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You were supposed to save me, Jim. Why didn't you save me? Why did you let me die?

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Because I had extra bullets.

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I imagine that Hanson was unaware of her own infection until the very end. Whether due to the stress of trying to discover a cure before Haven was completely eradicated or some genetic survival imperative programmed into the infection, she finally begins to succumb during the cleanse mission.

She might have had an inkling of what was transpiring and turned the isolation lab's cellular hygiene detector on herself. Discovering the extent of her infestation, she chased Stettman out and sealed herself in before her mind was no longer her own.

Her last few moments as a Terran were probably horrifying beyond imagining, the realization of her failure and her culpability in the deaths of the colonists she was responsible for combined with the loss of self as she become consumed by the will of the Swarm. I suspect that she spent those terrible moments curled up on the floor, sobbing as her body turned against her, becoming something monstrous... praying for Jim to save her.

Bad end.

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Because, you're a dumb whore, and the Protoss made more sense.

Also, fuck you, there is no cure.

Pic related.

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Because I needed protoss research points.

>there eviller

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Cuz, I was buisy screwing my waifu...

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Because a cure can not exist.

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>>>/v/ again

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Sorry, sweetheart, not everybody gets to be saved.

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That choice was silly. Mostly because even if you choose protoss you only kill the ones who are already mutated, so what the hell's she whining about?

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no, good end

I mean, a bad end would see her leaving the facility

anyways, protoss are brotoss. Had to go with them on this one

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There is no such thing as a cure for the Zoigs.

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I came here to say hot xeno babes, but captcha says leadership offenders...

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You're weak, and your mind is weak.

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Because there must always be a bitch queen.

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Because you must be purged!

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Man, I can understand people finding Queen of Blades Kerrigan attractive, but I get Selendis at all. She's got virtually no face, no tits and most likely no vagina (if her face is anything to go buy. I suppose there are the hips, but if that's the only thing you find attractive then you might as well fap to a Goliath

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Holy shit I made a lot of errors in that post. Sorry guys.

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Fuck those fucking xeno fucks.

I burned them but good.

And i laughed doing so.

Their 'superior ship technology' ate a dozen yamato shots while i laughed.

I laughed when i looted the wreckage for reasearch points. And when i found some xeno female, i raped her and laughed while doing so.

It was the best day ever.

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>fap to a Goliath

If I didn't know any better, I'd think you were trying to jinx this already shit thread.

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>no tits

>most likely no vagina
They have to give birth some how.

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>fap to a Goliath

Dude that's sick, everyone knows Odin is must more fapable.

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Protoss have tits.

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canceled game not canon

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I sided with Selendis so I could fap to Infested Hanson.

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She insulted my science team, which is funny because for one guy in a little room on a spaceship, the one science guy was showing up every scientist ever. He made like 12 xenoscience discoveries and applied them to engineering in as many days. For someone who looks like such a schmuk, the guy's a fucking champ.

lightweight Johannes

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Don't lie, a sexy Goliath would be hilarious.


They warp in babies? I dunno.

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And she looks weird even when compared to other protoss.

They create babies with psychic powers i bet. Hell i'm still wondering how they eat, they were supposed to be hunters before the Xel'naga found them.

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Blizzard actually confirmed that Protoss have genitalia similar to humans, but it's all internalized. Like a lizard.

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When we think about a species being uplifted, it's generally things like developing language, using tools, the basics.

When the Xel'naga uplift a species, they advance them to the full extent of their evolutionary potential.

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>And she looks weird even when compared to other protoss.
No, that's just what female Protoss look like. They're smoother than the males.

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Case in point.

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Tychus lives.

signed, rumoring

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You fucking tried to turn my head into a uterus for your zerg babies!

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Infested Tychus was heavily foreshadowed.

"Infested Marines? Aw hell, I don't like that notion at all".

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It's not the smoothness, it's just her head is HUGE and she has those extra tendrils that look different.

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>implying I didn't save the colony and tell Selendis to go fuck herself

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They use sunlight for sustenance. Like photosynthesis or something.

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So they hunted sunlight?

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Those Zerg sure are push overs.....

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She's wearing jewelery and all protoss heads are huge.

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They were psychic vampires, feeding off the mental energy of their prey.

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That big head and those legs would make sex akward.

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She's also nine feet tall, so don't forget that.

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Did Selendris not learn from Tassadar, Zeratul, Fenix, and Artanis ALL going "Hey maybe we should work with these Terrans instead of glassing them"?

Cause its not like those 4 highly respected 'toss basically killed the overmind and held off the Queen of Blades with the help of their puny human bros amirite?

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She did stop by to chat first, at least.

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Remember those experiment with the robots that consumed light for batteries?
Fuck yeah. they could have brought someone cool to talk. At least Zeratul and Fenix were bros

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And she's pretty much "no hard feelings" after you whip the crap out of them.

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Because she has a human fetish and craves Jimmy's cock.

Bonus, she's probably the only girl he could fuck that won't then immediately get infested.

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Real women go for Tychus

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Duran would kidnap her and find a way to turn her into a hybrid. The power of Jimmy's doomcock would make sure of that.

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I think he's calling himself Narud now.

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I actually fucked up the Protoss and saved the colonists.

Then the Protoss was all like "I ain't even mad".

Then I freed the spectres.

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Shouldn't have called me a pig.

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