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Moments when you with you actually were your character?
I got jumped the other day by some freak with a pocketknife. Lucky for me my friend was around the other side of the car and kicked his ass(I'm a girl, and not terribly strong for my size), but I got a bad scrape out of it. Serrated knife. Feels bad, man. Also, does this look infected to you guys?

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Urr, wish, rather.

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All the fucking time

As for the cut, get some god damn neo sporin on it.

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How the fuck were you actually your character? Your friend had to come and save you. Unless your character is a helpess waif or a princess that needs rescuing.

> So Harshness

Man, Captcha is freaky accurate some times.

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GURR HURRl gamer thread.

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Yep. That shit's infected. It shouldn't be that greenish color. Did you use an antiseptic, and dress the cut, or just hope for the best?

>of limp

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Would if I had any. I'm not big on first aid stuff, I'm kinda of the mindset 'rub some dirt in it, you'll be fine'.

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It doesn't look infected, but you might want some alcohol on that just to help.

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I meant WISH. I corrected it in the second post, gosh.
Only mentioned it because it's relevant- if I was a guy you guys would have been like 'hurr man up and kick his ass'.

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Go out and buy some damn hydrogen peroxide you fool! Shit ain't expensive! And bandages aren't either!

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Yeah, I probably should do that. There might actually be some downstairs and I'm just too lazy to go look for it. I'll do it later tonight if I remember...

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You stupid bitch. That's gonna cause problems later. Get some rubbing alcohol, and apply to the cut. Wipe away the crap that comes out. then apply more rubbing alcohol.

Then you need to cover the cut. I use duct tape myself, but gauze or tied cloth works as well.

>improvised gloating

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That's a "double standard." Don't blame you for not knowing what it is, what with your handicap and all.

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It will take you ten minutes at most and it could save you from getting sick or worse.

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I don't mean it literally. It's not very deep and the picture makes it look worse than it is, I think...

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You're just like my brother. Idiots like you guys are how diseases get spread. IT IS NOT WEAKNESS TO USE MEDICAL SUPPLIES TO CLEAN AND DRESS A INJURY.

All this "We humans need to just tough it out" rhetoric is sparkling on it's own, but in reality does more harm than good. There's no need to be a hypochondriac, but come on be practical. Go down to the god damn drug store, buy some hydrogen peroxide and some neo sporin, and buy some bandages. If the wound need cleaning, CLEAN IT. Then use the supplies to further clean and then prep, and then dress the injury.

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in b4 OP lets it go so bad an amputation is required

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I walked out to my car one morning, and saw my neighbor and her father arguing with someone. I was getting my gun out of the trunk so I could go to school. Didn't realize until I had the gun that the guy they wer arguing with had a handgun and was robbing them. I brought my gun to bear and told him to get on the ground. He turned and shot at me, lightly scraping my shoulder. I thought I had been shot and fell to the ground. He fired wildly at me and ran to his friend in a van. I stood up and fired my gun with one hand 8 times into the van, messing up the tire. Police caught them 2 miles away.

Hot neighbor thanked me for catching a bullet to save her car, made me dinner, felt good man.

I also peed myself when I got shot.

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>duct tape to dress wounds


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Gosh, no need to get so ragey. It's probably fine, I asked a friend of mine and apparently you can't tell if something is infected or not until 2 or three days after it happens, and this happened last night.

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That sounds like a fucking awesome experience, dude... Makes me wish I owned a gun or something.

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> She thinks a friend is a valid source.

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What, are you in some backwoods redneck part of Alabama where they don't teach very basic first aid such as WASH AND BANDAGE WOUNDS? I'm not saying you have to stitch it, but christfuck this stuff is very basic.

Fine, here's what you do:
All of these steps can be done in the shower, if you wish. Not a bath. It's too dirty.

1. Get a clean washcloth. (Recently laundered, unused.)
2. Get it wet with water.
3. Lather soap on the washcloth.
4. Gently clean your wound with the soapy washcloth.
5a. Rinse the wound with water.
5b. (Optional) Apply Hydrogen Peroxide to disinfect. Simply pour a little directly on the wound. Costs very little at most pharmacies.
6. After the wound is dried of water, apply a clean bandage.

Repeat process at least once a day.

