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ITT: We rename Disney movies to make them fit for 40k. I'll start:

The Mutant of Cadia.
The Tyranid King.

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The Farseer and The Ork...Wow that knocks out like three.

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The little Eldar

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Grim Dark and the Seven Squa

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Black Templar and the Seven Xenos

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Servitor Story

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A Necron's Life

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Sleeping Sister of Battle

The Power Sword in the Stone


The Planetary Governor's Son and the Hive Scum

>>Captcha: velcro knowledge

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Battle Sister and the Heretic

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The Grot Princess

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Finding Russ

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STC Planet
Dreadnaught story
The guardsman and the xeno

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The God Emperor's New Groove

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An Extremely Heresy Moive

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Brother Tau

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Creed (aladin)

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Cultist-chan would be a good Jasmine.

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Cultist-chan and Ultramarine scout.

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Inquisitor in Hereticland.

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no no no

Commander of Cadia!

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Ciaphas Cain and the Seven Grots

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Sleeping Monlith.

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The Powersword in the stone

The great Ork detective
(Watson would be a Gretchin. "el'mentry mah dear Grotson, dis 'ere fella got crumped real good wid somethin' right stabby!")

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The Abhuman of Llouvre Marr.

With Inquisitor Frollo!

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>"el'mentry mah dear Grotson, dis 'ere fella got crumped real good wid somethin' right stabby!"
Fund it!

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Rogue Traders of the Ultima Segmentum: Curse of the Obsidian Orb.

(Yeah, it's a stretch but Disney did make the Pirates movies.)

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Sororita and the Warpbeast. Gaston would be a Chaos Marine of Slaanesh. All the talking furniture is replaced by skull probes and servitors. This can only end in heresy.

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Oh wait, got another one!


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I lol'd.

Someone post the picture of the chaos marine saying I'M SO HORNY.

We have our Horned Warmaster.

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Servitor Designate Beta-349-TEC


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The Little Daemonette

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>thread about disney 40k
Never change /tg/.

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