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hey /tg/, i have a problem.

i just started a dark heresey campaign with some buddies. it's everyone's first time playing, but we did our homework and gameplay is going fine. the issue is the party psyker. he has a bad case of power gaming mixed up with Mary-Suendrome. he actually changed his starting XP expendature to get more willpower from one of the other sourcebooks after the second gaming session. the GM cleared it, cuz he's a really chill guy who understands that it's everyone's first time, but still. also, both his divination roll and his sanctioning effect are +3 willpower, and with voidborn, dumping a 19 into it, buying 5 points, and some weird starting package out of the inquisitor's handbook, he has 60 willpower. 60 willpower, and he's rank 2.
his backstory, i'm not shitting you, places him at alpha rank psyker power levels, but he "can't control it" or some bullshit excuse. he has said flat out that his goal is to be a ridiculous power house that kills everything [and implied that the rest of us don't do anything].
so my question is, is there anything i can do? he is working with the inquisitor on a work release from prison, and he has told the other accolytes that he is trying to escape, but is there any way for me to justify killing him? is there anyway to put him out permanently? (i'm not sure how kick ass faith points are) and if not, how can i best deal with the fact that there's a person in the party who feels that he needs to be the best one there, and that the lone, quiet badass can shoot mindbullets through whatever problems that arise.

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Something tells me you can spare a few inferno rounds...

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wait till he manifests psychic phenomenon, then cap him in the back of the head.
totally in character, especially since he goes on about how he can't control his powers

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Which discipline tree is his fagass going?

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tell the Inquisitor hes trying to escape confinement.

Suggest explosive collars.

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No matter how powerful he is, he can still roll those delicious nines.

Just wait for the fun to start. Gun him down if you need to...but odds are the horrible stuff that will happen to him will be worth it.

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Also, eliminate the spaces in Captcha, and it'll work now.

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Roll a Redemptionist.

Bring lots of flamer juice.

Teach him his place in the Imperium.

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Just wait until he he rolls a 100 on the Perils of the Warp.

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Culexus assassin on loan from a rival Inquisitor. It might piss off your patron a little, but it's a sight better than waiting for this abomination to manifest as a Daemonhost.

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Someone needs to be purged

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Shoot him, point blank with an autogun on full auto, loaded with the appropriate amo type.

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Roll 19
Void born 25
Divination 3
Sanctioning 3
Buy 5
Living Nightmare 5

Yep, that's legitimate. Well, somebody's looking out for him. Phenomena can still be an issue, and he's got a head start on everyone in the insanity department.

So what's your issue? You report "gameplay is going fine." Is having a more powerful character in the party that much of an issue? Would you prefer that he play a more interesting powerful character? There's enough in that character to make things interesting: How'd he get in prison? What's behind the Living Nightmare? Who will take an interest in him as his power and reputation grows?

Is this a personal conflict with the player?
What does the GM think?
Have you spoken to either of them about whatever your misgivings are?

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incendiary is traditional

Also, space bar works now on captcha.

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A sister of battle with a couple of fate points would put him in the ground pretty fast. Spend a fate point, ignore a power. Put a bolt shell in his head.

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Don't you need to be Psy rating 3 before you can start shooting mind bullets through everything?

Also, killing doesn't have to be your only answer. Perhaps a chat with your Inquisitor is in order. May I introduce you to a drug called "Torpor?" Very spendy to say the least, but perhaps your Inquisitor could be convinced to part with some if it were mentioned that certain "unstable elements" of your party were considering going rogue. Perhaps the Inquisitor has already perceived this potential course of action, and will simply gift you with the remote control to the automated injector loaded with torpor implanted into the Psyker's body.

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>sister of battle

So broken

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IMO the GM should have nipped that plan in the bud a long time ago. Powergamers are no fun for anyone (unless the whole party does it).

As for how to deal with it, you have two options.

1: Wait for him to manifest a psychic phenomena/do something heretical and then kill him. Preferably with a shotgun, at Point Blank, to the head.

2: Make a Daemonic pact with our good friend Balphomael The Horned Darkness. You'd probably have to make some good Lore rolls or have occult contacts before your GM would let you know about this, but based on the fact that he let a Rank 2 WP 60 Psyker exist, he'll probably be cool with it.

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my biggest issue is bassically how much he brags about his mary-sue. the GM seems cool with it, which is why i haven't mentioned it at all, and why i'd like to find a way to make it looks like an accident, or at least in character, if i do decide to pull some shit. also, he doesn't roleplay his background, he doesn't include the living nightmare in his backstory, nor his divination or sanctioning effect. he's just a badass. that's how he pitched his character. that's how he plays his character. if that was it, i would have no issue. fine, quiet badass, not hte most original idea, but it works. what erks me so bad is how he keeps going on about how he's gonna kick ass and take names, and the rest of us are just chumps who can't hit anything (the assassin missed an aimed shot against the first boss on like a 96, i've failed some skill checks badly, etc) and it grinds my gears how much he talks shit outside game like the rest of us are beneath him, so i'd like to make him beneath dirt.

