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You fuck one.

You marry the other.

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Can I get married to both?

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Wouldn't wanna do either of those with this one

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I fuck the doctor, marry the xeno.

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Starcraft is always /tg/ related you bitter sagefag

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how about a hot 3 way?

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If you let her give you a bj she would shred your dick off.

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Hey look she's getting posessed by a daemonette

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Fuck the doctor, make the alien chick my waifu

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I like how the 'toss chick pronounces "Jim Ray-Nor". It's very 70s sci fi.

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Fuck the doctor. Marry the Protoss to further bring humanity and Protoss together (political marriage). Convince the Protoss that monogamy is so passe in human culture - fuck more humans chicks.

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No, she says "James Ray-NOAR." Like somehow she was able to ascertain that Jim was the informal for James.

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I guess Jimmy is known to the Protoss as "James Raynor" since even Zeratul addressed him as such.

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Good luck having a stable relationship with a 9ft alien chick.

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Not to mention she probably has a huge vagina that your little dick could never satisfy

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If you can't make it with an alien no matter it's biology then you're a poor excuse for a human

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I fuck and marry the Xeno.
Harrisson was just annoying.

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Why can't there be sexy xenos? Screw realism, bring me hawt alien chicks!

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Obviously I'm going to fuck Liara.

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Raynor fought a guy in power armor with his bare hands. He could tame a wild alien love machine while handcuffed.

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Do protoss even have vaginas? They don't have any mouths since they eat psionically, maybe they do the same with procreation.

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If I cannot find a way, I shall make one!

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You must now fap to this mind.

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Fuck one, marry one, befriend one, eat one, kill one.


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the only xeno for me

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Female Terran Marines.

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They gain energy off sunlight, and I think Blizzard actually mentioned that Protoss have similiar sex organs to humans exept that they are on the inside (female protoss pretty much have the same sex orgams as female humins).

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Why would they mention things such as that?

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>on the inside

That would make them all female, numbnuts.

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Because bitching fans who wan't alien pussy

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That's why god gave me my fists, and power armour.

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You obviously FEHLD biology....

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yes, because all birds are female birds right?

gb2biology class summerfag.

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>Doesn't either biology or anatomy

Did you go to High School?

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Excellent! Hot lesbian protoss lovin'! We'll turn 'em bi.

>Captcha his Makino
I think you mean 'Machismo', Captcha, but I appreciate your concurrence.

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Ha Ha!

Interspecies sex.....

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>Hot lesbian protoss lovin'!
Somebody drawfag this! NAOW!

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does marrying include regular fucking?

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More likely, Protoss males just don't deploy their penises until they need them.

As for Raynor, I think there's another bitch who's a bit higher on his "To Fuck" list as of the end of SCII.

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>marry the xeno.



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As long as her body is ready.

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Samefag. Anything with the sex organs on the inside are female. Male birds have feathers to cover them, Protoss don't. Nice troll though, got me to respond.

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Also samefag.

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>implying reptiles are all female

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Learn to check IP's newfag.

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Various Lizards and Reptiles work that way, actually.

Come to think of it that's probably how Dragons work, and Dragonborn.

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Cool. What's my IP, Chanmaster Anonymous?

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So do baby protoss have mouths enabling to suckle?

Or are tits just vestigial structures for protoss females?

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are you honestly that special ed? how do you even use a computer? i'm bring trolled by a brilliant troll or a complete retard. Is there even a difference? Does the difference matter?

captcha is "I engaging" so i thought this pic was the right to post.

To the last I grapple with thee, from hell's heart I stab at thee!

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Female protoss have no tits.

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>I'd rather have sex with a bitchy cheerleader than an honorable alien chich

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>implying reptiles aren't all female

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>My first troll

also, samefag

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Those characters on the cover are such obvious pastiches it hurts.

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Time for a hobby thread /tg/. What if anything have you done today?
I've finished a Deamon Prince I've been painting for a few days

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Captcha no longer works on bots.

Oh shit.....

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Do Protoss even have pussies? Or anything we can put our dick in and get pleasure?

Cause if not, I think the choice is kind of made for us.

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Fuck both, marry both.

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They have to give birth somehow.