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Actually a dumb move, lives could have been lost over a car, but it impressed an attractive guiddette with attractive bosoms, and I got to one hand an ak, so I felt like a big man.

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Don't be hatin', son. It works, provided you get a small piece of cloth to go over the wound first. Can't have adhesive in the exposed area. It will hold forever and keep shit from re-entering until healed.

>Dushkind Turiel

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The US army uses it to seal wounds too big use bandages on, when there isn't any time to stitch them up. Like guts falling out big.
Originally this was one of the things it was invented for. Duct tape as we know it anyway.

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disinfecting should be done as a precautionary measure, as h2o2 is very cheap.

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If the wound isn't fresh and has a rough scab over it, go and soak your leg/ arm in some warm water/ put a hot towel over it, and then apply some disinfectant on a cotton ball, rub that shit and scrape the crap out, and then keep applying and rubbing shit until crap isn't coming out. Then apply a healing salve like Neosporin to the injury, put a bandage on top, and don't open the wound.

Also damn your legs are hairy. Shave that shit. Hell, a little working out my also be good.

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Same dude. Listen, scabs turn green all the time. If there's pus or it smells, then go to the doctor. Right now, open that bitch up, rub alcohol in it, bandage with clean bandages.

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duck tape is a good bandaid. so is crazy glue if u are willing to go the extra mile

>reconvene "un

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This works. It's not pretty but it'll do. As an aside, superglue was quite literally invented as a replacement for surgical sutures. And now you know.

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Duct Tape and the AK-47 are God's gifts to mankind.

>irreligious faunae
>not now, captcha

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It's my arm, not my leg. I'm Italian, so sue me.
You guys are making me paranoid. I guess I'll go get some first aid stuff from somewhere.

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Medical advice on MY /tg/? You really don't need the other boards do you?

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The other boards are worse at this.

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AK-47 is God's gift to poorly trained conscripts armies who are just going to charge to their deaths. The AR-15 is God's gift to America and a weapon of a true warrior.

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I was once on this sparring match with a friend with foam swords. We kept at it for a while without landing a single blow, until he knocks my foam sword to the ground. He took the chance to make a swing at me, and I jason bourne'd the guy by taking his sword mid-swing, pinning him into the wall and "stabbing" himself with it. Kinda lame, but felt good, man.

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Except first they made superglue, and afterwards they made a version to be used in a medical environment. You only get real superglue used when you're actually getting medical help and they take that shit off

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Actually the reason AK-47s have such crap accuracy is that many have lasted for so long that the rifling has worn out.

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Other boards will tell you to spit on the wound, or rub some dirt in it. Frankly you're lucky we're not telling you how to make a super awesome anti-bacterial ointment out of ammonium and bleach.

> Docs too

What the fuck? Freaking Captcha

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>implying a true warrior wants a gun that jams when you think bad thoughts about it

>READING Pilcher

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YES! Go downstairs and get some hydrogen peroxide already! Pouring a little on the cut then putting on bandaid ain't that hard!

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wait, how expensive is it to re-boar that shit?

wait, to maintain the caliber would you have to fully replace the barrel?

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Who let /k/ in here?

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It's not that, the "crap accuracy" is because of the cartridge. I have an ak 101 chambered in 5.56 and I can shoot a 1 and a half inch group at 100 yards if I use good ammo and actually have my scope on right.

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Also, you should stop cutting yourself and posting it on the internoughts.

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>implying /k/ ever left when Shas is here

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From /tg/ to /adv/ to /k/.

I fucking love you guys.

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1. Get a clean washcloth. (Recently laundered, unused.)
2. Get it wet with water.
3. Lather soap on the washcloth.
4. Gently clean your wound with the soapy washcloth.
5a. Rinse the wound with water.
5b. (Optional) Apply Hydrogen Peroxide to disinfect. Simply pour a little directly on the wound. Costs very little at most pharmacies.
6. After the wound is dried of water, apply a clean bandage.

Buy some cotton balls so you can rub some hydrogen peroxide on them too if you need to scrape gunk out. Put neosporin on an appropriate bandage, slap it on, and you're done.

Shave your arm area before hand if you don't want painful hair ripping.

