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Posting in a shitpost thread

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Damn... that's actually an interesting fight. Fap character is largely irrelevant... but the fight between a rank 8 DH scum and low-level Commander Shepard could be worth watching. My money's on my DH character, because he's rather more experienced and better equipped. Shepard's a sniper build, but can't land a shot on the scum as he advances due to Hard Target, chameleoline cloak, and massive dodge. Shepard goes down to skillfully-wielded dual bolt pistols.

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Tom Green
Crash Bandicoot
Schoolgirl who needs to pee

This is a fairly shitty battle.

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1. A kid from Monsters and Other Childish Things.
2. A mouse from Transformice.
3. Kei.

Lil' Timmy wins, hands down. Doesn't matter if the mouse is a shaman or not, he's getting smashed. Monster power levels are just off the charts.

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Hm... an abberant bloodline sorceror based off of Lovecraft...
A 10 story tall mech from Armored Core...
And the red head from Fosters.
In the first round the sorceror goes invis, the core locks on to both with missiles, and the red head screams.
Gonna have to go with the Core... sorry Howard, you were a great char...

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Oh fuck. I don't think my elf face could talk his way out of Odin's barrage.

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Solar Exalt
Monster Hunter in Lagiacrus armor and with an Ancient Blade
Some musclegirl

I didn't take Solar Hero Form for nothing.

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Malkavion with protean and celerity vs the darksiders horseman of war.
The last one I fapped to was saber from fate stay night.

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Isaac motherfucking Clarke stomps the fucking arms and legs off of a very reasonable, law abiding cavalier and some furry bitch with his size 20 spaceboots.

My cavalier character has downed some pretty impressive things in his day, but the sole survivor of the USG ishimura can punch the heads and limbs right off of people who died just seconds ago. Not to mention his vast arsenal of ridiculous weapons customized for optimal slicin' and dicin'.

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Malkavians can kill servants, discuss.

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That maybe a fair fight if war is gimped when they fight.

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An absurdly abusive fighter build using Pathfinder and 3.5e rules, who is all about fucking every chick he sees...
Wildcat from Alien Swarm

I see this as more of a threeway than a fight.

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War. War never changes.

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He has
Protean 2
celerity 3
Demention 4
auspex 2

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>Lvl5 human fighter, fullplate longsword shield
>FutureCop LAPD Combat mech
>nameless girl

I know who my money is on.

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Oh god what.

Halek the half-orc barbarian versus Jim Raynor versus Utsuho from touhou?

Oh god what

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The last video game I played was Europa Universalis III, so

-Russian criminal with a laser pistol
-The Nation of Great Britain, circa 1500
-A minor OC character from an obscure series of bondage comics

The fap character is irrelevant. The Russian is charming and a pretty good shot, so he'd either seize the British throne in a brilliant coup d'etat or be lynched by hordes of peasants.

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So its an ex-marine based on Jack Bauer who is now the Operations Director of Nerv


Cirno from Touhou


Kei from Moyashimon.....

Gonna have to give this one to Jack Motherfucking Bauer

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>cirno from touhou


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sorry about that it posted before I could finish.
Brawl 5 ranks (rabbit kick boxing)
dodge 4
str 3
dex 4
stam 2

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D&D 3.5 Bard
Agent from Crackdown 2
Random Anime Character

But could the agent kill them without the director yelling "DO! NOT! KILL! INNOCENT! CIVILLIANS!"?

Yes, he could.

My bard would probably cast haste on himself, sleep on the animu, grab her and run while grenades exploded around him.

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Cirno is the one thing I can't fap to, my good sir.

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Space Marine VS Biggs from Critter Crunch VS Integra from Hellsing

I assume Integra could use Alucard? Because I'd still put my money on Biggs

Pic related, its Biggs

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3 pokemon trainers?

I'm okay with this.

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I could just see a mentally unstable Jack Bauer waterboarding an angel.

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Good. Best keep your filthy neckbearded hands off her.

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Unless an omnipowerful council who controls him says fuck you and drains his powers.

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Kuni Sagara, a Kuni Witch Hunter from Legend of the Five Rings.
Jaster from Rogue Galaxy
Sakaki from Azumanga Daioh

Poor Sakaki. I think Jaster has this one in the bag.

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- a morally ambiguous sorceress with body control powers (assuming we are counting NPCs, since I've been stuck behind the GM screen for ages again)
- Blaze (a.k.a. Kid), Razgriz Squadron
- Samus Aran

I'm going to go with Samus here, she could probably shoot the sorceress quicker than she can use her powers, and I'm assuming six seconds isn't quite enough time for pre-flight checks even for the Demons of Razgriz.

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>fapping to king arthur
>my face

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Link versus a Lunar Exalted Sorcerer versus my girlfriend's character, hmmm...

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>Fapping to King Arthur
>my face

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Generic smooth-talking non-combat Bard
THE BOOT from Dark Messiah of Might and Magic
Dawn from Pokemon

>See section A4

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- Eladrin Wizard
- Commander Shepard (unless Guitar Hero counts, then Eddie Van Halen)
- I don't fap to fictional characters, just porn

Van Halen wins with help from Slaanesh Noise Marines.

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Poggleby Flyinglake, Goblin Marksman
Commander Zachariah Shepard
Sailor Venus

Sorry but, flintlock pistols, even with six seconds of goblin engineering (WoW pnp game), versus Mass Effect Guns... no contest.

And sorry but, trained military operative v. Sailor Scout, only thing holding him back would be the desire not to use lethal force (unarmed tactics).

Winner, Cmdr. Shepard.
(Also, captcha..... 83 cervixes...)

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A cocky pokemon trainer
Dictator of Argentina, Rosas
Jessi from Team Rocket

Rosas probably kills everyone...

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Well, the punchline is; he can't kill servants, their power level is too high.

Have some fap fuel, you sick bastard.

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- A Winter Court trashman (ex-Ranger) (WoD)
- John Marston
- Jill Valentine (Yes, the battlesuit version...)

