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Why does nobody draw attractive Navigator chicks?

Srsly, in RT, Navigators are awesome. they deserve more love.

I propose a Navigator thread/image dump.
Pic unrelated-that's a Tech-Priestess.

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All I got

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From my understanding, Navigators have no eyes or just black pits for eyes.

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You're thinking Astropaths. The talent blinds the vast majority. Navigators may have different eyes, but they do generally have them.

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It never occured to me that brain guy is an astropath/navigator.

Holy shit, MST3K will never be the same for me.

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Cain Novels depicted a VERY attractive Navigator who had a mouth so foul....

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Aren't Navigator's, generally speaking, pretty ugly? Minor-ly deformed and the like? After all, they've been inbreeding for ten thousand years.

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Because you faggots on this board don't deserve it.

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Don't recall it.

Navigators generally (They're inbred fucks,) have three eyes; two (again, generally,) normal ones, and one black pit that gazes into the warp.

There's a reason they usually wear hats or scarves over their third eye.

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>>Why does nobody draw attractive Navigator chicks?

Maybe you are not asking the right person?

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Inbreeding increases the incidence of mutation, It doesn't prevent normal, or even beautiful offspring... It could even be possible that the inbreeding could enhance the characteristics of the offspring*... The real issue is the eventual stagnation of the gene pool

*Warning, Anon does not condone or reccomend preparing human breeding programs for any reason.

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No, but if I remember right, Navigators aren't even technically 'human', so breeding ONLY with other Navigators is going to result in less human-esque traits and more OH JESUS WHAT IS THAT traits.

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You are. A saint.

Might I make a techpriestess request?

>up McCarthy
That's it. Not only is ReCaptcha ineffective, it's also VERY right wing.

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Just beat the shit out of them and let them "barely" survive. Have them roleplay half a session in a hospital reocvering

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You obviously never got to see Nimue.

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>Aren't Navigator's, generally speaking, pretty ugly?

Depends on how bad your mutantion is, some have pure black eyes, some heal crazy fast, some have no hair, some have knives for hands, some look like this.

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I am interested, yes.
But i am also very tired at the moment.
I'll doodle some techpriestess / navigator stuff at work tomorrow and post some results.

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A pity she got banned.

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I want to go on the record saying I hardly love this

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Nimue as a Tyranid is rather nice

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I've always been curious about what that image says and if that's supposed to imply that that fat mage girl casts spells tattooed on her belly... Or if somehow her fat fuels her magic.

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The Navigator gene is recessive, so only two Navigators can birth a navigator child consistently, so the Guilds that are made up of the Navigator families basically prevent any outside breeding.
That said, the genetics in Navigators are DAoT old, so this system has been going since the Age of Strife. "Enforcer" goes into pretty good detail with Navigators being at the best very disturbing to look at due to their mutations, with a "good" looking one still having inhuman proportions and only three digits per hand. Then there is their whole third eye thing that amplifies it.

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That was a temp ban it expired ages ago.

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I'm okay with this.

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Is there another drawthread since the other went 404? Or should I start another?

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By all means!

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Not yet

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Do you plan on doing some drawfaggotry
Because drawthreads that aren't started by drawfags tend to end in disappointment and bitter anons

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If it helps, this is the picture I'm using for my my Navigator. She rolled the Inhuman Visage mutantion, meaning she has to wear a mask or cause people around her to shit their pants in fear. It doesn't do wonders for her self-confidence as she was once the bell of the imperial foppish noble ball.

Doesn't help that's she's also about 8-foot tall now.

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I'm confused, what do they even look like? Do they look like normal people aside from the 3rd eye? And is there one on EVERY ship? what about groups who dont take kindly to their kind, like black templars or SoB? how do they travel?

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TH+(hair) IS (sno)w-S M+(steak)+(king) A (dot)-T+ZZZ, N(+oar) (dew) TH+(hay) TR+(eye) 2 H+(eye)+D TH+(ham)+S+(evles). (odd)+LEE TH+(hair) S+(peach) IS (chest) A (string) OF (cymbals).

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This one is shown in the rulebook.

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They look human, but most have deformites, such as limbs that are too long with hands that are too large, different sized limbs, etc. And then you have the Inquisitor range model, which looks more or less normal. So required is the third eye. Grim and Dark is making them really creepy looking.
And those forces just deal with it.

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I am going to bed at the moment.

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>Do they look like normal people aside from the 3rd eye?

Some do, some don't. They're generally tall, spindly, long limbs and long fingers. The more common mutations include overlarge eyes missing irises, webbed hands or feet, translucent skin, scaly skin, etc.

>And is there one on EVERY ship?

Any ship that wants to travel through the Warp pretty much requires a Navigator. I'm not certain if there is literally one on every ship.

>what about groups who dont take kindly to their kind, like black templars or SoB? how do they travel?

