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Hey /tg/, depressed Slaanesh guy from yesterday, feeling loads better and thought I'd celebrate with some of art of your favorite things! Join me in my merriment!

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Does Garrus have his DICK in the popcorn bowl?

>> No.11470787

Serious lack of Zaeed in that picture.

>> No.11470799

Serious lack of kelly next to that critter

>> No.11470811

Zaeed got put in time-out for trying to strangle Moradin over his Vuvuzela playing.

>> No.11470818

You know, Thane's backwash is going to make Tali sick as hell

>> No.11470822

>tali drinking from an open easily contaminate-able container.
>Than shareing Tali's drink(what about them dextro acid things? or are they like turians?)
>Mordin and not the /nigger/ blowing the Vuvuzela
>varren but no sign of Kelly

Good concept, but so much wrong with that drawing.

>> No.11470848

I like how this picture focuses on Miranda's only good point.

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>> No.11471023

I love that pic. Mainly becuase /tg/ was all fuck that cultist bitch! draw a pic of her getting fucked with a chainsword!!! and the drawfag was like awwwright. And he did. And then /tg/ was like pic related.

>> No.11471037

wasn't there jo haters from /v/ that day?

>> No.11471061

You know, it's funny. there's a completely different slaaneshi pokemon trainer picture on the 1d4chan wiki, and yet this was the older one. I actually prefer this one.

>> No.11471084

Why depressed?

>> No.11471166

Shouldn't you be shooting drugs in a mass orgy?

>> No.11471210

i bet he does
also yes the image is sorely lacking in zaeed and kasumi

> ROONEY fireballs

>> No.11471247

do want

> behind lips
nah, mostly the underneath ones

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