This might actually be a good fight.

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Alex Mercer Vs Night's Obsidian Claws(No-Moon Lunar) Vs Marisa Kirisame

....I don't know how this would roll, really.

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That would be a 2e Fighter/Thief with a greatsword against Jim Raynor and some random girl on /gif/.

The Fighter could have a chance if both were unequipped. Other than Raynor there would be "Soap" MacTavish. Not much of chance there, either.

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>Level 30 Eladrin Wizard
>Armored Core: For Answer - Blade Next

Oh Lawd. Does want.

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-A level 9 (Soldier 7/Elite Trooper 2) Ithorian in the Shockboxing and Teras Kasi Master talent trees with four strength-enhanced cybernetic limbs.
-SHENLONG, THE TIGER, in Bloody Roar 3.
-Doujin-made random athlete chick being raped.

This is an easy win for the Ithorian. 2d12+11 on a god-damn punch is absurd.

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>Both of us jerkin' it to Kei

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Saber does have neigh immunity to Mind Effects, yes.

Also, holy sword, how does it fucking work.

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Dragon Bard from Argonessen
Amaterasu from Okami
The princess from the NWN mod "A Dance with Rogues"

I gotta say that's a tough fucking call. It basically comes down to the princess v. Amaterasu.

I'd put my money on Ammy.

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Furious LN Fighter who actively seeks his own death in glorious combat, Space Station 13 AI, Toph.

Toph wins.

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Also, forgot mah pic. Dat smile, yadda yadda.

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Level 8 Necromancer, human.
JC Denton
Hogtied anime girl

Girl is no threat, she's already tied up for God's sake.
Necromancer isn't built for combat, and I'm just going to assume his undead horde isn't going to be transported to this featureless arena.

JC Denton, hands down.
/Activates Cloak, Run Silently, and artificial heart Augs
Necromancer brings up detect life.
Too late, maxed out pistol headshot.
Necromancer MAY still be alive, second round of concentration finds Denton.
Oh well, GEP-Gun to the face for Mr. Necromancer.


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Lets see...

-12 yo female Liberi. Could poison with a touch, had a swarm of biting insects and was a steamtech prodigy.

-Snow Pirate in LP2... oh wait, it I was using the fucking Albert Wesker skin.

-Hmmm, not really sure. Considering I probably over powered and violated her, she doesn't really stand a chance.

As much as I love my Liberi, Wesker can probably drop her at a distance with his fucking magnum, and he probably at least has resistance to her deadly poison, if not complete immunity do to his wonderful cocktail of viruses.

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Level 13 Pathfinder Cleric
Able Company from the 101st Airborne
Blue Space Elf

I'm betting that Able Company will come out victorious

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pathfinder paladin chick with oath tatooed on her back,with a patch eye

Jim Raynor

Chandra Nalaar

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Half Fiend 11th level Wizard
Lordgenome the Spiral King?

No contest. I mean, Lordgenome has motherfucking spiral power. Hell, his chest hair is spiral shaped. Fuck yeah.

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Marcus Fenix vs. a PL 14 MnM Sorcerer who actually immortal vs. the Hentaikey Girl from Zone's flashes.

Seems like an... interesting fight.

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Fuck not sure if win...

A woman pretending to be a man in a Victorian era space age who is the captain of a large pirate ether ship


A highly decorated WW2 U-Boat captain.

It would be more interesting if it was naval combat.

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Ancient red Dragon (GM'd)
lv 30 Terminator Force commander
Rukia Kuchiki

I think it would go down to whoever moved first, if the dragon flames first, it wins.
If the force commander drops and orbital strike, he wins.

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1) an Asako inquisitor
2) the nerevarine
3) character from a badly written sex story


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>Fapping to Genome

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level 31 Bard
Chaos Lord Carron
Asuka langly soryu

I guess this depends on if Asuka gets her Evangelion or not.

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>fapping to Lordgenome

I'm ok with this

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Level 1 Human Diabolist
Nomad (from Crysis)
Sophitia (Soul Calibur)

Nomad wins, hands fucking down.

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Uh, what if one character satisfies all three? 'Cause I don't know if I can withstand the awesome of three Freyas kicking each other's asses.

>> No.11432433

Thompson Ponzi, attorney at law, a well equipped Rogue in Phase Shift...
Professor Layton
Samus Aran...

Uh, do you guys even need to ask? samus kicks the crap out of them without breaking a sweat

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-Lvl 3 Cleric of Hextor with War/Tyranny domains
-Almost endgame Hero from Fable 1
-Some amalgamation of two or three girls I wanted to fuck/did fuck over the past three years

As much as I love Prester Craine, I think my ├╝berpaladin from Fable would wipe the floor with his candy ass.

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-My shadowrun mage. Based off of Paladin Anderson from hellsing. Magic plus sword skills.
-My female dwarf DW rouge from Dragon Age Origins only 7th level, just started this playthrough.
-The three girls from the anime Kodomo no Jikan.

Round 1 shadowrun mage uses stunball. Everyone knocked out.

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A Turkish Sufi hacker who likes to use Catholic iconography on his tech stuff who goes as the Saint.

Francis from Left for dead.

A hentain girl from some plumbing game.

I'd have to give it to the saint, he's better with a gun than he looks by a fair margin and is rolling an Ingram Smartgun X

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half elf shaman
iron tager
well, my half elf shaman is fucking awful, so its either iron tager and torakaka... tager has science and all, but im giving the edge to torakaka since shes smart and has the blood of jubei. also, her voice is fucking sexy

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I KNEW I saved this, for a reason!

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ex Russian tank gunner/commander who's hella tough


Medical Doctor of SS13



My bet's on Revy, though my character is heavily based on Balalaika, could be interesting. The SS13 medic is welded in a locker somewhere.

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Being 99% GM, can't even remember my last character too well. Probably some kind of a hacker in a cyberpunk game.

MMO counts as vidya yes? If so, my LotRO human lore-master.

