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Hello, excellen/tg/entlemen,

Currently stuck at work and largely immobilized by an injury; I'm thinking it's drawfag time.

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Sure. What sort of things do you like to draw?

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How about some kind of volcano-elemental royalty?

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rolled 8 = 8

Mind doing some Exalted sketchwork?

A classic Manchurian bureaucrat stereotype, standing back straight with a steel fan in hand. Smoke/energy is swirling around him and the eclipse cast mar (A solid circle within a hallow circle) hovering on his forehead. Add in some scared or adoring peasants at your leisure, with varied expressions!

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Ah, so the girl has learned that casting in the nude increases spell power by 300%. Only works with females though.

Men increase their power as such when they wear nice, pointy hats.

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Homestuck kids dressed up as Adventure Time characters.

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A kobold boy and a human girl doing cute and cuddly stuff. Possibly sexy too.

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How about a goblin girl with a big, sci-fi-looking gun?

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Okay. This might be a bit complex to do, but I'd like to see it done as it was the end point of last night's session.

An Imperial Noble (40k, obviously). Tall, thin, handsome, roguish-looking face, no facial hair. Hair done up in a topknot. In his arms, he's carrying a badly wounded, mostly naked, female Dark Eldar who's obviously been tortured. In the background, is the burning remains of a Slaaneshi cult, littered with dead cultists.

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Draw thri-kreen hookers and their umber hulk pimp.

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draw a witch gunslinger

draw a sci-fi goblin mercenary

draw a norse hitman

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Simon and kamina if they were dwarves, pre timeskip preferably

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PROTIP: if your drawfag request takes more than six commas or three sentences (whichever comes first) to describe, you probably won't get it. This is 4chan, not deviantart - you want something complex, go get a paid commission.

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An ork looking at warcraft orcs saying "Dat's not how you WAAAGH"

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On it


Things that don't require me to Google context for games I haven't played/aren't familiar with beyond memes (40k is the usual)

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Would you be willing to draw a kobold priestess of bahamut?

She was a rogue before shit went south - she got heavilly injured while working in a caravan (under cloak, good shot, no one asked questions), and even performed a rescue, proving that she didn't have the heart to do evil.

She later 'died' when she exchanged her life for the life of another member of the party - and was left for dead after a rather heavy assault.

Well, she woke up - and was no longer a thief - she didn't have the heart for shadow, for she walked in the light of the Dragon God.

She's a kobold, about a meter tall, slender and lithe, quick, friendly, covered in dragon tattoos and scars, and has an eyepatch over her left eye.

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I'm well aware of that. But I've seen more complex things chosen before, and there's no harm in asking.

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lurking secondary drawfag here.

while they don't always get done, i still appreciate greatly them as a source of inspiration. I might attempt to tackle this one.

currently working on

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Holy shit, he lives! Where have you been?
Wanted to suggest more of these three, not sure if you can do this at work.

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Lemme just copy-paste it...
>How about a D&D character of mine?
>Human male with short, brown hair wearing heavy-duty boots, leather breeches, a chain shirt (and light shirt beneath), fingerless gloves, and a cloak. Greataxe slung on his back, broadsword on his hip & a longspear in-hand.

>If you want you could have him cutting a lobsterman in half, vertically, with his axe. That happened recently.

Thanks in advance.

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ooh, hi-res version.

Yes, more of these, please.

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Hong Meiling as a Sister of Battle. Hat Essential.

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The world is sorely lacking in goblin girls. Are you a bad enough dude to draw a shy-looking belly dancer goblin?

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draw a drunk gnome riding a lawnmower down the road being pursued by a dwarf in a police car.

bonus points if the gnome has a beer gut and is half naked.

captcha: nauseous their

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I liked this one.

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Handsome irish ex-Con Paladin. He's a paladin, he's got a bunch of tattoos. Maybe five of those black-teardrop I-killed-a-dude tattoos under his right eye, a ring of runes around his bicep, a spiders web across his shoulder. A more recent tattoo of the sun somewhere.

The paladin is wearing platemail, he just took off his top to show off the tattoos. He looks proud and slightly ashamed of being proud. Admiring ladies optional.

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Working a soul-crushing shit job and lacking artistic inspiration, lately.


I know I should be working from the top of the thread down, but that sounds too d'awww to ignore. On it.


Welcome, secondary drawfag!

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A pale woman with aquiline features, dark blue (almost black hair), giving the viewer a nasty look. She dresses in a very trendy fashion, but there's some kind of nightmarish horror behind her.

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Think you could do a creature for me?

Take a large dromaeosaurid (raptor) body, and make it more compact, muscular, and bulky. It's adapted for a cold steppe envioronment, and it needs to be squat and broad to retain body-heat. The tail is no longer long and whippy, but a short, broad, muscular triangle. Give it a thick pelt of white feathers that even covers its feet, like on a snowy owl - though you can see the broad sickle-claws protruding from the almost furry plumage. The snout shows some of the more radical evolution into an avian form, with the muzzle having lips and teeth, but terminating at its tip into a short, hooked beak, like a modern-day raptor. Of course, the muzzle is swathed in the white feathers, as well. And glaring, yellow, predatory eyes.

These things are gonna act as the apex predator held in fearful reverence by the indigenous human cultures that share its envioronment in my next setting.


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Draw a slutty chick in a really fancy dress leaning forward to show off her cleavage.

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A thin muscular man with medium length shaggy hair. He has mutten chops. He wears medieval styled brass knuckles and a long sleeve shirt that was once nice. He also wears long pants and tinted glasses with several lenses attached to it that can be placed in front of the main ones. In one of his hands he wields a tankard of ale and he seems to be fairly drunk.

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We can always use more techpriest. Draw some techrpriests.

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A woman with muzzle wearing a straighjacket with steel collar + chain leash. She has long, messy, grasy black hair.

>> No.11492265

Something with a grenade launcher type arm.


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I'm in need of a character portrait, a human or elf female swashbuckler masquerading as her brother. She has long blonde hair, tied back and bright blue eyes with a cheeky half-smirk on her face. Her clothes are well...swashbuckler get-up, you know the type. Perhaps instead of the shirt opening into a lovely man-chest, there's a small view of bandages used for biding her breasts.

She is turned sideways, a rapier in the 'camera's face so to speak.

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Jason-looking guy with face full of bandages, only left eye visible...with a revolver. Imagination - use it.

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Pity this is too tl;dr to get done, it sounds rather badass.

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>> No.11492341

Draw a comic illustrating how you received your injury. Please.

>> No.11492345

Wish i could draw some more but i must part for my boring, no-drawing-involved day job.

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green girls.

is good and green

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Requester here. Is it tl;dr? Seriously? It's like one paragraph. D:

>> No.11492373

This trying to sneak off entirely nude except for a pile of clothes in her arms. Should be smiling like she's done something NAAAAUGHTY.

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A paladin with snakes and serpents as an aesthetic motif in his wargear.

Snakes need to stop being typecast as evil. Srsly.

>> No.11492396

Imagine you're a drawfag. You just arted and you're looking for something to do and there's an entiiire thread. Do you look for something short and punchy or read the intimidating huge request?

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I don't know if she's shy enough

>> No.11492432

I'd like to see a female Ghost from Starcraft; she has the usual suit on, but a tattered cloak helps cover it from prying eyes. Rather than the full mask she just has headgear (see image below). Her hair is long to help cover surgical scars on her head, and her left eye is a prosthetic. Whether she's holding a gun or not is up to you.