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It's because of the loose tolerances of the gun (that also contribute to its nigh-indestructability). This is also the reason bolt-action rifles are still highly favored as sniper weapons--you need a certain degree of looseness in the part fitting for a semi-auto to function properly, and said looseness lowers accuracy a bit (enough to matter to a sniper).

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New barrels are like, 100. Getting an ak in a caliber other then 7.62x39 does wonders for accuracy though.

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/tg/ - Public Health Dept.

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>this is what people unfamiliar with the quality of Soviet arms actually believe.
The gun has bad accuracy because they're poorly made. A decent AK pattern rifle will have comparable accuracy to a low grade AR.

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Plus the ak typically has poor barrel harmonics, mine has an extra thick barrel though.

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/tg/ - Boy Scouts

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Which is funny considering how unhygenic people on this board can be.

Seriously, if you're reading this right now and haven't showered, GO DO THAT. WE WILL STILL BE HERE. GO ON, GIT. And you there, sitting on your cot/ bed. Go do your laundry already. That pile is as tall as you are and it stinks.

Also you there sitting on the blue sheets. They need to be changed and cleaned. Do you think your acne/ backne is going to clear up by itself? CHANGE YOUR SHEETS EVERY 10-14 DAYS. CHANGE YOUR PILLOWCASE EVER 5-7 DAYS IF YOU ARE BREAKING OUT.

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Knife? Have you had your shots lately? Also, take up some knives of your own, woman.

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fuck, I just heard about Cat Shit One at Otakon. I need to get into this shit.

Apparently the American name will be "Apocalypse Meow".

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A homeless master of war?

Well, when I was actually homeless, I beat up a violent drunk with a plank of wood.

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Seriously, I don't understand why Women don't carry a personal weapon or defensive implement of some kind. Just a simple knife or even some god damn spray if you're too big of a baby. Just SOMETHING so that you can defend yourself.

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That's inflammation kicking in. Generally that means your body realized some BAD SHIT HAS GONE DOWN YO.

Increased blood flow and heat in the area.

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Yes. That's the hydrogen peroxide cleaning it out. It should be stinging like a bitch as well.
Keep cleaning it and dumping Hydrogen Peroxide on it until it stops bubbling like that.

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YES. This is what you get for not cleaning it the first time properly. That is puss, and infection. It is nasty, and it's your payment for being a dumbass.

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YES. Relax. That foam is harmless. It like water with bubbles in it, Hyrdogen peroxide H2O2 is closely related to water H2O.

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>>Apply Hydrogen Peroxide to disinfect

Yea, if you want permanent tissue damage. Stop fucking being retards to girls just because you cant have them TG.

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Actually, yeah.

>Captcha: they stung
>My face

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Ooh Lawd, Looks like you may be developing some kind of rash from the creme.. You ever use whatever it is you just spread all over your arm before?

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wtf? why is it foaming?

>> No.11481641

should I wash the bubbles off?

>> No.11481647


Looks like you poured Hydrogen Peroxide on it.

Yes, it's supposed to bubble like that and sting for a little bit.

>> No.11481655


You're supposed to clean the peroxide off afterwards with a sterile wipe.

Then bandage it. If it doesn't hurt a ton, then it's not infected, and you're fine. Infected wounds always hurt more than they should, and in a larger area than they should.

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6 small throwers, as well as a longer 6 inch combat knife.

Admittedly, throwers take a bit of pratace, but, you can have one in hand reaaaallly fast, if you keep them up your sleeve. Quick jerk of the arm, and, wham, knife!

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>never used Hydrogen peroxide before in his life
Did you, like, never scrap your knee as a kid?
The pain is a good pain. It means it's working, and it also means it's dirty as fuck and thus YOUR PUNISHMENT FOR NOT CLEANING UP RIGHT AWAY

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The foam is the hydrogen peroxide reacting to the catalase in your cells. Perfectly normal, nothing to see here.

>> No.11481675

Yup. Shitsux but the pain is just from the mass bacterial genocide you just enacted. It'll be better for it, so long as you cover it with a clean dressing too.

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Wait a bit, then yes. Clean it, then pour more on it.
That stinging means its working. It's SUPPOSED TO. If it didn't sting, that means the wound is clean.