They have to deal with the Navigator. As far as humans are concerned, the only way to achieve FTL is to use a Navigator. As such, the Navis Nobilite, the Navigator families, are extremely powerful. Even Inquisitors step lightly around them.

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Shiny happy tits!

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DUDE she looks GREAT thanks a TON.

Talk to you later dude get a good nap.

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Looks like she's a lesbian guys

Your chancse have dropped even lower

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Well, you can enter the Warp without a Navigator, but you shouldn't count on leaving it unless you are a bunch of genestealers in a hulk.

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Already on it. >>11500918

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While I am not disparaging your taste, I myself prefer Astropath booty.

The sex is truly mind-blowing, bro.

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Navigators are awesome... but not as awesome as FREEBOOTAS!!!

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It's not just inbreeding. Being exposed to the warp mutates people, and navigators spend lots of time exposed to it.

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You shush and drop those flame tank plans off

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What if you had a threesome with both?

It would be like fucking the warp.

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>She Scrubber
WTF Captcha, that's rude.

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I never got banned. I just lost interest and stopped drawfagging because I hate summertime.

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Actually, that plan got delayed by the fact that we're currently stranded on a lonely Rokk in the middle of nowhere trying to strike a bargain with Ork Freebooters. We also got another party member (an Arch-Militant), but she had already been captured when we were thrown in with here. We're trying to escape right now. We managed to ambush the guard-squig and kill it, and now Phineas Jifferton, Nicodemus the Navigator, Severine the Astropath, and Malta the Arch-Militant are roaming around the bowels of an Ork Rokk.

Also (and I think a FAR more important matter), I'M ALL OUT OF OBSCURA ;_;

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what did she do, get lucky at char gen and get a pretty one, and then later on keeps rolling the physical mutations or something in game?

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>lost interest

Glad I'm not the only one that quickly burns out on the /tg/ rp shenanigans. It's cool for a while.. but things have gotten too srs business in such a fluid and informal environment to bother with.

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Is it just me, or do Navigators get shafted in the interesting skills and talents department? Just had a new player force themselves into the group and expressed a vague desire to play a Navigator, which had been previously NPC'd (ie handwaved away until I wanted Warp dickery to happen). So I've wound up making a character for her, and compared to the ridiculous shit my other players get, Navigators seem quite dull until at least rank 4.

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OP here, getting thi shit off page 15.

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Why? Isn't that where it BELONGS?

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I draw'd a navigator.

Interesting captcha: the dangers

I forget if navigators suffer any dangers using their powers past HORRID MUTATION.

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I thought it was a picture of Xeno before I clicked the thumbnail. I wasn't far off. Eugh.

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Well, Xeno can have a lesbian threesome with her. *CLANG CLANG CLANG*

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navigators are cool brah

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Yeah. I guess the eyes are too similar.

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hey man you got a deviantart or something

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They aren't all hideous or horrendously deformed

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And other than the mutations, no drawbacks.

Though a nave could avoid almost all mutation by not developing more or stronger navigator powers. It's not like they truly need the I KILL YOU WITH A STARE, or I LOOK INTO FUTURE or I TELEPORT MYSELF for piloting the ship through the warp

And there is the possibility for minimum mutation extremely powerful navs.

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Beat me to it.

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I was under the impression that IoM ships could enter the warp without navigators, just that it was reeeeaaaaallllllyyyy slllloooowww since they have to constantly drop out of the warp and calculate where the fuck they are.

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Actually, they could make precision jumps without a navigator, but the maximum 'safe distance would be about five light years.

With a navigator, you can 'safely' jump about 1000.

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I can't help but feel bad, /tg/. This thread convinced to roll up a navigator in Rogue Trader, just for gits and shiggles

and somehow I ended up deciding to make them a face

and then I looked and realize that Navigators don't get charm, ever. They do get plenty of other social skills though, at least, but.

Also I ended up with 58 fellowship, which is Neat To Me for some reason.

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seriously though, is there any easy way for a Navigator to get charm trained without an elite advance?

Any way at all?

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In addition to what others said, here's a bit of clarification: Navigators are required for long range warp travel. Long range is the key word. They use their third eye to see warp and Astronomican. You see the main problem with warp is that there aren't any landmarks whose exact location is known which are there in both realspace and warp. So ships without navigators have to travel in groups. One ship will emit hold position and emit a beacon into warp. Cogitators on other ships will use the beacon to travel few lightyears in warp. Then they will wait set up their beacons and wait for the ship which provided beacon for them.

Navigators solve this problem because they can directly see Astronomican and use it to calculate their position. That's why all distances are measured from Holy Terra in Imperium. Still outside of Astronomican's range even ships with navigators have to travel in groups and use their own beacons. Also ships with navigators can travel order of magnitude larger distances in one warp jump compared to ships without navigators.

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