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How sexist is chaos? Most their men are given gifts that enhance their strength beyond whatever they started with, is their any fluff reasons why they wouldn't gift females?

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Nope. We just don't see them because GW hardly does any female models.

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Girls are icky.

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heck they gave khorne a red sonja wife and they never made her a model.

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All Chaos expect Slaanesh is one big sausage fest.

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GW sucks at female models so they hardly ever make them.

Fluff-wise, Chaos doesn't give a fuck about gender. Nor do most IG regiments.

Actually, I think the Spess Mehreens and the SoB are the only sexist factions in all of 40k.

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>How sexist is chaos?

Not very, most women don't last long battling through the chaos wastes though.
There was that one khorne warrior chick from gotrek and felix though, iirc she was pretty heavily gifted at that point.

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If they don't have their tits flapping in the wind or aren't covered in vagina dentatas, GW isn't interested in them.

Bolter Bitches are just playing hard to get.

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Dechala the Denied one, essentially a marilith, is the only chaos champ I saw that was female. She had a lot of attacks, surprisingly..

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I imagine those Mongolian raider types who are always on the move must have female combatants unless they reproduce like that Olaf strip.

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Did they find the sculptor responsible and shot him in the face? Because that thing is dire beyond all measure.

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Yes I know...

I bought one... X-/

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also mind controlling addictive bodily fluids that have a similar effect as platypus venom.
Turn men first into a slave and then slowly into a hypersensitive blob of barely conscious flesh.

She was fun.

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Valkia the Bloody forever in my heart <3

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I want female chaos warrior models now.

I mean, there isn't even any fucking female chaos sorcerors, often the only 'acceptable' role in an army.

I'd just settle for some female plastics, any race, that aren't those awful daemonettes.

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Isn't there a female bezerker kicking around forty k?

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To be fair could you even tell if a chaos warrior was male or female anyway.

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>Turn men first into a slave and then slowly into a hypersensitive blob of barely conscious flesh.

This is now my fetish.

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I'm sitting here laughing my ass off at Khornette's DO NOT WANT face.

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>All Chaos expect Slaanesh is one big sausage fest.

I don't think I wanna know what kind of fest Slaanesh has going on

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I'll ask again for you to draw Valk spanking Khornette like bad child.

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I would think that Khorne looks more favorably on women, since he doesn't care whence the blood flows, only that it flows.

And women have that down even if they aren't being violent.

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Larana Utorian

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She wasn't really a worshipper of Khorne. Rather, she was possessed by a Khornate daemon, and regretted every moment of it.

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Read the Libra Slaaneshi, it has her story. She started off as a high elf princess. Her father pretty much sold her to a Daemon prince of Slaanesh who was lusting after her in exchange for.... well.... not having a Slaaneshi daemon army ripping and tearing across his lands.

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Delicious chaos tits.


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Is she the one on the left?

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Sorry, i got lazy.

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Thank you my good man

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Ignoring the period joke, Khorne is all about inner strength and testing it against adversaries a woman has to try harder to be a physical equal. This would make her stand out and perhaps make her more likley to receive gifts.

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Valkia lost, she was weak. But Khorne liked her fighting spirit so he brought her back to life by raging really really hard.

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>"You're not even my real mom!"

Oh god what why does this make me feel so sorry for her

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I wouldn't say she was weak. Before her death and rebirth she killed a Daemon Prince of Slaanesh, then fought her way across the Chaos Wastes INTO Khorne's realm.

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I think it is funny that her 40k analogue is Kharn.
In fantasy it is a woman he favors and gives second chances because of the purity of her spirit and dedication to his ideals, in 40k it is a dude.

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>Valkia lost, she was weak
>Single-handedly killed a Daemon Prince of Slaanesh
>Battled her way alone all through the Chaos Wastes
>Kicked ass enough to get into Khorne's realm right at the very tip
>Fell at the last hurdle
>All while still a mortal

That sure as hell ain't weak.

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Doesn't this make her like.. the strongest canon character in WHFB? I mean, has anyone else fought all the way to a chaos god?

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Quite a few. The most powerful Champions of Chaos often battle their way to their patron god's realm as proof that they deserve Daemonhood. Said God will normally set them an approrpiate final challenge - complete it and they become a Daemon Prince, fail and they lose their soul.

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I think Archaon is still the strongest in that regard, being that not only did he travel the length and breadth of the Chaos Wastes collecting the treasures (and conquering the tests) that made him the Everchosen. He did have an army at his back by the end, but he still had to face many things alone, and I believe that included a one on one with a Bloodthirster at the end of the big final one where he'd been tested by the other three and worn down first.

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Then the chosen of gork and mork whooped him.

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Malekith (DE king) spent a few relative centuries dicking around the Realm of Chaos. Oxytal (Spelling?) was a super-awesome chameleon skink that was stuck in there for awhile as well.
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