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Oooh. Whatcha using, charcoal?

>> No.11492444


Nice... now try without the clothes.

>> No.11492454

This would be very cool. Got my vote.

>> No.11492455

Yeah, good point.

>> No.11492461

Venerable Drawfags!

Craft me Derosa on Banshee porn and I will furnish you with treasures!

>Captcha: Found Toddler


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paladin of a god of knowledge?

snake have been knowledge based since ever.

they whisper secrets

>> No.11492488


Heh, reminds me of this from another Drawfriend of ages past.

>> No.11492519

I enjoy doodling with you guys.

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>> No.11492542


How can I turn this down? On it.


Check my dA later, it'll end up there eventually.

>> No.11492623

Requester of snakepaladin here - thanks, Greg! I'm excited to see how it'll turn out.

>> No.11492624

I would like to see more Jaela Daran or Erandis d'Vol artwork.

>> No.11492640

Truly we are blessed to have such awesome drawfags. Thank you both so much.

Now if only somebody would draw me some thri-kreen hookers and/or an umber hulk pimp.

>> No.11492696

hope this is good enough

nah its all photoshop, i've just got some brushes that emulate graphite.

>> No.11492720

Selendis meditating.
pic related

>> No.11492729

What IS your dA name?

>> No.11492746

You. Are. A. Badass.

Thankyou so much, man. This is excellent.

>> No.11492761

I would like to see Blinding Mage and Royal Assassin double-teaming some bitch. Pic related; rape is what they do. Also a few potential bitches for you to choose from.

captcha: subvert one


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Alas, I need to get back to work now. Hopefully I will not be as scarce in the future; thank you for brightening my day, /tg/.

>> No.11492773

Nice! Whatcha doing next? Mind doing the tattooed paladin? I don't want to be pushy, but my games starting soon...

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>> No.11492780

Thank YOU for stopping by!

>> No.11492783

Darius demands fanpics ^^

>> No.11492804

Thanks for drawing for us, Greg!

Does any other drawfag feel like doing that paladin with wargear that follows a snake aesthetic?

>> No.11492828

Do you feel like combining it with the Tatto paladin idea? Because that'd be totally awesome.

>> No.11492861

Help the needy... just draw us some naked underage girls.

>> No.11492864


actually, yes I am

>> No.11492888

No thanks, he already got his site full of unfunny tau crap.

>> No.11492889

Draw Kharn beating the shit out of Doomrider

>> No.11492952

how do u know?

>> No.11492964

By going to the site and not laughing?

>> No.11492980

hehe, well, i try my best, maybe you could make it better?

>> No.11492995


would MS paint scribbles make you happy?

because I can do that.

>> No.11493002

Greenmarine, ca/tg/irl here, any more nid on girl pics coming? Need ideas?

>> No.11493022


everything makes me happy

>> No.11493026

I lack the ability to produce something that would amuse someone else than me. I'm not an drawfag, but I can write...a little. 'Darzen's Servitor', if you've ever read it, was written by me.

And let's not turn this into some engrish circlejerking.

>> No.11493039

Green's gone to work at the moment, unfortunately. He also said a few threads ago he was bored of it for now, but might do more in the future.

Digimagus will be doing some though. There's four or five just lovely nidcawk-related things listed on the pile of pictures she's going to draw for /tg/. Most of them are kinda down the list, though.

>> No.11493044

wait this isn't darknest

>> No.11493051


girls schlicking to sexy nids?

>> No.11493064


i understand you just fine. My crappy comic is made only to amuse me. I dont draw it to show skill at all. I have my job for that.

I just want to draw something without worring about references, perspectives, brushes, scales and so.

>> No.11493097


Girls like NID CAWK

Guys get their things, like monstergirls

Why can't girls get their things? Like monsters that will fuck you silly with a large and oddly shaped cock, huge spurts of cum will fill you and drip everywhere and then cuddling with the horrific beast afterwards...

>> No.11493101

Anyone for this? I'd be cool with a Dragonborn instead of human or elf too

>> No.11493116


here, have a squid and one of your original character do not steals. :P

like octopus and tau :3

>> No.11493124

Sadly, he said he was getting bored of them.

>> No.11493125




What exactly is he hiding?

>> No.11493131


It is not that crappy, maybe save it as a PNG though so it doesn't degrade like JPGs do. It is decently funny, free and non imperial, all good points. And I can't wait to see about the planet, elfdar pirates?

>> No.11493133


a lack of penor.

>> No.11493139

awww, thanks, i will keep it with the rest ^^

>> No.11493151


Sad, are you the same girl who always fields a lictor when she can? With blue and green nids?

>> No.11493153

Mmmnf. You're saying the right fuckin' things there, that's for sure.

>> No.11493158

His honour

>> No.11493167


>> No.11493176

Best Nid O-Face ever

>> No.11493187

Yea, that's me. Though normally it's Deathleaper rather than a regular Lictor. The regular ones only come out in smaller games where I can't justify dropping 140 points on mai husbundo. Or however you spell the opposite of waifu.

>> No.11493192


Because it is easier to simply just draw a naked female body (With Monstergirl parts attached) then the entire scene you just described.

>> No.11493195


>> No.11493212

Darius needs to stop tracing like a faggot.

>> No.11493231

Goddamn, you sound like my kind of woman.

>> No.11493247

Still waiting for nude Selendis meditating

>> No.11493255


what's exactly wrong with his tracing?

and I'm pretty sure that isn't a traced pic, because Darius is manly enough to say when he traces.

I may have to do a shitty MS paint of that.

>> No.11493271


>> No.11493280



and you friggin love blue green color scheme....

must avoid mentioning simic combine.....

>> No.11493292

Only faggots trace.

>> No.11493294

Chaplin as Chaplain.

>> No.11493296


Nice. What's next?

>> No.11493306

Simic Combine? Not something I'm familiar with, though five seconds in google says it's something to do with M:tG.

>> No.11493307

Thank you very much! I love it! Been trying to get this done for weeks.

>> No.11493322


>> No.11493325


Cool pic, thanks!

>captcha: ransoms way

>> No.11493342


Do you have AIM? I can give mine out or vice versa if you want.

>> No.11493350

rolled 2 = 2


>> No.11493361


again you haven't answered why it is faggotry, you have only stated that it is.

and Daruis, I can only say retarded shit in my arts because I am retarded in my artisticness.

>> No.11493363


When were we talking about ease, we are talking about likes and dislikes.


Thanks, into that?

>> No.11493376

More naked halfling or dwarf ladies?

>> No.11493378


crazy scientist types who have a blue green motif and fuck around with monsters and shit.

>> No.11493390


i'm done for now, i've got to get packing for a day hike.

>> No.11493400

I don't. I have MSN, but I'm afraid after a couple of bad experiences, these days it's reserved for close friends.

>> No.11493403


Have fun, then.

>> No.11493415

Goblin girls, nid cock, girls who want to be railed by a huge lictor as it presses them to the ground with a razor-sharp claw at their throat, its warm, slimy tentacles exploring their curves while its ridged, bumpy cock pounds away at their insides...

This thread's got everything!

>> No.11493426


Ooh, I like that. If anyone ends up fulfilling my request (>>11492432), I wouldn't mind seeing it patterned after that character.