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*sigh* THIS ISN'T WITCHCRAFT. THE BUBBLING IS HOW YOU KNOW IT IS WORKING. This is not the case with all medicines. Hell it works even without bubbling. So I'm kind of just dicking with you. The point being YES THAT IS WHAT IS NORMALLY DOES.

Pouring HP on a wound is good if it is a large wound or there is a lot of blood and shit to clean, but for small wounds and cuts, pour a small amount onto a cottonball and gently rub the injury. This helps remove dead tissue/ fluids/ bacteria, etc.

Now let it dry, and then put a bandage on it, preferably with some neosporin since that shit is antibacterial.

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I never disinfect my wounds, I just leave it as it is. Sure it sometiems turn green and what not but nothing else ever happens.
Yer immune system needs some training, lads.

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>Hydrogen Peroxide causes permanent tissue damage

Not in the concentrations you buy in a store, what the fuck are you smoking and where can I buy some?

>> No.11481694


You are going to die a horrific death, one day.

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Reminds me of when I fell off my motorcycle. I couldn't clean it properly for a few days (Broken arm), and a friend tore off everything and just poured peroxide on it again and again until it stopped foaming.

It felt like he was pouring acid into the wound, but it felt SO much better when it was done.

>warhorses geopolitical
can't give me the short ones, can you captcha.

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doesn't look like you were cut very deep...

he should have been using a HARPOON!

>> No.11481706

Anti-Bacterial pain is the best kind of pain. You can just feel that shit working, like liquid fire. It's awesome.

God I remember when I scraped my knee, and my Mom grabbed a spray can of anti-bacterial. SHIT STUNG SO BADLY.

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Don't be a faggot. While indeed higher-dilute or pure hydrogen peroxide could fuck up your skin, first-aid grade (3% dilute) hydrogen peroxide won't cause tissue damage (although it's still poisonous when ingested.)

>> No.11481716

now do it again

>> No.11481719

OP here
I'm just gonna keep dumping peroxide til it stops foaming and hurting.
I love you, /tg/. But this sucks.

>> No.11481727

>Until it stopped foaming
Oh boy, I bet that was a fun time.

>> No.11481731

I need to remember to get all your guys together when the Zombies come.

>causality to
What are you trying to tell me captcha?

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Wow man.

>> No.11481735

Redness is increased blood flow. Normal, not a rash. Very temporary.

That is not puss. It is normal for Hydrogen Peroxide.

>> No.11481744

Incidentally, I love hydrogen peroxide. It's like 62 cents a bottle, and you can use it for basically everything. Cold sore in the mouth? Hydrogen peroxide! Nasty cut? Hydrogen peroxide! Swollen gums? Just apply a 50% hydrogen peroxide 50% water mix to your toothbrush and make gentle rotations on the affected area. Girlfriend breaking up with you? Some hydrogen peroxide will fix that shaky relationship right up! Home-invaders? SPASH SOME HYDROGEN PEROXIDE RIGHT IN THAT FUCKER'S EYES!

There are very few problems in this world that cannot be solved with judicious use of hydrogen peroxide, duct tape, and live ammunition.

>> No.11481745

Hydrogen Peroxide is the #1 way to prevent Nurgle's influence on you with something like this. Emperor Recommended, in fact.

>> No.11481747

It's not infected. Yet.

Wash it in soap and warm water, apply neosporin or some similar antibiotic ointment, then cover it with a gauze pad secured with some medical tape.

It's not paranoia, it's good sense. You don't let wounds sit open to catch bugs. It doesn't look like a big cut or anything though, nor does it look that deep. You should be alright assuming you keep it clean.

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I know. I feel slightly bad about it, but I was trying to scare her worse, so SHE WOULD TAKE CARE OF IT BEFORE IT GOT WORSE NEXT TIME.

>> No.11481765

You guys ever read the hydrogen peroxide bottles? Well, the tall brown bottles anyway. says you can use it as a mouth wash.

never tried it though >.>

>> No.11481778

Well, I've heard that Malcolm solves all his problems with a chainsaw. Never had the same problem twice.

reCAPTCHA: or anodyne. I suppose that would work too...

>> No.11481779

>this sucks
This is /tg/, not a French restaurant, so save your whine. Cleaning a wound hurts, especially when its been left to fester and grow infected.