As for the last, no idea about names, some whatsherface from an erogame CGI set.

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1. Ginsu, a cybered-up street sam with a xenotech katana and a bad murder habit
2. Donkey Kong
3. Shampoo from Ranma 1/2

Prep phase: DK grabs a barrel, Ginsu loads up his bow, Shampoo jumps on a bicycle

Round 1: DK throws a barrel at Shampoo, who jumps it and hits the POW brick, knocking Ginsu over.

Round 2: Ginsu, with his technologically improved reflexes, gets up and draws his sword. Donkey Kong tries to grab Shampoo and climb to a high place, but since it's a featureless plain, she just clobbers him instead. DK is out.

Round 3: Stare-down.

Round 4: Ginsu's low willpower score makes him gawk idly while Shampoo smashes him with a large club. Trauma damper reduces the damage to just below deadly.

Round 5: Ginsu moves in a blur, choppy choppy, and Shampoo falls on the verge of death. He finds the way she bleeds incredibly endearing and doesn't take his last attack.

Round 6+: Conceding defeat, Shampoo decides that she should marry Ginsu, who is forced to awkwardly dodge this affection for the next 30 issues, lest he incur the wrath of other fiancees.

Net winner: Shampoo, I think.

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Medic in a Half-Life 2 RPG
Commander Shepard
Doctor Chakwas

Medic dies, Chakwas gets laid.

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Hilarious. Although not particularly sexy to my eyes. I like Lordgenome for how manly he is. He has a raw animal magnetism.
Simon, Kamina, and Viral would all look adorable in a bunny suit though.

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A 5th level Gnome Paladin
team of Megaman/Marrow/Ryu (MvC2)

I Have to say toph would win, especially if the ground has rocks on it.

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P&P - The drunk cleric Faron. Level 7 (Basic Fantasy RPG)
VG - The ghoul monk Steve78. Level 20 (DC: Stone Soup)
Fap - Random MILF from a Fuusen Club spank rag

Faron would roll up on the MILF and start macking hard, trying to get into that skirt and sleeveless sweater top. If his good looks and 13 charisma doesn't work with words, he'll bust out his violin and play that for her.

Steve78 would try to go-a-killin, but the Protection From Evil 10' radius spell would probably scare him off, and he'd go find orcs to eat.

>> No.11432591

Adranus, an artificer demigod of Hephaestus. Turned out to be a sweet mini-campaign. My kudos go to my DM.

Mighty Tor, a Half-Ogre Mage in Arcanum: of Steamworks and Magic Obsura. I'm still a little pissed that Half-Ogres are limited to 17 willpower racially. I was gearing up for teleport and resurrection!

Good God, that would have been years ago when I was still a undersexed teen. Probably Laura Croft I'm guessing, although Evangelyn from Wakfu almost got me.

Adranus shits out some armor buffs but then gets cleaved by Mighty Tor. Even a demigod artificer can't take a half-orge without prep time. Mighty Tor gets peppered by gunfire from Laura Croft's dual pistols until he gets tired of it and spell disarms her, repeatedly, until she runs out of guns. Then he harm spams her until she dies or charges. Either way he walks out still trying to figure out what just happened.

Captcha "whewing soundness"?! WTF

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Toph would ruin Megaman right off the bat. Toph has metal bending.

>> No.11432632

- Jekaterina, an experienced STALKER born and raised in the Zone.
- Guybrush Threepwood, mighty pirate.
- Random schoolgirl, nympho (Kaiten)

Well, Guybrush, obviously. You can't die in Lucasarts games.

>> No.11432636

Hmmm... Monk Vs Scout Vs Asuka.

Asuka gets shot or beaten to death. Scout then shoots the Monk, only for it to miss, or soaked, and then he gets run down and beaten to death, because he is in fact, visibly slower and frailer than the monk.

>> No.11432657

- A 14-year-old Ukrainian war orphan with a prosthetic leg, zero understanding of social norms, and no fear of death.
- Rock (the huge mace guy) from Soul Caliber 4.
- Dunno. I assume it was a naked chick who may or may not have even had a name.

Doubtful it would end it death. Rock would admire the child for fighting bravely, likely wouldn't kill him because (I think) his entire motivation is protecting the wilderness so he can raise his son. Naked chick would be naked. Would likely be pushed aside or taken forcefully as a battlefield bride. Child adopted.

Happy end.

>> No.11432659

-crazed undercity guildmaster
-Alice Margatroid form touhou
-Amalia from wakfu

>> No.11432671


Half Life 2 RPG? How did that work out? What system did you use? Which part of the timeline did you focus on?

>> No.11432742

Oh, unless the 14-year-old get's his Eva. Then he's just foam at the mouth and CRUSHSMASHDESTORY.

>> No.11432758

An Essence 4 Abyssal Exalted Necromancer

Miku Hinasaki

>> No.11432764

>born in Zone

>> No.11432769

A mechanic/pilot/scientist (Tony Stark ripoff) in Twilight 2013
Master Druid Pretender in Dominions 3
Washu Habuki

Yeah, it's gonna be a toss-up between the last two, considering they're both deities. Though Washu would probably like the Tony Stark ripoff.

>> No.11432784

Fuckwitted Doppelsoldier,.
Pokemon Kid Gold.
Some random Hentai bitch.

Neither the German nor the Bitch could take even the weakest of the party the kid has. At worst, they would be eaten by a Gyrados, or Mind Fucked to death by the Alakazam. The weakest critter is a gigantic fucking Bronze Bell. That would explode and kill everyone if it felt trollish.

>> No.11432828

Well, kind of. She has no memory of a life outside the Zone, anyway. Whether or not she's born there has been left unsaid (I haven't played the vidya, so I don't know if it fucks up the canon).

>> No.11432843

- a Blacksmith
- The tf2 Pyro
- 40k demonette

The blacksmith would get roasted instantly, then the demonette would try to corrupt the pyro, but fail because the Pyro is fucking insane, then get burned in GLORIOUS FIRE.