>> No.11493449


I have MSN as well, but I understand. Too bad though. You could make up a "dummy" AIM account though. Oh well

>> No.11493461

ey, ey, i cant go have dinner without losing a conversation about me tracing pics? thats not fair!


yup, i do trace pics. Mainly the porn ones, because i draw them for you, guys who fap to it, and who dont mind at all the source. ;)

heh, btw, do u really think only "fags" trace?

>> No.11493501

>blue green motif
>fuck around with monsters

Sounds like a fun bunch of people, that's for sure!

>girls who want to be railed by a huge lictor as it presses them to the ground with a razor-sharp claw at their throat, its warm, slimy tentacles exploring their curves while its ridged, bumpy cock pounds away at their insides...

You're singing my song, Anon.

I might some day. I've had a couple of people asking for an AIM account from me over the past day days - though that was when I wasn't namefagging. Not quite sure why they're so interested, though.

>> No.11493505

I'm just gonna go ahead and ask for a picture of a rail-thin, feral world Penal Legionnaire. He's wearing a simple torn shirt under his flak vest, his head and arms are covered with anatomical tattoos (except for his forehead, which has his LEgion's number on it). he wears a simple Cadian gas mask on his face and a look of pure psychosis. The long, thin combat knife in his hand and the ex-Sororitas (discovered she was a nascent psyker) at his side is optional.

>> No.11493534

If anyone doesn't mind doing a second suggestion from me:

I just found out I'm going to be playing an Aztec-themed Shadowrun character. Could we get a pic of a girl in Aztec-flavored garb, feathered headdress, big obsidian knife, etc?

>> No.11493570

It's a cheap shortcut and form of plagiarism that also deprives you of meaningful practice. References good, tracing bad.

>> No.11493581


It is a fetish more people share then most think, well, if you do, my MSN address in the e-mail box. AIM is just everything before the "@"

>> No.11493597

Got no stylized girls in garbs so much as more historical drawings on what they looked.

>> No.11493605

Yes, but aren't we all fags here?

Some more, some less.

>> No.11493609


sure, here u are ;)

>> No.11493630



>> No.11493634

Please note that in general the better and awesome of a warrior the more FABULOUS their costume would be

>> No.11493635


>> No.11493658


so, is this a trace or a reference?

>> No.11493706

oh, BTW, this is the pic

thanks, your oppinion has been archived with the rest.

>> No.11493713

just go to darknest already fangirl

>> No.11493718

A Sister of Battle from a vaguely chinese world, with her robes resembling a Cheongsam rather than standard robes and a her hair tied back in a long braid.

A martial arts stance or simply standing with a bolt pistol would be good.

It'd be cool to see some stuff from imperial worlds that are not just 'Gothic Europe'.

>> No.11493754

thats a huge tracing crap!

>> No.11493764

oh lord not you again

>> No.11493771


well... in fact, it is not.

>> No.11493773

Let me just check, are you a dude, or a chick? I dunno if anything will happen - I'll take a note of the address and see how I feel later - but I'm just curious.

I lurk there. There's some decent stuff, but a lot of it is just generic WoW porn, and trying to find the *really* good stuff is like fishing for pearls in pigshit.

>> No.11493778


Far as I am concerned it is a reference. Though I would have used a photograph instead of another drawing.

>> No.11493802


Ey! hi anon, its a pleasure to see you again too! ^^

>> No.11493815

gimme your account name i'lle give ya a PM, and possibly hope we hit pearls.

>> No.11493816


That sounds pretty cool. It would be noce to have GW mention at least one world that was at least slightly asian. As it is it's the realm of Xeno to be the vile Orientals and the dread Ethereal Fuu'Manshuu.

>> No.11493867



>> No.11493972

i have that too... lemme check...

>> No.11493999

I don't ERP, if that's what you're implying. Or at least, not outside of people I'm in a relationship with.

Also I declared myself as male when I posted a few crappy stories, which is against the rules, and I'd rather not get banned.

>> No.11494000



>> No.11494022

Commissar standing around the corner from an approaching Bloodletter. Dude is smoking a ciggie and has a power blade in the other hand. Basically, finishing his smoke before going out fighting.

>> No.11494023

Draw more Tau bewbs, if you please.

>> No.11494053


yo yo yo yo

why you be actin' like a dude, go play your hate somewhere else

>> No.11494090


aaand another one... i really have many.

>> No.11494119



>> No.11494135

Well it's not every day you find a girl as fucked up as yourself. If you'd like me to write some more for you, look me up on windows live messenger. Set up a dummy account for talking to creepy weirdos like me if you like.

>> No.11494142

a tau air caste fighter pilot.

she is dressed as a WW1 german pilot.

>> No.11494150

no my good foreigner, it is no where near a pleasure to see you once more.

>> No.11494156


You keeping an eye on the thread over in /d/, BTW?

>> No.11494182


I posted in it, nice to see a thread like that

>> No.11494259


i dont know who that one is, so, thanks dude. Every time a troll tries to troll me from his anonymity i became stronger. Muahahahaha!!!!

Oh, BTW, Do you know Michael Turner, may his soul Rest in Peace?


this is a pic from him.

>> No.11494270

Hah, trust me, the Lictor fantasy is just scratching the surface. I can think of at least two or three other crazy 'Nid related fantasies I indulge in.

Cool, it sure is.

Oh, come on. He's not that bad. His pictures are a decent quality, and who cares if they are or aren't traced? It's just porn, after all. I sure wouldn't say no to seeing the Tau chick getting railed by a 'Nid.

>> No.11494300


That`s your problem, my friend. I come, i draw, i listen to your whines, i enjoy them and i leave. Right now i`m in the "enjoy it" part. ^_^

>> No.11494312


Hee, he drew this

And lictor is just the start? Just nids or do your interests branch out more?

>> No.11494383

Aye, I saw that, though the angle is kinda odd. Cant's see the juicy details. I like visible cock and/or penetration. Cumshots (external preferred, internal still good) are a very nice icing on the cake.

Tyranids are the main one. There's just something about them that sets me off the right way. But any sort of chitinous alien/monster-on-girl stuff does it for me. Giger's alien is another big one. Some lizardy, reptilian stuff is oookaaay, but often tends to be too anthro for my tastes.

>> No.11494410

here you are, fangirl.

>> No.11494416

I took a stab at it last night but feel it ended up as shit, honestly. It also left my head full of fuck, as I don't know much about the games, and decided to look up her wiki... which didn't help do anything but really confuse me. I did see a cute flash movie where she tries to get another character to say her name right though.

I'd hop in, but my computer is being a shit and needs a restart... here's hoping I can be back before storms tonight knock out my power.

>> No.11494453


I agree all the way, especially with your monster choices. The nice parts of nids being chitinous with the fleshy bits

>> No.11494464

Ahahaha, that's awesome! Thanks!

>> No.11494474


*Looks at how far back that was*

Oh wow. Wouldn't have thought anything that far back would have been drawn. Wonder if the guy who requested it is still awake.

>> No.11494498


Yeah, still here. Thanks mate.

>> No.11494510

You just want bug hugs.

>> No.11494532

I assume you have Fucking Liar's work? Though that is more bug girl on guy.

>> No.11494533

ok, im drawing the first thing that i like. Lemme know

Not explicit sex today.

>> No.11494545

Gazebo Golem.

>> No.11494569

Tau eating ice cream.

>> No.11494588

Draw me a half-elf bard who uses a bow-tar as his instrument.

