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Would any fa/tg/guy out there happen to have a copy of these books for /rs/?

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I'd love to see Mugi playing a tabletop wargame, just for the hell of it.

Would be the most hilarious thing ever.

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the hell is wrong with those tyranids?

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She would totally play Slaanesh for the yuri opportunities.

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I'm just imagining her wearing those aviators and trollfacing some poor bastard with her utter cheesiness.

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Yeah but then she'd invite her black boyfriend and shit would get awkward...

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Mugi40k...We are in need of a drawfag for this.

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have a paper copy, no way to scan, sorry.

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Indeed. I support this idea totally.

Especially if it involves her making suggestive comments to passing schoolgirls.

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Epic fail troll.

Captcha: husks well
How does it know?

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or an /u/ltramarine

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Your both wrong she's a Sister of Battle.

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Game is awesome.

In the designer's notes, Andy Chambers all but said this was the game 40K could have been.

I have it, but won't be scanning. Sorry.

But seriously, you can by one on ebay for like $5-10 bucks.

You can get the basic box game on ebay for half-price; $40.

Man the fuck up, and shell out some cash, game is awesome.

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As long as you play using the rulebook armies. Skinnies were awful, either too strong (Boogie venerables) or too weak. The MI and Arach lists were a bit wierder in the books too compared to the rulebook.

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Actually I am trying to round up enough cash to buy one. But I'd still like to know what I'm buying.

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A pile of awesomeness is what you're buying.

Grab some super-hardcore polystyrene cemennt too, while you're at it. The plastic they make them out of is some super ruthless ABS plastic, that eats up the Testor's stuff and shits it out.

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