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whelp /tg/ I knew I would do it eventually but today I did it, I ordered the start for my Pure slaanesh daemons army, ordered 2 boxes of Seekers, 2 of daemonettes, and one masque, I plan to convert 2 of my WoC chariots over to Slaanesh chariots (will have to buy another box of steeds to do so but oh well) and in my next order I'm planning on a box (or 2) of bloodletters to convert into fiends. I do have a question though, I think I understand daemons in 40k but in fantasy i'm still a bit in the dark on, could someone give me a quick rundown of how my slaanesh army should look in fantasy?

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conversions with the bloodletters that I'm thinking about.

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needs more horsecock.

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those are bad ass

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paint job was terrible on this one but the conversion idea was cool, and it would make a good keeper if nothing else.

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I know right?
just for you anon I'm going to put a big "throbbing" horsecock on one of my models.

this was another cool one even if the execution was a tad poor.

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I did the same thing pretty much.
The other one (As that base model comes with another girl that looks similar) is blindfolded and is supposed to be held at the side of the other Daemon Prince as he flies around the field but I never finished her.

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Pretty much the same in Fantasy as in 40K: Slaanesh's portfolio is ecstasy, excess, indulgence, and opulence. If you have units with metal armor, make it gold and cover it with jewels or mother-of-pearl. Make some units wicked fat, others covered in tattoos or piercings/scars, etc. Suggested paint scheme: royal purple (Liche Purple) for silks and skin, gold for anything metal (armor, jewelry), black leathers.

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lol captcha : We manliness

anyway I was still wondering what an all slaanesh army list should look like for fantasy.

I was also wondering if anyone had a good idea of how to do a conversion to make the daemon in the picture.

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Just throw a bunch of tits on something like >>11430538

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that's the key for slaneshi conversions, when in doubt add tits

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I like it! I like it! if you ever want to sell it just post it on /tg/ with info I'll haggle wit cha'
I actually have a WoC army of slaanesh, and my traitor guard is slaaneshi, it ain't my first rodeo of painting slaanesh but I did like that fat/ scars idea (tattoos have and already will be done but scars....)

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;_; what a waste of a Trygon.
Here's what this guy SHOULD be making with his trygon kit.

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or cocks, or tentacles, or...or...or...

in seriousness though I was thinking take 2(or 3) of the steeds chopping their heads and leaving the tail on one, greenstuff their bodies together, then take 6 torsos of the daemonettes, shape them to stack on one another, and then greenstuff them, last add the head and claws and do something with the back to cover up the greenstuff.

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For fantasy, I'd get a Keeper of Secrets just so you have a big gribbly for them to be concerned with. I haven't read the Daemons FAQ, but I'd imagine that Siren Song would work the same as it did, so using that on a weak unit as soon as possible to get it in close combat with you would be good just so the enemy can't shoot you to pieces.

Have a herald in as many units as possible, just to grant Always Strike First and if your Nette's I is higher than the enemies, then they'll be able to reroll all missed hits. Seekers I'm still uncertain about, they're Medium Cavalry in a game that encourages the use of Light or Heavy Cavalry over others. The poisoned attacks on the steeds are pretty alright, but overall I don't know what to do with them.

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....add DAT ASS and LEGS THAT GO ALL THE WAY to the rest of the trygon, always remembering to sculpt LOTS OF MAMMARIES.

>captcha and pities

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how do you see fiends of slaanesh? and should I focus on having magic or just keep the keeper bare-bones?

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...and cunts, don't forget to surround every possible orifice whit DELICIOUS LABIA, your choice between arby's overused meat curtains and foeatal-like pseudo-preteen.

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or both and a cock coming out of each of them lol

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I'm saying all this without my daemons book, so forgive me if there's mistakes.

Kit up your Keeper somewhat decently, it'd be your only lord so you could probably get quite a bit for it. Siren's Song is a definite for it. If you're going to have it use magic, keep in mind that you do want it in close combat, and when it's in close combat it can't cast anything, so making it too powerful is a waste. I wouldn't mind giving it level 1 or 2 if you had the points, but keep in mind your heralds should be more than enough to boost magic. That and the basic slaaneshi spell makes enemy units stupid, and that's pretty fucking good against Low/Decent Ld armies like Goblins, Skaven and Empire.

Fiends are pretty good, they're tough and can chew things pretty well. If you've got enough points spare than definitely throw in a unit or two. Their movement of 10 and their multiple high strength attacks let them operate as Heavy Cavalry, making them one of the hardest hitting units available to an All Slaanesh player. The models are expensive though.

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remember to use water effects to add THE GLISTEN OF OVERFLOWING LUBRICATION

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Is that the forgeworld one?

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good thing I still have some left
no problem man you are the one helping with my understanding of fantasy, if papa nurgle was here he would probably be telling me something similar.

so fiends are a definite(as I like fast heavy cavalry) , Give the heralds 1 level in magic, what should I tool the infantry out with? instruments and banners? or don't even bother?

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yes, which is smaller than the new one if I'm not mistaken.

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>implying it would be lube that was glistening

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Creed, what are you doing?

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wish I still had that pic

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hey am I reading this entry correctly? Daemonic robes: this daemon cannot be wounded on better than 3+ does that mean that you have to roll a 2 or 1 to wound me which most infantry won't be able to do?

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Nah, it means that things which would wound on a 2+, or wound automatically, will wound on a 3+ instead.

Also, "may Kwangtung"? What the fuck, Captcha?