>> No.11494603


Absolutely shameless bump:

>> No.11494606


>> No.11494609


A girl who wants to have sex with a trygon, but the trygon is confused about the whole thing

>> No.11494616

rolled 90 = 90

stone golem sitting on a rock in front of a door being a doorman to the club or a plague marine smoking a cig. see this is suppost to represent my trip

(captcha:study naming)

>> No.11494621

Totally. Generic large insects or other oversized arthropods can be good as well, but they're not as attractive as a Tyranid or Giger's alien. It's the slight touch of anthropomophasis, maybe...hints of intellegence, not just an oversized animal.

Saved all of it I can find. God, I'd kill to get my lips around Swarmlord's cock.

>> No.11494622

reposting my request for whomever drawfag may care enough.

>> No.11494632

A slimmer, more mage-like version of this floating in air and surrounded by unnatural flame(i.e. screaming faces, taking unusual shapes, that sort of thing.)

>> No.11494643


BG! Can you please do this?


>> No.11494656

A female Tau firewarrior a Banshee, a female guardsman, a sister of battle and a female farseer all playing strip poker. The farseer is winning (for obvious reasons) the rest of them are either naked or almost naked.

>> No.11494662


what kinda requests are you likely to tender?

is today..... pr0n day?

>> No.11494694

rolled 10 = 10

shamless self bump

(captcha:GUIL: satining)

>> No.11494708

heh, i found a good one

>> No.11494791


>> No.11494793

another shameless self-bump

>> No.11494823

a reading gryph

>> No.11494918

a barbarian nyd

>> No.11494939

how about the Mystara Thief picking a lock on a treasure box

>> No.11495021


In front of a huge pile of dead Orks, we have a perhaps middle-aged and MILF-y Sister of Battle, and a young Imperial Guardsman, perhaps teenage-looking. In his exuberant joy at their victory, he has embraced her and is kissing her passionately on the mouth. She is surprised but not wholly displeased by this development--not wholly, anyway.

>> No.11495030


i laughed

>> No.11495144

I took a stab at it while the computer was restarting. Didn't really follow all the specifics (computer was off so I couldn't recheck details while working) but I just finished inking. When it's dry I'll scan it, see if there are any little things I want to do before posting it. It is an interesting idea, probably something I should have tried with the Hong Meiling SoB pic.

Reposting this pic cause I'm fairly happy with how it turned out.

>> No.11495280

Do tell. Really, do tell. I enjoy things other than thri-kreen (although I really do like them a lot) and I'd be interested in an exchange of ideas over the internet with a person of like mind and opposite genitalia loadout.

Oh, go away. You're no fun at all.

>> No.11495313

More of these.

Captcha: slicks across

>> No.11495338

rolled 11 = 11

Mr. Mustache, should it strike your fancy, could you bring the sexy for a race that normally doesn't get it; an ogress, of the non-Shrek variation? Or, possibly, a goliath from 3.x?

Nice thread opener, by the way.

>much depose
Also, WTF is this one they gave before?

>> No.11495481

>Do tell. Really, do tell.
The other 'Nid fantasies? Other than generally anything to do with Lictors?

Genestealer gangbang ranks pretty high. I've never been with more than one person before so there's simple curisoity, and I find myself oddly attracted to the idea of being to focus of so many male forms and attentions, of being the 'star or the show' so to speak. Add in the multiple limps each 'stealer has...I can imagine being gently pulled and manipulated one way and the other, being touched and stroked constantly by a dozen or more hands. Long, prehensile tongues. And, I like to imagine, dicks.

Second is rather simplier. Tentacles. This isn't specifically Tyranid-related, but I find the Venomthrope kinda attractive in that it's got a coherent body and head, so it might have a main phallus instead of just those wonderful tendrils. It's probably rather similar to the above fantasy, of being touched and groped all over while still having several cocks to play with, but more intimate since there's only one creature.

The third, is having a Carnifex or Hive Tyrant to play with. Due to sheer size, sex is out of the question but that's not the attraction in this fantasy. It's just having one giant cock to play with. To lick, stroke, suckle the tip. Grind by hole body against the thing, just to indulge in the texture, the taste of whatever secretions, and being utterly drenched at the end. There's also the mental idea of having such a huge, powerful monster completely helpless and at my disposal...I can only imagine how empowering it might feel to render such a beast placid and docile through simple sexual gratification.

Oh, god. Even though no-one I know IRL is going to read this, I feel like such a whore for writing it all out. It seems less dirty and slutty in my mind.

>> No.11495503

limbs. Damnit.

>> No.11495527

>by hole
my whole.

Fuck my proofreading skills. Fuck them, right in the ear.

>> No.11495706

Faustie over on Hentai-foundry does good stuff.

>> No.11495726

Don't feel bad, it's just harmless fantasy. And who am I to judge? I like some pretty weird shit myself.

I have to say, though, all of that is pretty goddamn hot.

>> No.11495734


Faustie is damn good.

>> No.11495775


...and now I'm hard. Thank you.

Tentacles are icky though.

>> No.11495778

Not the other Anonymous, but I think I can empathize. You're maybe a little of a sexual submissive, right? You want to please the powerful entity enough to change its course, maybe be cuddled and praised? Does that make sense?

I have some subbie tendencies, though they take other forms. I see artwork of some scowling Sister of Battle, middle-aged but still hot, and I want to eat her out, put my tongue on her clit and make her squeal like a schoolgirl. I want to fuck that scowl right off her face and make her smile the way she did when she was young and carefree, and cuddle afterwards. I see artwork of a female Eldar farseer who hates humans, and I want to offer her my body to be her personal bodyguard and fucktoy, to protect her and abase myself before her and, if she will permit me, give her joy in whatever manner she will permit--eat her, rim her, or maybe just hold her and tell her she's pretty while she diddles herself with a wraithbone vibrator.

I feel stupid for talking about it here too, but I think I understand.

>> No.11495799

Not everyone loves tentacles... but tentacles love you...

>> No.11495847


Hey, look at it this way: at least your desires are relatively mainstream, even if they are impossible or reveal things about your personality you don't like people knowing. My fetish is peeling sunburns.

>> No.11495868

Peeling off the swathes of dead skin, revealing the virgin skin underneath, like coming into a new body?

Ever see those body-suit fetish threads on /d/?

>> No.11495873

A furry staring down a Space Wolf and saying "Hey kid, wanna yaff" and the Space Wolf looks pissed as fuck or something.

>untruths Thinking

>> No.11495878

Ghastly's Ghastly comic begs to differ

>> No.11495890

Haven't read it in a long while.

>> No.11495902


eh, that's pretty common

>> No.11495908

I guess, yea, it's all harmless fun. It just feels kinda whorish to out-and-out say "I really like cocks, I really like cum. I would like lots of both, preferably the former to be large, and/or prehensile, and the latter to be thick and in prodigous supply".

Hah, you're welcome!

>Not the other Anonymous, but I think I can empathize. You're maybe a little of a sexual submissive, right? You want to please the powerful entity enough to change its course, maybe be cuddled and praised? Does that make sense?

Yes and no. I like acting submissive without relinquishing complete control. To be done doggystyle, a rather submissive position on the girl's part, but telling my partner what tempo to go at, when to go fast, when to go slow, etc. Or to go down on a guy without expecting him to return the favour, because I love the way he turns to jelly under my hands and mouth, and I like looking up at him with his cock in my mouth, thinking "I could ask you to do anything right now and you'd agree, because you're so helpless when I do this".

I get what you mean though. There is an attraction in being kinda sub. Especially the Eldar fantasy you describe.