>> No.11481780

Good job OP. You're doing the right thing.
Yea, that too.

>> No.11481784

Yes you can, but it could kill you if you swallow.

>> No.11481785


And the ones left, all you need to do is stab it's ass.

>> No.11481788

Pour fucking straight bourbon on it, then slap some duct tape on it. FUCKING MANLY!

>> No.11481798


>Girlfriend breaking up with you? Some hydrogen peroxide will fix that shaky relationship right up! Home-invaders? SPASH SOME HYDROGEN PEROXIDE RIGHT IN THAT FUCKER'S EYES!

When the apocalypse occurs, I'll be the one hoarding hydrogen peroxide, guns, and bullets.

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>> No.11481809

That's a waste of good bourbon you unrefined ass.

>> No.11481810


Yeah, I rinse my mouth with hydrogen peroxide and Listerine every other night. My teeth fucking sparkle, man. Never had a tooth problem in my life.

>> No.11481818

Soap too.
Soap is good for many things as well, and cheap!

>> No.11481826


tastes like shit, and it's not a mouthwash, it's a debrider. Well... they're the same thing really, just a basic debrider has no minty freshness.

>> No.11481835

Neither have I, and I hardly ever brush teeth

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>> No.11481855


enjoy your heart disease.

>> No.11481859

I see. Interesting.

> captcha: marts great
Oh captcha, you always know what to say. Imma go get some H2O2 at the mart now

>> No.11481863

So OP's character is a weak ass pussy being carried by the rest of the party?

>> No.11481874

One time I got a small mosquito bite on my knee, back like when I was 14. I scraped it until it turned into a scab. Yeah I was stupid. Now here's where it gets worse.

I blew my nose, and accidentally rubbed some of that shit on the open sore. Within the end of the week I had a swollen infected sore on my leg. I was a total idiot and had a bunch of phobias at the time so I didn't say anything. Like two weeks later I had a small sunken pocket of flesh where puss squeezed out like a river. Hell I even ripped some small grey tumor or some shit out of it. I don't know. Then it proceeded to heal up properly. I had a small hole in the side of my knee for a few years until it filled in. Follow that up with a few smaller scale but similar problems.....

I am now a 23 year old with an immense appreciation for proper hygienic practices and principles. I wash my hands often, properly clean and disinfect all wounds, and regularly clean and disinfect things that I use regularly.

Seriously, Nurgle is full of shit. Fight him in the name of the Emperor. His love is an evil love.

>> No.11481877

you know, if it wasn't any worse than a cat scratch and you haven't lived a squeaky clean sterile life chance are you would have been fine without doing anything about it. peroxide and band aids don't hurt though.

>> No.11481879

> Propagandistic lies to incite fear to direct the target's actions
I hate you. So much.

>> No.11481882


THat's how I cured my chlamydia. Just stuck a funnel in the tip and poured it in after taking a chug beforehand to brace myself.

>> No.11481889

>didn't read the second post

Read up, son. We're discussing the virtues of the manliest of over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, hydrogen peroxide. Get with the program.

>> No.11481891


>My mouth is a haven for bacteria and plaque.

>> No.11481897


>> No.11481901

OP again. Cleaned it out, it still stings but it feels better than it did. Not as sore. Again, thanks /tg/, I love you guys.

>> No.11481909

Catgirl, you do not have room to talk on having people deal with trauma.

>> No.11481915

>no food
>no oil
lol u die
>no games
of boredom.

>> No.11481919


inb4 you're welcome, now tits or gtfo

You're welcome, OP.

>> No.11481934


Good on yer. Always keep some hydrogen peroxide handy. You never know when it might save your life or your marriage.

>> No.11481935

Oh, don't forget that Hydrogen Peroxide is also rocket fuel.

>> No.11481941

Barter system.
Do you have any idea how valuable medical supplies would be in a post-apocalyptic setting?

>> No.11481943


>> No.11481959

Back in my day we'd just chop off yer leg!
None of this wasting of perfectly good alcoholics!

>> No.11481974

Real medical supplies, yes.
Not something that's only vital to pussies who have no resistances.

>> No.11481979


Back in your day, a Surgeon's worth was determined by how quickly he could amputate a limb. The record was 45 seconds, I believe.

