hellstrikes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ok, so lets hear from every single piece of fluff that supports you then?

Wait, whats that one off hand mistake vs the pretty consistant Land Raiders being one of the toughest tanks around?
About how anti-tank weapons made just to crack it have trouble?

Oh snap.

Oi, dumb shit.

>> No.11506370

you apparently didn't, because they do. fucking hell what is your problem? its been in every canon since... forever?

>> No.11506380

Except they wouldn't be breathing at half capacity if shot in one of their lungs.

>> No.11506381
File: 195 KB, 500x659, 8af5b77455b38ad3b175f881727a3cb5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guys, why do you so meticulously defend the Imperium?

Clearly one must be a patriot for his homeworld in a time of dire emergency when some fuckers state they're gonna indiscriminately purge the entire planet.

Besides, real-world logic is superior to logic of the GRIMDARK OF GRIMDARK GRIMDARK, even if the latter doesn't come from the likes of Matt Ward.

>> No.11506392

They'll still have the nice experience of drowning in blood. And they can be shot again.

>> No.11506405

Space Marine blood clots in seconds. Short of massive explosive trauma, it's almost impossible for them to bleed out.

>> No.11506406

Just saying that Terran Marines are not anywhere near as sturdy infantry as Spacemarines.

Spacemarines are superhuman elite armies and are only deployed when the IG doesn't work out.

>> No.11506409

Hence why many Space Marines survive literary being teared in two.

>> No.11506412

Nuclear weapons are not that powerful guys...and I'm not saying this in support of the mahreenz, I'm saying this based on facts.

Nuclear weapons can only do so much, they are more feared for the nuclear fallout than the massive >localized< damage they caused.

The fact that 40k ships sport weapons into the gigatons (as do star wars ships) and regularly take that sort of damage - our entire nuclear arsenal would at best damage parts of the flee....this is all assuming our foe doesn't have anti ballistic weaponry.

Regardless of this arguement - I am SICK of people going "hurrr a single nuke ends the entire world/city/etc" or "all 68,000 theoretical nukes in the world could end civilization as we know it"

>> No.11506416

Terrans can field Marines that has as much proficiency as sororitas (lower standard for this one) in Imperial Guard numbers

>> No.11506436

>in Imperial Guard numbers


>> No.11506443

Fallout and ecological damage.

Nuclear war between Pakistan and India is enough to fuck up weather so bad, most coast cities will be in serious shit as the polar ice slowly melts.

>> No.11506447

Not even the Zerg have enough numbers to outnumber the Imperial Guard.

>> No.11506448
File: 119 KB, 1024x1021, 1278725453468.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I'm better than that. I simply state that there are no other means to combat the fucking illogical battle barges besides hurling nukes at them.

Nuclear war can't level civilization. It only acts as a deterrent. But we're talking about three meter tall superhuman soldiers in power armor who won't be daunted by nuclear weapons.

So what we do?

We prove them wrong.

>> No.11506466

While I agree with you - humanity can adapt and survive.

However, in the point of pure-damage in space combat or city destruction, nuclear weapons are far less LOLDOOMED than Scifi and movies make them.

Even if we sent 1 nuke from our entire world arsenal out to a unique target, more than 80,000 cities and towns would exist in relative peace with limited fallout.

>> No.11506495

Arent the IG present on millions of worlds?

>> No.11506498


clot blood in your lung kills you just as well, also, enjoy your embolia when shot


they dont

>> No.11506507

You can't prove a force with a technological advantage of 20,000 or 30,000 years wrong.

They come to your house and they rape your ass. No exceptions.

Fucking science-fantasy kids thinking you can beat laser armies with M-16s.

>> No.11506521

They do.

Read the fluff, mate.

>> No.11506538
File: 271 KB, 753x960, 12750451871021.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Thing is, as I previously said, there's nothing else we can field against spaceships. If we had kinetic kill satellites or bomb-pumped lasers - it'd be another thing, but there wouldn't be much of a difference.

Then again, surrender is not an option, because fucking smurfs want to exterminate all of humanity and will not negotiate. And we have their ships to deal with.

>> No.11506556

He even replying to you.

You come across as a kid going "HHHAAAA <insert national origin> CAN WIN ANYWAYZ CUZ OF REALITY"

>> No.11506572

Realistically, it takes anti-tank weapons to take out power armor with any real effect, even in game(how many AP 3 or better weapons aren't strength 8 or better?).

>> No.11506573


Calgar and many other Marines have survived being dismembered by Tyranids and such, they just get cybernetic replacements.

>> No.11506587

what would happen in protoss/eldar interactions?