>> No.11432848

Washuu would adopt the Stark knockoff as her new Guinea Pig and Student. Then they'd work together to defeat that druid-thing-guy.

>> No.11432872

This is awesome and saved, it's not sexy but it is funny.

>> No.11432874

Dwarven barbarian crushes elf trap with a hammer and then gets shot by the Marked One

>> No.11432878

Solid snake (in Minecraft)
Felicia from Darkstalkers.

Well, shit. Solid snake the miner takes the win

>> No.11432886

A schemer in a Song of Ice and Fire RPG campaign vs. the Former Colonial Magistrate of Mar Sara from Starcraft vs. random naked Elf chick with no weapons.

Wow. NOBODY has any weapons. Except maybe the Magistrate.

>> No.11432925

Minecraft is cheating, you just ninja up behind someone and BAM, built into a box made of glass cubes. Then you stick lava in the top and they're just fucked.

(I've been playing with glass boxes filled with lava as a form of very large, very bright torch. I like how it looks.)

>> No.11432933


He beat up a mech with his bare hands. Fuck. Yes.

Won't shlick to him, but, gods, the man is awesome.

>> No.11432937

>A Dwarf with an eyepatch who is obsessed with hammers
>Sly Cooper
>...I don't really have one for this category.

My money's on Sly. He's stealthy, and raccoons are fucking deadly when you corner them. Also the Dwarf is only level 3.

>> No.11432992

Level 11 Dwarven cleric of Moradin, kitted out as a warpriest, with a few healing abilities.
Olaf, the Berserker, level 18, kitted out as a heavy carry/offtank.
Sister of battle being raped by Slaaneshi tyranids.

SoB dies right off the bat, as she has no gear.

Olaf would likely wear down my cleric, unless he got a couple lucky 20s. It would take next to forever though.

>> No.11433018


It's from my trolling folder, frankly. I can't to it, either. Just...not found of super manly guys. Awesome though they may be. Note the name of the file?

>> No.11433050

Not really.


>> No.11433059

Level thirty Mordecai sniper build from Borderlands versus a level eight Dread Necromancer with a shit ton of HD of undead.

Probably have to go with Mordecai.

>> No.11433063

A level 4 Gunslinger in a homebrew
Rubi from WET
some random animoo chick with no name.

definitely Rubi, she has bullet time.

>> No.11433124

I dont even remember the last pen and paper RPG I played. must've been at least 15 years ago.

Last videogame I played with a character? Nico Bellic.

I dont think I have ever been so sad and desperate to have masturbated to a fictional character. How fucking lonely do you have to be to do that?

So Nico Bellic wins the match on grounds that one is dead from being forgotten so long ago, and the other did'nt appear due to me having a little dignity.

>> No.11433155

>How fucking lonely do you have to be to do that?

Same level of loneliness you have to be to masturbate to a random porn star you don't and will never know.

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Urban kshatriya in Pathfinder with a bit of a pink-mohawk style
Haku the trap from Naruto
I'm pretty sure it's either Sam or Carly from iCarly (was femslashy smut). Let's go with Sam since she's tougher.

Well, Sam's still not that tough, just a young-teen delinquent, and Haku doesn't wear nearly enough body armor, even if he does have a lot of martial skill. I'm giving this one to the Rajput in his enchanted adamantine plate. If he'd had time to do some real ninja preparation, maybe Haku, but out in the open he's not going to do so well.

And how the hell do I get the white space on this to go away?

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>last character you played as in a video game
well this is awkward

>> No.11433186


What are you even doing on /tg/?

>> No.11433191

1) Vincent St. Cir, good level 1 mage
2) Tim Raynor, hero of Starcraft 2
3) Sabin Figaro, big burly muscle bear that used to fuck my brains out as a kid

Vincent begins to cast magic missile, Raynor shoots him between the eyes. Sabin leaps in to attack, and they begin to
have passionate hot sex. Tim Raynor begins to peel off his shirt, Sabin has pushed him onto his back and already loosened his own breeches. He spits on his palm and lubes up his
oh fuck I'm so hard right now

>> No.11433203

Jim Raynor, a level 10 Fey Pact Warlock, or Bella from Twilight.

I think I'm going with Raynor. And if Raynor in SCII isn't technically the PC. Then they're even more fucked, because it's Commander Shepard waiting just outside the ring.

>> No.11433207


> A Turkish Sufi hacker who likes to use Catholic iconography on his tech stuff who goes as the Saint.

God damn, this is the kind of shit a GM wants to see.

>> No.11433220
File: 3 KB, 126x126, 1246156333552s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Tim Raynor

>> No.11433285

1: Rank 4 Ex-Sister of Battle Missionary [Rogue Trader]
2: Duke Nukem [Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project]
3: Darth Talon [Star Wars: Legacy]

... this would be an awesome fight actually. Duke Nukem would be the pre-fight favorite with the odds on his side but both Darth Talon and my Missionary would have one major advantage: Boobs. They might just be able to mesmerize Duke long enough to deliver a decisive blow.

>> No.11433295

Morgan, level 7 elven bowmaiden (swordmage) in 2e D&D. Auto-crits first shot on drow and most drow servants, fires three arrows per round at the time of her choosing (SoR, EoR, or on initiative). Limited spellcasting, including three CLW spells and several evocations. Can reflect specific spells including Lightning Bolt, Hold Person, and Command. Massive saves vs. weapon breakage, but if it occurs she auto-dies.

Commander Shepard from Mass Effect 2, sniper-build infiltrator.

Some nude bitch in an H-manga.

Nude bitch takes an arrow or a bullet to the head, and then the two game characters face off in a head-to-head sniper battle (Morgan can make accurate headshots at 200y with her longbow). I'd put my money on Shepard, as she has both short cloaking and a radar for enemies (Morgan can cast Glitterdust, but no invisibility. Cloak/Boots of Elvenkind are helpful, though).

It'd be a hell of a fight.

