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Con. from

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>Captcha: Earliness How

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All I have to say is fuck furries, traps are not very /tg/ related, but acceptable, while posting furries only brings the furry community closer; which is unacceptable.



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>Selves Balking

Posting dusky-skinned slave boy while we wait.

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Curse you, Captcha, you have denied me my image.

>appears godlike

...Well, it seems the captcha DOES like dusky-skinned slave boys.

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not bad at all.

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Is it not enough to ruin /d/ with this shit? We have/y/ for a reason faggots

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/tg/ in a nutshell. We prefer dick to fur.

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Do you realize that I posted a furry boy threesome in the last thread?

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/y/ prefers hard gay. /cm/ is too concerned with worksafe, or at least they were when last I was there.

And again-this is /tg/. There is a Venn diagram, composed of two circles. One is red, stating "Everything that exists." One is blue, stating "Everything that doesn't." The middle is purple, and labelled "Things that are /tg/-related."

Get the picture?

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Hence why NO U.

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captcha has forsaken us

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And to everyone who is very displeased with us: At least most of us are not furries and COVERING the board with our stuff, hide/report/move on but most of all /deal with it.

You all act like we're worse than flarefags and trolls, we have one thread and the other faggots have theirs.

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Diagrams don't work like that. You can't have one blob for "everything that exist" and not have "everything that does not" be already there, outside the blob
In other words, diagram you mentioned is plain wrong
I will post the correct one shortly

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But I didn't say anything about you or /tg/. How does NO U makes sense?

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Go away fag, we don't want you here.

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I haven't lpayed them all much, but i'd say, when in doubt, go for the newest version. The "troupe" playstyle is still the heart of the game,l ike having your "base" and each player having multiple characters and such.

I haven't hadm any chacnes to actually play the game though i'd love to, it seems like it'd be a tota lblast.

the magic system seems really cool, and i like how they've decided to NOT make some weird fantasy world, but just gone "12th century europe - WITH MAGICS!!" it's pretty cool, also ohw the whole animosity from the general populace and shit plays in, because mages are just creepy as fuck.

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Actually, you're exactly the fucking same, only more self-righteous.
Hence, furfags.

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I'm saying NO U as my response to you posting furries. Posting furries only makes it harder to squeak by the haters, leave furry stuff on fchan and other places like that.

>antibiotic pinky

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captcha: ethical warts

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Then the circle would be "Things that exist". Outside the circle would be "things that don't exist". /tg/ would be the border in between.

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Why not post that when he's posting furries? Because you missed them by a thread.

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But it doesn't make sense to respond with NO U. No me what?

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Yet again, /tg/ = everything fags go full retard.

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>Attraction to feminine men is just as bad as wanking off to anthropomorphic animals fucking.

Polite sage due to lacking content.

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>constantly making threads to continue the ones deleted by janitors
Banhammer soon, fellow stalker.

Anything in the middle would have to simultaneously exist and not exist. Hence, the only thing that's /tg/-related according to him is Schroedinger's cat.

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I'm starting to think that the admins are too busy fapping to do anything. Or dealing with the bot.


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forgot the page

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You're also doing the exact same thing by posting that. You're proving that /d/jects are the worst kind of shitposters.

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U MAD? last thread bumplimit´d

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It's "auto-
...you know what, I'm just going to leave you.
You won't lurk? You won't learn. Deal.

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Image limit -1

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want me to post more?

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... dammit. How am I going to excuse this to my mother?

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I like watching the angry anti-trap posters yell angrily into the thread while everyone is too busy fapping to care. I take no side beyond that guy who laughs at everyone from my corner, so I'm like Australia.

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Moot disagrees

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>giving a fuck about the difference between bumplimit and autosage

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My captcha is more /tg/-related than this thread.

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Don't say that. I like /d/ once in a while, and I don't like furries, or appreciate /d/ content on my /tg/ when I come to look at /tg/ stuff. If I wanted /d/ I would be looking at /d/. OP, gtfo or post something that belongs here, and stop being such a goddamn spamtroll.