>> No.11495912

>wraithbone vibrator.

>> No.11495915

Neither have I, but I remember
EVERYONE loves tentacles, was basically a key part of the comic.

>> No.11495923

I have never seen an anthro Skag.

Please draw me one.

>> No.11495940

I know I do...

>> No.11495964


Nah, it's the physical intimacy, trust, and mild pain involved, plus I find the redness cute. (BDSM does nothing for me, before you ask.)

I suppose skin care and massage would be in the same general fetish category, but the specific sunburn fetish appears to be nigh-nonexistent. (even rarer than getting off to cars!) Which has always struck me as really odd.

>> No.11495979

nothing wrong with desires fetishes and deviancies are simply a "coping" mechanism to make up for a defincientcy in your sexual lifestyle. I use "coping" in quotes because its not used negatively

Simply put, If I feel I do not get enough blowjobs, my mind will be more interested in seeing or getting blowjobs. Pretty simple, Ergo people who have control fantasies often find temselves in relationships where there isn't a defined role, or control is wishywashy.

It doen't make us bad, it just makes us human.

Oddly enough Re-Captcha is prism psychiatry and studying sexual behaviors has been a hobby of mine

>> No.11495996


Almost exactly the same, but I prefer Lictor for the second

>> No.11496014

Never heard of this as a sexual fetish, merely a compulsion. I find this interesting.

I take it you just enjoy the act of peeling things in general, wax, paint, scabs etc... I don't know why people like to peel things but I do know it's a compulsion.

>> No.11496039


Interesting, I believe the captcha is related.

>> No.11496065

Are you me?

Captcha own nonhuman

>> No.11496109

Oh? What's your favorite? The Genestealers, or something else?

Oddly enough, GM's Guardswoman/Hormagaunt picture aroused another idea. No foreplay, no messing about, nothing. Just being pummled, relentlessly, by one. No respite, no control, just lying face down with my ass in the air being piledriven by frantic, hyperactive, relentless hormagaunt cock.

Gargoyles, huh? Mid-air coitus? Not sure how that would work...though I see the attraction in being shrouded by the wings. Very private, very intimate.

>> No.11496120

Not sunburnfag, but I DO like peeling things, and grooming my cats.

Not like that, you bastards. I'm not Edward. But pulling off fleas and brushing fur until it's silky smooth? That's a lot of fun, even if not "gratifying."

>> No.11496144


>> No.11496178

Enjoying tentacles while also desiring some level of consensuality is quite an annoyance. So much potentially great porn ruined by rape ;_;

>> No.11496181

I think you posted a chinese dress... I'm not really sure when I decided "fuck that, make her Japanese!" Oh well, I don't know enough about anything specific, so it probably elements of everything eastern I know. I hope the chainkatana pisses someone off.

I wish more drawfags would take a crack and Samurai Sisters... I think I found something almost as impractical as power heels!

By the way, is this still a drawthread???

>> No.11496184

Hrmm I think I would like you, but I don't feel you'd get along with me too well, I don't relinquish power easily, too much of a dick to be a pussy. Then again when it comes to weird stuff, I'm supprisingly the most vanilla guy on this board.... but so maladjusted...

I like grooming my dogs, they love it, I love it, there's less hair everywhere, and dogs will appreciate you for it.

>> No.11496194


Scabs, no. Paint and wax, yes.

I am very attentive to textures in general though, and synesthetic in that textures evoke tastes and smells in my mind. It's to the point where consistency is as important to me as flavor when it comes to enjoying food.

>> No.11496197


It is, if you keep drawing.

Save us. ;_;

>> No.11496224

Totally. Goddamn japan. Consentacles are awesome tier porn.

Quite. I've also found some of your claims ("All women totally want to be raped, guys! Seriously!") somewhat unsettling. Assuming that was you, and not just someone with a similar name.

>> No.11496241

hrmmm..... I think you might have a communication conflict between pleasure centers in your brain, IE what tatsegood=what feels good ergo sensuality to be achieved from sexuality. Does this make any sense?

Its not that big of a leap to make either.

>> No.11496245



>> No.11496260

Western artists seem more inclined to draw such stuff, honestly, though you probably know Hentai Foundry, where most of it's to be found.

>> No.11496265

Can I get a pick of a female winged elf? I'd like her to be wearing some good armor that has a creepy vibe to it. She has long hair tied back in a ponytail, and rather blunt facial features for an elf. Big black wings and uhm... A cool looking longsword. Please and thank you

>> No.11496272

>>11496065 Are you me?

Maybe I am and maybe I'm not. LOOK BEHIND YOU!

>zone from



I like it. And yes, plz keep drawing.

>> No.11496275

Something involving The Stig, a Leman Russ Vanquisher, and copious amounts of FUCK YEAH!

>> No.11496290

Easy. Cover on the opposite.

>> No.11496298

Fuck, I must have killed the chainkatana's teeth in the shuffle of layers. Here it is after a quick fix.

Save you? From your own depravity, while fighting my own raging erection!? Shall I rush head long into this battle, or turn on you only whispering "You are the Dead."?

I don't know, I'll see what happens. All this talk makes me want to contact some of my online fem contacts and just get off, but it's something I've been avoiding for a while so I could focus all my energy into ART!

>> No.11496300


>> No.11496307

I never said they want to be RAPED I said that all women enjoy the prospect of submitting their control.

See rape is too aggressive in this case, not meaning "sudden and complete loss of control" Infact THAT is the definitional I use for rape, not unconsentual penetration.

So in a sense YES that's my position, but I'm using a different word. Women by nature are more submissive then men and have tendencies to want to be "conquered" This doesn't mean "give up" it mean women want to put up a fight, lose and become a prize.

KINDA LIKE a skilled warrior wanting to lose to a better opponent. Best way I can describe it without it being taken as LAWLRAPE!

>> No.11496361


Uhm... no, not really. I think you phrased whatever you were trying to say incorrectly.

>> No.11496381

Draw me an anthro Skag.

That should kill your boner enough to help you focus.

This is an Alpha Skag, with a Skag Whelp screeching in the background.

>> No.11496398

you simply make a distinction that both sides of the brain agree on, then take it two different ways

Again I see nothing "wrong" with it.

BUT I am also making conjecture into a deviancy I know nothing about.

>> No.11496469

The idea that *all* women want that? No, I don't buy it. Some, perhaps, maybe even a large percentage. But I find the insinuation that all women want to be made completely submissive, lacking any control whatsoever, and turned into some sort of prize deeply uncomfortable. It rings too close to that Gor bullshit.

>> No.11496518

I will add, though, that I might be reading things into your words that aren't there and over-reacting accordingly, so, eh.

>> No.11496552

Gor is hilarious! Does anyone have the Houseplants of Gor copypasta?
Naw, he's a pretty creepy bastard. He does this ALL THE TIME.

>> No.11496563


The spider plant cringed as its owner brought forth the watering can. "I am a spider plant!" it cried indignantly. "How dare you water me before my time! Guards!" it called. "Guards!"

Borin, its owner, placed the watering can on the table and looked at it. "You will be watered," he said.

"You do not dare to water me!" laughed the plant.

"You will be watered," said Borin.

"Do not water me!" wept the plant.

"You will be watered," said Borin.