>> No.11481982

I now imagine A giant muscular bottle of Listerine and Hydrogen Peroxide punching Bacteria up, and shoving penicillin down it's throat.

>> No.11481996

that's her arm...

>> No.11481997

So, are they dead yet?

>Morita. Zimmerman,

>> No.11481999

...I call bullshit. Give me some lumber, some cast iron, and a competent blacksmith and I'll have a device for amputating in 20 seconds, TOPS

>> No.11482013


I think you overestimate how far natural resistance will get you when you lack basic sanitation and nutrition. Enjoy your amputation and/or septic shock.

>> No.11482021

Guillotine doesn't count.

>> No.11482022

Would probably be faster if they didn't insist on using a saw.

>> No.11482025

Bah, real surgeons use a saw

>> No.11482026

this thread made me go brush my teeth...

>> No.11482027

back in my dad's day you didn't go to the hospital for anything less than a hammer lodged in your skull.

>> No.11482034



>> No.11482036

Clearly we are at an impasse.

>> No.11482037

A sword is fine too.

>> No.11482044

The idea is to amputate the limb without killing the patient, not just hacking the whole goddamn thing off as quickly as possible. It needs to be done with speed to prevent shock from setting in and precision so that the wound can heal better.

I'll do you one better. Here's an angry tanker full of hydrogen peroxide.

>> No.11482058

for scrapes and scratches? city or suburbs?

>> No.11482060


I claim some expertise in this case, however.

Normally, you'd be right, though.

>> No.11482065


>> No.11482069

I propose a device which is partially a saw, guillotine and shovel!

>> No.11482070

The problem with severing a limb without a saw is that there is a chance you will fracture the bone.

>> No.11482079

Nothing a hammer can't fix.

>> No.11482102

Then I propose using a rotary saw!

>> No.11482132

You know, I went back and looked up the record, and it turns out I was vastly overestimating the speed at which Surgeons could amputate.

"Robert Lister was credited as the fastest amputation surgeon in history. He performed an amputation every 2½ minute."

>> No.11482139

Aah good times for the surgeons it was.

>> No.11482171


It was indeed. You know, Napoleon's personal surgeon was credited with performing over 200 amputations withing 24 hours. That's some stamina right there.

>> No.11482223

I've always had the impression that they'd fit a tooth ache by removing the entire jaw.
Reminds me of that time I tried to create a character that was essentialy a 18-19th century ship surgeon, fun times when I amputated the bards leg.

>> No.11482236


And he's hackin' and whackin' and packin'
And he's hackin' and whackin' and packin'
And he's hackin' and whackin' and packin'
Hack, whack, choppin' that meat!

>other genome

>> No.11482238

His right arm must have rivaled that of faptau!

>> No.11482255


Luckily for you that song was already stuck in my head by talking about the apocalypse. If it wasn't, I'd be pissed at you for sticking that god damn ear worm back in my head.

>> No.11482325


If you want to talk dentistry, look no further than the ancient Greeks. To cure a cavity, they inserted a heated peppercorn into the crack whereupon the entire tooth would fall apart, neatly preventing infection and getting rid of the cavity.

>> No.11482360

Didn't the egyptians have some sort of a tooth paste that made your gums leed?

>> No.11482381


I have no idea, honestly. Sorry.

>> No.11482382

That song got old quick.

>> No.11482437

A quick google search reveals that they indeed did.
>According to the document, written in the fourth century AD, the ingredients needed for the perfect smile are one drachma of rock salt - a measure equal to one hundredth of an ounce - two drachmas of mint, one drachma of dried iris flower and 20 grains of pepper, all of them crushed and mixed together.

>> No.11482443


Why on earth would anyone set that as his ringtone?

>> No.11482476

When I saw the thumbnail, I honestly thought it was going to be ALWWAAAAYS

>> No.11482491

I started playing as an Ork Monk a month or so ago. Since then, I have become very sensitive to light, and have gotten in more fistfights.

>> No.11482494


>> No.11482564

Why has only one person asked for tits?

>> No.11482588

Because we're elegan/tg/entlemen with the occasional /b/tard wandering in.

>> No.11482624

Are you me?