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>At Cryings

Sounds like everyone in the thread, but more so the HATERS due to them wasting time and not getting fap material.

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>/tg/ related

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Please keep in mind that there's a difference between /d/ject and /d/eviant.
One shitposts on othe boards, the other acknowledges when and where it is acceptable to talk about their turn-ons.

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not op here btw

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Image limit -1 and more /tg/ related than anything else in this thread.

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Fair enough. Someone ban the OP.

captcha related: womanlike and

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go on or too shota?

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So it's perfectly cool if I go into /d/ and start posting statblocks? All the haters can hate, but the joke's them, they're wasting their time not fapping!

In fact, why bother sticking to a board's content? Boundaries are overrated and useless. I'm just going to put my shit wherever I feel like!

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More ancient dice. Image limit -1

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OP here, posting /tg/ related

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Have a nice simple 40k Racing Game!

Image Limit -1

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I'm going to suggest you make a /d/ thread due to /y/ being filled with picky faggots. I don't really care, but the amount of bitching in this thread is nearing critical mass.

Regardless I demand the the rest of the comic, be it on /d/ or not.

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Have a cool Battletech Diorama.

Image Limit -1

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And guess what fag? You're wrong.

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there are like 2 haters vs 20+ people busy fapping

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Old D&D ads in my /tg/?!
More related than traps and /d/ posts!

Image Limit -1

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Are you using that to defend this thread?

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Tell me about it, all these heteronormative FAGS can't deal with being pretty.
It's okay closet cases, I sympathize with you. :3

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Can be a bitch to get working, but when you do it's sweet as honey.

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more /tg/ related from OP

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Posting related images is a mature way to combat things you consider inappropriate in threads. But think about this, when we reach the image limit we're just going to make another thread; so do you want less or more trap threads on /tg/?

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Deal with it, closet homo. >:D

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No, you are wrong.

>>Global Rule 5. All boards that default to the Burichan (blue) theme are to be considered "work safe". Violators may be temporarily banned and their posts removed.
>>/tg/ Rule 1. Board games, paper games, war games, card games, etc. go here!

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succubus=/tg/ related

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>implying you wouldn't make another thread anyway.

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Damn right! We'll make ten thousand more if we have to! You can't stop us closetfags! :D

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If thats a male it's an Incubus, not a Succubus

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/tg/ - everything except traditional games

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ficfags stopped postin porn?

I sad now

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Okay thats it, Im leaving. The name´s Magic Of Skirts. The fag posting 3dpd gayfags is too much of a fag. I want to fap to girly men, not manly man.

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I have all the comics posted in the last two threads already, and even I think this shit is getting rediculous. Post this stuff on /d/, like half of /tg/ goes there to fap already. This isn't even traps like /tg/ does it. It's shota traps. /tg/ does real life traps, and rarely at that (usually we just talk about/to them).

Just start a thread on /d/ and post the link.

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I loled. Hard

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Maybe you should go TO FUCKING /h/ THEN!

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It sucks when somebody posts something you don't like, doesn't it?

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More girly men please

either that or source

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I'd call this a victory for /tg/. Good job all who posted on topic materials to drive him away.

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you seem not to understand the difference between the "same board" and the "same thread"

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Actually it's because I run out of comics. But I still have a few images if you want :3

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That is your source.

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Do it

>X-14 orbiting

Shit they've got space weapons aimed

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im still good to go too

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ok, but in case I get banned, I regret nothing

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sure is /d/ in here

normally this would be OK, but that's only when it's remotely /tg/ flavored

this isn't

>amorality very

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Then how about some back up Flood detection is a bitch.

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No, even then it isn't okay. Because it gives chucklefucks like the OP and whoever's continuting enough leeway for them to think it's okay to even contemplate these threads.

If somebody wants to go bitch on IRC, that'd be amazing. I don't want to fuck around with whatever registering thing the channel says I have to do though.

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what be the name of this? missed the first thread.

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