>> No.11433300

bella from twilight becomes an uber-fast powerful man-mowing psychic vampire, stupid

>> No.11433317


It's the shep. I don't think your bow is going to be doing diddly against her shields.

>> No.11433326


>he hasn't seen what Raynor becomes in SCII


>> No.11433344

i'm still on the mission where the ghost chick assaults the knappy-headed nigger's base. dude, that shit just came out two days ago and you finished it already? don't you have a job?

>> No.11433364

That would be a a Half-Elf rogue in a Pathfinder game, a Mexican wrestling DJ, and some random bint.

The rogue would start off by firing arrows at the DJ who wouldn't give a shit, and starts mixing phat beats on his decks. The half-elf would have to agree that said beats are pretty fly and drops the combat to break it down. Meanwhile, the bint just looks pretty.

>> No.11433408

I tend to use imagination more than porn for fappan, so that character would be an imaginary slutty college girl with a thing for light bondage. She's a non-factor.

Last P&P character was the slightly nervous pilot of an Evangelion. Utterly useless unless given access to a ranged weapon. Or his eva, obviously.

And the last vidya character was a level 76 undead warlock in WoW.

I think depending on the availability of evas, this may or may not be an extremely one-sided fight.

>> No.11433464

Considering that the elf also has Magic Missile (cast as a level 10 wizard) and Shepard drops after taking five bullets, you may be wrong.

But this is bringing up the whole magic vs tech argument.

>> No.11433471


I don't think the zone has been there long enough for her to be past the age of 7 or so. The zone of alienation became the zone as it is in STALKER in 2006 in their timeline. The current year is like 2013.

Of course, she could be born in the IRL zone before it became the stalker zone, but there is still the whole radiation business about it. The older she is, the less likely it is, due to radioactive decay.

>> No.11433472

1: Samael d'Cannith, Voidsoul Genasi (blame the Mourning for that, eh, wot?) and all around Gentleman, whom fights the enemies of the Sovereign Host.
2: Nalia, Nord Adventurer, who is also a vampire, therefore undead.
3: Sovereign, from Mass Effect.

... Yeah, gonna have to give it to the fap material here, guys.

>> No.11433479

I would have loved to have a long debate about this.
Malkavian wins!

>> No.11433512

A 4e lvl15 gnome psion vs Ryu vs Tohsaka Rin.

I'm gonna say the psion.

>> No.11433516

Malkavian wins because you are a neonpink trout with a red flowerpot on your head. Or at least to the malkavian you are.

>> No.11433528


Tim Raynor? Is that like John Freeman?


>> No.11433532
File: 58 KB, 600x848, 3a93ff39643d00c56baa359d8211f07d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Again, no, can't. Mind effects are pretty much usless against Saber, and she just has to poke you hard with her blade, one of the most holy things around. Fuck, you might catch fire from just being in the same room as it.

>> No.11433538

-A German-Rumanian Ops. Director from Ad. Eva. He is also an amphetamine user. Loosely based off of Stansfield from Leon the Professional.

-Pokemon Trainer from Platinum

-Some random bitch from /h/

Unless the first guy fucks up and kills himself by accident, this should be a no-brainer.

>> No.11433558

Baus Hasslich vs. near-end-game Lone Wanderer specced for maximum silent death vs. Alena from DQ4.

... BAUS is a mean braw, but Alena could take him due to levels. Lone Wanderer wins the whole enchilada, though.

>> No.11433571

rolled 20 = 20

Wizard, Err...Jeez, a colonial marine, and a transgendered schoolboy/girl.

Geez. Marine wins by the simple fact of GUN.

>> No.11433580
File: 31 KB, 200x145, aladdin19.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>fap to sovereign

>> No.11433693

Low level monk w/ vow of poverty vs. Gordon Freeman vs. Peaches and Cream.

Freeman wins.

>> No.11433706


>> No.11433796

>White featureless plain.
>Six seconds prep time



>> No.11433799

17th level wood elf druid

I played halo with my nine year old nephew earlier, so I guess it's master chief

cultist chan

>> No.11433839



>> No.11433844
File: 263 KB, 600x718, Paladin Mounts.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Demitrius Arkellius - Human Male Fighter 2 / Ranger 1 / Swashbuckler 3 / Dervish 1 - Chaotic / Good - Freedom fighter in a land full of corruption and slavery.

Ramza - Final Fantasy Tactics



Demitrius would royally rape the Ramza in my game since I just started, and he's only a Job Level 3 Knight. However, Cultist-chan's heretical allure would pervert Ramza's troops to her side after his fall.

Demitrius would then sneak into Cultist-chan's encampment and find a beautiful, sharp-toothed, bacon smelling girl and wouldn't have it in his heart to kill her. She would wake up and their eyes would lock onto each others, attraction obvious in their gazes. After making love, he would roll YET ANOTHER FUCKING NAT20 DIPLOMACY CHECK (swear to god it's happened every time I've rolled it, and have a +20) and she would forsake chaos to become his woman, possibly bathing for once, but I don't think anybody's diplomacy is that high.

So, Demitrius would win in that grouping, and I need a sock.

>> No.11433922

Human Female Beguiler Mid Level VS. The Zerg VS. A Predator Female...

The Zerg

>> No.11434008
File: 200 KB, 948x1650, A_Bit_More_Cassie_by_Saxxon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A lvl 8 pally, pretty much lawful stupid.
Mass Effect 2 vanguard Shepard.
Super fat chicks that eat other fat chicks and eventually consume the entirety of the universe.
Shepard and pally are probably giant chick food.

>> No.11434012

Penetrator rounds.

It's only too bad he won't be the first one to penetrate Bella. Then she might have never had that godawful baby.

>> No.11434018

- Spike, a 200+ karma Shadowrun 3rd ED Decker.

- Noel Vermillion, of the BlazBlue games.

-Some faggot

Well there you go. It's pretty easy to figure out.