>> No.11482634

Oh /tg/.
Sometimes, I think these discussions are just a means for you stay off-topic as if the the GM were daring you to to talk about hings other than tabletop.

capcha:Alamo Relations,

>> No.11482643


Because some times the "hurdur i m male i r want 2 hav sex all da time omg grl on internet i m lonely i want to sexualize her auto so dat i can fufill my male agenda as a sexual creature" thing
gets redundant and trite and people decide not to default to that stupidity.

At least my hopes for humanity sais thus.

>> No.11482653

No, but I don't brush enough. Surprisingly, I seem to have really good teeth despite this.
Hooray free examinations because a co-worker is studying to be a dental hygienist!

>> No.11482676

I can't be my character, I don't own flintlocks.

>> No.11482694



>> No.11482927

When I was 12 I helped out with some electronics prototypes, mostly soldering and hot glue/plastic stuff (they've sinced miniaturized the design and dropped out a lot of the needlessly bulky crap), for a family friend. Law of Averages struck, and I fucked up. Hot plastic burned a hole straight through the palm of my left hand. Almost pencil-sized in diameter. It only took one, maybe two weeks to heal, though, thanks to my excessive(?) use of hydrogen peroxide. Fizzed, felt cool and bubbly and weird, but I never flinched in the application. The scar's hardly there, now.

Hydrogen peroxide: good disinfectant.

>manse duty
Captcha, you rascal.

>> No.11482930


The AK 47's (assuming you're actually talking about an actual 47 and not another variant) "poor" accuracy is due to the 7.62 cartridge's semi-questionable ballistics (compared to that of the .223) out of a barrel that short and the violent, loose action of the bolt, but that's only when firing in automatic. Semi-auto, they're perfectly fine and just dandy as far as accuracy goes.


>> No.11482949

rolled 89 = 89

Wasteland Warrior, I love you. You are fucking amazing. Will you have my children?

>> No.11482971

>Hot plastic burned a hole straight through the palm of my left hand.

I be doubtan that.

>> No.11483049

Then there was the first real fight I ever got into, though it never came to blows. The guy was walking over to me in a menacing manner, so I jumped (I'm 5'5") up and tackled his face. I heard "Oh god he's a facehugger!" and everyone had a laugh. From that point on, everyone seemed to know my name; they all seemed happy to see me, too.

Then there was dodging rocks as a kid (long story), almost badass-ing my car back into control (I lost it at the last second, killed a tree), and fixing a computer with a gum wrapper and a paper clip (which is actually like the characters I play).

>okaying pain
Captcha's becoming self-aware, isn't it?

>> No.11483099

Hole on one side, to the other, nearly burned my leg except I was wearing denim.

>random, unhappy
Captcha is Skynet.

>> No.11483169


Without going into the different ballistics and different design goals, the AK-47 has a reputation for lesser accuracy due to the barrel flexing during firing, which will obviously throw the bullet a bit off course.

Video to prove it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_E_GJayano

>> No.11483231


I wouldn't doubt it.

Once again, over-all umbrella statement, still a fine firearm.

>> No.11483232

I did a double take when I saw this.

Wasteland Warrior, you aren't dead? Welcome back, comrade!

>> No.11483268


As a side not, not entirely sure why I bothered with the ballistics statement. As far as I know it's not any less true, but I hate people that argue over ballistics of different shots.

>> No.11483286

In getting over trauma WRONG maybe. Or have you gotten over your habit of freaking out when people talk to you?

>> No.11483293

So rectify this situation.

>> No.11483326

Ma'am--you'll be dead in a week without proper anti-antibiotics.

>> No.11483411


Ah, hot glue guns. I was working on a science project back in the 6th grade that required such an application. I was holding the object steady while a friend was gluing, but because it was an old glue gun it got stuck and searing hot glue poured all over my hands, leaving me with first- and second-degree burns and quite a collection of blisters. It being the 6th grade, my hands became a topic of much debate until it was settled that one particularly large blister was anvil-shaped and not, in fact, tornado shaped.

I have no idea why I remember that.

>> No.11483489

When I went to the army and, in theory, learned how to use and maintain a lot of different guns, missiles, cannons, explosives and the like.