>> No.11496580

I watched this exchange. Truly, I believed the plant would be watered. It was plant, and on Gor it had no rights. Perhaps on Earth, in its permissive society, which distorts the true roles of all beings, which forces both plant and waterer to go unhappy and constrained, which forbids the fulfillment of owner and houseplant, such might not happen. Perhaps there, it would not be watered. But it was on Gor now, and would undoubtedly feel its true place, that of houseplant. It was plant. It would be watered at will. Such is the way with plants.

Borin picked up the watering can, and muchly watered the plant. The plant cried out. "No, Master! Do not water me!" The master continued to water the plant. "Please, Master," begged the plant, "do not water me!" The master continued to water the plant. It was plant. It could be watered at will.

The plant sobbed muchly as Borin laid down the watering can. It was not pleased. Too, it was wet. But this did not matter. It was plant.

"You have been well watered," said Borin.

"Yes," said the plant, "I have been well watered." Of course, it could be watered by its master at will.

>> No.11496588

"I have watered you well," said Borin.

"Yes, master," said the plant. "You have watered your plant well. I am plant, and as such I should be watered by my master."

The cactus plant next to the spider plant shuddered. It attempted to cover its small form with its small arms and small needles. "I am plant," it said wonderingly. "I am of Earth, but for the first time, I feel myself truly plantlike. On Earth, I w as able to control my watering. I often scorned those who would water me. But they were weak, and did not see my scorn for what it was, the weak attempt of a small plant to protect itself. Not one of the weak Earth waterers would dare to water a plant if it did not wish it. But on Gor," it shuddered, "on Gor it is different. Here, those who wish to water will water their plants as they wish. But strangely, I feel myself most plantlike when I am at the mercy of a strong Gorean master, who may water m e as he pleases."

"I will now water you," said Borin, the cactus's Gorean master.

The cactus did not resist being watered. Perhaps it was realizing that such watering was its master's to control. Too, perhaps it knew that this master was far superior to those of Earth, who would not water it if it did not wish to be watered.

The cactus's watering had been finished. The spider plant looked at it.

>> No.11496594

"I have been well watered," it said.

"I, too, have been well watered," said the cactus.

"My master has watered me well," said the spider plant.

"My master, too, has watered me well," said the cactus.

"I am to be placed in a hanging basket on the porch," said the spider plant.

"I, too, am to be placed in a hnaging basket on the porch," said the cactus.

"I wish you well," said the spider plant.

"I, too, wish you well," said the cactus.

"Tal," said the spider plant.

"Tal, too," said the cactus.

I did not think that the spider plant would object to being watered by its master again. For it realized that it was plant, and that here, unlike on Earth, it was likely to be owned and watered by many masters.

>> No.11496595

Who is "Gor"? 1d4chan turned up nothing.

>> No.11496629

Again we are using the same words with different meanings. Submissive doesn't have to mean "I'm your bitch" It simply means yield to the more Dominant type. There is still power of influence, but not necessarily power of discord.

Exemplus Gratia. My dog is submissive to me, but she'll still let me know when she's hungry, when she needs to go outside, and when she wants my attention, but when it comes to commands" Come here girl" " sit" "go away" sort of things. There is respect between us, and an established power. I am using this as a noon sexual example, but I know SOMEONE will make the distinction...

Like I said, I am vanilla, so take all context out of my words. I am NOT saying women want to be slaves, I am saying women like assertive dominant characteristics in a male. And thus will fantasise about them

Just like you, you sate you like to "submit" but your submission is your own choosing.

>> No.11496631


A creepy-as-all-fuck perverted "philosophy" that's basically all the worst parts of highschool cliquishness and BDSM combined.

>> No.11496660

This, pretty much.

I once got 20 volumes for 50 cents. Worst 50 cents I ever spent.

>> No.11496661

Naw... all I'm thinking of is a hot spitter skag girl... perhaps Mad Moxie with two of them on leashes. Fuck... where is GM, I need him to draw that.

I don't know what I'll do, I got work at 2 am, so I won't be up too late. But maybe some of the parties here should bite the bullet and find a way to talk real time. There are sites you can set up a chatroom for free, so you don't have to exchange actual information to talk. I use a site called campfire.com to handle that sorta thing. Just a tip from a guy who has made connections in odder places then 4chan.

>> No.11496681

gor is total trash writing. I read a few of those books back before I knew any better and I was constantly thinking damn woman puck up a club or something and bash that fuckwit in the head.

>> No.11496719

Eh, my deep and abiding hatred for the things kinda dulls the possible lust I might have.

Maybe if she's dominating them, though...

Man. Scooter just does NOT get a break.

>Captcha: bunching wants


>> No.11496738

Gor is funny - to laugh at. The people who actually practice the philosophies espoused in the books? Not so much.

It's a series of swords-and-spacecraft (I think thats the term) books that are set on the world of Gor, an alternate version of Earth or something. There are evil aliens who rule humanity, etc etc, so far so bland. The book also creates the idea of 'biotruths' - namely, that women are inherently subordinate to men, and are naturally happiest when stripped of their freedoms and kept as slaves. Like the garbage in Twilight, this would be fine if it ended there - it's ignorable. But there are groups of people who genuinely believe that is the natural way of the real world. They're generally viewed rather dimly by legitimate BDSM/Master-and-slave lifestyles, which are based on mutual respect despite the vastly different roles played.

Yes, but I also say I like to be in control despite willingly placing myself in a submissive position. If something happened I disliked, I could stop what was happening, or get my partner to do something else. Or I could flip him over and take command myself. I find the idea of being completely submissive when commanded disturbing on a deep, instinctive level.

>> No.11496742

"Gor" is a planet, supposedly on the opposite side of the Sun from the Earth, but in the same orbit as Earth, in some really weird skiffy/sword-and-sandal stories a guy named John Norman wrote in the 70s.

The planet "Gor" has lots of human civilizations, which share a cultural norm of really, really heavy BDSM for everybody. There are happy masters, mostly men, and happy slaves, mostly women, though there are also a few dominant women, just a few. And a guy from Earth goes there and kills dragons and gets phat l3wts and Earth bitches as his slaves, and it's like rilly kewl mang.

They're not especially well written and kind of creepy, for the most part, and the dogeared old paperbacks can be found at any used bookstore in the 25 cent/five for a dollar bin.

>> No.11496743

I'd imagine, I'm really stating this more of an on the level sort of way.

>> No.11496759

Male or female the idea usually ends up enticing at least once in most lives.

>> No.11496895

Again, dog example, there's a manner of respect involved.. BUUT this is going to be difficult to explain as we have pretty much identical philosophies.

For Example I never read or heard of gor, so when I say my spiel THAT is what you think, which as I read is really not the case. as I stated. I can see how the words get easily misinterpreted.

But again Take all context and sexual connotations out of the term "dominant" and "submissive"leave them for their meanings. I'll say lets go to eat, thus I command the situation, you'll say what sounds nice thus serving the situation, and we'll agree and go. Thus respecting the situation.
In actuality, I love onry women, who aren't afraid to challenge my authority, thus my statement before suggesting I'd get along with you, but I also like my power of veto, thus they you not getting along with me.

I hope this makes more sense, If I go any more vanilla I'll get diabetes

>> No.11496923

Please stop trying to explain. You're creepy, we get it.

>> No.11496934

rolled 18 = 18

Bumping this.

>> No.11496958

>not reading SHIT I have stated.

>> No.11496999

I state that it was shit.

>> No.11497015

Then you must be reading it wrong, or imparting YOUR own beliefs into it.