>> No.11434053

If only you fapped to Harbinger


>> No.11434075

Tirion Fordring (not the one from WoW just stole his name) level 5 Paladin, level 4 Pious Templar

Sabin from FF VI Level 19

Leela from Futurama

Sabin and Leela would make a great melee, perhaps any gun she has could make an interesting counter to Sabin's Aurabolt Blitz attack.

Tirion being a paladin and fully convinced that this fight was necessary, would win because he has healing abilities, and spells are only a swift action for him (battle casting feat) However given that he is a paladin he may back off, and not wish to fight, especially because Leela and Sabin are not evil. He may even sacrifice himself, if he thought it would return the world (now a giant white void) to normal.

So given the ethical implications, it would be Sabin versus Leela. Sabin would probably win, but it would be a close fight due to Sabin's low level. If Leela has any futuristic weapons she'd win (though when I was fapping to her all she had was a lazer dildo)


>> No.11434086

But, the character I fapped to was the last video game character I played as.

>> No.11434109

Man, that faggot and Spike are fucked with Noel's D-spam.

>> No.11434138

Level 4 middle-aged Human Archer-Ranger
Gordan Freeman
Poplar Taneshima

This... is kind of looking one-sided, in the favor of Mr. Freeman

>> No.11434221

1. A female hive mutant Scum with a shuriken pistol (she got a REALLY lucky hit on a Guardian and opened his belly. Then she strangled him with his own intestines. Best mutant ever).
2. A Dalish elven warrior who has fucked everyone that can be fucked (even Gheyna)
3. Riza Wildman

I honestly don't know how that would turn out. It would be cool though.

>> No.11434233

a big titted halfling courtesan

Evelynn the Widowmaker

a slender busty bowser rule 64

Eve goes into stealth during prep time, the courtesan attempts to convince the koopa not to eat her, gets eaten, and then eve kills the koopa. How unexciting.

>> No.11434248

High-Level Imperial Cleric
Main character from Dragon Warrior IX, low-level
Delicious shota

The Imperial Cleric, hands-down. He will smite the Dragon Warrior IX character for claiming to be of divine origin. The shota will just be a shota, nobody cares.

>> No.11434324

Feudal World Guardsman with sword and tower shield
Some asian maid

I think I know who will win.

>> No.11434382

Some lvl 3 4ED fighter.

Draenei retribution paladiness.

Some animu catgirl.

Fighter and catgirl gets cleaved in a single motion without breaking a sweat.

For more in character, LG fighter surrenders immediatly to the paladin and helps the paladin to disarm the catgirl.

They gonna get proselytized hard.

>> No.11434454

3.5E Wizard, level 2
Nick from L4D2
generic anime girl

Nick beats out everyone else's brains with his crowbar.

>> No.11434481
File: 9 KB, 200x150, persona-3-portable_20090818_030857_intro.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A turkish merchant magnate with a heart of gold and a arquebus he tries to never use. (combat in Burning Wheel is a bitch)

Pyro from TF2.

These two.

I think... probably... the main characters from persona would take the lead what with the demon summoning and ungodly powers. They would then get lit on fire by the pyro, who would die quickly due to being insanely UP. And somewhere in there my merchant would shit himself to death because he's never fought before and he doesn't have a high enough Steel stat to withstand the sight of blood.

I should start a Burning Wheel thread...

>> No.11434541

>>11434233 a slender busty bowser rule 64

I demand a picture reference.

>> No.11434553

>>11434233 a big titted halfling courtesan


>> No.11434565

furfags, the both of you.

>> No.11434581

1. A Human Rogue named Solid Snake who uses only a Heavy Repeating Crossbow and a Knife.
2.Old Snake :3
3. A delicious Lolita and her mother being ravaged.

Solid Snake vs Old snake would be an interesting fight.

They would end up sexing up the mother and daughter in a high fiving combo.

>> No.11434592


>> No.11434601


My Half-orc Street sammy, Striker One in a Dire Wolf, and some chick from Southerncharms.

Striker One wins due to battlemech.

>> No.11434615
File: 43 KB, 377x501, Tarrasquetan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11434623

Wow, two tentacle monsters vs. a 12 year-old girl.

>> No.11434631


But fapping to Xration now.

>> No.11434633


In Japan it can go either way.

>> No.11434655
File: 67 KB, 553x550, SSetna.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Black sheep of an elven Family, Brawler and Wrestler

The Industrial Knight from Castle Crashers

Stupid Sexy Etna...

Pretty sure Etna has god-hax damage potential so yeah.

>> No.11434673

In ACTUAL P&P and not P&P games over the internet?

Mr. Phillip Oliver Wholes, charismatic troll activist. For the betterment and rights of trolls in human society. (Shadowrun) Sort of like a Martin Luther King of troll-kind. My group members shot the mayor's daughter when I was trying to make a name for myself politically and spent the rest of the session trying to disassociate with them. Pretty low-power dude. Game fell apart shortly afterwards and then I moved away.

The Nameless One, no wait, fuck. I played 1 round of UFO earlier today, touhou's Sanae.

Some shitty animu character getting doubleteamed by two servant futas that most likely aren't futa in the animu but you never know with them jappos. Apparently they needed their futa-juice to power their guns. So they shot semen bullets. So I guess technically all three of them get to be in the fight.

Touhou character would probably win in an ACTUAL fight, but in this instance she has to deal with hentai versions of these other characters so they probably end up in a sex scene and hey the other guy is a troll and did you see his name? Seriously. It was a pun and now that I think about it, the inclusion of the 'last masturbated to' to the fight probably allows him to win since it will surely devolve into that sex scene in some way. He also had some magic mind-influencing powers so that'll probably get used too.

>> No.11434676

rolled 1, 5, 6 = 12

A level... 4 now, Bardadin of Avandra. (Yeah, Im kicking my self too)

Level 5 Dwarf Barbarian on DDO

Can't actually remember. I've been on a porno stint for some time. I'm sure I will crawl back to hentai and the like sooner than later.