Made me realize my characters didn't really lead such exciting lives in their background fluff afterall. It really surprised me how mind-numbingly boring a military life is. You either do silly unproductive crap, or sit on your ass waiting 'til you can do more silly unproductive crap, with a 90% propability of the sitting and waiting happening far from anything resembling a stimulating pastime available to a civvie.

>> No.11483542


My friend was blown off his humvee when an RPG struck it. Killed everyone inside, he was in a coma for a few weeks.

>> No.11483565


How's the saying go? Life in the military is long periods of waiting and boredom punctuated with moments of sheer utter terror.

>> No.11483632


If you'll believe the word of an anonymous poster with no proof, he also was ordered to fire at a child carrying a package, running towards his "squad" (after multiple orders to stop in two languages). When all was done, they checked the package; chocolate.

>> No.11483679

Well, sucks for him for VOLUNTEERING FOR IT, the fucktard. What kind of a moron joins the service voluntarily when there's a war going on? I didn't get to choose, and if it ever starts to look like there's war on the horizon, I'm going to be halfway to the Bahamas by the time they recall me into service. Fuck that macho shit, I got a degree and money in the bank, let the retards do the liberatin'.

>> No.11483697

My grandpa's favorite saying, "Hurry up and wait!"

I have Murphy's laws of combat tacked up on my wall.

>> No.11483945


I'm not trying to get you to pity him or anything, just putting out what5 I thought was an interesting bit of information.

>> No.11483978

Eh, wasn't hatin', just tooting my own opinion of military service. Shit's silly, and for silly people.

>> No.11484019



>> No.11484155


I want to respond, but I don't have enough time to argue it well, so I have to accept your opinion.

But fuck if I don't disagree.

>> No.11484171

>Serve for three years
>Get to shoot all kinds of guns
>Go to Iraq, get a shit ton of decorations.
>Get out with an honorable discharge, a good conduct medal, both of which are awesome on a resume
>Get paid shit, but still manage to save enough money to live comfortably for well over a year without working
>Get my college tuition paid for AND get paid monthly to go to college
>stay with family that live near the university and watch my bank account swell

I absolutely hated my time in the military, but it was worth it.

I'd never do it again, though. Not unless a foreign state is putting boots on American soil.

>> No.11484636

>Not unless a foreign state is putting boots on American soil.

Man, if another nation ever actually invades the US in an official, "our nation is attacking your nation, roll your defence die" way... There are very few people who WON'T be at the closest national guard post asking who they should shoot.

On top of that, can you imagine the logistics nightmare that would be the invasion of the US? Unless they WMD us first, they have to deal with a nation full of people that celebrate their freedom by blowing stuff up. A nation full of backyard bomb enthusiasts and mythbusters watchers. Hell, Given 20 minutes and what I have in my kitchen, along with maybe 2 items from my garage, I could make a thermite bomb that would fuck up everything and everyone in a 15 foot radius. You think IEDs are bad? Wait until uncle sam tells Jethro and co. to hold the bridge at all costs.

>> No.11484676


Jethro and Co.

Real American Heroes.

>Dittmar Pratt

>> No.11484803

Holy crap, some of you people really don't know how to treat a simple cut?

>> No.11484825

Dressing wounds is my favourite traditional game.

>> No.11484834

U wuss it takes no skill to kick someone in the nuts.

>> No.11485017

>a hateless opinion of the military

I salute you sir O7

>> No.11485775

God bless the USA.

Of course, Jethro & Co aren't big fans of the feds either, if they came poking there noses too deep in peoples' business, nobody around here would let that go down, but damned if we wouldn't all unite in the face of any external threat. I may not like the boys in DC too well, but I'd shoot a foreign aggressor for any one of them, and I'd relish the opportunity.

>> No.11485960

Obviously her character isn't a cleric, so she'd have no idea how to heal!

>> No.11486026

Most classes can train Heal. And most characters will at least not have a huge negative modifier for it.

>> No.11486470


My Neroucies are only based on trama on the waaay around. It came mainly from just not dealing with anyone for an extended period, and the....just going insane, frankly. Physical trauma, I had my leg almost torn off, and was mostly fine within the month. It's only as people stopped vising, or returning my messages, as I was still in the hospitable did I turn inward.

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