>> No.11506588

And the average tank in 40k needs total molecular destruction of the armour, to get damaged.

Fuck missiles, all hail plasma.

>> No.11506610
File: 49 KB, 600x650, 1280151132260.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw people talk about fighting against space faring enemies

You ever heard the story about the caveman with a club that tried to kill the guy with the machine gun?

It didn't end well... for the caveman.

>> No.11506617

Question, though. Assuming we live in the same laws of reality as 40k/whatever scifi we're fighting, what's stopping us from making tech breakthroughs on our own?
As for 40k having "40k years of tech" ahead of us, they really don't. Most of it is just made from materials we don't have access to, and the rest is tech of indeterminable age (bolters could have been designed in 2200 for all we know). Doesn't change the fact that we are screwed when they bring space ships, and are probably screwed on the ground, assuming we didn't have similar tech breakthroughs before they got here, just a nit-pick.

>> No.11506620
File: 11 KB, 187x269, imp titan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Terrans (from Star Craft) would die as soon as the Adeptus Mechanicus would come to battle due to,
status ongoing

>> No.11506628

>Assuming we live in the same laws of reality as 40k/whatever scifi we're fighting, what's stopping us from making tech breakthroughs on our own?



>> No.11506649

All technology in the Imperium comes from either the Golden/Dark age of Technology STD templates, or was invented by the Emperor or under Emperor-led research teams during the Great Crusade.

So your argument is bullshit.

As for bolters? Invented by the Emperor while he was uniting the tribes of technobarbarians in the wastelands of Earth.

Along with power armour.

>> No.11506671


I'll just leave this here.

>> No.11506672

Eh. Nice analogue. I'll remember that.

>> No.11506678

Stop that. It takes a great deal of time and effort to draw anything from the warp. If combining the male and female symbols together in a doodle makes a 20 foot tall, four armed, five-legged, seven titted daemon with a tail that ends in a barbed penis immediately explode out of your body you were probably sitting on a daemon prison/spell ritual/tainted planet to begin with. You need a powerful psychic catalyst to do stuff like that, so either we have unbound psykers (which evens the odds somewhat) and daemon masters, or we don't and are generally fine.

>> No.11506695


I meant this, sorry.

>> No.11506704




>> No.11506718

SPESS MURHEENS will not be able to function if they are met with realistic physics. Therefore SC Marines win.

>> No.11506721

In 40k, if something gets produced, it gets produced in a factory that chunks out 308 million lasguns per minute.

If there's a taint on the design, after one minute you have 308 million tainted lasguns.

After two minutes you have 616 million tainted lasguns... and on and on and on and on and on...

...by then, the factory is drenched in tainted energies.

And I'm not even talking about when the weapons are distributed.

>> No.11506725

speaking of nukes, Shadowsword Volcano cannons have been calced at tens of kilotons. Do Terran's have tanks with nuclear-level firepower?

>> No.11506733

>As for bolters? Invented by the Emperor while he was uniting the tribes of technobarbarians in the wastelands of Earth.

Along with power armour.
Yes, because the Emperor wasn't around in 2200. A time when we'll probably have power suits.
And all tech is from -STC designs- from the Dark Age. That doesn't mean the holy and sacred hypodermic needle design is more advanced then the modern one, nor is the blessed hammer print out.

>> No.11506735

>implying SC marines are realistic

Don't you know? Anything with an INT score below 3 automatically dies because they forget to breathe.

>> No.11506746

SM v Terrans really all depends on who was writing. Enough Gary Stu marine fanwank makes anything possible for fluff marines.

Here's how I see it gaming-wise. Hormagaunts are roughly equivalent to Zerglings. A single Space Marine is worth 2.5 Hormagaunts and a single Terran Marine is worth 2 Zerglings. There are 1,000 Space Marines and at least 100x that in Terran Marines. The few ships/materiel the SM have are individually superior despite not working logically, but the Terrans again have them outnumbered over 100 times.

So, a colony or two gets vaporised by the battle barge, then the SM get hit with an fleet against their handful of ships, and a hundred Yamato cannons rip apart their battle barge.

>> No.11506751

>yeah I mean no way a massproduced artillery piece is more advanced as a handmade Tzar cannon from the 19th century!

Yeah, right mate.

You're talking bullshit. In 2200 they didn't have power armour, because Mankind during the Golden Age of Technology used ROBOTS for protection, not soldiers.

>> No.11506759

Infrastructure disruption. They'd live in relative peace. Until the moment everyone realises that large chunks of crucial infrastructure are now gone and that they're doomed to die to supply shortages. No power, no food, no clean water.

