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Um, remember all those women and damsels you had sex with on our last adventure? Yeah, uh, they're waiting for you outside. Like, all of them.

>reCAPTCHA: goddamdest berden

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...I had sex with people?

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Hello ladies.

Here for your Cure Disease, I assume?

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If I Falcon Punch the baby, do I get Cleave against the mother?

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Ready your falcon punch.

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I find it odd that none of them are upset that he knocked up 5 other women.

>sendal conscious

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I provoke a healing surge in all of them

The babies that survive become my successors in warlording

>shoehorns what
Fuck you captcha, that's how I roll

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rosario + vampire thread?

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The one furthest to the right is pretty pissed, if you look.

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she hates they guy

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It's magic!

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Damn it Marcus, Quit validating my posts before I can delete them!

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Typical tsundere reaction: they actually are happy, but would rather express it in a 'YOU MUST TAKE RESPONSIBILITY' kind of way.

I guess supernatural girls are willing to share?

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yes, lets have one

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>I guess supernatural girls are willing to share?
not in that anime

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What about a harem of yanderes?

Or, a harem of pregnant yanderes?

You don't even have to falcon punch anyone, because they do all the work for you!

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Get your pichforks out! Time to burn some witches!

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What about a harem pregnant with yandere fetuses?

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Well shit.

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Well, it's a doujin. I suspect that canon is not a concern in the author's case.

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Doujins can be cannon though.

Look at Pretty Neighbor. It was done by Azuma himself.

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Only one? Doom, you're losing it.

You know there's this pill for your... condition, don't you?

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LOL no

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You must have somebody else. I'm a magic user.

The workshops working but there isn't a blacksmith, if you get what I mean.

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Well, damn. Here in the Philippines, we call them the Tiyanak.

>birth attenuate

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>In denial

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Not really. But he apparently approved.

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God dammit, I hate Harem animes.

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My life is just like a harem anime!

Except I'm not the main character.

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she never liked him to begin with.

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Yes, I know. Something about the guy holding back her big sister's strength(read: her Shinso power). I'm just interpreting it in the context of that doujin page.

But meh, I'd like to wonder what would be the fruits of a a human/ghoul(I think Tsukune turned into this permanently, right?) and a youkai union.

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Half-breed of human and whatever he bred with.

He may be a ghoul, but his genetics are the same.

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Jokes on you, i had sex only with other men!

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Captcha related?

>Divorcing Johns

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Keep your faggotry to yourself, freak of nature. Nobody wants to hear about it here on /tg/.

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Well fuck.
Farmers Wife
Farmers Daughter
Saytr(don't ask)(or do)
Small sized fey, like a fuck ton
Her boss
Sad the game only lasted two sessions
I miss that paladin

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>Decrying homosexuality
>On /tg/
>/traditionally gay/

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>implying that /tg/ is not for straight people.

My god, you're not just a fag, you're a summerfag! GTFO of here, abomination.

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>9 confirmed fucks
>2 sessions

Man, did you even get a chance to FIGHT anything?

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...excluding the character's self?

Err... um...

...I'm drawing a blank. If you chose the other people's characters though, then you'd be in luck.

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You do know that for a viable population without the problems of incest you're gonna need at least five hundred individuals of said race.

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Hmm...well, sir, as I'm a captain of industry I take them all into my home. I raise the children well and from the women, I harvest their milk to make cheese for perverts, which I sell at a huge mark-up.

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Eventually I had to fight off some of the fey creatures...

Nope, never ended up fighting/killing anything that I can remember. There was a lot of RP in between the sex, but it was a bit to much for me so I had to bow out of the game.

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Six babies all going to pop within a few weeks or each other...
six sets of "responsibility".
six new mothers, at least three of which are going to be in for bad bouts of post-partum depression...

Yeah, this guy won't be keeping his dick much longer. Anyone want to place bets on which trophy case it ends up in?

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What's name of the doujin?

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My beastman army is begun!

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Actually I seem to recall one thousand being the minimum to maintain a diverse gene pool.

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Jesus, I hate DM's like that. I mean OK, it doesn't have to be all combat but SERIOUSLY? "Fortitude saves" all session? Fuck that.

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>Um, remember all those women and damsels you had sex with on our last adventure? Yeah, uh, they're waiting for you outside. Like, all of them.

captcha says - consider, ranches

now thats an intereting idea...

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What if I have Science! working on it?

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>Blah blah blah
>In short: You need more women
Well I don't mind this, but I'll have to make some shifts in the resource management to maintain a country full of diverse women.

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Also Will saves since two of those incidents involved rape. but I get what you saying.

Although some of my favorite campaigns were almost just role playing, like one game where the only goal was to make it in a big city. Lots of RP, a few fights to make money to fund ligit business ventures.

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Really? I thought there was certain guide to it.

The 50/500 rule as it were.

fifty genetically diverse people would have about a millennium before inbreeding did them in. With a group of five hundred you have more a chance to go on indefinitely.

Ore something like that.

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A milennium? That doesn't sound right.

But yes. Statistically, you can predict when a population will succumb to inbreeding based on its size, or whether inbreeding won't actually be a problem.

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(Recaptcha: spent Acropolis, OH LAWDI!)

Well, as a vampire...

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Source on OP's pic? Neither saucenao nor tineye have it.

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What this guy said.

Captcha: Mariachis Total

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Is it the official manga or a doujin?

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I think they would have to be careful as far as breeding goes but it might possible.

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Actually, those are all Kurumu's children.

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no idea, i only saw the anime

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I know it's R+V; I've read the manga, and I do not recall anything like this (granted, I have only begun reading the second 'season', or whatever the fuck you call it, so I might be missing something).

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Doujiun, I believe. I'm fairly certain, anyway.

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The issue is, to have real genetic diversity, most of the women should be sub-saharan, because the people who went to populate the rest of the continents were a group that ALREADY suffered a population bottleneck, resulting in a very low variability.

Captcha is unnervingly accurate, "fallopian via"

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Well, at least the children wont be as mutated as their mothers!

Emperor bless the Inquisition!

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sauce :O~~~

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maybe they are friends with each other, and protection wasn't used for any of them, and so they got together to trash his place and have preggie times.

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what doujin is this from?

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