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Awaiting for a new challenger!

Atacks: Air kick, power fart

Defenses: FAT (reduces 4% damage received)

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Muscle Jesus will destroy you!

Atacks: Cross slam, Holy bashing

Defenses: Wooden stance (blocks 1 attack out of 5 reducing damage by 100%)


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chow yun fat
Attack: being chow yun fat
Defense: being chow yun fat
chow yun fat wins!

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shall we begin posting chuck norris?

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I counter your Chow Yun Fat with...

>> No.11459727

Billy approaches
Attack:summon mega ultra chicken
Defense:shroud of feathers (negates all ranged attacks)

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The pope enters the challenge!

The pope kick's chow youn fat's as.

Because he-said-so (he's the pope, can do that)

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Fuck that faggot

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Did the pope and Mr. T just double team CYF?

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No, either your a dumbass or a troll either way no just no.

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Yeah I think so and that is some horse shit kick there ass CYF.

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that sounds rightfully kickass

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Where is hollywood and where is my body action flick about this.

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it was DBZ Evolution CYF. Doesn't count.

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Dr.horrible approaches!
Attack: freeze ray
Defense:thermograhic goggles

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My Doom beats your horrible any day of the week!

Attack and defense: MANLY PIMPNESS

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Fight cancelled due to spatial anomaly.

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I'm sciencer!

>> No.11459915

Epic cleric beats you all!

>> No.11459923

Bobby Charlton steps in and... You're suddenly blind!

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15 year old lv 1 archer takes you out.

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in before the war-god of all war-gods jackie chan arrives

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Gwen approaches!
Attack: lightning strike
Defense:lightning aura

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Attack: ultra shine
Defense: waxed floor

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The master doesn't want to hear your shit.

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He would be unstoppable on SS 13, he can blind people and make them slip on the floor.

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Alright chucklehead lets do this.

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Sure is asain in this thread.

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My archer takes your archer out for dinner.

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Joey approaches
Attack:broklyn RAGE!

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So does George Takei always look smug?

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Niiicceee. can we have a lesbian archer thread or should I take that request to /u/?
Captcha: juiciness preferences

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I don't think those are the same actors bro, george takei is pretty old.

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Oh please tell me anon will deliver this request!
that could be my new fetish!

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Gabe Newell
Attack:Awesome Games
Defense: Thick Layers

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Subtle troll, you beautiful bastard.

>describe Jackira is captcha

Jackira is a level 18 Elven Druid. He is 289 years old. His animal form is a lemur. He has a +1 leather jerkin, leather pants, a cloak of Elvenkind, boots of swiftstep and a +2 sling. He travels the land with a level 17 female dwarven cleric of Moradin, a level 19 male human Fighter and a level 18 Female elven Bard. He is Chaotic Neutral.

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everybody freeze!

The Man is here!

humanit fuck yeah!

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Good ol' George A. Romero easily defeats your man. Kills him and turns him into a zombie, your man is Romero's bitch now!

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GTFO Eisenhorn is here and will fuck your skulls!

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