Yeah. You have missiles. They have supersonic, thrust-vectoring fighters armored well enough to laugh at your puny AAMs.

And "more nukes than you cna imagine" still isn't going to mean jack shit if they have jsut a fucking light cruiser around. 40k spaceships laugh about silly megaton nukes and only use that kind of weak shit for point defense.

>You know that the land raider has weaker armor than a modern MBT right? The codex says their armor is equivalent with 30cm steel, modern MBTs have over a meter of this thanks to composite armor and anti-projectile systems.

No, it doesn't. It, and it's IA, not any Codex, says 30cm "conventional steel". Which happens to be a completely subjective term. Given the shown canon examples of said armor in actuion, whatever the Imperium considers to be "conventional steel" is orders of magnitude better than what we have today.

>captcha: magma judgement

>> No.11506762

just fyi dude, the emperor has been around since ancient history.

>> No.11506771

You DO realise that you don't WANT Space Marine ships near Yamato Range?

That's what me and my BFG mates call the deathzone. Space Marine ships are build for close combat. They're heavily shielded and can take a hammering, and they WILL board your ship and blow the fuck out of it.

You stay back and you hammer them from range. Dumbass kids these days not researching shit, just sprouting bullshit.

>> No.11506778

It doesn't matter when the zerg/protoss hybrids would rape both of them at once

>> No.11506796
File: 22 KB, 350x350, Nixon-coolstory.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Humanity fuck yeah fag here.

Saying "you can't beat lazar with a bullet" is DEFEATISM.

Seriously, guys, I can't fathom how much do you probably hate your homeworld and your species if you want to just sit there while SPESS MUHREENS slaughter your friends and loved ones. Just because they're, uh, technologically superior.

You're no better than traitors, seriously.

>> No.11506802

Zerg/Protoss hybrids are going to be pussyasscuntshitfuck weak shit.

Just like the Burning Legion and the Scourge. Every Blizzard enemy is just like Dr. Claw from Inspector Gadget.

A fucking tool, beated by idiots.

>> No.11506822

did you know play the final protoss mission in the story?
i had a 200 count army filled with about 40 void rays, 20 carriers and more immortals then I can count, they still steam rolled me

>> No.11506846

Meh, damned if they do, damned if they don't.

SC ships pretty much have to enter the deathzone to be able to do anything to a Battlebarge.

>> No.11506847
File: 17 KB, 353x326, Sturnn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There is no patriotism, no loyalty to a planet. there is only one truth in this horrible galaxy, and that is the Truth of the Emperor. If you do not see his light, then your life means nothing.

>> No.11506849
File: 2.34 MB, 1250x1798, Battlefleet_Gothic_Scale_Chart_by_The_First_Magelord.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


People forget that Void Shields represent the ultimate "Fuck You" when it comes to hypothetical "Any other Species" vs. IoM conflict.

A void shield of the sort mounted on ships is powerful enough to essentially negate ANY amount of energy weapons directed at it. It's the (ostensible) reason that 40K ships use broadsides and massive projectile weaponry in the first place

>> No.11506863




Starcraft? More like Barfightcraft.

>> No.11506878

if there was no build limit then people would just turtle forever trying to get as many units as they can, its needed for the game

>> No.11506882

Well, there's loyalty and patriotism towards one planet.
It's called Terra.

>> No.11506888

> Forgets about lances
Lol, newfags pretending they know 40k.

>> No.11506895
File: 17 KB, 300x300, 12773241579055.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


And not because of WWII era naval combat analogies?


No matter how badass they are, no 40k general could possibly compare to McCrystal. Or Eisenhower and Patton for that matter, and that's only the American generals.

>> No.11506915

Only Wankcraft has those retarded rules.

No other RTS has a fucking build limit. Fuck that shit.

How the fuck can you play a fun war game when you're limited to 250 something dudes? That isn't war. That's a fucking barfight.

>> No.11506924

so only the balanced rts that is played as an e-sport has those limits, therefore they are bad

Great logic anonymous, great logic

>> No.11506931

So either StarCraft has a shit balance, or StarCraft players have shit strategies.

Because I never faced that problem in RTS games without build limits.

>> No.11506938


>quick-clotting blood

Hahahaa, so a little bit of air gets into their body and they have a stroke.

SPESS MURHEENS have too much plot armour. Once they have to engage an enemy outside of the 40K universe they have to start playing by OUR laws of physics... where they don't stand a chance.

>> No.11506950

That's the problem with StarCraft. It's an e-sport.

Not an RTS game that challenges your strategical and tactical thinking.