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Not as bad as a techpriest as a whole. But yeah, against psykers, very nasty.

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What's the problem he's obviously focusing on his WP, that's not bad at all. That's what Psykers are there for, they got shitty talents other than Psyker stuff. They're sure not going to hit anyone with their gun, and they sure the hell don't have the strength or toughness to go into melee.

CAPTCHA "murmurs found"

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Tell him it bugs you.

Ask him to tone it down. Because they machismo should be dialed down.

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OP didn't really notice what was happening right away, since he was new to the system as well.

inquisitor has complete faith in this dude, and he just keeps going on about how he's gonna start skewering people with his mind when he gets his next rank or whatever.

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Full auto at point blank next time he manifests phenomena.

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Tox-jack in his rations.

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My advice? Play a guard. Pump fellowship. Command legions.

With the right skills, you can command everything from an elite squad of Inquisitorial Stormtroopers to a whole regiment of Imperial Guard seconded to the Inquisition.

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*high five*

I like the way you think.

While he does his "Durrrrr lookit me"

You'll be getting shit done.

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I have a solution. Its called a bolter to the face.

Alternatively, force him into situations where his insanity will get the better of him for a while.

Or if all else fails, mention to the GM you want a mission involving stealers.

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okay, i do happen to be a guardsmen with 40 fellowship (hive worlder) but i was planning to go stormtrooper. this commanding thing sounds interesting, though, tell me more.

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I think there's an item that allows you to record speech(Vox-capturer or something). Record any signs of him talking about possible 'I can kill everything with my powers'. Send to Inquisitor. Enjoy the drama.

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There are follower rules.

Try and prove to your inquisitor you can handle the responsibilities of command.

Get some IG ASAP. Use them to do stuff like guarding your back, and securing areas and taking care of prisoners.

Turn them into your squad of ultimate badasses. Have you and your team be "THE SQUAD".

Because the only thing a Mary sue hates, is someone stealing their limelight.

Live by the snipers code from TF2. Be polite, be efficient, have a plan to kill everyone you meet.

It will be glorious.

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fucking. awesome.

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What, a sensible solution that relies on interpersonal dialogue? This is /tg/! Pic related.

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Command opens up to Veteran guardsmen, and allows you to directly order personnel assigned to your command up to your fellowship bonus. Since yours is 40, you could command four men at present.

If you follow through to Lieutenant, Captain, and eventually commander, you'll be able to take a variety of social skills that will enable you to acquire men to replace those lost, and to make many, many friends in the Imperium. You can also take scholastic lore advances, hatred (psykers, for instance), and bonuses to resist fear, psychic abilities, and exotic weaponry.

It's heavily end-game, but even as a veteran, you could command four men without any advances to fellowship. With Master Orator, you could command 400 at commander rank.

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400 men.

Lets say... 10 man squads as standard. At least 4 heavy weapons teams.

Plus transports... I'm thinking Valkyries.

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So, my psyker is craptacular. Which discipline should I pick?

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I'm thinking Squigs

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Why biol?

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But, if you and your 400 man platoon are mounted in Valkyries you can also be the ride for your group.

And take the climb skill, so you can abseil.

Then laugh as the psyker falls to his death.

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If the psyker is on a work release from prison, I think the Inquisitor needs to reconsider his faith in him.

You know what? Screw it, out perform him. If you're proficient with grenade launchers, use them. With a bit of luck, you'll be rolling Righteous Fury in no time, and your min/max psyker friend will be crying "hax!" If you're no good with launchers, and encounters tend to be close up, get a combat shotgun. These things are hilarious when fired at point blank range on semi-auto. Beg your cleric friend, or noble born buddy to buy you one if you're out of thrones.

Also, keep in mind that a psyker has a hard time getting the "Sound Constitution" talent. He may feel like a badass now, but wait until some Xeno or Scummer does more than grazes him. He'll be heading for the back of combat in no time.

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There is always that. Dual wield combat shotguns with recoil gloves and lay waste to everything in your path.

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Tell your GM to read Creatures Anathema.

Introduce him to the wonders of Psyriens.

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thanks, guys, you've renewed my faith in guardsmen to kick ass and dark heresy to not have fucking retarded characters. i'm going to bed now, bye!

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I was considering telekinetics for my psyker.

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is that seriously an option?

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No matter how many crazy psychic stunts a guy can pull or how many feats of strength a techpriest can pull, very little is as satisfying as an Imperial Guard firegroup cleaning and sweeping a complex of heretics.

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Or maybe telepathy, for investigation.

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How do ghosts and equipment work in 3.5 dnd? Does any equipment they had/have only work in the ethereal world? Does none of it work in the material one? How about casting? Do spells they cast only work in the ethereal plane?

