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"Stranger, I bid you greetings in the name of the Tau.

If you are reading this then you will have encountered one of our messengers drones and therefore a spacefaring race. Soon you will see more evidence of us, this is no cause for alarm.

When you encounter one of our ships or outposts then welcome it. We have much to offer a faithful friend. We are five castes, one people. The earth caste build and manufacture, the air caste pilot and navigate, the water caste liase and arbitrate, the fire caste guard our holdings and defeat our enemies. All are bound to the dream of bringing a new way to the universe.

I hope you will choose to share the culture, technology and protection of the Tau empire.

The one constant in the universe is change, the wise adapt.

Believe in our destiny. "

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Ours is to be an empire of worlds, not merely of castes or nations, or races or peoples. To simply control the worlds which we claim as our own will not be enough – we must control the paths between them also, or be divided, and so fail.

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How ironic it is that as fast as we spread progress and hope throughout the galaxy, the Tyranids spread death and despair. Only united can we hope to stand against them.

-Ethereal Aun'va

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"I have taken great pains not to laugh at the actions of aliens, nor to weep at them or to hate them, but to understand them."

Ethereal Aun'shi

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It saddens me greatly that we must take arms against the peoples of the galaxy. By their deaths, they deny themselves the liberation that is only to be found in total surrender to the Greater Good.

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Eat lasfire and die, xeno.

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Excuse me, what is going on here?
I think some BLAM'ing is in order.

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"Our tanks were useless. As soon as we broke cover, their battlesuits' heavy guns were locked on to us. I swear it was as though they had someone nearby aiming for them before they shot. And when they did shoot...Emperor's mercy! Their guns punched through our armour like it was paper. all I could see were trails of fire where the projectiles had ignited the air."

-Guardsman Cauley, 25th Graian Rifles

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"I have followed the myriad potential futures of the Tau with great interest. Though barely even striplings compared to us, I feel a strange protectiveness towards them. In time I believe they will exceed even our greatest feats and master the darkness within their souls."

-Eldrad Ulthran, Farseer of Ulthwé Craftworld

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hope you guys like dead Ethereals

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The funniest thing is, for all their claims of knowledge and enlightenment, the Tau are completely and utterly fucking ignorant of the galaxy. They're pretty much the dumbest faction in 40k, Orks included.

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"It is well that they are known as the Water caste. One might as well try to nail the sea to the wall as pin them down with a straight answer. They flow around your words until they wear you down, like the trickle of water that over time will split the rock."

-Rogue Trader Guarnerius

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A thousand fibres connect each of us with our fellow Tau and along those fibres our deeds run as causes which come back to us as effects. Everything we must do must be in furtherance of the Greater Good lest we return to the Mont’au, the Terror.

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"One of their light walkers carried a weapon of lethal effect. It fired a form of ultra-high velocity projectile. I saw one of our tanks after having been hit by it. There was a small hole punched in either flank - one the projectile's entry point, the other its exit. The tiny munition had passed through the vehicle with such speed that everything within the hull not welded down had been sucked out through the exit hole. Including the crew. We never identified their bodies, for all that remained of them was a red stain upon the ground, extending some twenty metres from the wreck."

-Major Kane, Mordant 607th Heavy Armoured Regt.

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The alien is not intrinsically evil.

Do not hate him. Pity him his ignorance.

Seek to understand his differences

And acquaint him with his inadequacies.

Only then will he accept his place

in the Greater Good.

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It is not our technology that will enable us to prevail in this galaxy. It is our shared sense of honour and commonality of cause that unites us and will give us the power to defeat our enemies.

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Captcha: Robots abound

Necron thread?
Necron thread.

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Oh, look, the rats are getting noisy again.

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This thread pleases me. Continue.

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It is as we join with others, in a way that only the Tau can, in shared engagement to the Greater Good, that we find ourselves able to fully realize our true potential. And that is the final source of our hopes and intentions.

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Nothing good can come of this thread.

>guffaw consistency
>I like this captcha. He can come over to my house and fuck my sister.

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I have received your messages, acquainting me that these worlds belong to your Emperor, your master. In return I am to inform you that the said worlds belong to his Ethereal Majesty, Aun'O Bork'an Vral, my master, by right of settlement. Should you wish to gain similar rights you must submit yourselves to his wisdom as members of the Tau empire.

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What's this? A Tau appreciation thread? For moi? I am honored.

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Nice hair. Oh wait.