Barbarian buffs, rages, charges.

Paladin dies because he cant get past the barbs DR or 120 odd hp.

>> No.11434695

Spike would just fuck off to something else.

He hardly ever does much.

He'd also just shoot Noel, rather then gun-kata or whatever the fuck it is she does.
...The faggot would get wrecked.

>> No.11434699

1. lvl1 dwarf fighter
2.Sergeant John Davis

Bastila because of the force and stuff

>> No.11434701

A Star Wars combat droid, Shep, and Femshep/Wrex slashfic.
Ends in sex.

>> No.11434711


Is "Shep" femShep as well?

Lesbian femShep + Wrex?

I'll be in my bunk

>> No.11434740

Space Marine Apothecary Lucian from that Deathwatch preview.
Vegas, the Tech
Tiffany and Sarah, two girls that get hypnotized into being cocksucking bimbos.

Obviously the Spess Mahreen, but Vegas might be able to win if he's smart enough. Whoever wins gets the bimbos.

>> No.11434755

Nope. Shepard and wrex double teaming Femshep.

Although if you prefer doublefemshep, don't mlet me shit on your sandvitch.

>> No.11434772
File: 250 KB, 1027x700, MegaManZeroOCW_preview01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

1. A level 3 half-elf bard with incredible luck involving setting others on fire
2. Zero from his own series
3. Aya Shameimaru
Zero gets his Z-Saber out and does his usual thing, pulling out Shield Boomerang in case of danmaku. Sorry, not-Mustang.

>> No.11434796


I think I'd actually prefer Grunt and Wrex double-teaming femShep...or Tali...no, Grunt and Wrex double-teaming Miranda while I'm doing Tali...yes...yeeeeeeeeessssss.

I'll be in my bunk.

>> No.11434808


What if they're all the same person?

Troll question aside.

>-The character you last played as in a P&P rpg

My halfling sorcerer in a pathfinder game.

>-The character you last played as in a video game.

Jim Raynor in starcraft 2.

>-The fictional character you last masturbated to.

A custom character who's a shapeshifting blob of goo that feeds on semen...

I'd actually lean to the last one to be the winner. Especially considering the slime character's mass can be bigger than an ogre, and I doubt jim's pistol will do much.

>> No.11434833


>Implying Zero is fast enough to hit the fastest in Gensokyo.

>> No.11434834

Pretty regular imperial guardsman
Female level 12 villian of the wastes in FO3 (with fook)
Random asian in an amateur porno.
Yeah. Flashlight vs Benelli m4 super 90
i dunno.
Also, lol Captcha: Be Regicide.

>> No.11434901
File: 170 KB, 1095x650, 1275274311897.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Snakka, level 5 human Priest of Malak
Kitsu, level 28 half-elf Kensai/Mage from Baldurs Gate II ToB
Some weird painting (pic related)

>> No.11434903

1: Some 3.5ed rogue.
2: One of the guys from Alien Swarm.
3: Rin from Kodomo No Jikan

Oh dear. The swarm dude guns down the rogue then wonders why there's a little girl there.

Rin spends the rest of the match trying to seduce him.

>> No.11434944

You know one of his upgrades in the games is the ability to slash away bullets with his Z-Saber, right?

He may not be able to hit her, but as a robot he can surely outlast her.

>> No.11434992

>P&P character
Dark Heresy priest
>Video game character
Zidane, from FFIX
>Fap character
Miranda from ME2

That's not even a fair fight. Zidane would wipe both of them out with his crazy double-bladed sword acrobatics and JRPG glowing-furry magic.

>> No.11435010

I'm pretty sure overpowered god girl things wouldn't be firing the kind of bullets he can eliminate. Not to mention he can only destroy the bullets his sword hits. They cover the goddamn screen in bullets.

>> No.11435033

I guess I can give her that much-
>Air Aya

>> No.11435043

Have you fought Aya? Unless you're talking hado modo, which I don't know about, he could handle her bullet swarm with his Z-Saber considering its patterns and bullet type and all that shit.

>> No.11435049

That word does not mean what you think it means.

>> No.11435062
File: 20 KB, 150x211, Zero(Shield_boomerang).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11435067
File: 107 KB, 996x756, Untitled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

all 3:

Morgana from League of Legends

>> No.11435100
File: 181 KB, 1600x870, shot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

- Tiefling Paladin.
- Tigergruppe 101 (Company of Heroes)
Tigergruppen win. Cause...well Tiger Ace.

>> No.11435115

A second level bard, Lambda-11, and Alistar.

I'm pretty sure the super powered magic cyborg girl would win. Also, not really, /tg/.

>> No.11435261
File: 359 KB, 1568x1200, 10_106-107.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Imperial Psyker in DH
>Scott Mitchell from Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2
>Pic related. It's Yurika Sakuraba from Gacha Gacha Secret (some /a/ shit, I know, leave me alone).

>> No.11435325

A 1'st lvl voodoo cleric vs. a Protoss Executor vs...geeze, I dunno, some naughty teacher lady?
Gotta give it to the protoss.

>> No.11435466

Superhero with the ability to augment and improve other heroes abilites
Brick from Borderlands
Barbara Gordon

Captcha: Curses rights

Good fight though.

>> No.11435494

Flux, a PL11 magnetic control M&M character
Ezio Auditore (360's been broken for a few months)
Jean Grey

In a featureless plain, Jean wins hands down. She just shuts down their brains as soon as th battle starts

>> No.11435500

Feudal Japan Psychic Interpreter
Nick (L4D2)
The girl from Culinary Prep Room (No subs, no name).

Nick beheads the Feudal Japan Interpreter with his ever-present machete without a moments notice, since he is clearly a zombie if he is still walking around. The Culinary Prep room girl has become a Witch, and he leaves her be, unless the conditions of the battle would have that the Witch was already enraged, in which case it probably will kill Nick.

>> No.11435659

Nah, Nick has adrenaline and a shotgun. Because it's a featureless plain, he doesn't have to worry about getting stuck on geometry.