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Captcha no longer works because captcha has a bug.

If you choose audio and enter "nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger" it doesn't care what your actual audio verification was.

No idea why that works when "awoiehgo aoiwheoigvahsdogi oaisheogihq oaiwhreogiah oiwhegoih " didn't, but someone at captcha hate's niggers.

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Psychic genesis. Gather enough horny psychic energy, child is conceived.

Richard wifeliest indeed.

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Maybe they grow some sort of sack, and then cut it off and that grows into a new Protoss.

It's an alien, there's all kinds of ways it could reproduce.

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Is that true?

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Oh shit, it is.

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Sauce or fanwankery

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Bots are getting smaller, evolving. Soon they will not need humanity at all.

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I say the same goes for Protoss vaginas.

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yeah, i saw it on /g/ and thought those bastards were trolling me, and it fucking worked.

pic related, it's my face when my post posted.

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Alright, /tg/. Longtime lurker, first time topic starter here.

I've never played a pen and paper RPG before, but recently my girlfriend and room mate expressed an interest in playing one. The system we settled on is Mutants and Masterminds 2e, and Idownloaded the core book ,Mecha & Manga, Warriors & Warlocks, and UItimate Power from /rs/.

I think I understand the rules well enough to smooth over anything that may come up, but I want to know of any pitfalls I should try to avoid or tips from experienced fa/tg/uys.

tl;dr Mutants and Masterminds. What do?

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Have you seen her hips? She's practicly a baby making factory.

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cool quints

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Damn, nice get.
In light of that I suppose you must be right. lol

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God fucking dammit....

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I saw a poster for the ccg, but I don't think aynone was interested.

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Oh shit...

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1. Archive this get.

2. Show me a Protoss with Dem Hips. preferable better than Tali.

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Nice legs but no hips.

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>no hips.

Who cares? Its not like you will be expecting her to give birth (well I hope not).

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You marry the other.

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>no hips

Nigga are you blind?

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In an odd way choosing either side is in Jimmy's character and I am fucking calling him Jimmy.

You have seen the horrors of infestation spreading and just a few missions ago you just had to destroy a whole colony of infested human beings.

However they ARE human beings that you went through all the trouble of rescuing from the zerg in the first place. Also the research for a cure is a plus.

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I expect many things from my women

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My protoss waifu is gonna give me a human/protoss hybrid.

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I propose an alternative.

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This is why Egon shouldn't be allowed to conduct experiments. Ever.

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delicious Selendis

By the way, Selendis is the Protoss commander from Brood War's campaign.

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Better end?

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You best be trolling, those are some dayum hips

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So I've been told. Once I find my starcraft and brood war discs I plan to reinstall and compare dialogue etc. to see if this is something that blizzard just pulled out of their ass.

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I see fa/tg/uys are devote followers of kirktology

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So the prisoners you keep i nyour basement like it?

>This is the one thing that Vampire allows you to explore very well.
While I'm not sure players should go around drinking people dyr--despite how good it feels--this I fully agree with.

Also, my Gangrel in teh game that Exalted here is running for me killed someoneh er first night. She didn't even realize what she was doing, just rode the wave, and the next thing she knew, a young man was dying in her arms, teeth deep in his neck.
She panicked, picked his pockets for a cellhpone, and called the police, crying and telling them that she was sorry, it was an accident.

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Fuck the xeno
Marry the doctor

>Captcha: Peruvians jazzmen

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Keychain of Creation. Like Order of the Stick with Exalted, and actually readable. Had some wall-o-text issues in the beginning, but got a lot better.

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CAPTCHA:and fantasied
Increase the size of her posterior and ass.


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does the nigger work?

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ITT: people putting way to much thought into how sex works in fictional alien species.

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rolled 28 = 28

Anyone have OP's protoss naked?

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obviously fuck the protoss and marry the doctor

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Sure is beastiality around here

>> No.11500998

that would be xenophilia. Bestiality is soemthign else and involves non-sapient animals.

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>the same thing

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does the protoss put out after marriage?

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let's see then.

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demands moar rule 34 for protoss chicks

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If she didn't she'd have to invest heavily in "marital aids."

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