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There are two kinds of conduct the Ethereals will not countenance. The first is a failure to reflect upon what is for the Greater Good of the Tau race. The second is the deliberate refusal to follow the path of the Greater Good when it is clear what it must be.>>11449349

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Anything's better than listening to these self-righteous, insignificant little larvae prattling on.

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>they are not grimdark enough to have a place in WH40K
That's what you're saying. Over and over in every thread. But guess what?
GW writes the canon fluff. Shocking, I know.

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You misunderstand, this is Tau space, despite what the Gue’la may claim, and you are welcomed to it as friend. We too have suffered difficulty with the Or’es’la, since it seems they wish no unity. We would be honoured to have you fight alongside us against this common enemy. You will find it to the benefit of both our peoples. You will find it, I have no doubt, to be for the greater good.

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Tau? Get the Commissar!

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Tau? More like horribly cruel masters!
They kidnapped our children,
threatened to execute them if we did not charge there enemies.
They used us as a distraction.
And when we killed the enemy, they turned there light-launchers on us.
My people were slaughtered. Then those double-crossing, whats your word? Bastards I think? Whatever.
Of the 300 in my kindred, I am the only surviver.

-Agritik, betrayed Kroot soldier

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>In return I am to inform you that the said worlds belong to his Ethereal Majesty, Aun'O Bork'an Vral, my master, by right of settlement.

Dirt doesn't have rights.

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It appears to me that, lacking the sense of unity that might inform them of their insignificance, these Gue’la have come to think that they might own the stars themselves, even the spaces in between them. Only by our presence, I think, might we now convince them otherwise.

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Nice fanfic.

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Actually, the Tau do have a place in 40k. I like the Tau - I think they do fit into the universe. But they are ignorant, they are stupid, they don't understand how things work.

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What the fuck is a Tau? Can you eat it?

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Call them ignorant, but they're the only race with a thirst to learn.

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You have a place by my side as i battle your former employers Agritik, just... stay out of sight when the Inquisitions about...

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Tyranids learn by eating

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>Call them ignorant, but they're the only race with a thirst to learn of things that will fuck them over.
Fixed. There are many, many things in 40k that NOBODY was meant to know.

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Each of them has a vagina on their face.

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Tau are the high INT low WIS race.

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>common enemy

If it wasn't for blind, ignorant afterbirth like you or the humans meddling with what you don't understand, the Necrontyr never would have have been awoken in the first place.

Deal with your own mistakes. I only hope they leave enough of you alive for our own needs.

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Dance, puppets, dance.

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Then who's the high Wis faction? I'd say they're the high Int, high Wis faction, to make up for their low numbers.

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All we wanted to do was sleep until the end of time!
But no, you d-bags show up and scream

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How are the Eldar wise?

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That man is a heretek and heretic.

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High INT and WIS would be Craftworld Eldar. They're very clued on on the horrors of the galaxy, and intelligent enough to avoid, imprison, or manipulate them rather than asking if they want to be friends.

Dark Eldar would be high WIS, low INT. They know the same things as the Craftworlders, but their violent, impetuous nature, combined with a desperate need to take slaves and secure themselves a steady supply of souls, leads to them into making poor decisions.

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Tau have shit for WIS.

Trying to reason with Tyranid. Beating one daemon and claiming to have slain Slaanesh, etc. They simply have no insight in the way the universe works and not a shred of intuition when it comes to the big things. They're all "lol logic and science" (high INT) even when it doesn't make any fucking sense in context (low WIS). Also, weak tiny souls.

Elsar are arguably the highest WIS race around. High-ranking Chaos daemons probably out-WIS most Eldar though.

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High INT, low WIS for the Dark Eldar, rather.

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Call me a heretic, but even though they are xenos, the Tau are sporting some sweet threads.

I wouldn't mind having the Imperium grab a couple of Tau weaponry and shoot at Chaosfags with them.

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>Dark Eldar would be high WIS, low INT
>their violent, impetuous nature, combined with a desperate need to take slaves and secure themselves a steady supply of souls, leads to them into making poor decision
>high WIS

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They are like that older person who recovered from a drug addition and life as a hoodlum to become a productive member of society. They learned from their mistake and labor to stop others from doing the same.

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Got mixed up, corrected myself >>11449606 here.

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>Implying the Tau have any idea of the vastness of the stars and the horrors that await them while they are trapped in a tiny subsector fo the galaxy.