>> No.11497052

So just to be clear - you're saying that women naturally fall into the role of the...supporter, for want of a better phrase? The man proposes something, the woman proposes how that plan is executed? She might influence his mind but he's still the motivating force, that which makes decisions and drives the relationship?

I still don't agree with the idea that it's true for all women, but if this is what you're meaning, it isn't particularly unsettling or creepy as I first thought.

>> No.11497116

Okay, we've established that we mainly find Gor pretty distasteful.

Erotica-related: in the fluff, how similar are Eldar and humans physiologically, and what are the important differences that might be noticed during sex? We will for purposes of this discussion imagine that the more bizarre and implausible stuff about Eldar shitting crystals and having triple helix DNA are... unfortunate mistranslations.

Do Eldar have round pupils, or catlike pupils? Do they smell differently from humans? Do their bodily fluids taste different?

>> No.11497144

In between anything else you're doing, perhaps you could draw a 4th ed Goliath using a four weapon fighting technique, by virtue of having halflings strapped to it's arms each carrying two weapons.

If that doesn't hold your fancy, Lord Harkonnen from Dune meeting with Fabius Bile or somesuch.

>> No.11497195

Basically, Granted there are still discrepancies IE the woman initiating the plan, but thats more or less what I am trying to get across.
More politics than sexuality really...

>> No.11497204

See, I can appreciate the sentiment, but in the reverse - I'm the sort with a more Christmasy view on oral sex. It's far, far better to give than to receive.

Then again, my fetishes vary so much with day, time, moment, last read story, phase of moon, and myriad quirks of quantum mechanics, that I pretty much consider my libido to be my own personal /b/. Without the retardation. Usually.

But then I get the moment of wanting to cuff ankles and wrists together, and basically eating unto seizures, screaming, and easing up JUST enough, before release, until it reaches the point where one all-but screams YES and NO simultaneously - wanting the laving of tongue and the brush of lips to continue, until one's juices burble forth like a natural spring, albeit at a closer to donut glaze consistency, and wanting to mark my face as theirs and to continue to lap every drop up, because there's more where that came from.

>Fiorence the

>> No.11497232

I'm of the opinion that they're descended from birds, working from Xenology.

And if you know anyone named Andrea with amazing hair, apparently it's because she conditions, according to the Captcha.

>> No.11497348


Lictor > Ravener/Trygon > Carnifex = Gaunt > Genestealer

Like that

>> No.11497355

The easiest way to think of is, is that Eldar are Humans Plus. By and large, they work in similar ways, and react in similar fashions to the same stimuli (there are exceptions, but it's broadly true). The difference in behavor is the Eldar will react *more*. They're very highly strung, very easy to offend but possibly easy to placate if you correct yourself quickly, before resentment sets in. Similarly, though, an Eldar could easily become obsessed with someone or something, doting over it and clinging to it. This is less true in the case of the Craftworlders, due to them reigning their emotions in.

Physically, Eldar regardless of gender are beautiful to the human eye, but come with an unnattural, alien look to them. They don't just look like tall, thin humans with pointy ears. Their proportions are subtly different, their movments very fluid, to the point where they can be frightening and disturbing to look upon despite their beauty. They're also very tactile creatures. Reading Path of the Warrior, Eldar emphasise much of their emoptions and words with guestures and slight physical contacts.

Connected to the idea of Eldar reacting in similar ways to humans, just reacting more strongly, their bodies would likely be far more sensative. They would have more eroginous zones, and may be able to repeatedly get one another off through foreplay and bodily contact alone. However, they'd also have far higher standards. A human would paw at them clumsily, grabbing and pinching and licking things an Eldar is used to having gently brushed, kissed and caressed.

Their pupils are round, though often highly dilated, especially in the case of the Dark Eldar. I imagine they don't suffer from bodily oder as much as we do, and I couldn't say on the fluid taste. Likely it would depend on diet, as with us, and Craftworlders at least seem to eat a lot of fruit and veg.

>> No.11497359


I read somewhere that Eldar and Humans share a common ancestor. Supposedly penned by the creator of 40k himself

pic unrelated

>> No.11497365

Yea, fair enough then. Sorry if I came across as kinda bitchy.

Now, that does sound rather nice, actually. Kinda a shame I'm not much into other girls, apparently they perform cunny better than guys do.

Ooh, Ravener/Trygon? That's not one I've thought about much. Care to explain?

>> No.11497388

When you said Humans Plus I started thinking Armored Core. I was disappointing.

Also has /tg/ come to a conclusion that xenology is cannon?

>> No.11497392

Draw consentacles! A venomthrope making sweet sweet love to lucky girl.

>> No.11497404


Pretty sure that's been retconned out. The Eldar were created by the Old Ones, along with the Orks, to fight against the C'tan and Necrons. Humanity evolved on its own from apes, the only artificial meddling being when the Deciever planted the Pariah Gene inside them.

>> No.11497412

I would suggest my mutant gang rape, but it seems a bit late for that.

>> No.11497423

That I doubt significantly. IIRC, one of the Eldar Farseers said that the Eldar were at their peak when the Cro-Magnons were just coming out of the forests.

>Captcha: Practices, supple

C'mon back, drawfag, you need to practice s'more.

>> No.11497424

Xenology IS canon.

Or, rather, it's as canon as any other Black Library book. Which is to say, all of them are canon, and you pick and choose the books and accounts you want to believe in.

>> No.11497442

No offense taken, you simply had a defense up against me. Its only natural when you feel someone else attacking your beliefs.
just close your eyes and think of England

>> No.11497449

The Easternsister is both yummy and determined-looking.

It occurs to me, though, that female samurai--and there were a few such in feudal Japan, just a handful--tended to favor the naginata over the sword. I'm trying to imagine a chain-naginata, which might be a heavy, clumsy thing. Maybe better to think in terms of a mono-edge naginata, crackling with unearthly energies...?

>> No.11497463

what was she holding in the picture you traced?


>> No.11497465


That's true.

On another note, Xenology isn't canon to me, hell, is there even a true canon? As much as GW pulls retcons, you can't be sure.

brb, doodling a new sirenbeast.

>> No.11497472

The biggest problem with Xenology being canon (off-hand) is that it shows a Tau ethereal as having human-like feet. The ethereal models clearly have hooves. So if Xenology is canon than the models aren't.

>> No.11497494

A chain-naginata wouldn't be much worse than an eviscerator.

>> No.11497521

While you're at it, could you draw two or three Shota Gaunts or Shota Rippers?

I figure, best to have all your bases covered for getting genetic material.

>Captcha: Supply Bayer

...I really hope I don't give you a headache...

>> No.11497532

>is there even a true canon?

No. Black Library's official word is that all the material they produce is canon. But, 40k is a universe filled with misinformation, propaganda, lies, myths, half-truths, and legends. Everything BL produces is a real story or legend from 40k, but not all stories and legends are true, and it's up for individual players to decide which they trust and shape their own view of the setting accordingly.

That said, stuff GW produces themselves - Codexes and Rulebooks - are solid canon, debateably things published in WD as well. No idea where Imperial Armour stands.

>brb, doodling a new sirenbeast.

>> No.11497536

you SURE hey aren't wearing SHOES?

>> No.11497562

Siren beast?

>> No.11497592

Consider the following;

Tau have hooves, but they're not bony 'cloven hooves' like we expect. Rather, the toes are melded together into a single solid, footpad, which can be thought of as a fleshy hoof. This explanation always seemed to make sense to me, as a wide, flat footpad would help stand on the deserts of the T'au homeworld, while a bony hoof I'm not sure would be as good.