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Yeah, you don't even lose range like you would with an "extra grip." It only gets better once you get Two-Weapon Wielder (Ballistic). Don't forget Ambidextrous!

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Yep, it can be done. Not exactly easy or overly practical, but in close quarters, it can be one of the most disgusting things you'll ever witness.

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>>but is there any way for me to justify killing him?

"Oh no, the psyker has gone over to chaos!"

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Make a gun that fires 48 bullets per round.

Make the Inquisitor shit bricks when you tell him the price.

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>400 men
HEY, do you want to be SO INQUISITORIAL?!

Try Guardsman, the class for people who need GRATUITOUS AMOUNTS OF SOLDIERS!

With all new flavors like SNIPER! SNIPER ENERGY, it's like adding mono bullets to a WARP STORM. Sound the vox casters, you're gonna be UNCOMFORTABLY FAITHFUL!

What's that? You want Fellowship? Well how about COMMANDER?! Made with Fellowship, REAL FELLOWSHIP! Purge(AAAAAH!) You'll be good at them! It’s a career path for men. Menergy. These aren’t your dad’s puns, these are Inquisitor puns. INQUISIPUNS!

Bullets, Lasers, Bullets, Lasers, lasguns, laspistols, lascannons, more lasers than your body has room for. You’ll be so shooty, Gork and Mork will be like, “Sloooooowwww dooowwwwnn.” And you’ll be like, “WAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!” and kick themin the face with your POWER LEGS. You’ll have so much fate points, fate points(AAAAAAAA!) just shooting all the time. Power shooting, power hitting, power interrogating, power kicking, power punching, power sniping, power leading soldiers. You’ll have so many soldiers! 400 SOLDIERS!

Give SNIPER to your soldiers and they’ll be good at WARS! Make your SOLDIERS KILL ABNORMALLY FAST! They’ll kill as fast as CATACHANS! People will watch them killing and think they’re CATACHANS! They’ll kill as fast as CATACHANS, in a race with actual CATACHANS, and it’ll be a tie, and they’ll get deported back to CATACHAN!

Hey, go with the sure thing. Don’t gamble on the warp(PSYYYYKEEERS!). Try Guardsman, the energy that will make you (aaahhh!) PURGE (aaahhh!).

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Your copypasta has been copycapped, sir.

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Ok, this has been niggling at me.
What game is that, and what mod did you stick in to have a guardsman model?

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Looks like Oblivion to me.

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Really? Too scifi, by my guess

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Tell the Inquisitor the psyker intends to escape. Suggest explosive collars.

If he flat out states that he can't control his powers, report it to your nearest inquisitor.

Shoot him in the head the second anything remotely suggests that he is losing control. It doesn't even have to be a Manifestation of any sort - after all, what the fuck do you -really- know about psyker powers? If he bitches, just say that you were paranoid over how he's been saying he can't control his powers to begin with.

All of those are perfectly in-character approaches.

Also, tell your GM that he sucks balls for allowing bullshit like out-of-the-box Alpha Psykers (especially since he clearly isn't anywhere near Alpha level).

Just the mention that he intends to escape and that he confesses that he can't control his powers is actually reason enough to shoot him. Either for Heresy or for Treason (which is also Heresy).

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so it must be fallout 3! after all, it is just oblivion with guns!

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Background Looks like Citadel Station From Mass Effect 2.

So, I'd say Garry's Mod with Citadel map and Guardsmen Models.

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I had a rank 6 Psyker that Beat this guys psyker, but still thats rank six, I rolled max for Willpower and was Void born, then bought the advances. I also got the Divination that give plus 3 to willpower. All rolled and legit!

73 year old psyker with a 73 will power, Psy rating 4.

But Yes,If this guy has told you in character, "I can't control my power." get nice and close, aimed shot, fire.

If you are any class that does not know the abilites of a pskyer, you have a innate fear that deamons from the warp will over take him and kill you all. Next time he does something super overpowered, Blast him.

Pic not related.

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That's not even the highest you can go. Darkholder Voidborn start with 30+2d10 WP even before figuring in Living Nightmare, Hypo-Doctrination or Follow The Light Of Terra.

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You're suppose to be investigating, not blowing stuff up. Commanding squads of guardsmen when the operation requires investigation and local firefights to get the hell out of dodge.

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Is all that stuff in the Core book? I'm fairly new but I don't remember some of that in there...

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If there are splatbooks involved then fucking play a blank. So long as you hang out near him he'll be nothing but a normal, uneducated, weak imperial citizen with a fuckton of willpower.

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I thought blanks caused physical pain in psykers, and if they were on the weak end of the spectrum, death.

Or am I confusing my fluff with my crunch.

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I have no idea about crunch actually... i think they are probably too balanced (like willpower fights or some shit).

The blanks vary in power too, some seem to be able to permanently ruin psykers by being in the same room. Others just tone nearby powers and make psykers extremely uncomfortable.

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