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derp yeah that makes sense.

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What about that:

Keeper of Secret WLvL3
Siren Song
Enrapturing Gaze
Soul Hunger

Herald of Slaanesh BSB WLvL1
Great Icon of Despair
Siren Song
Enrapturing Gaze

Herald of Slaanesh WLvL1
Siren Song
Enrapturing Gaze

Herald of Slaanesh
Steed of Slaanesh

The Masque

Daemonettes 30 with Succubus, Standar and Musician.

Daemonettes 30 with Succubus, Standar and Musician.

Seekers 10 with Succubus and Musician

Seekers 9 with Succubus and Musician

Fiends 3

Fiends 3


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so....how does this sound so far?
17 deamonettes, instrument,and standard=222
w/ herald of slaanesh, lvl1 wizard, siren song=165

still not sure how many core units to add to this army and whether or not to tool them as such, I was also tempted to add multi armed monstrosity but 50 points for 2 more attacks hardly seems worth it.

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What point size list are you building? For a 2000-3000 point game, average WHFB size, squads of 17+herald are kinda small. I'd be tempted to take 23+herald, working out at a 6x4 block.

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not sure how big a fan I am of that many steeds of slaanesh, I would rather see it poured into some core units in case I need to capture somthing....I do like the list though...
it's called a refresh button you idiot you press it before you post.

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I've never played against the Masque before, but I've heard some people on forums saying that she's really damn good for her points. Maybe you could fit her in somewhere? Smaller, less plot-important Special Characters like her are really cool.

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I suppose I'm trying to build the list for inbetween 2k-3k, because it seems 7th is going to lean to more points for tournaments

sorry I'm used to running small blocks of mauraders with flails, are you sure about the Sergent though? I'm not so sure I need it with that herald stuck in with that unit.

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I've picked....her, him, it...up and it's definatly gonna make the list in 40k but I notice it can't join units in fantasy and that kinda scares me... although the masque can wreck someones day something fierce from what I hear.

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I must admit, I may not be too useful. I've only glanced briefly at the Daemons book, and have only been playing for a few months myself.

Unit champions, IMO, are a must if you intend on putting a character into the unit. If an enemy character issues a challenge, and you think they'll mash the Herald without much of a problem, you can just accept with the unit champion, rather than refuse the challenge and have the opponent force your Herald to sit the combat out.

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Forgot to add the Siren's Standar in the daemonettes units.

I was thinking about it, but i don like to have a daemonette unit without herald, and i cant afford one more.

We could remove the first seekers unit(10 seekers), and reduce the daemonettes unit from 30 to 28, and add a Daemonette unit with 21 bitches, full group command and the banner of ectasy.

We can also remove the steed of the mounted herald, put it in the new unit, and make it bigger. But i think a mounted herald its cool to flank and stuff.

In b4 lrn2english

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Can't join units in 40k either. In 40k, she's basically useless. 100 points for something that'll die in a light shower of small arms fire, can't kill shit in combat, and on average will move two units 3" a turn. Then again, she's reasonably cheap and you can take two Heralds her HQ slot in 40k, so if you're set on including her then it's not too much of a problem.

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A titty AND vagoo monster?

If there were ever an example of "too much" this would be it.

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that is a good point, I'm not sure why I never think about issuing challenges.

yeah remove the first 10 seekers as we have the fiends to fall back on if the going gets rough, drop the steed and put that herald into the new daemonette squad...would the siren banner be a good upgrade if we could find the points for it? cause we could drop that aetherblade for 2 of them, unless it's intended for killing heros.

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shes got pavane of slaanesh going for her in 40k. and can target 3 different units with it per turn.
disregard that last bit about the standards I need to read some more before I type.

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>shes got pavane of slaanesh going for her in 40k. and can target 3 different units with it per turn.

Yea - but she's got to roll to hit, and on average will only move a unit 3"-4". If she could join a unit of Daemonettes then she'd be better, as she could pull units around with ease, but as it is she's liable just to get shot to death before she can do anything really worthwhile.

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true,maybe I'll consider taking a keeper in that slot.

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I forgot to add it, but all the daemonettes units had the siren banner. The new one had the other banner, but i think i will add another siren instead.

I like this list, im going to test it tomorrow.

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mind repostan' so I can save it ? and if possible post a battle report tomorrow about this time?

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Ok then:

Keeper of Secret WLvL3
Siren Song
Enrapturing Gaze
Soul Hunger

Herald of Slaanesh BSB WLvL1
Great Icon of Despair
Siren Song
Enrapturing Gaze

Herald of Slaanesh WLvL1
Siren Song
Enrapturing Gaze

Herald of Slaanesh
Siren Song
Enrapturing Gaze

The Masque

Daemonettes 27 with Succubus, Standar and Musician.
Siren Banner

Daemonettes 27 with Succubus, Standar and Musician.
Siren Banner

Daemonettes 23 with Succubus, Standar and Musician.
Siren Banner

Seekers 10 with Succubus and Musician

Fiends 3

Fiends 3

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ah, drainage city, I love it. loved the mutants, loved the characters but especially loved how everyone had a place in the underhive society, from the rum-filled shotas to the ...

>captcha: proteus days

...indeed, the stitches girl was the cutest of all.

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And one question about new 8th Ed rules about magic.

i cannot have 2 heralds with the first spell, cant i?

also: enjoyable is

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thank you sir, well /tg/ I'm off to bed, it's 3 here and i got to be up before too long.

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