Alternatively, if you believe Xenology's hints that the Ethereals are the product of Eldar meddling, then they changed the feet as well. No idea why, but loleldar.

And finally, the artist just goofed and no-one noticed the mistake until it was too late.

>> No.11497618

take a look at the Aun'Shi model on the GW site. Sure as hell looks like he's barehooved.

>> No.11497641

This is very good, for a start, and I thank you very much for it.

In the bit of drawfaggotry for which I was responsible some weeks back, I posited, among other things, a female Eldar Farseer who was angry, hateful and generally bitchy for a number of reasons, chief among them being that she hadn't gotten laid in several decades... and that she got off on close combat, and for many years that had been her sole sexual outlet.

There transpired an extremely contrived situation in which she and a human male with xenophilic tendencies were isolated survivors of an Ork raid. Not long after they found some shelter away from the scene of the attack, they are tearing each other's clothes off and fucking frantically, animalistically, without much in the way of subtlety or gentleness, and they continue until they are exhausted. Then we cut to a scene several months later in which it is revealed that the whole situation was set up for a number of reasons, one of which was that she needed to get laid so badly that the other Farseers found her impossible to work with.

I've thought about revising it and reposting it, with more details about who these people are, more about the background and culture of the planet where it takes place, but I do suppose /tg/ wants original material.

>> No.11497648

I always figured they walked like the aliens form Independence day. and their foot structure followed form.

Would be beneficial for the hunters for sprinting.

>> No.11497670

Siren lictor.

Smaller and faster, less tough. follows the rest of their aesthetic.

Dunno if i should have a few feeder tendrils as the tongue or stick with the normal tendril hair, and the the tongue in picrelated. I'm leaning towards the latter, simply because of cuteface.

>> No.11497691

Smaller tendrils work just as easily.

>> No.11497697

Again, Fucking_Liar, would you consider some Shota Rippers or Shota Gaunts?

Gotta cater to all tastes, right?

>> No.11497712

I remember that, I thought it was retarded until I got to the tweest, then I decided that you are awesome.

>> No.11497718

Hang on. Drawfaggotry? I remember the story being posted - it wasn't half bad, if I may say so - but I don't remember pictures to go with it.

>> No.11497745

oops. Brainfart. It's late here, sorry. My contribution was writefaggotry, not drawfaggotry.

I wish I could draw, but...

>appears kilos

Is that the explanation?

>> No.11497761


Oooh, nice so far.

I'd stick with that design, myself. Prehensile tentacle-hair plus a very long tongue. Your designs are also typical of having very human faces, so I'd keep with the theme rather than slapping tentacles all over it.

>> No.11497772

it sucks being able to write stuff, and never have it be visualized....

>> No.11497796

you new to Liar's stuff?

>> No.11497802

Aw shit, it's Liar.

Anyway, I hereby request Tyranid-girl on tau girl... something. Lezzing out, wrestling, wet squishy hugs, TENTACLE AMBUSH, whatevs.

>> No.11497813


Gaunts maybe, Rippers I imagine as pets.


That is a venomthrope, by the way.

>> No.11497817

get in line we are ALL waiting on his stuff....

>> No.11497832

Nope, not at all. I've got much of it saved.

So it is. Derp derp derp. It's 5 past 2 in the morning here, I'm not thinking completely straight.

>> No.11497888

>>completely straight

DOHOHOHOHOHOHO, just what is it you're trying to tell us?

>> No.11497958

Have some dick

>> No.11497967


You flatter me outrageously, for which I thank you.

>liability necklines

are the nicest kind, I think.

>> No.11497974

Haha, yea, I wish. Bisexuality is god-tier sexuality, but I'm just not that into other girls. I like the cawk too much.

But trying to get changed into night-clothes, keep posting on /tg/, scratch the FUCKING MIDGE BITES GODDAMN all over my legs, after a full day's work on four hours of sleep tends to addle the mind somewhat.

>> No.11498001

my advice on bisexuality
"close your eyes and think of England"

>> No.11498014


>> No.11498047

Heh. I hope Liar does more of this, or stuff in the same theme. It tickles my size queen itch just deliciously.

Anyway, I'm going to go crawl into bed and scrape as much sleep as I can. Which will be little, because I'll be too hot.

Fucking summer.

>> No.11498066

BAH you don't live in a DESERT!

>> No.11498326

There we have it, more dicks and girls getting splooged on.

>> No.11498408


>> No.11498624

Again, Fucking_Liar, please-even if it's "sorry, not my thing"-would you answer?

Would you consider Shota Rippers or Shota Gaunts?

I'd settle for some Gaynts...

>> No.11498758

>Your drawfaggotry

>> No.11498830

Some more drawing in general would be nice, maybe steer back on-topic from this creepy shit.

>> No.11498881

Not gonna happen. And the only drawfag I've seen since the Greg & the other departed is the tyranid porn one.

>> No.11498902


Meh. This is /tg/, before which all other boards are as dust. I can scroll past creepy shit, and the drawings were awesome-tier enough that I didn't mind. Besides, the talking past one another that went on wasn't that creepy, although the point being discussed kinda was.

captcha: rioted 1917

>> No.11499018


I like the design

>> No.11499019


Rppers no, Shota Ill put down as a maybe.

done, god my wrist is KILLING ME


ws 65
bs -
S (12)63
T 50
Ag (12)60
Int 45
Per (8)45
WP 45
Fel 30

Talents and everything else same as regular, bar the Strange Physiology

Threat level: Xenos Terminus

>> No.11499137

Good for infiltrating close enough to blow the enemy!

>> No.11499343

>>heh, btw, do u really think only "fags" trace?

Yes. Only the biggest of fags, actually. Sometimes little girls too.

I come back from work. I lack the attention span to read through this thread.

>> No.11499422


Bumping request =)

captcha: the gabriel

>> No.11499426

>Stealth blowjob
Hells bells /tg/! You've given me yet ANOTHER fetish.

>> No.11499488


England isn't sexy. Can I think of Italy instead?

>> No.11499585

I'm not much of a drawfag but I need practice for a project I need to draw so I'm working on >>11494616

my stuff is a bit sketchy right now but I'll do my best.

>> No.11499716

Sorry for being a lazy fag. I am a bit tired at the moment.

>> No.11499867


What you feel like drawing dude? or are you too tired to draw much more?

>> No.11499906

Damn I hate drawing hands ... always have.

>> No.11500007

>>too tired to draw much more?

I dunno, really. I feel like drawing cool stuff.

>> No.11500075


S'Cool, man. Hits upon the sort of things I was interested in seeing.

I would be interested in seeing anyone else take a crack at it, though. I won't push it though.

>> No.11500121

Feel like drawing a Goddess? I would like to see how you would draw her if it appeals to you at the moment. If not that is cool too.

She is the elven goddess of creation, protection, life, love and beauty.

She is tall curvy and stacked, she has a narrow waist but does have hips and a nice rack. She has some visible muscle but not enough to be considered a muscle chick.

Her hair is long enough to touch the ground and is reddish gold. her eyes are bright leafy green.

On the occasions where she wears clothing, it is nothing but very light and VERY brief silk that leaves nothing to the imagination.

She has been known to have relations with both immortal elves and mortal humans now and then depending on her whims.

>> No.11500151


Wow, "anyone else" sounds rather dickish. I'm sure you get what I mean.

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