>> No.11506958

So why would they come to our universe then? If they can't survive here, they won't stay for long.

>> No.11506964

>its played at a very high level
>Therefor no one needs strategy!

>> No.11506974






>> No.11506976

Just because it's an hyped e-sport doesn't mean it's high level.

Durrrrr. Just look at StarCraft. It's not an RTS game, it's an obstacle course.

The entire game is designed to be like C&C, except shittier with more things and menus to click and less units to selects.

It's fucking wank.

>> No.11506987

"A battlecruiser was stated as being two "leagues" long in StarCraft: Uprising."

"In English usage over the past couple of centuries or so, the league was most often considered to be 3 miles, This was about 4.8 km"

Now, I'm not going to suggest that Starcraft adheres to the standard old English league or anything.

>> No.11506988


>hurpadurp i'm the fucking diva of the armed forces

>> No.11506989

im starting to get the feeling your the kind of person who gets destroyed online and thinks its the games fault

>> No.11506991



>vieva inserted

>> No.11506999

Damn Scourges must REALLY pack a punch then. Or Terrans can't build for shit.

>> No.11507009

Space Marines would win. They were created to face 1,000 to 1 scenarios.

Grey Knights have about 6,000, I think. Not one has fallen to Chaos.

1,000 Chapters with roughly 1,000 each.

Terrans and the Imperium would never join forces. The Terrans don't worship the Emperor and I doubt they ever would. That means the Space Marines would purge them.

>> No.11507014

So about half the length and about 1/20 the mass of an Imperial battleship, give or take.

>> No.11507027

>implying Terrans aren't ancestors to Imperium
It would be like murdering your great grandfathers.

>> No.11507031

>playing it personal

Hahahah. No. I'm addicted to strategy gaming. I've played more RTSes and TBSes than you.
My criticism on StarCraft comes from the retarded game mechanics in StarCraft and the lack of new features. It's simply WarCraft with a new skin and Battle.net.

To me? The only redeeming feature in SC was the story. Even through it was pretty bland compared to some RTS games.

>> No.11507043

>complain about making it personal
>then make a claim about the other person

if you honestly think warcraft and starcraft are the same thing then you are out-right bad at rts games

>> No.11507046




>> No.11507057
File: 27 KB, 370x463, Georgi_Zhukov_in_1940.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



Georgy Zhukov, Marshal of the Soviet Union. Is he badass enough for you?

Hell, Kutuzov would decimate the invading SPESS MUHREENS with a combination of strategic retreats, ambushes, guerrilla warfare and Russian winter. Because he fucking can.

>> No.11507062

Your full of shit again anon..... *sigh*
While its true that getting air into their blood circulation would cause damage, their blood "hardening" also stops that shit unless you inject a vacuum pump or something into them and start spraying.
Space Marines are already capable of falling from orbit, landing, getting up, and then kill. The only reason they use drop pods is because its more practical(no armor denting, no delay after landing, no worrying about impact and falling another 10 meter below ground).
So basically we got lava, explosions that would send them flying regardless, and maybe some secret weapon of whatever government. We are fucked.
Good day to you.

>> No.11507074

We'd win. do you know how many buildings are designed with stairs an elevators? They're never be able to reach us.

>> No.11507076

Let's make this fun.

Tau v. Terrans.

>> No.11507097


Damn, it'd be nice if they were the same thing. I decided to try playing some Warcraft 3 last night. That game is SO FUCKING SLOW compared to Starcraft. Must be why Koreans don't worship it too.

>> No.11507115

>implying Space Marines can't walk up stairs
>implying Space Marines don't teleport
>implying Space Marines don't have access to jump packs
>implying Space Marines won't just level the building

>> No.11507116

You're doing it wrong, knight.

>> No.11507118


Well of course the SPESS MURHEENS would have to fight by our physics if they invade present day earth. If the GRIM DARK PHYSICS comes with them we have no hope, because they have the ability to manipulate the laws of physics to their liking.

Any hypothetical SPESS MURHEEN invation of present day earth should use our laws of physics... which means that the SPESS MURHEENS will all be dieing on their way from their ships to the frontlines... whether that be because of strokes, AA, their bodies and organs being pasted by their own drop pods, etc. They cannot survive in our universe... and present day earth is not about to invade some galactic mary sue empire that exists in their own universe that runs on some crazy physics.

>> No.11507121

On the hypothetical SM invasion: If it were a single chapter, we would certainly win. The Marines would cause catastrophic damage wherever they landed, one a mere one thousand superhumans simply isn’t enough bodies to overpower us. As soon as we realized that handheld arms have almost no effect on power armour, we’d stop using them, and utilize airstrikes and artillery bombardments to take down the Marines one small detachment at a time. We’d only be super fucked if the chapter was a non Astartes one that ignores the whole ‘one thousand’ rule, like the Black Templars.