>> No.11436115

1. Elise, a Courtesan for Emperor Karl Franz and an established infiltrator.

2. Whoever the hell commands your shit for the Humans in Sword of the Stars

3. Lesbian night Elves, don't ask.

I've got to give it to the SotS command on this one. Assuming he... ya know.. exists and it isn't a council of guys or something. If you drop it down to the night Elves and Elise, I've got to give it to Elise. She's an expert duelist with her rickety old pistol and rapier. Though if the Elves decided to shoot her with their bow or pin her down for lesbian sex there's not much she can do against it.

>> No.11436194

Gungan Scout (SW Saga)
Shas'O Kais (DoW, Dark Crusade)
Moira - (Fallout 3)

The scout finds a suitable spot to snipe while undetected... (stealth). Shas'O Kais finds Moira. As he's about to shoot, the Gungan snipes his energy core. Meltdown. As Gungan celebrates victory, Moira appears behind him, ghouled. Cardiac arrest. Bitch wins but Can't fap anymore.

>> No.11436325

1. Batman
2. Batman
3. ....Batman


>> No.11436407
File: 398 KB, 704x885, 12781804386.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

1: Yuri Vasilov, a Ukranian vampire who took over italy.


3: Vriska, the troll.

>> No.11436433
File: 21 KB, 652x451, Jack Noir.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is a difficult one. However, if you combine the best traits of all three of them, you get the true winner.

Jack Noir.

>> No.11436465

Let's see, a cowardly halfling rouge vs the Kronus 1st regiment vs an Arabian concubine.
Of course the fucking halfling wins.

>> No.11436481

-A level 20 wizard.,
-Uh, jim raynor.


>> No.11436570
File: 255 KB, 600x750, nerd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

1. Professor Jacques L'Sparque(Spirit of the Century)
2. Napoleon(Civilization IV)
3. Ummmm.....errrr....uhhhh....fuck it, let's just say Velma from Scooby Doo since we all know nerds pine for her.

>> No.11436578

P&P: Ancient master of pressure point martial arts.
Video Game: Aeon ACU
Fap: Some schoolgirl in a manga on /h/

Since featureless white plains have no mass deposits, and my ancient master could lock eyes with the commander inside the ACU even through its sensors and defeat him/her/it with her chi alone, the giant robot would probably not win.

Japanese schoolgirls are notoriously polite to old ladies though, and also devious, so the fap character has a good shot at deceiving and poisoning the P&P character - by using those 6 seconds of prep to hide an overdose of contraceptives (which I remember that particular manga actually mentioning use of) in her bento-box lunch, then offering it politely as a gift.

>> No.11436598

You were fapping to marisa? A tender maiden is not be be defiled so!

>> No.11436602

>say Vriska
>post Terezi

>> No.11436633

-Grigori Uile, level 1 AD&D magic user.
-Guile from SF2, who inspired the above's name
-Some kind of elven princess, she has magic or some shit

The magic user dies instantly because 6 seconds isn't long enough to prepare spells, so he's useless. I don't really know what kind of power the elf chick had, but I'll just rule that Guile wins through the power of his theme song.

>> No.11436678
File: 54 KB, 240x480, raidei.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

- A female paladin who was also a huge clutz
- Lightning Warrior Raidy
- .....Lightning Warrior Raidy

Ends in sexual punishment.

>> No.11436701

- Ungrim Valdahaz, obsessive-compulsive Dwarf Wizard
- Jim Raynor, chief badass of all chief badasses
- I don't remember because it's irrelevant.

>Jim Raynor snipes Ungrim with that rifle from the second to last cutscene. /game

>> No.11436744
File: 135 KB, 350x1925, sp138.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11436815

A low level engineer
a level 25 Adept Commander Shepard.
And some bondage girl.

um yeah, so this is gonna be a short ass fight, singularity, warp, done.

>> No.11436819

An ubercharismatic level 8 human malconvoker with a planar-bound succubus (Thanks, treantmonk!)

The L block from Tetris

C.C. from Code Geass

I agree with >>11431960 , this will end in delicious, delicious sex more than anything

>> No.11436822



>> No.11436847



>> No.11436857

1) Slaanesh worshiping noble-born seneschal (Rogue Trader).
2) Random medieval warlord in scale armor, with a shield and sword (Mount and Blade).
3) A sexy vampiress drinking the blood of a young girl (some drawfag).

Well, the medieval dude is fucked, regardless of who he goes for first. In all likelihood, he'd take on the seneschal and get a face full of digi-laser.

After that it would get interesting, since the seneschal would be much more interested in getting in the vampire's pants than in killing her. Considering that she's unarmed and mostly naked, he probably wouldn't realize the danger until it was too late, and she'd ripped out his jugular vein.

BAD END. Evil triumphs.

>> No.11436868

>Lady Victrix, Rogue Trader
>Soldier Femshep
>Delicious tan elf

Between Victrix and Femshep. Both have awesome technology and a badass spaceship.

>> No.11436915

a sound reasoning.

>> No.11436924
File: 105 KB, 347x346, Thumbs-Up Bursting Through White Wall.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gracias senor.

>> No.11436961

Balzhasar, Dragonborn Sorcerer, D&D 4e. Dragon Sorcerer build, all cold powers (except one at-will) Blizzard Mage Paragon.


Ezio (Assassins Creed II)


Natasha Henstridge (Species)

Eh, all depends. Paper, Rock, Scissors here.

>> No.11436983

>evil triumphs
But wouldn't, you know, evil have triumphed regardless of which of those characters won?

>> No.11436984

The equivalent to Gene from God Hand
A Ghost from Starcraft 2 (was the last unit I controlled)
Asuka from Evangeleon.

Last tabletop session my character beat a ghost to (re)death with his bare hands, so a Ghost shouldn't be a problem. Unless Asuka can get to her Eva unit in 6 seconds, I think she's screwed, regardless of who wins between the first two.

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