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Chaos God porn


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oh come on I KNOW it exists...

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Oh, there's pictures of Slaanesh, that I know. I had one around here of those two as well.

Not so much with the other two. Which is good for sanity. I'd rather just see Slaanesh fucking stuff, and/or getting fucked.

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Oh it does exist. But I don't think you are ready for it.

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slaanesh is fine too

does anyone have that pic of slaanesh with the huge dick with blood dripping down its legs and a bloody chainsword in hand?

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Okay, why are there mini-sized dildos. That doesn't make any goddamn sense. Are there some porn-themed action figures or something? Did Barbie get an 18+ line?

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... I think those are christmas lights...

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They have a very distinct vibrator shape, even having the extra bit that stimulates the clit on there.

If those are dildo christmas lights, that raises even MORE questions.

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but... we also know KHORNE HAET SLAANESH. This can only lead to one conclusion:
Tsundere Khorne.
tsundere tsundere tsundere

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XD Epic win

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Does anyone have this picture?

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Look at the left "dildo" guys, its clearly a lobster claw.
...a purple transparent lobster claw.

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So... woody's a daemonette then...?

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You couldn't tell from the name?

>newses generators

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What /tg/ cries out during sex

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/tg/ i am disappoint

OP asked for chaos god porn. if none of you have any the least you could do is give him SOMETHING.

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Thats right, I went there

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Requesting nurgle porn.

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like this?

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oh lolololololol

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never seen the uncensored version. it almost looks like the dick was drawn later or in a different style.

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That's correct. The original was censored.

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still busted?

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Oh wow /tg/ I know i've seen more porn of the chaos gods than this... damn i wish i saved some...

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the emperor's pauldrons aren't big enough.

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who draws this and where is the rest of his stuff?

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Oh snap i used to know the name of that artist... I havn't seen him around for a very very long time. Heres another of his works though.

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That would be Greenmarine

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please please keep posting it. If you have the one with the chained up guardswoman and the brain-bugged Sororita, I'd appreciate it

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holy fuck someone actually drew this... I remember requesting this so many times months and months a go. I just stopped eventually. Unless someone requested something similiar.

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this i'd like to see.

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I think I have it just a sec

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This one?

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Don't post this shit. It only looks good in thumbnail since it's obviously not finished or done in haste. Either way they look shit when looking full size.

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Well hello mister troll, how about you get your punk ass back under your bridge.

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Drawbro just needs to have more faith in his lines.

Scribbles are no good.

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>hurhur he had oppinion clearly he's a troll

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hey i'm a fellow drawfag on this site and if you can do better i'd like to see it. Just because someone doesn't spend 30+ hours on one pic doesn't mean it sucks

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hey lets get back to what the OP wanted. Theres got to be more chaos god porn out there than just this. this is pathetic

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Just because I may or may not be able to draw better doesn't mean I cannot evaluate drawings.

>Just because someone doesn't spend 30+ hours on one pic doesn't mean it sucks

As said, it was probably made in haste and yes it does give shitty results.

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theres constructive criticism and then theres just being an asshole. If you dont like a pic, tell them what to do to fix it or be specific with what you dont like. Doing so will help the drawfag improve and you may get a better result next time instead of just sounding like a whiny little bitch.

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agreed. come on /tg/ lets see some porn!

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anyone got the greenmarine pic of the deldar///lictor?

>45 pastors

what.. no, no father, NO! NOOO

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this one?

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