Really, an invasion by an Eldar Warhost would be far more devastating.

>> No.11507128

Name me one major game changing difference? Come on? Try it.

Like how Tiberian Sun featured destroyable ground, or TA had forest fires and 3D projectiles. Or Red Alert began with urban warfare. Or Generals pioneered sub-factions. Or Warwinds, the first game with THREE non-identical enemies. Or Age of Empires that came up with the concept of Ages. Dune 2000, who polished the "neutral" enemy concepts from earlier C&C games for further use in Tiberian Sun and the other Tiberian games. The fusion between FPS and RTS in Battlezone. The Earth 21XX games with resupply mechanics. Warzone 2100 with customisable weapons...

I haven't even started on TBS yet.

reCAPTCHA specially for you:
>you're kitschy

>> No.11507143

2200 wasn't the fucking golden age. What are you talking about? That, and you are saying that we could, in 200 years, mechanize and automatize our entire species, but not build a suit of power armor, or design a bolt (which is the hard bit for bolters)?
And my entire point was that either we obey their physics, in which cause own own tech has the potential to be radically different, plus psykers, or is a daemon world, or they obey ours, in which case those literal barrel chests make being a space marine suck, but we still likely lose since they have space ships and plenty of traditional weapons.
Oh, nice implication, by the way. Are Bassis better then Tzar cannons? Of fucking course. Are Tzar cannons made in the Dark age any better then Tzar cannons made in the 1800s? No, because they are the same fucking thing. Some made in the future doesn't make it somehow better then something made right now, by virtue of the fact it was made in the future.

>> No.11507155

>Well of course the fight would be at melee range with no warning. If you give any time at all to Batman to prepare, Superman doesn't stand a chance! That's why the fight will take place at a time where Superman automatically wins, duh.


>> No.11507156

you know why all those games you listed always end up with one race much stronger then the rest? because adding tons of stupid shit every version of it tends to lead to unforeseen balance issues,

>> No.11507168


>HURRRRR they won't have stokes because their blood will clot

And that is what a stroke is.

>They have their own physics where their bodies will not be ground to paste after a hard landing from reentry

Exactly, once they enter our universe, our physics is going to fucking rape them. All the SPESS MURHEENS will die because they are all doing suicidal shit (what is badass and fanboy wank in their universe, is simply suicidal in our universe). In our universe they can't simply go 'HURRRR I'M LIKE HALO I CAN SURVIVE A DROP FROM ORBIT".

>> No.11507178

Starcraft 2 is best because of the funny quotes from the Immortal Protoss Unit.

"Back in my day, I had to teleport to and from school, uphill, in the snow, BOTH dimensions!"

>> No.11507179

every troll thread

>> No.11507200



>> No.11507202

So what? It's an RTS game. You gotta work around the imperfections of your army.


Crush them with your fucking navy and airforce you fucking shithead, you're playing Allies.

THAT'S the power of RTS gaming, assymetrical factions. Not that wankass StarCraft balance e-sport shit.

I love that feeling when I beat RA1 Soviets on a landmap.

Or when I play SupCom and the entire map is filled with dudes blowing fucking shit up.

Or when I use quick thinking in DoW2 and pin the enemy down.


>> No.11507211
File: 194 KB, 600x600, 1276381444083.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My money is on the superhuman marines that can take a shitload of trauma and keep going.

Would Terran be up against Chaos Spacemarines then they would be even more fucked because the nature of Chaos would be totally alien to them. A lot of them would end up becoming corrupted and joinig the traitor legions.

>> No.11507289

Pressure stabilisation?
Advanced techology?
Fuck, if we bothered to give it a few years, we could have made drop pods if we wanted. We could dro drops from the athmosphere, and land, surviving, with no mental trauma other than the fact that you dropped from the atmosphere.
Troll, troll better :P

>> No.11507358

Don't NASA already use a sort of drop pod for Astronauts that land in the ocean with a parachute to break the fall?

>> No.11507652


Exactly, they use parachutes to break the fall. SPESS MURHEENS use plot armour to withstand the deceleration from terminal velocity to zero velocity in an instant. If they are so HURRR tough and can survive that, how the hell can they be killed with bullets or any other impacts?

Unless they have the power to bend the laws of physics and can ignore this impact, then a drop pod is a death sentence for all aboard. And if they do have the power to bend the laws of physics, why the hell have they not weaponized this ability?

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