The race of man has slaughtered thousands of tiny xeno empires like yours to achieve its destiny. Now we stand alone against an all devouring swarm that has consumed at least one other galaxy, a tide of undead automatons that destroyed this galaxy's first great empire, the immortal legions of the Hell itself that tore the beating heart from the second great galactic empire, and we beat down the forces of rebellion that destroyed the original twin empires of Terra and Mars.

Who are you to speak of vastness to we who number beyond counting? Even if the Tau continue their technological advancement what will it gain you? You will either become like the Necrons who we already battle with, or more likely your machines will rebel against you and drag your fledgling empire down into anarchy. Once we were like you, but we are now much wiser.

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Looks like some Tau just got fucking told.

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All that you will learn is same lesson many races greater that yourselfs have already learnt: there is no Greater Good, because there is nothing good in this galaxy.

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>If you are reading this then you will have encountered one of our messengers drones and therefore a spacefaring race.
>encountered one of our messengers drones
>artificial construct floating in space
>in space

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What da zog is deez runty ladz goin' on about again...?

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Of course there's no good in the galaxy.

Because you decide what is the good.

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The Greater Good? I thought we dealt with that problem a few years back!

This is going to incur a considerable amount of paperwork.

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>My face when the Tau threw a welcome party for the Necrons
>My face when the Tau thought they had slain Slaneesh after they killed a Chaos space marine

Oh, you crazy little rascals you.

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>Implying that keeping a postive additude will stop a terminator/zerg/orc/demon from shoving a gauss flayer/symbiont/sharp stick/other demon trapped in a sword up your ass.

Captcha says: tards thoughout
That could be any thread

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Oh for the love of god, someone please post some stories / pastas related to this. They are hilarious.

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Imperium's response to Tau faggotry in general: "There is a hole in the galaxy 1000 times wider than your entire empire." You are not a priority, stop diverting our attention or we will send the Black Templars to take another 300 of your planets."

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This. Tau really don't belong in this universe. They're too naive and too boyscout. How anyone can play them without being wracked with embarrassment is beyond me. It's pretty clear by how they're depicted that even GW doesn't like them.

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Because they serve as a stark contrast as highly mobile and technologically advance force with a hard-scifi appeal compared to the ultra-grimndark factions like the Imperium which are incredibly archaic in appearance. Hard to believe some people have different tastes than you.

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here's my question, what if me and my planet want to be an independently ruled protectorate, so we pay a minor resource tax to you in exchange for protection and a chance to take other imperial worlds?

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What the hell do you Guardsmen want?

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Sir, there be heresy about...and the Tau here. They insulted your hat. Said it made you look stupid.

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Tau called. They want their balls back

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Aw shieeet... you in it now.

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Too bad your pic is of a space marine. yet another reason why we the Imperium and in fact humans are fucking awesome.

Tau can't win a dick slapping contest if there was one

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we try to have a peaceful thread, then you god damn XENOS come and destroy it

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Cogs here

tau are lossers

I mean you guys still use selective breeding? Lame, we've been cloning the same four guys for the past 100,000 years, working out great

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"This is the Revenant of Azhul II, flagship of the Exiles of Kuvarra. Our caravan is 15 strong, with a total population of 83,265. Some time ago our homeworld was destroyed by beings similar in form to ourselves, calling themselves the "Imperium of Man", after refusing to sacrifice autonomous rulership of the former Kuvarra system.

We are attempting to broadcast this message through this damaged drone scavenged in our travels. Hopefully, if you read us, you will receive note of our coordinates.

The Exiles of Kuvarra are requesting peaceful contact. Possible negotiations. We have been running low on resources and are losing men to battles to claim resources and materials from the planets we could find resources on, and require assistance."

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Oh god, Seconding this

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How'd it work out we you were nearly exterminated by /b/tards that whose tactics are derived solely from WoW and Halo, who inturn were beaten by humans with late 21st century technology.

Xenos don't know bout my species' superiority.

>> No.11452450

What universe are you from?

You are as xenos to as we are to you. Plus we have noses..

Smell that? Of course you can't. But it's domination of the IG

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read it in the voice of the cerebretes from starcraft.

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Emprah fucked your Ethereal.

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shameful bump

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Thirst to learn?

Thirst to learn?

They cancelled their Warp technology research facilities after their test subjects came back from the Warp as Chaos Spawns.

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Delicious head-vagina.

>> No.11456361

Because hurling yet more resources into research that creates chaos spawn is a good idea, right?

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